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ISIS Hostage Rescue Abandoned After U.S. Special Forces Take Heavy Fire


ISIS hostage rescue attempts by U.S. Special Forces were abandoned after the team took heavy fire in Syria. Jordanian fighter pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh was reportedly being held in the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa – in northern Syria. The U.S. Special Forces were carried to Syria to rescue the Jordanian fighter pilot via two gunships…. Read more »

Fox News Ratings Plummet As Consequence Of Dish Network Blackout

Dish Network

Fox News is taking a major hit in the ratings as a result of a contract dispute with Dish Network. Since the fourth week of December, over 14 million satellite TV viewers have gone without the Fox News Chanel, stemming from an argument between Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox Inc., and Dish Network… Read more »

California Weather Fatal For Some, Others Rescued From Snow

Although many trapped motorists were rescued from the California snow, not everyone was so lucky.

California was host to some rare snow this week. Although almost 200 stranded people were rescued, the weather did contribute to two deaths that have been reported so far. In the San Bernardino Mountains, near Crestline, California, a wreck blocked the road, keeping motorists from moving forward during the fall of snow. As a result,… Read more »

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo: A Life Of Service

Mario Cuomo

As reported by the New York Daily News and the Huffington Post, Mario Cuomo has died. Ever-eloquent Mario Cuomo, who rode his rhetorical gifts to three terms as New York Governor and tantalized Democrats by flirting with a run for president, died Thursday, according to two sources close to the family. He was 82. Cuomo… Read more »

Chick-Fil-A Credit Card Breach: 9K Customers Could Be Affected


Chick-fil-A is currently investigating a possible credit card breach that may have occurred at multiple restaurants. The Daily Mail reports that the popular fast food chain made an official announcement about the possible breach on Wednesday. If the credit card breach did take place, one report claims that nearly 9,000 credit card customers could be… Read more »

CAIR Slaps Lawsuit Against U.S. Navy Over Beard Discrimination

Russian Nuclear Navy Rushes To Beat U.S. Navy, China Predicted To Be Larger By 2020

Underneath the presidency of Barack Obama, the United States military has been more empathetic towards the religion of Islam and its followers. The Inquisitr reported on such news in which Obama has expressed his desire for the U.S. military to be Muslim-friendly. For example, Obama pushed for all military personnel in Middle Eastern countries to… Read more »

Leelah Alcorn’s Parents Speak Out: ‘We Loved Our Son’

Leelah Alcorn

The parents of Leelah Alcorn, the 17-year-old transgender teen who recently took her own life, Carla and Doug Alcorn, are speaking out to tell their side of the story. In separate statements, the teen’s parents maintain they loved their ‘son.’ Throughout an interview on Wednesday with CNN, Carla Alcorn only referred to Leelah as her… Read more »

Robert Fagenson: Millionaire CEO Wins $65K In N.Y. Lottery

Robert Fagenson

Robert Fagenson was able to add another $65,000 to his income by simply being a winner in the state Lotto. The New York Post reports that the Wall Street millionaire was able to win his “chump change” as a second-place prize in the state Lotto drawing that was conducted last week. Out of the six… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Admits Being A ‘Little Bit Crazy’ To Run For President

Hillary Clinton Dead Broke

Hillary Clinton claimed her family’s financial status was near poverty level, after her and former president Bill Clinton left the White House. Hillary received a lot of criticism for her comments describing the family’s financial situation. Earlier last year, Hillary Clinton said this about her family’s economic circumstances. “You have no reason to remember, but… Read more »

Leelah Alcorn: Gay Rights Activist Says Parents Should Be Prosecuted

Leelah Alcorn selfies.

Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year-old transgender teenager from Ohio, took her own life last Sunday. She walked in front of an oncoming truck and was crushed to death. Leelah left behind a suicide note on her Tumblr blog, in which she said she had been forced by her devout Christian parents to undergo conversion therapy, which… Read more »