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Tea Party Candidate Scott Esk Supports Stoning Gay People To Death

tea party scott esk homosexuals

A Tea Party candidate in Oklahoma is in the national political spotlight on social media, after older Facebook posts in which Scott Esk describes his approval of stoning gay people went viral this week. Scott Esk, running for Oklahoma House District 91, reportedly made the comments back in July — and a magazine in the… Read more »

Sarah Palin Calls Out Clinton’s Book And Bashes Cantor All In One Week

sarah-palin on the warpath

Sarah Palin has re-entered the media spotlight this week, making waves on two fronts seemingly simultaneously. Palin began the week by reminding the American public who really took the first shot in the “War on Women.” While Hillary Clinton made the rounds to promote her new memoir, “Hard Choices,” Palin zeroed in on one instance… Read more »

Elizabeth Warren: College Expenses Obscene

Elizabeth Warren's New Book

Sen. Elizabeth Warren makes a point of showing now pretty much everywhere she goes that she might never have been able to afford advanced education if she were born into one of today’s youngest generations. In A Fighting Chance, Warren details her Oklahoma City start as the best debater in school, with college the only… Read more »

George Will: Sexual Assault Victims Hold ‘Coveted Status’

George Will Ignites Firestorm Over Sexual Assault Victimhood Comments

George Will, a controversial columnist for the Washington Post, has ignited an Internet firestorm over his comments that sexual assault victimhood is “a coveted status” on college campuses. Will builds his argument on what he sees to be an exaggeration among progressives regarding sexual assault statistics. Probably his most incendiary remarks, for many, were these:… Read more »

‘Attack Palin,’ Requests Barack Obama, But Hillary Clinton Says ‘No’

Barack Obama requested an attack on Palin, says Hillary.

“Attack (Palin) for what, for being a woman? Attack her for being on a ticket that’s trying to draw attention?” That’s what Hillary Clinton claims was her response to a 2008 request by then-Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama to attack Sarah Palin. In the midst of recent scrutiny of her decision-making during the Benghazi Consulate… Read more »

Hillary Clinton ‘Dead Broke, Struggled’ After Leaving White House

hilllary was broke after bill left the white house

Hillary Clinton claimed she and former President Bill Clinton were dead broke after leaving the White House, even though they were making millions in book deals and speeches, according to a one-on-one interview with Diane Sawyer on Monday. Not only was the first couple broke, but they were burdened by legal bills — related to… Read more »

Las Vegas Shooters Linked To ‘III Percent’ Patriot Movement

III percent las vegas shooter tea party

The suspected Las Vegas shooters were the subject of a lengthy local profile in the Las Vegas Review Journal, but an expert on domestic extremists says that the pair may have been more ” ‘III Percent’ Patriot ” extremists than white separatists. While media reports have yet to name the Las Vegas shooter suspects initially,… Read more »

Police Officer Suspended For Refusing To Work Gay Pride Parade

Police Officer Suspended Over Parade Celebrating LGBT

A police officer suspended in Salt Lake City for refusing to work the city’s gay pride celebration is now under investigation by Internal Affairs. The officer, whose name has not been released to the public at this time, was placed on paid leave, the department stated in a release. According to SFGate.com, he was to… Read more »

Rand Paul: Trade Democrats Instead of Gitmo Prisoners For American POW


US Sen. Rand Paul has an idea — instead of trading five inmates housed at Guantanamo Bay for American Bowe Bergdahl, President Barack Obama should have traded five Democrats. The Kentucky Republican and potential 2016 presidential contender threw out the idea on his Twitter account. “Mr. President, let’s set up a new trade. Instead of… Read more »

Cesar Chavez Running For Congress In Arizona?

Cesar Chavez, formerly known as Scott Fistler

While he may not be the iconic labor leader, Cesar Chavez is indeed running for congress. What’s surprising about the candidate from Arizona’s heavily Latino 7th congressional district, however, is that he has run twice before for the GOP. As “Scott Fistler.” According to a report in The Daily Beast, Fistler, 38, petitioned an Arizona… Read more »

Cancer Survivor Told No Doctor Within 400 Miles Accepts Obamacare


An Oklahoma woman had to pay out of pocket for her annual cancer screening because the doctor would not accept her new Obamacare insurance, and no one else else would within 400 miles of her home. Janet Grigg, a colon cancer survivor who apparently moved to Bryan County, Oklahoma to care for her aging mother,… Read more »

NRA Condemns Long Guns In Public As ‘Weird,’ ‘Scary’

NRA open carry gun statement long guns

The National Rifle Association, or NRA, has been under fire in recent years for what many gun control supporters feel is an unreasonable stance regarding America’s relationship with firearms. But in their most recent statement, even the NRA has condemned the new gun debate concerning long guns and public spaces. In recent weeks, a spate… Read more »