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Vladimir Putin And Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Require Another Ronald Reagan?

Vladimir Putin 'Cannot Be Defeated Militarily' Due To Russia's Nuclear Weapons, Claims Garry Kasparov

Vladimir Putin has Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov giving the world strategic advice on how to avoid World War 3. Kasparov also criticizes President Barack Obama for the handling of the Ukraine crisis, warning the United States government that they cannot hope to deal with Putin’s threats with military force due to Russia’s nuclear weapons…. Read more »

Oldest-Ever Congressman Seriously Injured In Wreck, Airlifted To Hospital


The Huffington Post is reporting that the oldest-ever member of Congress was seriously injured in an accident Saturday, Oct. 4 following an accident. According to HuffPost, U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall, a Texas Republican, was injured in a two-car accident near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. WFAA-TV 8, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, reports that the vehicle… Read more »

Alaska Rep. Don Young Exploded At Challenger Before Debate, Newspaper Says


What better way to start off a political debate than freaking out on your opponent? That is exactly what happened in Alaksa according to the state’s largest newspaper, which reported that U.S. Rep. Don Young exploded at Democratic challenger Forrest Dunbar before a debate in Kodiak, Alaska, on Wednesday, Oct. 1. According to the Alaska… Read more »

Rumors Of a North Korea Coup Persist

North Korea Coup rumors

For several weeks, rumors that a North Korea coup d’etat had ousted Kim Jong-un from power have persisted. Fueled by the leader’s absence from public view and rekindled by the recent and unexpected delegation from North Korea to South Korea for talks, the rumors continue. It has been about a month since Kim Jong-un has… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants: Obama Heckled By Activist During Hispanic Caucus Speech

illegal immigrants

President Barack Obama was heckled by an illegal immigrants activist during his Hispanic Caucus speech Thursday. Blanca Hernandez, identified as an “undocumented activist” yelled “We need relief now” to President Obama twice during the group’s annual gala. Hernandez was reportedly ushered out of the event by security officers. She was reportedly upset that illegal immigrants… Read more »

Jamaica’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Would Have Bob Marley Singing

Jamaica's Marijuana Legalization Bill Would Have Bob Marley Singing

Bob Marley, marijuana and Jamaica are almost always intertwined in the minds of fans of the dead reggae singer. Oddly enough, even though both religious and recreational marijuana smoking have been common in the Caribbean island for many years, the government has officially outlawed cannabis for a century. But now, Jamaica’s marijuana legalization bill may… Read more »

New Secret Service Breach: Armed Felon In Elevator With Obama


Secret Service protocols were violated earlier this month when an armed felon was allowed into an elevator with President Obama, a situation that could have potentially put his life in danger. According to The Washington Post, an armed security contractor with three prior convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with President… Read more »

Gay Marriage Support Is Declining: Is LGBT Overreach To Blame?

Gay Marriage Support On Decline

Gay marriage support has largely been on the increase in recent years, but a new Pew Research Center survey conducted this month indicates that the numbers are now on the decline. Pew, which is not affiliated with religion in any way as one commenter mistakenly suggested in our own Tara Dodrill’s original report, interviewed 2,002… Read more »

Rick Santorum: You Don’t See Baptists ‘Going On Jihad’

Rick Santorum Stirs Controversy With Radical Islam Comment

Rick Santorum targeted ISIS and radical Islam in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. Even so, some commenters were still unimpressed and took the opportunity to denigrate Santorum instead of a movement that is beheading innocent civilians every day. The comments that Santorum made were seemingly uncontroversial on the surface. He simply stated that… Read more »