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Aaron Schock Resigns Amid Gay Rumors, Instagram Lockdown, And Spending Controversy

Schock quits gay resigns

If there’s one thing that 33-year-old Aaron Jon Schock is not, it’s that Schock is nowhere near boring. The Republican congressman from Illinois has kept the press active for years, serving in the state’s 18th congressional district since 2009. On Tuesday, Schock announced his resignation from Congress due to spending controversies, reports the Huffington Post‎… Read more »

Ted Cruz Wants To Lift All Limits On Campaign Contributions

Ted Cruz equated unlimited campaign contributions to free speech

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has yet to officially announce his run for president in 2016, says that all limits should be lifted on campaign contributions. On his first trip this year to New Hampshire, Cruz spoke to potential voters in a town hall type meeting, insisting that he was not yet a presidential candidate,… Read more »

President Obama, Kim Jong-Un Impersonators Hit The Streets Of L.A.

President Obama, Kim Jong Un Impersonators Turn Heads

Looking for Obama impersonators for that next wild president-themed party? You might want to track down the guy pictured above. And while you’re at it, don’t leave out his friend, who does an even more convincing Kim Jong-Un. The pair turned heads recently when they hit the streets of Los Angeles for a photo shoot… Read more »

U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement Captures 2,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens

crimnal illegal aliens

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents captured 2,000 criminal illegal aliens, ICE officials revealed earlier this week. The illegal immigrants rounded up during the sweep have all reportedly been convicted of crimes but had remained living on American soil. The criminal illegal immigrants were a part of Operation Cross Check. The five-day “national dragnet” is… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Unsecured Email Scandal – A Lot Of Hot Air Over Nothing?

Calls For Clinton To Hand Over Server In Private Email Scandal

Giving her first press conference in over two years, Hillary Clinton faced the cameras yesterday, denying any illegality in her actions concerning use of a private, unsecured email account for business purposes. Journalists are hungry for the truth, as is America, following Mrs Clinton’s refusal to hand over the server employed while using the email… Read more »

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson Resigns: Who Will Be Next? [Video]

Police Chief Thomas Jackson Resigns

Numerous reports are circulating that claim that Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has agreed to resign. CNN claims that they were informed by an anonymous source at the Ferguson, Missouri, City Hall. The official, who spoke to the media on the condition of anonymity, said that Jackson would announce his intent to resign sometime Wednesday… Read more »

GOP Pro-Family Tim Huelkskamp Fires Staffer Arrested For Child Sex Crimes

GOP Conservative Tim Huelkskamp's Staffer Arrested On 17 Counts Of Child Porn

Kansas GOP pro-family Rep. Tim Huelkskamp, named the “most anti-gay Republican” by ThinkProgress in 2012, has fired staffer Matthew P. Pennell, who was arrested on Thursday and charged with 17 counts of sexual exploitation of a child, KWCH reports. The news site adds that Pennell was arrested as part of a joint sting between the… Read more »

Illegal Immigration: Did Obama Administration Violate Judge’s DACA Halt Order?


The Texas judge who put a hold on President Barack Obama’s illegal immigration executive order is now calling the Justice Department to task over alleged implementation of specific portions of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) dictates. The Obama administration told U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen that the federal government had not moved forward… Read more »