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Australia Election: Tony Abbott Elected Prime Minister

Tony Abbott elected Australia prime minister

In Australia, “unelectable” Tony Abbott has been elected prime minister in a landslide. Abbot is the leader of the conservative, right-of-center coalition which, to make things a bit confusing for Americans, in Australia is called the Liberal-National Party. With about 65 percent of the vote counted, Abbott’s conservatives have won 54 percent of the popular… Read more »

Obama Satan Pic Picks Up Steam Amid WWIII Fears

Obama Satan Pic From Egypt Hints At Waning Influence

An Obama Satan pic has been making the rounds on Facebook, but this time the starting point has nothing to do with right wing detractors, nor tea party members of Congress. It’s Egypt. According to alternative news site Before It’s News, the widely read Al Wafd media outlet in Egypt originally published the pic depicting… Read more »

Russian Warships ‘Special Cargo’ In Syria Stokes Fear Of World War 3

Russian Warships 'Special Cargo' In Syria Stokes Fear Of World War 3

Russian warships in Syria are delivering a “special cargo” and everyone is guessing why Russia’s President Putin would have sent the Russian warships in the first place. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Russian warships were sent to Syria in only a week after Russia disengaged from Syria. The Russian warships are officially claimed… Read more »

Internet Encryption Pretty Much Useless, New Snowden Papers Reveal

Internet Encryption Worthless, NSA Has It Cracked

Internet encryption: If you think it’s keeping you safe from the National Security Agency (NSA), you’re dead wrong. In news that is absolutely no surprise since whistleblower Edward Snowden first started issuing leaks, the government, specifically the NSA, worked behind Americans’ backs to establish “backdoors” that render most Internet encryption methods useless. That means your… Read more »

Texas National Guard Says ‘No’ To Same-Sex Benefits

Texas National Guard Must Obey State Law On Same-Sex Benefits

The Texas National Guard has refused to accept and process requests from same-sex couples for benefits, according to a Wednesday report from the Associated Press. Despite a directive from the Pentagon, the Guard, along with state-owned offices in Mississippi have pushed back, leaning, in both cases, on state laws that prohibit same-sex marriages, the AP… Read more »

John McCain: Poker More Important Than Syria Resolution, Apparently

John McCain: Poker More Important Than Syria Resolution, Apparently

Is John McCain’s poker game more important than a new Syria resolution from Congress? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, when it comes to John McCain on Syria his position is mixed. John McCain believes President Obama doesn’t need the approval of Congress for a military strike on Syria. At the same time, McCain says… Read more »

Matt Drudge Slams Republicans, Says Don’t Vote GOP

matt drudge slams republicans

Matt Drudge has turned his back on modern conservatism, it seems, if statements made recently by the political commentator were genuinely a last straw and not just momentary anger. In internet punditry, Matt Drudge is somewhat of a pioneer — and his alarmist (no, really, it has a flashing siren and everything) website remains adorably… Read more »

Sweet Cakes By Melissa Closes Amid LGBT Discrimination Investigation

Sweet Cakes By Melissa, Vows To Keep Fighting

Sweet Cakes by Melissa — the embattled Gresham, Oregon bakery — has decided to close its doors amid an ongoing LGBT discrimination investigation, but, according to the bakery’s Facebook page, the fight is “not over.” The bakery left the following message on its door after making the decision: “Closed, but still in business… This fight… Read more »

Israel, US Conduct Missile Test In Mediterranean

US Israel Conduct Missile Test

Israel and the US conducted a missile test in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday as Congress mulled a possible strike against Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons. Analysts have said that the joint anti-missile system test shows that both nations are preparing to take on any aggression in the Middle East, including any possible retaliation… Read more »

USS Nimitz Rerouted To Red Sea For Possible Help With Syria

USS Nimitz Enters Red Sea

The USS Nimitz was rerouted to the Red Sea on Monday, according to US defense officials, who explained it was “prudent planning” for potential military action against Syria. The massive aircraft carrier entered the waters of the Red Sea at 6 am EDT, but has not yet received orders to move into the Mediterranean, where… Read more »

President Obama’s Syria Plans Include Asking Congress For Approval [Video]

Obama Plans For Syria

President Barack Obama revealed his plans for Syria on Saturday, including his desire to launch an airstrike in retaliation for alleged chemical weapons use in the country. However, Obama stated that he will seek congressional approval for the airstrike once lawmakers return from their summer recess on September 9. The US president also noted that… Read more »

Syria Chemical Weapons Report Released By White House

New Report On Chemical Weapons In Syria Released By White House

A report on chemical weapon use in Syria was released by the White House on Friday. The report was presented to the press by Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said that he and other US officials now have no doubt that the Syrian government was responsible for the August 21 nerve gas attacks. From… Read more »

Impeach Obama Campaign Claims US Military Strike In Syria Was Pre-Planned

Impeach Obama Campaign Claims US Military Strike In Syria Was Pre-Planned

The Impeach Obama Campaign focuses on potential plans for a US military strike in Syria. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the House of Representatives has the votes to impeach Obama according to Congressman Blake Farenthold. There have been calls to impeach Obama over the Benghazi scandal, and the recent allegations that the CIA was… Read more »