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ATF Agents Ignore Restraining Order And Raid Ares Armor In California

AR-15-lower-receiver-polymer ares arms

Ares Armor was raided by ATF agents despite a restraining order issued by a federal judge last week. The National City, California gun parts stores is owned by Dimitri Karras. The former Marine refused to turn his AR-15 lower receiver customer list over to the federal government as demanded. Karras, said Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,… Read more »

Fred Phelps Excommunicated? Who Runs The Westboro Baptist Church Now

Fred Phelps Excommunicated? Who Runs The Westboro Baptist Church Now

With Fred Phelps excommunicated, many are speculating over who exactly is the new leader of the Westboro Baptist Church and what that might mean for the long term. In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s claimed that Fred Phelps is on his deathbed, but while WBC official Steve Drain confirmed that Phelps was admitted… Read more »

Indiana Same-Sex Marriage Ban: Lawsuit From Gay Couple Challenges Law

Indiana Same-Sex Marriage Ban: Lawsuit From Gay Couple Challenges Law

An Indiana same-sex marriage ban is being challenged by another lawsuit from a gay couple who claims the law violates their rights under the United States Constitution. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Mitt Romney says the effects of gay marriage on American society will take a “long, long time” to be known. Last… Read more »

Republicans Liken Abortion Supporters To Satanists

republicans anti-abortion

When a presidential candidate calls abortion supporters Satan worshippers and savages, that party, in this case the Republican Party, is guaranteed to keep social issues on the forefront of voter’s mind at least for the short term. The Susan B. Anthony List, a 501 non profit organization focused on eliminating abortion in the US has… Read more »

Paul Ryan Blasted For Racially Charged Attack On ‘Inner City’ Men

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate who remains a congressman from Wisconsin, went on a conservative radio program Wednesday morning to launch an attack on the work ethic and “culture” of what he called “inner city” men. He was immediately hit with criticism charging that his comments were intended as as a derogatory stereotype… Read more »

Obama Signing Overtime Executive Order For Salaried Workers

obama executive order

President Barack Obama is reportedly set to sign an executive ordering overtime pay for millions of American workers employed on a salary. A senior Obama administration official confirmed the Thursday overtime expansion signing ceremony with Fox News earlier this morning. The president is once again using the power of his pen to alter existing law… Read more »

Michele Bachmann Claims Gay People Are ‘Bullying Americans’

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, the creator of the Tea Party, has recently said she is sick and tired of all the gays who “bully the American people”. In an interview with conservative radio host, Lars Larson, at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Bachmann expressed her anger toward Arizona Republican governor, Jan Brewer, vetoing Arizona’s anti-gay bill,… Read more »

Sarah Palin Rewrites Dr. Seuss [Video]

Sarah Palin wrote her own version of Green Eggs and Ham.

Sarah Palin — well-known in her own right for writing some interesting things — took on the role of Dr. Seuss at the March 8 CPAC meeting in an effort to skewer Washington politics and President Barack Obama’s health care law. During the meeting, Palin touched on everything from the role of women in the… Read more »

Next United States President: Bernie Sanders?

United States Senator Bernie Sanders may run for President in 2016

In the United States, “socialist” is considered a bad word among politicians. Many conservatives throw the term around like a mallet, to pound home their argument that a certain politician is far too liberal. Even liberals try to portray themselves as moderates, who will appeal to the great mass of American voters. However, there is… Read more »

Health Insurance Deadline Extension Not Likely, Obama Targets Latinos

health insurance deadline extension not likely obama latinos

The health insurance deadline is quickly approaching on March 31st and the Obama administration is trying to avoid having to offer an extension. President Obama hit the road on Thursday to raise awareness about the health insurance deadline among the Latino population. Many are questioning if the move to target Latinos is a desperate move… Read more »

Obama Misspells ‘Respect’ During Aretha Franklin Tribute [Video]

Obama misspells respect

President Barack Obama misspelled the word “respect” during a White House tribute to Aretha Franklin. The occasion for the presidential spelling gaffe was the “Women of Soul” event on Thursday evening. Respect was, of course, a big hit for Aretha Franklin, and became her signature song. Said the president, “When Aretha first told us what… Read more »

What Ted Cruz Said At CPAC Shocked Liberals Across America


Ted Cruz appears to never shy away from saying what is on his mind and remained true to form during his CPAC speech. The Senator took to the podium an announced that the United States should abolish the IRS. The Tea Party Republican feels that American should be able to file their taxes on the… Read more »

