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Man Gets So Fed Up With Politics He Steals 244 Political Signs

The stolen signs

In one of the strangest political news stories this year, a man in Florida was so sick of seeing political campaign signs in the yards of his neighbors that he decided to steal as many as he possibly could. By the time he was caught, the man had stolen 244 political signs. According to First… Read more »

Ben Carson On Being Surgeon General For Obama: No Thanks [Video]


Ben Carson, a conservative firebrand and former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, said even with his extensive medical background, if President Barack Obama came to him and wanted to make him United States Surgeon General Ben Carson, he would decline the offer. Carson, who has admitted to considering a run for president in 2016, made his surgeon… Read more »

Obama Voters Express Regret In New USA Today Poll

Obama Voters Regret Their Vote

Obama voters are having a case of buyer’s remorse, according to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll in six states with key Senate races this November. The number of likely voters “who can remember voting” for President Obama has turned out to be lower than the actual number that did, USA Today reports. And of… Read more »

Florida Governors Debate Starts With Bizarre Fight Over A Fan

florida governor debate

Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott will not stand for cold feet. He was so upset by his Democratic opponent’s onstage fan that he refused to come out for the debate. For the first few minutes of the debate only Democratic challenger Charlie Crist can be seen. However, you can hear Governor Scott from the sidelines… Read more »

Obama Ebola Response Reeks Of ‘Criminal Incompetence,’ Pundit Says

Obama Ebola Response Is 'Criminal,' Beck Claims

The Obama Ebola response has been classified as “criminally incompetent” by well-known pundit and founder of the Blaze network, Glenn Beck. Beck came out today with guns blazing in a panel discussion of the administration’s, and the CDC’s admitted mishandling of the Ebola outbreak which thus far has created two new cases of the disease… Read more »

Bill Gates On Income Inequality: Don’t Tax Capital, Tax Consumption

Bill Gates

Bill Gates recently read Thomas Piketty’s 700-page treatise on income inequality and wrote a blog post discussing the findings. Gates agrees with the main conclusions of the book but not with the solution, specifically a progressive tax on capital gains. Instead he feels that taxing consumption would be a better measure to put inequality in… Read more »

[Video] Jon Stewart Slams Obama And Democrats For Hypocrisy

Jon Stewart and Barack Obama

Few would deny that one of the biggest problems in United States politics is the prevalence of money and its powerful influence over Congress and the President. Many Americans suspect that corporate funding of political campaigns and bribery play a major part in elections, sometimes leading to corruption and ulterior motives for passing legislation. Typically,… Read more »