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Ann Coulter Vs. Geraldo Rivera: Right-Left Debate Gets Personal

Ann Coulter Vs. Geraldo Rivera

Ann Coulter and Geraldo Rivera battled over Donald Trump’s controversial comments on illegal immigrants on the July 9 edition of the Fox News show Hannity. Host Sean Hannity started the ball rolling by showing Geraldo a group of statistics that 36,000 illegal immigrants released back into the general population in 2013 had committed 193 murders,… Read more »

Poll IDs New Republican Frontrunner In Race For 2016

New Republican Frontrunner

A new Republican frontrunner has been named, according to a poll conducted by the Economist and YouGov — see report here. Jeb Bush, the previous leader of the pack, has stumbled with his comments supporting the Iraq War and, most recently, his thoughts on how Americans should consider working longer hours. Surprisingly, the new name… Read more »

Florida Atheists’ Lawsuit Sues To Allow Atheist Prayer In Brevard County

Florida Atheists' Lawsuit Sues Over Christian Public Prayer In Brevard County

Florida atheists are suing Brevard County Commissioners, since they want the ability to make a secular humanist prayer or speech during the invocation before any public meetings. The Brevard County Commissioners have banned any atheist prayers or speeches from being made during this time, and instead offer the ability to speak in the public comment… Read more »

Mary Fallin: Ten Commandments Monument In Oklahoma Won’t Be Removed

Mary Fallin: Ten Commandments Monument In Oklahoma Won't Be Removed

According to Oklahoma Governor, the Ten Commandments monument located on state government grounds will not be removed, and she claims the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s ruling on the Ten Commandments statue is “wrong.” In a related report by the Inquisitr, when atheists rewrote the Ten Commandments, many people were upset. In late June, Oklahoma’s Supreme Court… Read more »

Where Is Bernie Sanders On The Second Amendment?

Bernie Sanders is a mixed bag on gun politics.

Bernie Sanders is taking a position on the Second Amendment that aims to straddle both gun rights and gun control, with protections tailored to needs. Sanders says that guns in locales where hunting is a way of life, and in states where gang violence is a way of life, are two completely different cultures, and… Read more »

Spanish-Speaking Employees Are Suing Their Employer For Unusual ‘Discrimination’

Spanish Speaking Employees

Spanish speaking employees in Costa Mesa, California, are suing their employer for an unusual form of what they believe to be discrimination. See if you agree. Six individuals, who speak Spanish and work at the Fairview Developmental Center, complain that their employer’s “English-only” policy violates their rights under the California Department of Fair Employment and… Read more »

Pope Clashes With Republicans Over Climate Change And Poor

Pope goes to war with Republicans over climate and poor

Leaders in the Roman Catholic Church urged Republican presidential candidates to follow the edicts of Pope Francis and focus their attention on climate change and income inequality. Last weeks announcement from Iowa bishops is the first time a U.S. Catholic bishop has pressed politicians to listen to Pope Francis’s edicts, according to the Business Insider…. Read more »

Donald Trump Continues To Campaign Against Mexican Immigrants

Trump continues campaign against Mexican Immigrants

Donald Trump, billionaire and Republican presidential candidate, made his latest attack on Mexican immigrants during an appearance Saturday on Fox and Friends, saying America needs to crack down on border control. Using the apparently random killing of a young woman in San Francisco as an example, Trump said it was important for the United States… Read more »

Donald Trump Wants To Build A Border Wall And Ted Cruz Agrees

Donald Trump

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has once again come in for a barrage of criticism as a result of his comments about immigration into the United States. This time, Trump has latched onto the tragic murder of tourist Kate Steinle who was shot and killed Wednesday at Pier 14 in San Francisco. Trump used the announcement… Read more »

George Takei Apologizes For ‘Clown In Blackface’ Comment Directed At Black Supreme Court Justice

George Takei Apologizes

George Takei found himself walking back previous comments directed at African-American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the wake of a disagreement over Thomas’ dissenting opinion in the landmark Marriage Equality decision last week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Clarence Thomas released a dissent of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage, and… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Raises Record-Breaking $45 Million In First Quarter Of Campaign


Hillary Clinton has raised $45 million in primary money since her campaign first began in mid-April, according to campaign officials. According to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the record-breaking amount was largely fueled by individual donations under $100. Ninety-one percent of the amount fundraised was from smaller donations. President Barack Obama held the previous record for fundraising… Read more »