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Obamacare: Congress Exempt From Affordable Care Act

Obamacare: Congress Exempt From Affordable Care Act

For Obamacare, Congress exempted themselves from the Affordable Care Act in a deal arranged by President Obama. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Obamacare implementation in California could be a disaster in terms of identity theft and fraud according to the California insurance commissioner. Another study claims the Affordable Care Act could cause people… Read more »

Sarah Palin: Not An Alaskan, Bleeding Money, Reports Say

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s political aspirations seem to be in free-fall, according to new polls and financial disclosures out this week. The reports come as the unsuccessful Republican Vice-Presidential candidate is considering a 2014 Senate bid, so the new reports could influence whether or not we’ll actually see her run against Democratic candidate Mark Begich. A key… Read more »

Rand Paul Refers To Chris Christie As ‘King Of Bacon’ [Video]

Rand Paul Refers to Christie As 'King Of Bacon' After Spending Claims

Republicans Rand Paul and Chris Christie continue to ramp up their feud this week. Senator Paul referred to New Jersey Governor Christie as the “king of bacon” when it comes to “pork” spending in an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer Tuesday. This was a response to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who made another… Read more »

‘Take Down Flag,’ Homeowners Association Tells US Veteran

'Take Down Flag,' HOA Tells Decorated US Vet

A “take down flag” order has been given to decorated US veteran Jim Lowe of Atlanta, but this is one directive the former Marine has no intention of following, according to a recent report from Fox 5 Atlanta. Lowe, a resident of Atlanta’s Sun City Community, flies two flags in front of his home —… Read more »

Bob Filner To San Diego: Do Me A Solid, Pay My Legal Fees

San Diego Paper Calls For Filner To Resign

San Diego’s controversial and scandal-ridden mayor Bob Filner has asked his city to cover his legal fees in the sexual harassment lawsuit leveled against him. Filner’s request was revealed in an agenda released by the city council this week. The council will convene in a closed session Tuesday night to discuss whether or not San… Read more »

Al-Qaeda Supporters Awarded US Contracts In Afghan Reconstruction

Al-Qaeda May Have Been Awarded US Military Contracts, Agency Report States

Al-Qaeda and Taliban supporters have been awarded US military contracts, and American officials have found a reason not to cancel the agreements, according to a Tuesday report from Bloomberg. That reason: doing so might deprive the supporters of their “due process rights.” John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said he was “deeply… Read more »

Mitt Romney: 47 Percent Lesson Learned By Young Republicans

Mitt Romney: 47 Percent Lesson Learned By Young Republicans

Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment is still stuck in the minds of the public. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment is now being actively denied ever being said by the former presidential candidate. This is Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment in its original context: “There are 47 percent of the… Read more »

Bradley Manning Verdict Expected Tomorrow

Bradley Manning facing life in military prison

Bradley Manning is expected to learn his fate tomorrow.. The judge, Army Col. Denise Lind, is expected to announce her verdict at 1 PM, military officials told NBC News. Manning is facing 20 charges, the most serious of which is ‘aiding the enemy’. After pleading guilty to some lesser charges back in February, Manning is… Read more »

Mitt Romney: I Didn’t Actually Say 47 Percent Remarks

Mitt Romney 47 percent

Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” remarks very likely cost him the 2012 presidential election, and, though he has said that the comments were “just completely wrong” in the past, now he’s saying he just never said them in the first place. In an interview with The Washington Post’s Dan Balz, Romney said that the 47… Read more »

Glenn Beck’s Nazi Collection Goes On Display In Bizarre Exhibit

Glenn Beck's Nazi Exhibit Includes Hitler's Blood Next To Anne Frank's Diary

Glenn Beck’s unusual collection of Nazi memorabilia was put on display in an exhibit in Salt Lake City earlier this month. Called the “Independence Through History” exhibition, Beck’s unusual displays have lead to mixed reactions and outrage. The exhibits were also part of a recent gathering lead by Glenn Beck in Salt Lake City dubbed… Read more »

Benghazi Scandal Blamed On Fox News Instead Of Obama, Hillary Clinton

Benghazi Scandal Blamed On Fox News Instead Of Obama, Hillary Clinton

The Benghazi scandal is being blamed on Fox News. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Benghazi scandal hero David Ubben spoke for the first time since the attacks. Pat Smith, mother of one of the Navy SEALS slain in the attack, was outraged when President Obama called the Benghazi scandal phony. Critics point out… Read more »

Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Mimicking Obama…And Chairman Mao?

Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Already Mimicking Obama...And Chairman Mao?

Hillary Clinton 2016 rumors are in the air, but some unofficial Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign artwork might raise some eyebrows. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hillary Clinton is having lunch with President Obama today. The lunch is spawning many Hillary Clinton 2016 rumors. Various people who were in charge of President Obama’s 2012 re-election… Read more »

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Will Meet For ‘Private’ Lunch Monday

Hillary Clinton

So Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are meeting today for a private lunch. Multiple media sources have reported that on Sunday the White House press office announced the lunch. However, they didn’t give the reason for the meeting. And the lunch will not be open to the press. Politico said that Hillary Clinton’s lunch with… Read more »

Benghazi Scandal Hero David Ubben Fought With SEALS, Speaks For First Time

Benghazi Scandal Hero David Ubben Fought With SEALS, Speaks For First Time

The Benghazi scandal hero David Ubben is speaking publicly for the first time. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Benghazi mom Pat Smith was angered when Obama called the scandal “phony.” The Benghazi scandal began when internal security at Benghazi was reduced from 34 people to just three by the State Department. Instead, groups… Read more »

Anthony Weiner’s Campaign Manager Quits

Campaign Manager Anthony Weiner Quits

Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager has quit amid the disgraced politician’s latest scandal. In what some have dubbed Weinergate 2.0, the former congressman admitted this past week to more lewd behavior and sexting outside of marriage. Weiner’s staff was shocked last week by the mayoral candidate’s latest revelation that he returned to the habit of sending… Read more »

Robert Mugabe Gay Rant: ‘Chop Off Their Heads’

Robert Mugabe Says 'Off With Their Heads' [Gays]

A Robert Mugabe gay rant gave some idea of what LGBT individuals can expect should the former Zimbabwe president be reelected. According to Zimbabwe’s NewsDay, at a recent campaign rally, the opponent of homosexuality indicated he would deal harshly with the act should he win his country’s support. “If you take men and lock them… Read more »

President Obama Gives NYT Interview, Says Income Inequality Hurting Us

President Obama whistleblowers

President Obama sat down with the New York Times for an interview The Atlantic describes as “rare,” speaking candidly about what’s really fraying the fabric of America after his “Better Bargain” speech this week. It seems President Obama presides over a period of great divide, where roughly half of Americans feel as he does (that… Read more »

FBI Admits Using Drones Ten Times In US

FBI Letter To Paul Describes Use Of Drones In US

The FBI reports that they have used drones ten times within US borders. This was revealed to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in a letter the agency sent to him this week. The FBI’s letter was written by the agency’s director of legislative affairs, Stephen Kelly. Kelly says that in the ten times drones were used,… Read more »

The ‘Real’ Carlos Danger Confronts Anthony Weiner [Video]

Anthony weiner meets the "real" Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner hooked up (as it were) with the “real” Carlos Danger on the streets of New York City yesterday. In a bit of street theater, a dude wearing a mask and cape confronted the beleaguered Democrat candidate for mayor and asked him a simple question: “Senor Weiner, why did you steal my name?” See… Read more »

Whistleblower Protections Disappear From Obama Site

President Obama whistleblowers

Some critics are blasting the Obama administration this week for apparently removing a list of then-candidate Obama’s promises from Change.gov. The list included a promise of protection for whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. According to the Sunlight Foundation, the list was last available on June 8, two days after NSA whistleblower Snowden revealed the government’s controversial… Read more »

North Carolina Passes Controversial Voter ID Laws

North Carolina Lawmakers Require Voting ID With New Bill

North Carolina passed a controversial new voter bill Thursday night. The new laws require citizens to present photo identification before being allowed to vote. The state joins several others who have recently passed controversial voting laws. The new laws passed through the North Carolina House after approval from the state senate, CNN reports. Republicans in… Read more »