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Nancy Pelosi ‘Misspoke’ About Five Guys On The SCOTUS And Hobby Lobby

Nancy Pelosi On SCOTUS

“Misspoke” appears to be the political equivalent of the Southern “Bless Your Heart,” giving some politicians the cover to make inflammatory, and false, statements to the public with impunity. Nancy Pelosi recently “misspoke,” bless her heart. Much of the world interprets the phrase used by Southerners, “Bless Your Heart,” to mean that one can say… Read more »

ACLU Comes Out Against CISA, The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

ACLU Warns Against New Cyber Security Bill

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has issued a new warning to Americans about a law to open up the gates for government overreach and secrecy. In a post entitled, “Beware the Dangers of Congress’ Latest Cybersecurity Bill,” the ACLU’s Sandra Fulton warns that the bill “poses serious threats to our privacy, gives the government… Read more »

Bill Gates On Immigration Reform: Americans Deserve Better Than This

Bill Gates at Davos

Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, and Warren Buffett are pushing Congress to pass immigration reform in a joint op-ed piece for the New York Times. In the op-ed, the three refer to the current stalemate as depressing and urge Congress to remember its responsibility to the rest of America. Bill Gates, Adelson and Buffett write: “Whatever… Read more »

Obama: 72 Percent Approval Rating Among Muslims; Christians Not So Enthused

Muslims are the most supportive group in presidential approval polls.

Barack Obama’s approval ratings have been in a free fall in recent months, but his support remains rock solid amongst one religious group — Muslims. According to a recent Gallup poll that considered President Barack Obama’s approval ratings by religion, Muslims were the most approving religious group in the United States by a significant margin…. Read more »

Todd Akin No Longer Sorry For ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments

todd akin not sorry rape

Todd Akin, who came to national prominence after making a series of comments denying that rape is rape, is back to talk about rape — and this time, he isn’t sorry. We haven’t heard much about Todd Akin since he was chased off the scene by people upset over his comments about rape not always… Read more »

Chuck Norris: American Flag Haters Prove The U.S. Has ‘Gone Awry’


American flag haters better watch out because they may have a near-Chuck Norris experience that even death fears. Norris is angry that American flags are considered “offensive” by some people in the United States, and when Chuck Norris gets angry… run. After all, this is the man who cuts a knife with hot butter. In… Read more »

Hillary Clinton: Defending Rapist Was ‘Obligation’ (Video)


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said defending an Arkansas rapist was her “obligation” in a new video making its rounds on YouTube. Clinton, who at the time was a law professor at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, said she actually tried to get off the case that had her defending a child rapist… Read more »

Will Sarah Palin Be The New Host Of ‘The View’?

Sarah Palin Flag

Sarah Palin to The View? The long-running ABC daytime talk show recently parted ways with co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, while co-creator and host Barbara Walters has retired or semi-retired. So there are open seats at the table, with Whoopi Goldberg being the only holdover. There are conflicting reports as to whether executive producer… Read more »