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‘SNL’ Takes On Hillary Clinton Emails In Hilarious Parody [Video]

SNL poked fun at the Hillary Clinton email scandal

Hillary Clinton has recently been at the center of a controversy over accusations that she used her personal email account for official communications during her term as Secretary of State, as reported by the Inquisitr. And while Clinton hasn’t been very vocal as to whether or not she actually broke the law, SNL has been… Read more »

Convention Of States Legislation Moves Forward In Arkansas

Sarah Palin pushes for convention of states.

Legislation calling for a Convention of States passed the House vote in Arkansas yesterday, perhaps in part due to support from Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin. The pair both pressed their followers on Thursday to contact their state representatives and push for passage of the Convention of States resolution. However, this doesn’t mean you should… Read more »

Joe Biden Under Fire For Blasphemy: ‘I Mean, Jesus, God…’

Joe Biden -- blasphemy? Is Biden a bad Catholic?

Joe Biden is facing criticism for a remark at the Human Rights Campaign Conference, but it’s not because he spoke approvingly of LGBTQ rights or because of what he thinks about those who oppose marriage equality. Instead, it’s for a single exclamation that many say was blasphemous: speaking about certain anti-gay statements in the news… Read more »

Pat Sajak Mocks Gun Control Arguments: ‘Ban Sleds Now!’

Gun control? Pat Sajak calls for sled control.

Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, can occasionally be outspoken on political issues, and gun control is one of those. It’s been a major public conversation since the Sandy Hook murders, after which President Obama promised to do what he could to improve gun control, with or without Congress. The latest controversy in gun… Read more »

Colorado First Grader Suspended For Pointing Finger Gun

elijah thurston

A Colorado first grader was suspended because he pointed his finger in a manner which exhibited a “gun shape” and said, “You’re dead” to a Stratton Meadows Elementary School classmate. The child’s father, Austin Thurston, felt a school suspension over the Monday incident involving Elijah Thurston was excessive. Elijah Thurston, 6, was suspended from Stratton… Read more »

C.J. Pearson: Georgia Boy Banned From Facebook After Making Video Criticizing Obama?

C.J. Pearson

Georgia 12-year-old boy C.J. Pearson was suspended from Facebook for “suspicious activity” after making an extremely popular video criticizing President Obama. Pearson’s viral video stated that President Obama was not “willing to defend our country” and uttered support for former NYC Mayor, Rudy Guiliani. C.J. Pearson found out that his Facebook account had been suspended… Read more »

Power Grid: Arizona Wants DHS To Focus On EMP Threat To Electrical Grid

trent franks arizona

Power grid terrorism and failure concerns have prompted Arizona to push the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to focus more keenly on electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats. United States Representative Trent Franks is once again the man pushing to have the Obama administration make the safety and security of the power grid a top priority. Trent… Read more »

Teens Demand Pledge Of Allegiance Be Optional, Face Backlash

Pledge Of Allegiance Spat Has Teens In Hot Seat

The Pledge of Allegiance has stirred up controversy at one Maine high school as a group of teens are pushing to have recitation of the words be made optional. South Portland High School Senior Class President Lily SanGiovanni leads students in the Pledge every day. Recently, she made one subtle change that has people up… Read more »

Boris Nemtsov Died Before Proving Vladimir Putin Put Russian Troops In Ukraine, Claims Petro Poroshenko

Boris Nemtsov Died Before Proving Vladimir Putin Put Russian Troops In Ukraine, Claims Petro Poroshenko

With Boris Nemtsov’s death comes revelations by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the political opponent of Vladimir Putin had planned on proving Russia’s military actively positioned Russian troops in Ukraine, a contentious allegation that has been continuously claimed by the United States and NATO. In a related report by the Inquisitr, the Russian newspaper Novaya… Read more »

Russia Plans To Seize Ukraine Port Of Mariupol, U.S. Intelligence Official Says

vladimir putin

Russia is planning to invade the Ukraine port of Mariupol this spring, according to at least one top United States intelligence official. Vladimir Putin reportedly considers the Ukrainian port a “strategic” location. Vladimir Putin’s alleged plan to seize the Ukrainian port of Mariupol would reportedly include boots on the ground assistance by pro-Moscow rebels. If… Read more »