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McCain: Botched Arizona Execution Was ‘Torture’


U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is calling a botched lethal injection execution in his state “torture” after it took two hours for the death row inmate to die, gasping for breath during that period. Previous attempts to halt the execution in the courts were unsuccessful. The long-time Arizona senator and former prisoner of war told… Read more »

Barack Obama: Black People Need To Be ‘Acting White’ [Video]

Barack Obama Black People Need To Be 'Acting White' [Video]

President Barack Obama may have opened a can of worms when he waded into the deep waters of racism and racial stereotypes when he recently claimed there was an “element of truth” to the notion that black people should be “acting white” in regards to their speech patterns, clothing preferences, and other behaviors. In a… Read more »

Obamacare Subsidies Axed By DC Circuit Court: What It Means For You

Obamacare Subsides Axed

The federal US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled 2-1 today against the Obama administration in the case of Halbig v. Burwell, reports Politico. This ruling effectively axed Obamacare subsidies for the citizens of those states that never established their own state exchange. As a result, these citizens cannot rely on federal tax-credit… Read more »

New TSA Fee Increase Means You Pay Double To Get Groped

Getting some action thanks to TSA fee increase

On Monday, an added TSA fee increase could raise the cost of an airline ticket’s security fee to double what it is now. The fees aren’t paying for security, either. No, instead, travelers are being tapped to pay for Congressional over-spending. Remember that as the Transportation Security Administration agent gets touchy-feely with you at the… Read more »

Jay Carney To Apple? Reports And Rumors On Former Obama Spokesman’s Future


Reports from two prominent news organizations have former Obama administration spokesman Jay Carney going anywhere from Apple to becoming a cable news pundit following his departure from the White House earlier this summer. The most recent Jay Carney rumor comes from Bloomberg, where reporter Jonathan Allen said the former Obama spokesman was in talks to… Read more »

Study: Higher Minimum Wage States Have More Jobs


A study released this week by the Department of Labor could help further the notion that a higher minimum wage is not so bad for the economy after all. According to a report by the Associated Press, the study by the Labor Department said states who enacted a higher minimum wage at the beginning of… Read more »

Kelly Ayotte Sees Russian Fingerprints On Downed Airliner

Kelly Ayotte thinks Russia is behind downed plane

Kelly Ayotte isn’t buying Russia’s claim that it wants to find the people responsible for downing a Malaysia Airlines jetliner as it flew over the Ukraine. In fact, the Republican Senator believes Russia is responsible for the plane being shot down in the first place. While Kelly Ayotte says she isn’t sure of the exact… Read more »

Homophobia Rampant In Australian Sports, According To New Study

Homophobia Is Big Problem In Australian Sport

Homophobia is considered “rampant” in Australian sports, according to a new study entitled, “Out on the Fields.” The Associated Foreign Press reports that in the first national study of homophobia for Australian sport, “insults, jokes and discrimination based on sexuality is commonplace both on and off the field.” The findings come not a full week… Read more »

Obama To Sign LGBT Anti-Discrimination Orders On Monday

Anti-Discrimination Executive Order Will Be Signed On Monday

An executive order will be signed on Monday that prevents federal contractors from discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) workers with very limited exceptions. Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said: “With two strokes of a pen, the President will have a very real and immediate impact on the lives of… Read more »

California Death Penalty Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge

Death Penalty No More: California Law Ruled Unconstitutional

The death penalty is unconstitutional, at least in California, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney reached his decision in part because “lengthy and unpredictable delays have resulted in an arbitrary and unfair capital punishment system,” KSBW reports. Those in favor of abolishing the death penalty in California will understandably take… Read more »