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Unemployment Extension 2014: Petition Demands President Obama Extend Benefits

Unemployment Benefits

The 2014 unemployment extension has become a political football, with Republicans arguing that unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed should not be extended. Democrats believe benefits should be reinstated quickly, but the political stalemate has resulted in no action being taken at all. But could an unemployment petition to President Obama on WhiteHouse.gov some how… Read more »

Clay Aiken Congressional Primary Opponent Found Dead

Clay Aiken Congressional Opponent found dead

Singer Clay Aiken will presumably be declared the winner of a hotly contested Congressional primary after his opponent, Keith Crisco, was found dead today. No winner had been designated after last Tuesday’s Democrat primary, although the state board of elections evidently was due to make an announcement tomorrow. Aiken and Crisco, 71, a highly respected… Read more »

Obama Launches Energy Initiative … At A Wal-Mart?

obama walmart speech

Though six years ago he pledged never shop in one, President Barack Obama became the first commander in chief to visit a Wal-Mart on May 9, using a store in Mountain View, California, to launch a ramped-up renewable energy initiative. “More and more companies like Wal-Mart are realizing that wasting less energy isn’t just good… Read more »

Chelsea Clinton Snags Doctorate, Baby Bubble And All

Chelsea Clinton Snags Doctorate

The political powerhouse parents of Chelsea Clinton are clearly aglow these days as their daughter balances her first pregnancy with finishing up the doctorate she received on Saturday from Oxford University. Chelsea’s hubby Mark Mezvinsky, Bill and Hillary all came together to watch Chelsea snag her doctorate in international relations from the same university where… Read more »

Unemployment Benefits In 2014 A Hammock For The Lazy?


Are unemployment benefits in 2014 only providing a hammock for the lazy? This is the contention by some Republicans who believe that the unemployment extension should not be passed by Congress. But what is the true story? In a related report by The Inquisitr, the 2014 unemployment extension debate has Republicans claiming the recent unemployment… Read more »

Charlie Crist Says ‘Intolerable Racism’ Drove Him From GOP

Charlies Crist Joins Democrats: Former Florida Governor Makes It Official

Former Florida Republican Charlie Crist has fully leapt from one side of the aisle to the other (in a move many blame on the curb appeal of GOP challenger Marco Rubio), and the Sunshine State lawmaker blames “intolerable racism” from his previous party for a big part of that newsworthy split. Charlie Crist told Fusion’s… Read more »

Monica Lewinsky Breaks Silence On Clinton Affair, Finally Dishes Dirt

monica lewinsky clinton book

Not much has been heard from Monica Lewinsky since the Bill Clinton era sex scandal that rocked America — however, the generally quiet former White House intern is speaking up in a new issue of Vanity Fair; speaking candidly about her 15 minutes of fame. When Monica Lewinsky’s name became a household phrase, the young… Read more »

Vladimir Putin Honored At WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Vladimir Putin

WWE Extreme Rules has come and gone in which the overall WWE pay-per-view was met with decent reviews. However, the biggest surprise happened when the ambassador for Alexander Rusef, Lana, honored the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. It is probably true that many people watching were surprised WWE would even go with this angle. Anyways,… Read more »

White House Advisors Demand Internet Bill Of Rights


Three months ago President Obama put together a group to study internet privacy, the use of collected data, and other concerns to the public spawned in the light of recent spying concerns risen from the NSA. As the report neared completion, the White House posted a public consultation that the citizens of the US could… Read more »

Al Sharpton Praises NBA Decision Banning Donald Sterling For Life

Al Sharpton Speaks To Reporters

In a statement released Tuesday, Rev. Al Sharpton expressed his support for NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s decision to ban embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league for life. Sharpton, who had previously threatened to lead a boycott of the NBA if the league failed to suspend Sterling, released the following statement, as… Read more »

Impeach Obama? 2014 Impeachment Campaign Starts Operation American Spring

Impeach Obama? 2014 Impeachment Campaign Starts Operation American Spring

The effort to impeach Obama in 2014 is supposedly gaining steam, with long time advocates trying to gather support for serving up articles of impeachment to President Barack Obama. In a related report by The Inquisitr, last year Texas governor Dewhurst called for Obama’s impeachment and an impeach Obama billboard depicted the President as Adolf… Read more »