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Will Putin Divorce Make Vlad More Vicious?

Putin Feeding Animals

With the Putin divorce finally finalized and Russian beefcake Vladimir Putin back on the meat market again, should the world be concerned that the ‘mad dog’ is now a ‘lone wolf”? The Kremlin’s confirmation that the divorce of Putin from his wife of 30 years, Lyudmila, has been finalized, entails that Putin is once more… Read more »

Chris Christie Appointment David Samson Resigns In Wake Of Bridgegate

Another Chris Christie aide has resigned

Another member of Chris Christie’s administration has resigned as a direct result of his New Jersey scandal commonly known as “Bridgegate.” Christie appointee to chair the Port Authority in New Jersey, David Samson has officially resigned his position according to ABC News. Samson was the head of an agency that oversees the George Washington bridge,… Read more »

James Schlesinger Dies: Former CIA Chief Ruled With An Iron Fist

james schlesinger dies cia chief

James Schlesinger died on March 27, 2014 in a Baltimore Hospital at the age of 85. Schlesinger was an economist who made powerful allies and enemies throughout the U.S. government during his time in politics. James Schlesinger’s death is sure to bring about stories of government power struggles and political maneuvering that have long been… Read more »

Hobby Lobby Case Causing Issues For Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby Featured

The arguments with Obamacare are heating up more and more in the United States. As of now, Hobby Lobby, the arts and crafts store, seems to be in the center of the crossfire. Previously, Hobby Lobby stood against Obamacare because of its statutes for mandatory contraceptive coverage to be provided in healthcare. For Hobby Lobby,… Read more »

Jimmy Carter Believes NSA Is Spying On His Emails

Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter believes the National Security Agency, abbreviated to the NSA, is spying on his email. According to the Huffington Post, Jimmy Carter favors old-fashioned snail mail when communicating with foreign officials. This was explained during an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell during Meet the Press. Jimmy Carter said this on the show:… Read more »

Natalia Poklonskaya: The New ‘Hot And Sexy’ Attorney General Of Crimea

Natalia Poklonskaya Crimea Prosecuter

The Crimean crisis is described as the “biggest threat to European security” since the Cold War, which has sparked outrage across the world. However, most people are preoccupied with Natalia Poklonskaya, the attractive blonde appointed Crimean attorney general. According to Daily Mail, Natalia Poklonskaya was first introduced to the world in a press conference on… Read more »

Scott Walker Battles With Atheists Over A Bible Verse

Scott Walker Image

Scott Walker has atheists upset over a tweet of a Bible verse that posted on the Govenor’s Twitter account. Walker tweeted “Philippians 4:13.” The NIV Bible translation of this verse is, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” The same Bible verse also appeared on Scott Walker’s Facebook page. The Freedom… Read more »

Obamacare Website Glitch Affects Tens of Thousands


Yet another glitch in the Obamacare website has been discovered, this time in the website’s calculator, which has been giving incorrect messages of “Not eligible for help paying for coverage” to families who actually do qualify. The estimator has been using 2014 tax definitions instead of the 2013 definitions it is supposed to be using…. Read more »

Ellen Show – Obama Calls On Moms For Obamacare Help

Ellen Show Appeal For Obamacare

The deadline is less than two weeks away to get people enrolled in Obamacare. President Obama made a last-minute appeal this Thursday morning on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. His spin – moms need to push their kids who think they are invincible to sign up. Now. That demographic of young people, age 18 to 35,… Read more »

John Boehner and GOP Continue To Bash Obamacare

john boehner sue Obama CNN opinion

Apparently the plan for Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and the GOP is to keep up the pressure on Obamacare. During a press conference on March 13, 2014 Boehner claimed that the Affordable Care Act is actually performing at a negative level since its inception meaning that Obamacare is causing more people to… Read more »

ATF Agents Ignore Restraining Order And Raid Ares Armor In California

AR-15-lower-receiver-polymer ares arms

Ares Armor was raided by ATF agents despite a restraining order issued by a federal judge last week. The National City, California gun parts stores is owned by Dimitri Karras. The former Marine refused to turn his AR-15 lower receiver customer list over to the federal government as demanded. Karras, said Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,… Read more »

Fred Phelps Excommunicated? Who Runs The Westboro Baptist Church Now

Fred Phelps Excommunicated? Who Runs The Westboro Baptist Church Now

With Fred Phelps excommunicated, many are speculating over who exactly is the new leader of the Westboro Baptist Church and what that might mean for the long term. In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s claimed that Fred Phelps is on his deathbed, but while WBC official Steve Drain confirmed that Phelps was admitted… Read more »

Indiana Same-Sex Marriage Ban: Lawsuit From Gay Couple Challenges Law

Indiana Same-Sex Marriage Ban: Lawsuit From Gay Couple Challenges Law

An Indiana same-sex marriage ban is being challenged by another lawsuit from a gay couple who claims the law violates their rights under the United States Constitution. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Mitt Romney says the effects of gay marriage on American society will take a “long, long time” to be known. Last… Read more »

Republicans Liken Abortion Supporters To Satanists

republicans anti-abortion

When a presidential candidate calls abortion supporters Satan worshippers and savages, that party, in this case the Republican Party, is guaranteed to keep social issues on the forefront of voter’s mind at least for the short term. The Susan B. Anthony List, a 501 non profit organization focused on eliminating abortion in the US has… Read more »

Paul Ryan Blasted For Racially Charged Attack On ‘Inner City’ Men

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate who remains a congressman from Wisconsin, went on a conservative radio program Wednesday morning to launch an attack on the work ethic and “culture” of what he called “inner city” men. He was immediately hit with criticism charging that his comments were intended as as a derogatory stereotype… Read more »