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NSA Can Spy On The Computer Of Any American, Russia Claims

cyber hacking

The NSA can snoop in the computer of any American or foreign citizen, according to Russian researchers. The United States federal agency has allegedly discovered a means of hiding sabotage and spying software “deep within” hard drives, Vladimir Putin‘s cyber researchers claim. Russian researchers say they found computers in 30 countries infected with at least… Read more »

Michelle Duggar Triumphant In LGBT Fight, State Of Arkansas Follows Lead

Michelle Duggar Triumphant

Michelle Duggar, matriarch of the 19 Kids & Counting clan, threw her support behind a city ordinance in Fayetteville, Arkansas, that ended protections for the LGBT population, and now the Arkansas legislature has followed suit, passing a similar law statewide. According to Salon, a left-leaning news site, Duggar had recorded a robocall for supporters of… Read more »

ISIS: 150 Americans Now A Part Of Islamic Army And ‘Virtual Caliphate’


ISIS now reportedly has about 150 American fighters among the ranks of its Islamic State army, according to senior Congressman Ed Royce. The “virtual caliphate” being waged by ISIS and social media outlets is reportedly responsible for the increase in jihadis. Representative Ed Royce, a Republican from California, also said that ISIS is recruiting foreigners… Read more »

Greece: New Leaders Are More Defiant

Flag of Greece

Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, has spelled out the negotiating strategy of the Syriza government with crystal clarity as he faces one of his toughest meetings yet, as he seeks to convince his counterparts in the Eurozone that his country deserves more time and leeway on debt repayments, economic overhauls, and budget cuts. Speaking to… Read more »

Obama Asks Congress To Declare War On Islamic State — Or DID He?

Obama To Declare War On ISIS

Did President Barack Obama ask Congress to declare to declare war on the terrorist-driven Islamic State? Well, it depends on one’s interpretation of the word “ask”. According to reports, President Obama sent Congress an Authorization for the Use of Military Force request. However, there’s a catch: The request sent to Congress is, in fact, retroactive…. Read more »

Malaysia: U.S “Deeply Disappointed” In Anwar Ruling

anwar ibrahim

Malaysia’s top court on Tuesday upheld a conviction for sodomy in a controversial case involving opposition leader and one time Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. The White House has said that it is “deeply disappointed” that Malaysia’s top court upheld the opposition leader’s sodomy conviction and sentenced him to five years in prison. Speaking from… Read more »