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Obamacare Delayed Again Until 2015 For Individual Mandate, State Exchanges

Obamacare Delayed Again Until 2015 For Individual Mandate, State Exchanges

As we see Obamacare delayed again, this time the individual mandate and state exchanges are effected. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the original Obamacare delay set back the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate for businesses by one year. In order for Obamacare to function, the Affordable Care Act’s state exchanges are… Read more »

Edward Snowden Offered Asylum In Venezuela

Edward Snowden Granted Asylum From New Venezuelan President

Edward Snowden has been a man without a country since blowing the whistle on the NSA PRISM surveillance program last month, but that could be about to change. On Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he would grant asylum to the former intelligence contractor, according to a report from Reuters via Yahoo! News. “I have… Read more »

IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner Demands Immunity For Testimony

IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner Demands Immunity For Testimony

The IRS scandal took a new turn when Lois Lerner demanded immunity in return for her full testimony. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the IRS scandal involves the targeting of groups related to the Tea Party, jews, patriots, conversatives, and other political buzzwords. The IRS supposedly subjected 100 percent of all such groups to… Read more »

Russian Troops On American Soil Confirmed

Russian soldiers march during a welcoming ceremony for Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow, Russia, on March 22, 2011

Russian troops are on American soil to train with FEMA. Rumors about foreign soldiers being spotted on United States military bases began circulating online earlier this week, the claims quickly went viral. A Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense release stated the troops are here as part of an exchange of experts project…. Read more »

Veterans Must Fill Out Hundreds Of Forms In Red Tape Nightmare, Says Group

veterans hundreds forms

Veterans must fill out hundreds of forms in a red tape nightmare that continues to clog the system. That’s the assertion by the American Action Forum (AAF) which released some stunning numbers this week. The group said that they reviewed over 300 regulatory requirements demanded of returning US veterans who file health and disability claims… Read more »

Michelle Obama: ‘Prison’ Is How She Describes Being FLOTUS [Video]

Michelle Obama on FLOTUS

  First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania to talk about the perks of being FLOTUS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many. The way Michelle puts it, being First Lady is like living in a “really nice prison.” During the interview (moderated… Read more »

Chris Christie Not Expecting Much From Next Election

Chris Christie is on vacay in Puerto Rico while New Jersey is shoveling snow

  Chris Christie is a busy guy lately, making a handful of controversial decisions while he organizes his playlists on Spotify. But the otherwise-popular New Jersey governor knows he’s a firebrand, and even admitted recently that he doesn’t expect to win by all that much in the next election. This November, Christie will be facing… Read more »

John Kasich Signs New Ohio Abortion Restrictions Into Law

Gov. John Kasich approves new abortion restrictions

Ohio Governor, John Kasich, signed House Bill 59 on Sunday night which includes some stringent abortion restrictions. These new restrictions come as a part of the new $62 billion budget, which includes a $2.7 billion tax cut and $1.5 billion for education. These new abortion restrictions come just days after the Texas abortion Bill, SB5,… Read more »

Supreme Court Won’t Halt California Gay Marriages

Supreme Court Won't Stop Gay Marriage

The US Supreme Court won’t halt gay marriage in California. The announcement was made on Sunday by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in response to an emergency request from the sponsors of the state’s gay marriage ban. The appeal was meant to halt the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses, which started up on Friday after… Read more »

President Obama Pledges $7 Billion To Africa, Hopes To End Power Blackouts

President Obama Visiting Africa

US President Barack Obama has promised to give sub-Saharan Africa $7 billion. The money will be distributed over the next five years and is aimed at combating frequent power blackouts throughout the region. The project dubbed Power Africa will help stabilize power outages in rural areas. According to the White House: “More than two-thirds of the population… Read more »

Joe Biden Asks Ecuador To Reject Edward Snowden’s Asylum Request

Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum

US Vice President Joe Biden has requested that Ecuador reject Edward Snowden’s request for asylum. Biden’s request was revealed by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. During his weekly broadcast, Correa revealed that Snowden has not yet arrived in the country. He also revealed that Ecuador would make a decision regarding Snowden’s sovereignty based on US input… Read more »

Marijuana Legalization Gains Support From NAACP

Senate Bill 528 is now being sent to the state health committee.

Marijuana legalization has become a hot topic in Pennsylvania recently and it seems to be gaining some ground. The Cheltam Area Branch of the NAACP announced their support of a bill that would regulate the popular drug. Senate Biill 528 was introduced by State Senator Daylin Leach (D-17) and it allows the possession, production, and… Read more »

Wendy Davis’ Shoes Get Amazon Reviews From Funny Fans

wendy davis shoes

  Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis‘ shoes were a part of her lengthy stand in the state earlier this month, with the pink athletic sneakers enabling her to stand for half a whole day an iconic filibuster symbol for fans. And now, Wendy Davis’ shoes are getting more attention in the form of an Amazon… Read more »