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Tory MP Playing ‘Candy Crush’ During Committee Hearing

Tory MP Nigel Mills Playing Candy Crush.

Just the word “committee” is enough to send many people into a dazed stupor, and it appears Tory MP Nigel Mills feels the same way, as he was photographed playing Candy Crush during one such committee hearing. Originally reported by the Sun, Nigel Mills was photographed playing the addictive tapping game Candy Crush during a… Read more »

U.S. Could Face Another Government Shut Down This Week

Congress has until Thursday to avoid a government shutdown.

As the Thursday deadline quickly approaches, Congress has yet to pass a bill that will keep the funding for the United States government going which means that the nation could be facing yet another government shutdown. The recent executive action on immigration taken by President Barack Obama has left many in the Republican party looking… Read more »

Anonymous Releases Video, Claims It Shows Warrantless Wiretapping By Police

anonymous shows warrantless wiretapping

A video released by hacker collective Anonymous purports to show evidence of warrantless wiretapping in Chicago during a #blacklivesmatter protest. According to the video, a vehicle moved through the streets during protests, listening in on conversations. The video (shared in its entirety below) opens with a scene of President Barack Obama addressing the nation. “Nobody… Read more »

Abortion Reversal Procedures Come Under Fire, But Is There Any Harm?

Abortion Reversal: Why The Opposition?

Abortion reversal is a new procedure developed by a Catholic, Pro-Life doctor, who wanted to give women the option to prevent their abortions from happening after the procedure is already underway. Dr. George Delgado developed it as an option for the small group of women, who immediately regret their decisions after making them, and yes,… Read more »

A.J. Cooper Dead At 34: D.C. Council Candidate Collapsed At Mother’s House

A.J. Cooper

A.J. Cooper III, an ambitious politician and D.C. council candidate, died on Wednesday at the age of 34. His mother, Brenda Rhodes Miller, confirmed his death by stating that her son passed away “suddenly” Wednesday morning. The Washington Post reports that A.J. Cooper III, playfully known by family and friends as “Jay,” complained about being… Read more »

Elizabeth Lauten Illustrates Ugly Side Of Today’s Politics

Elizabeth Lauten illustrates ugly politics

Elizabeth Lauten has had quite a successful career in politics up to this point. It seems likely that Ms. Lauten’s latest antics are going to put a damper in any aspirations Elizabeth had for advancement. By now, most people have heard about Elizabeth Lauten’s comments about President Obama’s daughters. In those comments, she said the… Read more »

GOP And Net Neutrality: Do Republicans Face Tech Challenges?


Does the GOP understand net neutrality and technology? That was a question Tony Romm asked in a recent POLITICO Pro article about Republicans trying to razzle and dazzle big technology for donations and falling short of understanding the world in which they are seeking money. In the article which touched on the GOP and net… Read more »

Same-Sex Marriage Approval Leads To 7,800 Church Resignations In One Day

Same-Sex Marriage Causes People To Quit Church

Same-sex marriage has been approved by the Finnish Parliament by a vote of 105-92, prompting a widespread departure from the state-backed Lutheran Church. “Finland should strive to become a society where discrimination does not exist, human rights are respected and two adults can marry regardless of their sexual orientation,” said Alexander Stubb, the country’s prime… Read more »

Dennis Rodman On Ferguson: Rioters Are ‘Illogical’

Dennis Rodman Not Convinced Of Michael Brown Rioters Logic

Dennis Rodman, the former NBA basketball player, professional wrestler, and self-appointed ambassador to North Korea, has taken aim at the Ferguson riots. Channeling his best Spock in a recent interview with RT, he called the rioters “illogical,” asking the question of “why people would raid their own town,” the site noted. He also wasn’t entirely… Read more »

Russian Spy Anna Chapman ‘Trains’ Vladimir Putin’s Army

anna chapman

Russian spy Anna Chapman is allegedly training rebels in Urkaine. Vladimir Putin is reportedly using Chapman as a propaganda “weapon of mass destruction. The “sexpot” Russia spy was featured on the cover of Maxim. The red-haired spy, who could double as a fashion model, was photographed on a Russian tank that was allegedly used in… Read more »

North Dakota To Name State’s Largest Landfill After President Obama?


President Barack Obama isn’t the most popular figure in American politics right now. Both liberals and conservatives have criticized Obama for his alleged lack of action during some of the most distressing events in recent United States history, including last month’s Ebola panic and the current riots ravaging throughout Ferguson, Missouri. One state was reportedly… Read more »