Kyle Carpenter: Marine Jumped On Grenade, Will Receive Medal Of Honor

kyle carpenter marine receives medal of honor for jumping on grenade

Kyle Carpenter, the Marine who jumped on a grenade in November 2010, will receive the Medal of Honor. According to reports from the Marine Corps, Carpenter will become only the third Medal of Honor recipient after the events of September 11, 2001. The story of Kyle Carpenter is one truly worthy of the recognition. Only… Read more »

Wendy Davis Breezes Past Democratic Primaries In Texas Governor Race

Wendy Davis Running For Texas Governors

Texas Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis easily wins the Democratic primary for Texas Governor today, as did Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General, a Republican. Davis represents Fort Worth in the Texas Senate will represent the Democrats for the first time since 1994, the last year former Governor Ann Richards held seat. The only other Democrat… Read more »

George P. Bush: 2016 Presidential Election Next After A Win In Texas?

George P. Bush: 2016 Presidential Election Next After A Win In Texas?

Could a George P. Bush 2016 presidential election bid be around the corner for the rising Texas star? He’s only won the Republican primaries but many feel Prescott is a shoe-in against his Democratic opponent in the red state. In a related report by The Inquisitr, George W. Bush’s approval rating is actually higher than… Read more »

NHS Uploads Private Medical Records to Google

NHS Private Medical Records

Private medical records from England’s National Health Service have been uploaded in their entirety to Google BigQuery servers adding to the ailments afflicting the 65 year old government health care service. The NHS was originally founded in 1948 with a creed of service, “from each according to their ability as each according to their needs.”… Read more »

Romeike Family Given Packing Orders By US Supreme Court


The Romeike family will likely soon be deported due to an unwillingness by the US Supreme Court to intervene in a lower court’s ruling. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Uwe and Hannelore, both evangelical Christians, wanted to homeschool their children and fled to America where such a form of education is legal. All went… Read more »

United States Senator Calls Americans Liars Over Obamacare

US Senator Calls Americans Liars

Conservative media and American citizens are up in arms over United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s blanket proclamation this week that ALL Obamacare “horror stories” are lies, propaganda paid for by the Koch brothers. And they aren’t taking it lying down. Talk show host Rush Limbaugh was all over the story. “I mean, the… Read more »

Former Navy SEAL Warns World About How Easy It Is To Take Down Power Grid

judge jeanine

Former Navy Seal Christopher Mark Heben, and “unconventional warfare specialist” believes it would be “amazingly easy” to take down the power grid. Heben was a recent guest on the Judge Jeanine Show. The sniper attacks on the California power stations and a similar terrorism attempt at a nuclear facility in Tennessee took place nearly a… Read more »

Sarah Palin Ukraine Prediction Comes True

Sarah Palin predicted Ukraine crisis

Sarah Palin’s then-ridiculed Ukraine prediction has come true unfortunately for the people of that country. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Palin addressed the potential of Russian aggression in Ukraine if Obama became president, which conventional wisdom scoffed at. “In light of recent events in Ukraine and concerns that Russia is getting its troops ready to… Read more »

Geena Davis: Gender Equality Fight Takes On Sports, Media, Video Games

Geena Davis: Gender Equality Fight Takes On Sports, Media, Video Games

Geena Davis’ gender equality fight has her joining other women to not only take on the movie industry, but also the sports world and video games. In a related report by The Inquisitr, last year International Women’s Day celebrated the great strides women have taken, but gender inequality persists. For example, female doctors face a… Read more »

President Obama Holds Press Conference On Russian Military Movments In Ukraine

president obama press conference

President Barack Obama held a very brief press conference about Russian military movements in the Ukraine. The president read a short statement without an expression of emotion and left the podium without answering any questions posed by shouting reporters. Obama said that the “Ukriane has the right to determine their own future,” during the Ukraine… Read more »

Texas Second Amendment Case Headed To Supreme Court

no knock warrant

A Texas man is waiting for the US Supreme Court to decide if exercising Second Amendment rights means citizens might be giving their Fourth Amendment protections. The Rutherford Institute is pushing the high court to hear the no-knock warrant case spurred by the “SWAT-team style forceful entry” into John Quinn’s home. Rutherford Institute attorneys are… Read more »

Obama Approval Rating: The Results May Surprise You

obama caricature

The latest Obama approval rating suggests that hope and change has lost its luster, especially among independent voters. According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, Barack Obama’s approval rating is 41 percent, five percent lower than January 2014. Nearly 60 percent of those polled expressed disappointment with the president and his leadership. For… Read more »