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Al Gore: ‘Our Democracy Has Been Hacked’ By The Internet

Al Gore Talks Internet Revolution for Democracy

Al Gore believes the internet has hacked Democracy, and now he wants to use online technology to fight back. In a recent speech about his new book, The Future, Al Gore says we need to leverage the internet to fight back against politicians and big business. Speaking to the BBC, Al Gore explains that global… Read more »

Turkey: Two Dead In Terror Attack Outside US Embassy

Turkey terror attack

Ankara, Turkey – A suicide attack outside the US Embassy in Turkey killed at least one victim and the intruder. A gate guard was killed during the blast and a Turkish citizen was also wounded. The bomb reportedly exploded at an embassy side entrance checkpoint. Video footage of the US Embassy in Turkey attack shows… Read more »

Ann Coulter Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Plan

Ann Coulter Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Plan

Ann Coulter has attacked Marco Rubio as the Florida senator continues to push his bipartisan plan on immigration. After Rubio spent Tuesday talking immigration reform on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, Coulter blasted the GOP senator in a Human Events column. Coulter said Rubio, whose new immigration plan would allow unauthorized immigrants to apply for citizenship,… Read more »

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn: I Can Beat Obama in Skeet Shooting [Video]

martha blackburn

Marsha Blackburn, the Republican congresswoman from Tennessee, is skeptical about President Barack Obama’s claim that he regularly goes skeet shooting at Camp David. In the context of the ongoing gun control debate, Obama asserted in an interview in The New Republic that he goes skeet shooting all the time and thus could appreciate the concerns… Read more »

Virginia House Committee Approves Anti-Gun Control Bill

virginia militia police and public safety committee

Richmond, VA – Virginia House of Delegates Militia, Police, and Public Safety Committee approved a bill that would prohibit state agencies from enforcing a new gun control law. The move by the committee happened while Vice President Joe Biden was in town to stump for the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. The bill is now… Read more »