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Legalize It: Gavin Newsom Commission Releases Marijuana Recommendation Report

Legalize It: Gavin Newsom Commission Releases Marijuana Report

California could soon become the next state to legalize recreational marijuana use and former Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has 58 opinions about that. That’s according to a report from a Blue Ribbon Commission chaired by Newsom that investigated what would happen if California legalized recreational marijuana use for adults. The commission hopes its 58 suggestions… Read more »

Ted Cruz Attacks His Own Party Leader, Calls Mitch McConnell A Liar

Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell

Politicians are notorious for accusing each other of lying and cheating, but it’s rare that a Senator attacks someone from his or her own party — especially the majority leader. But that’s exactly what presidential candidate Ted Cruz did to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on the floor of the Senate on Friday. According to… Read more »

Clinton Emails Had Classified Information Says Inspector General

Clinton emails contained classified information

Emails sent by then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton from her private server contained classified information, according to an investigation conducted by the inspector general for the intelligence community. CNN reports the inspector general’s findings were revealed in a letter about the Clinton emails sent to members of Congress. IG Charles McCullough reportedly inspected a sampling… Read more »

Lindsey Graham Destroys Phone After Trump Shares His Number

Lindsey Graham destroys phone after Trump shares his number

Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump have not been on the best of terms lately. Last week, Trump questioned the war hero status of John McCain, who is a close friend of Graham’s. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Senator Graham said Trump needed to stop being a “jacka**,” which was not received well by Trump. Mashable… Read more »

Obama Banning Social Security Recipients From Owning Guns?

second amendment

Is President Obama attempting to ban Social Security recipients from owning guns? Millions of Americans who receive disability benefits each month may soon no longer be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights. If the recipient has a “representative payee,” meaning that they permit another person to handle their financial affairs, the Obama Administration wants… Read more »

Is It Time To Lower The Voting Age? Nancy Pelosi Invites Feedback

Is it time to lower voting age?

Nancy Pelosi spoke at the Generation Progress summit, and one of the issues she addressed was the voting age. Currently, in the U.S., voting rights begin at age 18, but Pelosi spoke of lowering that age to 17, or even 16, stressing that young registration was more important than young voting. She spoke of efforts… Read more »

Donald Trump Includes Star-Spangled Nazis In Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump

As Donald Trump continues his controversial race for the U.S. presidency, the Republican candidate accidentally tweeted a few star-spangled Nazis alongside his portrait. The promotional photo included an image of Donald Trump with a U.S. flag with what turned out to be German Nazi soldiers superimposed on the stars and stripes. Trump’s campaign has apologized,… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Is Not So Hot Right Now, Falling Poll Numbers Spell Trouble For The Presidential Candidate

hillary clinton falling poll

A recent survey done by the Associated Press-GFK revealed that Hillary Clinton’s ranking is dwindling among the supporters of the Democratic Party. Poll: @HillaryClinton falling in favorability http://t.co/Pu73dbRr5S pic.twitter.com/0DHq4DU1u5 — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) July 16, 2015 The census, which was released last Thursday, showed a staggering rise of eight points in Clinton’s “unfavorable rating.” Around… Read more »

Obama Greeted By Confederate Flag Waving Protesters In Oklahoma City

obama oklahoma city

Confederate Flag waving protesters greeted President Barack Obama during his recent trip to Oklahoma City, Okla. The crowd converged upon Obama’s hotel just days after the president applauded the decision to remove the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina statehouse. The Confederate Flag ban protest organizer, Andrew Duncomb, told local NBC News affiliate, KFOR, that… Read more »