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USS Nimitz Rerouted To Red Sea For Possible Help With Syria

USS Nimitz Enters Red Sea

The USS Nimitz was rerouted to the Red Sea on Monday, according to US defense officials, who explained it was “prudent planning” for potential military action against Syria. The massive aircraft carrier entered the waters of the Red Sea at 6 am EDT, but has not yet received orders to move into the Mediterranean, where… Read more »

President Obama’s Syria Plans Include Asking Congress For Approval [Video]

Obama Plans For Syria

President Barack Obama revealed his plans for Syria on Saturday, including his desire to launch an airstrike in retaliation for alleged chemical weapons use in the country. However, Obama stated that he will seek congressional approval for the airstrike once lawmakers return from their summer recess on September 9. The US president also noted that… Read more »

Syria Chemical Weapons Report Released By White House

New Report On Chemical Weapons In Syria Released By White House

A report on chemical weapon use in Syria was released by the White House on Friday. The report was presented to the press by Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said that he and other US officials now have no doubt that the Syrian government was responsible for the August 21 nerve gas attacks. From… Read more »

Impeach Obama Campaign Claims US Military Strike In Syria Was Pre-Planned

Impeach Obama Campaign Claims US Military Strike In Syria Was Pre-Planned

The Impeach Obama Campaign focuses on potential plans for a US military strike in Syria. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the House of Representatives has the votes to impeach Obama according to Congressman Blake Farenthold. There have been calls to impeach Obama over the Benghazi scandal, and the recent allegations that the CIA was… Read more »

Obama Hasn’t Made Decision On Syria Intervention

Syria No Decision Obama

Despite reports to the contrary, President Obama hasn’t made a decision on intervening in Syria. However, the US president did confirm that the US government believes Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, is to blame for the attack. Obama made the comments on Wednesday in an interview with PBS’ NewsHour following his speech to mark the 50th… Read more »

Ron Paul Does Reddit AMA, Talks Tea Party And Marijuana

ron paul reddit AMA

Popular third party candidate Ron Paul did a Reddit AMA today, a specific sort of thread on the site in which the title “AMA” stands for “Ask Me Anything.” Ron Paul’s Reddit AMA was destined to be hugely popular, given the heavy presence on the social aggregator of Libertarians in general, and the active subreddit… Read more »

Vicki Marble, Colorado State Senator, Links Poverty To Friend Chicken

Vicki Marble Links Poverty To Friend Chicken

Colorado state Senator Vicki Marble caused a stir on Wednesday when she said high poverty rates are connected to diets that include fried chicken and barbecue. Who was Marble speaking about? The Colorado State Senator was speaking about the poverty levels of blacks and Hispanics according to the Huffington Post. “When you look at life… Read more »