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Power Grid: Arizona Wants DHS To Focus On EMP Threat To Electrical Grid

trent franks arizona

Power grid terrorism and failure concerns have prompted Arizona to push the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to focus more keenly on electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats. United States Representative Trent Franks is once again the man pushing to have the Obama administration make the safety and security of the power grid a top priority. Trent… Read more »

Teens Demand Pledge Of Allegiance Be Optional, Face Backlash

Pledge Of Allegiance Spat Has Teens In Hot Seat

The Pledge of Allegiance has stirred up controversy at one Maine high school as a group of teens are pushing to have recitation of the words be made optional. South Portland High School Senior Class President Lily SanGiovanni leads students in the Pledge every day. Recently, she made one subtle change that has people up… Read more »

Boris Nemtsov Died Before Proving Vladimir Putin Put Russian Troops In Ukraine, Claims Petro Poroshenko

Boris Nemtsov Died Before Proving Vladimir Putin Put Russian Troops In Ukraine, Claims Petro Poroshenko

With Boris Nemtsov’s death comes revelations by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the political opponent of Vladimir Putin had planned on proving Russia’s military actively positioned Russian troops in Ukraine, a contentious allegation that has been continuously claimed by the United States and NATO. In a related report by the Inquisitr, the Russian newspaper Novaya… Read more »

Russia Plans To Seize Ukraine Port Of Mariupol, U.S. Intelligence Official Says

vladimir putin

Russia is planning to invade the Ukraine port of Mariupol this spring, according to at least one top United States intelligence official. Vladimir Putin reportedly considers the Ukrainian port a “strategic” location. Vladimir Putin’s alleged plan to seize the Ukrainian port of Mariupol would reportedly include boots on the ground assistance by pro-Moscow rebels. If… Read more »

Agenda 21 Bill Rejected In Montana

agenda 21 bill

An Agenda 21 bill in Montana was rejected by lawmakers earlier this week. The bill was reportedly designed to protect property rights and states rights from the dictates and regulations in the non-binding United Nations plan. The Montana Agenda 21 bill was sponsored by Sun River Republican Randy Pinocci. House Bill 583 failed by just… Read more »

David Cameron Suspends Rifkind After ‘Cash-For-Access’ Allegations


UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has officially announced that the Conservative Party will be suspending Sir Malcolm Rifkind after a sting operation showed him engaging in a ‘cash-for-access‘ scandal, the BBC reports. Along with former foreign secretary Jack Straw, Rifkind has been secretly filmed offering his services to a private client, breaching parliamentary code of… Read more »

If It’s OK For Obama To Say Bush Was ‘Unpatriotic,’ Why Isn’t It OK For Giuliani To Say Obama ‘Doesn’t Love America’?


Conservative pundits are accusing liberals of double standards for expressing outrage after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani questioned President Obama’s love for America. They are pointing out that in 2008, then-Senator Obama also called President Bush “unpatriotic” for adding trillions to the national debt. According to the Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, “You certainly… Read more »

Two States Oppose Barack Obama’s Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants By Denying Them Driver’s Licences

SUV Crashes Into DMV, 10-Year-Old Ticketed For Reckless Driving

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama passed an executive order granting millions of illegal immigrants in the United States amnesty. The Inquisitr reported on the latest news following the announcement, most of which was a backlash from conservative groups. Apparently, the announcement invited further investigation on the “benefits” illegal immigrants receive, which includes a tax… Read more »

Rudy Giuliani’s Comments On Obama’s Patriotism ‘Horrible,’ White House Says

Rudy Giuliani comments about Obama

Rudy Giuliani made some incendiary comments about how President Obama doesn’t really love his country, and the White House wasted no time calling the former New York City mayor’s words “horrible.” The controversial statement came during a private function to support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s likely presidential run for 2016 that Giuliani was attending on… Read more »