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Lindsey Graham: America Has A Long Way To Go On Race Relations

Lindsey Graham: America has far to go.

Don’t count Lindsey Graham among the Republican Presidential hopefuls who think that mass shooting in Charleston was about something other than race. He spoke out this weekend to address the murders, and his statement differs sharply from what some of his colleagues are saying. Unlike Rick Santorum and Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham isn’t pretending the… Read more »

Mike Huckabee Believes More Guns Would Have Prevented Charleston Shooting

Mike Huckabee On Guns

Mike Huckabee is not a man short on opinions, and he recently shared his on the issue of gun control in relation to the tragic Charleston shootings. The 2016 Republican primary candidate has long supported gun rights, and the deaths of nine Christian church members aren’t moving that position one centimeter. In fact, Huckabee believes… Read more »

Rand Paul Flat Tax Plan Proposed, 14.5 Percent Tax For All Americans

fair and flat tax

Rand Paul shared an overview of a “fair and flat tax” plan he will soon unveil on Capitol Hill. The Republican presidential hopeful said the flat tax would would benefit all hard-working Americans to keep more of the money they earned while simplifying the United States daunting and massive tax code. The Kentucky Senator’s plan… Read more »

Jeb Bush Cancels Charleston Campaign Stop After Church Massacre

Jeb Bush has cancelled a planned visit to Charleston following the shooting yesterday.

Republican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has cancelled a planned visit to Charleston following the brutal shooting that left 9 dead at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in the city. Bush had planned to attend as part of a four-day tour of several states after he formally announced his candidacy on Monday, the Hill reports. Bush’s likely… Read more »

Donald Trump’s Hired Extras – $50 To Cheer At Campaign Announcement

Donald Trump Paid Supporters

Donald Trump’s campaign is off to a rough start. For one, many of the supporters cheering during his big presidential announcement were paid extras, hired for the day to fill in the crowd. At least Trump promoted fair wages, paying each actor $50 for less than three hours work. The Hollywood Reporter reportedly obtained the… Read more »

Kansas Raises Taxes On The Poor To Pay For Wealthy Tax Cuts

Kansas raises taxes on poor to pay for wealthy tax breaks

Kansas lawmakers ended their legislative session last week by raising taxes on the state’s poorest citizens so it could maintain a series of tax breaks for the wealthy. The poorest citizens of Kansas must now pay a larger percentage of their income to the government in the form of taxes than their wealthy counterparts. The… Read more »

Jeb Bush Campaign Website Had Hidden ‘Die Hard’ Messages


The Jeb Bush campaign website had a surprise buried within the site code for a few hours Monday — a synopsis of the movie Die Hard. The references to the movie in Jeb Bush’s website were first noticed by Jeremy Bowers of the New York Times, who tweeted the findings and added that it “seems… Read more »

Jeffrey Ross: People Who Are Too Politically Correct Should Adapt To Us

Jeffrey Ross On Seinfeld PC Statement

Comedian Jeffrey Ross and Real Time host Bill Maher discussed the recent controversy surrounding Jerry Seinfeld and his accusation that college kids today are “too politically correct.” Maher brought the question up, clearly siding with Seinfeld and denouncing his formerly liberal audience, whom he blamed as being “too PC.” He then asked Ross what he… Read more »

George Pataki Cancels Campaign Dates: 30-Year-Old Son-In-Law In Intensive Care

George Pataki

George Pataki was originally expected to appear on campaign stops in New Hampshire, but he has canceled events after Pataki’s son-in-law suffered a stroke earlier this week. Pataki’s son-in-law, David Levy, is only 30-years-old. Pataki’s campaign has called the stroke “life-threatening.” A representative from Pataki’s campaign said in a statement, “This episode is a shock… Read more »