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Impeach Obama? Texas Governor Dewhurst Calls For Obama Impeachment

Impeach Obama? Texas Governor Dewhurst Calls For Obama Impeachment

Another call to impeach Obama has been publicly made, this time coming from Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the subject of an Obama impeachment came up during the Million Vet March and the Truckers Ride For The Constitution protest over the weekend. This writer has even seen people in… Read more »

Pat Robertson Tells GOP To Quit It, Wave ‘White Flag’ On Obamacare [Video]

pat robertson GOP surrender

Pat Robertson is so immensely unpredictable lately, whether he’s warning of the dangers of haunted sweaters, advocating for transgender acceptance, decrying the secretly evil nature of low-carb diets, slamming creationism and backing up evolution, or arguing marijuana laws be made more reasonable. Yes, it’s often said that Pat Robertson is like a box of chocolates,… Read more »

Ted Nugent For President? Haircut, Comment Spark Rumors

ted nugent president

Could Ted Nugent be mulling a presidential run? While the prospect of Ted Nugent in the White House scares the pants off approximately half of Americans, scarier still is the idea that probably half would vote the pants-soiling draft dodger into office despite a marked lack of political experience. Recently, Nugent’s new haircut sparked a… Read more »

Government Shutdown 2013: Federal Judge Tells Congress ‘Go To Hell’

Government shutdown 2015: Federal Judge tells Congress "go too hell".

The frustration over the government shutdown is making its way to the judicial branch. A Federal Judge is putting it like this, telling Congress they can “go to hell.” Senior Judge Richard Kopf, took to his blog and urged his colleagues to keep the courts open saying all federal district court employees are essential. Kopf… Read more »

Rand Paul Delivers Hateful Anti-Muslim Speech

Rand Paul Gives Hate Speech Against Muslims

Senator Rand Paul, Republican from Kentucky, delivered a 19-minute speech about the “worldwide war on Christianity” in Washington on Friday. While some social conservatives might think about such a “war” in terms of birth control or same-sex marriage, Paul chose to focus on Muslims. In his speech Paul claims as many as “100 million” Muslims… Read more »

Trucker Protest 2013: National Guard Called In By Obama To Stop Truckers?

Trucker Protest 2013: National Guard Called In By Obama To Stop Truckers

The 2013 trucker protest rumor says the national guard was being readied by President Obama in order to stop the Truckers Ride For The Constitution event protesting the government shutdown. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, at one point most of the mass media was outright calling the Truckers Ride For The Constitution a hoax…. Read more »

Sarah Palin Joins WWII Veterans At Memorial Protest

Sarah Palin Senate run still under consideration

Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and hundreds of veterans held a protest at the World War II Memorial in Washington this weekend. The memorials have been closed since the government shutdown last week and Palin told the crowd that she was shocked at how the Commander In Chief was treating his veterans. Palin said: “Our veterans… Read more »

Chris Christie: ‘If I Was In Congress, I’d Kill Myself’

Chris Christie: If I was in Congress, I'd kill myself'

Chris Christie is known for speaking his mind and recently he let everyone know how he feels about the situation in Washington, D.C. saying, “If I was in Congress, I’d kill myself.” Channeling the frustration that the public feels about the government shutdown and the inability of Congress to reach a deal with the Obama… Read more »

Gov’t Shutdown Arrives At The Beaches Of Normandy

Gov't shutdown arrives at Normandy

The beaches in Normandy, France are being affected by the government shutdown here in the US. Normandy is the place in which thousands of allied forces landed in one of the most decisive battles during World War II and the cemetery on its grounds is funded by the government. Tourists taking a trip to the… Read more »

Gabby Giffords Attending First Gun Show Since Shooting

Gabby Giffords Gun Show New York

Gabby Giffords will attend her first gun show since she was shot in the head during an assassination attempt in 2011. Giffords, the former US Rep. from Arizona, will tour a New York gun show along with her husband, Mark Kelly. Giffords and Kelly, a former combat pilot and astronaut, will take the tour with… Read more »

Food Stamps Use: Not As Common As You Think [Study]

Food Stamps Use Not As Rampant As Some Might Think

Food stamps use: for many, it’s as low as you can get. The Inquisitr recently took a look at the popular food stamp shaming activity underway on social media sites like Facebook. To start, we clearly want it noted that we don’t think every food stamp recipient abuses the system. That is an over-generalization. Nevertheless,… Read more »

Ashton Carter Stepping Down As Deputy Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter Resigning Deputy Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter is stepping down as deputy defense secretary effective December 4. Carter is known for his knowledge of US defense spending and the defense industry. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who was confirmed by the senate earlier this year, stated that he “reluctantly accepted” Carter’s resignation. Yahoo! News reports that Brett Lambert, who worked closely… Read more »

Poll: 60-70 Percent Of Americans Say Fire ALL Of Congress, Start Over

capitol building hunter's moon

There have been a number of humorous polls lately that capitalize on America’s general distaste for Congress right now. Who can forget the classic “Do you like dog poop better than Congress?” poll, am I right? But it’s possible that America truly is fed up in a bipartisan way with both Democrats and Republicans on… Read more »

Government Shutdown Bear The Saddest Photo Plant You’ve Ever Seen

Government Shutdown Bear The Saddest Photo Plant You've Ever Seen

Meet government shutdown bear, also known as sad kid at the zoo. He’s probably the saddest photo plant you’ve ever seen and the new “unofficial mascot” of the 2013 government shutdown. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the government shutdown has recently led to the creation of a movement to drunk dial congress after the… Read more »