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U.S. Senate Candidate Robert Ransdell’s Campaign: ‘With Jews We Lose’


Antisemitism in America has become very common over the last few months, primarily because of the war in Gaza. The Inquisitr has reported prime examples of people’s stance against the Jewish people with demonstrations in London, Chicago, and even Washington D.C. Pro-Palestinian supporters once projected the Palestinian flag on British Parliament, and four students during… Read more »

House Approves Arms For Syrian Rebels To Fight ISIS

The House approved arms and training for Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS

In a vote Wednesday, the House approved giving President Obama the authority to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS in the Middle East. The vote was bipartisan, reports CBS News, with 273 votes in favor of the measure and 156 against. Democrats made up 85 of the votes against, with Republicans adding the… Read more »

Bill Clinton Urges Scotland To Reject Independence

Bill Clinton

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has delivered a statement urging Scots to reject the upcoming independence referendum. Bill Clinton began his statement by saying he was “reluctant” to offer his personal views on the matter, given that the Scots alone should make their decision regarding Thursday’s referendum on whether to stay in the U.K. or… Read more »

Did Hillary Clinton Staffers Cover Up Damning Benghazi Documents ?

Hillary Clinton staffers accused

Despite being officially cleared of wrongdoing by an internal review board, Hillary Clinton’s staffers have been accused of separating potentially damaging documents from material sent to a panel investigating the Benghazi, Libya attack, a former top official proclaimed on Monday. Raymond Maxwell, formerly head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, told The Daily Signal,… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Chooses Not To Distance Herself From Obama

Bill and Hillary Clinton at the Harkin Steak Fry

While Hillary Clinton has not yet officially announced her candidacy for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, she has gotten pretty close. The media and the public seem to believe that Hillary will almost certainly be running for president once Barack Obama leaves office. And in a political decision that some might consider unwise, Clinton decided… Read more »

What Iowa Democrats Think Of Hillary Clinton’s Weekend Visit


As nearly every political observer knows by now, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Iowa over the weekend attending Democratic U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry for the second time in her political life. While Clinton all but announced her candidacy as we reported earlier Sunday (September 14) on The Inquisitr, the… Read more »

Planned Parenthood Attack Ads Target Republicans On Over The Counter Birth Control


Planned Parenthood is involving itself in the 2014 mid-term elections by attacking Republicans for their position on over-the-counter birth control. According to a report by The Huffington Post, the non-profit organization that has long been the target itself of attacks by Republicans is returning the favor with several targeted ad campaigns attacking Republicans for support… Read more »

Barnie Sanders: 2016 Presidential Campaign, Party Switch Could Happen


Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont went on Meet the Press this morning (September 14) and dropped a bombshell about his future political plans. In the interview with new MTP moderator Chuck Todd, Sanders was clear that 2016 was a possibility, and said an upcoming trip to Iowa — where the nation’s first caucuses… Read more »

Jay Carney: Democrats Will Lose Mid-Terms Decisively

Jay Carnet says dems will lose big in november

Jay Carney, the former press secretary for President Barack Obama and now a CNN political commentator/analyst, said Sunday that 2014’s mid-term elections were going to deliver a crushing blow to members of the president’s Democratic Party. According to Carney per The Daily Caller, there are a variety of reasons for the expected losses. “The sixth… Read more »