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Sarah Palin Brings Big Gulp On Stage With Her At CPAC

Sarah Palin Brings A Big Gulp On Stage With Her At CPAC

Sarah Palin had a Big Gulp in hand when she took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference, sipping from 40 ounces of soda as she attacked Democrats and mocked New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his city’s ban on jumbo soda. Palin was called on to rile up the crowd at the CPAC… Read more »

Controversial Bus Ads In San Francisco Spark Backlash

controversial bus ads

A controversial bus ad campaign in San Francisco prompt backlash. The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) sponsored the bus ads which feature an Osama bin Laden and terroristic images. One of the campaign ads on Muni buses show the twin towers burning in the background. The San Francisco bus ads include the tagline, “That’s his… Read more »

Bloomberg ‘Confident’ NYC Soda Ban Will Win Appeal

Bloomberg Confident Ban Win Appeal

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is “confident” that the NYC soda ban will go on even though a judge dismissed the law on Monday. Bloomberg criticized the judge’s last-minute decision and vowed that the city will appeal the decision. The ruling was made by State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling in Manhattan. Milton ruled the regulation was… Read more »

Maine Town Unanimously Rejects Mandatory Gun Ownership

Maine Town Mandatory Gun Ownership

A Maine town has rejected mandatory gun ownership by a unanimous vote. The town, Byron, saw all voters reject the proposal, which would have required every household to own a firearm and ammunition. More than 60 residents of the small town packed themselves into the even tinier Coos Canyon Schoolhouse. They voted quickly to make… Read more »