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Gun Control Laws Prompt Firearms Companies To Relocate

Gun Control

Anti-gun lawmakers seem determined to chip away at the Second Amendment despite the loss of millions of dollars of important tax revenues and hundreds of jobs. As a result, several major firearms companies have made a rapid exit from Colorado and New York since the passage of new gun control laws. Less than a year… Read more »

Net Neutrality Struck Down By Federal Court


Net neutrality rules set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2010 have had key sections struck down in a new federal court ruling. A D.C. circuit court ruled on a case brought against the FCC by Verizon. The mobile phone carrier sought to challenge the FCC’s net neutrality rules, which includes prohibition against broadband… Read more »

Florida Gun Laws: Stand Your Ground Joined By Warning Shot Bill

Florida Stand Your Ground Law Warning Shot Bill

Controversial Florida gun laws like Stand Your Ground law are now being joined by a newcomer to the world of self defense laws, in the form of the Warning Shot bill. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the controversial Trayvon Martin case provoked attempts to appeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. That attempt was rejected… Read more »

Twelve Attorneys General Take Up 10 Amendment, Gun Control Fight

10th amendment

A dozen attorney generals believe the 10th Amendment has essentially be overturned by more than a decade of “incorrect court rulings,” and are calling on the US Supreme Court to address the damage to the Constitutional protection of states’ rights. The state officials pushing the highest court in the land to protect 10th Amendment rights… Read more »

‘Hood Conservatives’ Plan To Take Back Inner Cities

urban blight

Hood Conservatives is a volunteer organization planning to begin their inner city cleanup mission later this month. Members live in urban areas and have grown tired of watching their neighborhoods fall into dens of crime where residents have lost a sense of personal responsibility, according to releases about the launch of the group’s revitalization efforts…. Read more »

Confiscated Pet Raccoon Convinces Tennessee Man To Run For Governor

Tennessee man running for governor to get back his confiscated pet raccoon

Mark “Coonrippy” Brown is running for governor of Tennessee because state officials won’t give back his beloved pet raccoon Rebekah. “This is all about the raccoon,” admitted Brown. The state Wildlife Resources Agency went to Brown’s home and seized Rebekah in July, and even petitioning the governor hasn’t worked to regain custody of the animal…. Read more »

Polar Vortex: Global Warming Divides America Over Climate Change Science

Polar Vortex: Global Warming Divides America Over Climate Change Science

When it comes to the polar vortex, global warming has America divided over whether climate change science messed up big time. After all, it seems counter-intuitive that the global temperature average would cause some locations to experience colder-than-usual weather. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, several years ago NOAA hypothesized that a reduction in Arctic… Read more »

Gabby Giffords To Mark Shooting Anniversary By Skydiving

Gabby Giffords Skydives On Third Anniversary Of Injury

Gabby Giffords plans to go skydiving to mark the third anniversary of being injured by a gunman. The former Arizona Democratic House Representative says the jump will serve to mark how far she’s come since being shot. In 2011, a mass shooting claimed the lives of six and injured 12 along with Gabby Giffords in… Read more »

Connecticut Gun Control Law Sparks Lawsuit By Firearms Group


A new Connecticut gun control law spurred long lines as residents rushed to register their semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. The Gun Violence and Children’s Safety Act went into effect on January 1. The law requires all residents to register any firearm that the state now considers a “assault weapons” before the beginning of… Read more »

GPS Tracking Devices In Cars Prompt Privacy And Cyber Hacking Concerns

mileage tax

GPS tracking devices, also referred to as vehicle tracking systems, may soon be mandatory in all new cars, and concerns over either federal or state mileage tax have begun anew. In just a few weeks, federal government officials could approve the GPS “safety devices” installation requirement. In addition to privacy concerns raised by those who… Read more »

Amazon Sales Tax: States Issues To Reach The Supreme Court?

Amazon Sales Tax: States Issues To Reach The Supreme Court

The Amazon sales tax is being implemented in Tennessee, Indiana, and Nevada. But will this states issue go all the way to the Supreme Court? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Amazon sales tax is perfectly fine with the company since they also supported the Marketplace Fairness Act: “Amazon.com has long supported a simplified… Read more »

Michael Moore: Obamacare Is ‘Awful’

Michael Moore on Obamacare: It's awful

Michael Moore claims Obamacare is awful because it doesn’t go far enough, and liberals/Democrats don’t want to admit it. Perhaps for different reasons, millions of Americans who have seen their coverage canceled, changed, or renewed with skyrocketing premiums, sharply higher co-pays and deductibles, and limited provider networks, probably agree with him. When the postponed employer… Read more »

Obamacare Premium Hikes Target The Middle Class

Obamacare premium increases affect the middle class the most

When Obamacare health insurance coverage takes effect on January 1 for those who have actually enrolled, middle class America will likely be taking the biggest hit given skyrocketing premium costs. Many hardworking middle income Americans earn too much to qualify for taxpayer-funded federal subsidies that are available only through purchasing health insurance on the government… Read more »

Ted Cruz To Renounce His Canadian Citizenship [Video]

Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has decided that he is an American once and for all. Senator Cruz has asked his legal team to begin the process of officially renouncing his Canadian citizenship this week. Cruz is hoping to complete the procedure by the end of 2014. Ted Cruz released his birth certificate after questions were… Read more »

Bill De Blasio To Be Sworn In By Bill Clinton [Video]

Bill Clinton

Incoming New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be bringing another famous Bill with him to his inauguration. Former President Bill Clinton will be on hand to swear in de Blasio as New York City’s 109th mayor. The official swearing in ceremony will take place on Wednesday on the City Hall steps. Former Secretary… Read more »

Gun Control: Graves Act Mandates BB Gun Registration

BB gun control

BB gun control laws in New Jersey could make the classic childhood took a thing of the past. The popular youth guns may be gathering dust on store shelves in the Garden State due the enactment of the Graves Act. The law requires BB guns to be registered and subject to the exact same laws… Read more »

Trans Pacific Partnership Protest Interrupts Nancy Pelosi Event

nancy pelosi protest

Trans Pacific Partnership protesters caused a bit of a disturbance at a gathering hosted by Nancy Pelosi.The House Minority Leader initiated the event in order to commemorate the first ever White House “Status of Women” report. A group comprised primarily of college student activists urged Pelosi to vote against the trade deal which some are… Read more »

Vince McMahon, Justine Sacco Used To Work Together At WWE

Vince McMahon, Justine Sacco Used To Work Together At WWE

Vince McMahon and Justine Sacco used to work together at WWE. No joke! As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vince McMahon just got back to the states after filming the WWE Tribute To The Troops in the Middle East. Justine Sacco started a firestorm on Twitter when she made this Tweet before leaving for Africa… Read more »

Congressman Fundraises With Obama Barf Bag

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman fundraising with Obama barf bag

Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) is trying to raise funds for the US Senate primary by selling Obama barf bags. For each $10 political contribution to his long-shot candidacy, Stockman has vowed to send out one “official” barf bag to the donor. On his website, Stockman declares that “Obama’s socialism makes me sick! And I have… Read more »