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Hillary Clinton Raises Record-Breaking $45 Million In First Quarter Of Campaign


Hillary Clinton has raised $45 million in primary money since her campaign first began in mid-April, according to campaign officials. According to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the record-breaking amount was largely fueled by individual donations under $100. Ninety-one percent of the amount fundraised was from smaller donations. President Barack Obama held the previous record for fundraising… Read more »

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas’ gay marriage battle is just warming up due to the announcement by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, but although a Denton County marriage was denied this past Friday, already the county clerk has switched directions, despite assurances of legal protection by the Texas AG. In related report by the Inquisitr, when County Clerk Juli… Read more »

Walmart Apologizes For ISIS Cake, Explains What Went Wrong [Video]

Walmart, ISIS Cake Explanation

The Walmart ISIS Cake that kicked up a storm on the Inquisitr and social media yesterday now has an official apology. Randy Hargrove of Walmart Stores issued a statement, reported by the Daily Caller, late Saturday night that said the following. “Our local store made a mistake. The cake in the video should not have… Read more »

Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Announcement Video Is New Source Of Ridicule

Bobby Jindal

While Bobby Jindal’s announcement that he was getting into an already crowded GOP presidential field was met by celebration in some sectors, there are also plenty of people who think Bobby Jindal entered the race in the worst way possible. In particular, Bobby Jindal’s announcement video seemed to show that the Louisiana Governor’s own family… Read more »

Rainbow Flag Should Be Next To Go, Says Conservative Commentator

Rainbow Flag Should Be Banned?

The Rainbow Flag, or LGBT Pride Flag as it is also known, has been the latest “offensive” symbol to come under attack after the furor sweeping social media involving the Confederate flag. Conservative pundits, many of whom are upset at the targeting of a flag that they say represents Southern Heritage instead of racism, have… Read more »

Pregnant Mom Teri Cumlin Allegedly Got A Shocking Ultimatum From Her Boss

Teri Cumlin Fired

Teri Cumlin, a pregnant charity worker, has just won a settlement of around $18,800 in a Glasgow employment tribunal from her now-former employer, Engage Fundraising. According to the mom, her manager, Mark Robertson, chose to fire her after she wouldn’t comply with the shocking ultimatum that he gave her. Just what did he allegedly say?… Read more »

Indiana Will Not Comply With Obama’s Climate Change Plan


Indiana’s Governor Pence (R) has announced that his state will not obey the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Pence argued that the proposed rule would make electricity more expensive for the people of Indiana and slow economic growth. Governor Pence also added that the rule would make the state’s electric service less reliable. Pence’s… Read more »

Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Announcement Leads To #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite Hashtag

Bobby Jindal

Shortly after Bobby Jindal announced his intention to run for president of the United States, a mocking hashtag began to trend on Twitter in India. The hashtag? #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite It’s been difficult for many political pundits to take Bobby Jindal’s announcement seriously. Sure, the Louisiana governor has gained popularity quickly within the GOP party, but in… Read more »