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Republicans Threaten To Defund Planned Parenthood After Third Video Shows Officials Discussing Price Per Item Of Fetal Body Parts

Republicans Threaten To Cut Planned Parenthood Funding After Videos

An anti-abortion group released a series of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetus body parts, and Republicans are outraged and demanding an end to the group’s federal funding. The latest video from the Center for Medical Progress, released Tuesday, shows a Denver Planned Parenthood official discussing the prices of… Read more »

Donald Trump Debate Strategy: ‘I Have To Be Myself’ [Video]

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 16:   Business mogul Donald Trump gives a speech as he announces his candidacy for the U.S. presidency at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 in New York City.  Trump is the 12th Republican who has announced running for the White House.  (Photo by Christopher Gregory/Getty Images)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is placing high in recent presidential polls, to the surprise of some. In fact, Donald Trump is currently holding the top position. With the upcoming GOP debate planned for next Thursday, Aug. 6, the top contenders are preparing for battle with Donald Trump. CNN’s Don Lemon asked Donald Trump point… Read more »

Mike Huckabee Says President Obama Is ‘Marching Israel To Door Of The Oven’


Mike Huckabee has been flying under the radar lately (and for his campaign, dangerously) as a surprising amount of GOP support has been shifted to billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump. Trump’s popularity and outspokenness have kept former frontrunners like Huckabee perched on the back burner of the crowded 2016 Republican presidential nominee field over… Read more »

Donald Trump Leads In Latest CNN Poll

Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Jeb Bush in a new poll by CNN/ORC.

Donald Trump has pulled ahead in a new poll by CNN/ORC, with the tycoon garnering 3 percent more support from Republicans than his nearest rival, Jeb Bush. Since the results of another CNN/ORC poll were published on July 1, his support amongst Republicans has risen by 6 percent to 18 percent. Meanwhile, support for Bush… Read more »

Is Donald Trump Really A Democrat In Republican Clothes?

Is Donald Trump A Democrat In Republican Clothes

Donald Trump is running for president on the Republican ticket and his conservative views on immigration have grabbed national headlines, but the billionaire might be a Democrat in disguise. During The Donald’s five previous almost-presidential runs, he made a series of comments that could be called questionable at best and downright liberal at their worst…. Read more »