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‘Goliath’ Is Not Amused: Google Hits Out At MPAA, Files Lawsuit

Goliath Is Not Amused Google Sues MPAA

Google is not happy about “Project Goliath.” If you missed it, “Goliath” came out during the ongoing Sony hacker crisis. Thanks to leaked emails, we all learned that the Motion Picture Association of America has taken certain, less than ethical, steps towards combating Google, a perceived threat of their pro-SOPA endeavors. Google moves to halt… Read more »

Hawaii County Officials Will Appeal Monsanto Court Ruling

Hawaii County officials will continue to battle Monsanto in appeal.

In a 5 to 4 decision, Hawaii County Council voted yesterday to appeal the decision of a U.S. Magistrate Judge who has ruled to protect Monsanto and GMOs testing and production on the Big Island, and will continue their battle in a higher court. Recently, an overwhelmingly popular vote of direct democracy in Hawaii County… Read more »

Russell Brand Terrorism Claims Against The United States Sparks Backlash


Russell Brand accused the United States of “terrorism,” and related his beliefs to the Pakistan school shooting. The controversial comedian took to Twitter to rant about the political policies of America and the prison at Guantanamo Bay in particular. Brand interviewed a British citizen who was detained at the Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) for three years…. Read more »

Michigan Governor Abolishes Council Designed To Support Local Food Systems And Agricultural Diversity

Food and farming policy in Michigan is under fire, a recent executive orger by Gov. Snyder abolished a policy council.

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder, through executive order, abolished a council established to support local food systems and agricultural diversity. The Michigan Food Policy Council was created in 2005 under Governor Jennifer Granholm. Granholm hoped the Council would help Michiganders cultivate a healthy, safe food supply, especially for low-income and urban households. The goal of the… Read more »

Is It Possible To Be A Gay Christian? This Pastor Doesn’t Think So

Possible To Be A Gay Christian?

One gay Christian in New Zealand learned the hard way that many within his faith aren’t ready to accept the homosexual lifestyle. However, it was one response in particular that “stung.” Jim Marjoram, author of a book called It’s Life Jim, that was meant to give hope to other gay Christians who haven’t found acceptance… Read more »

Climate Change Deal In Lima Fails To Find Consensus

COP20 Climate Change Talks

World leaders and delegates converged on Lima, Peru two weeks ago and the world watched, once again, as the spectacle of the United Nation’s climate change talks devolved into grandstanding and protests with little substance being the norm. The goal of this COP20 meeting was to create a framework for world nations to build a… Read more »