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Smart Grid Funding Dwindles As Energy Industry Reviews The Power Grid Project

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The Obama administration funding for a smart grid is winding down. Energy leaders are now assessing how the project has progressed. Opponents to the smart grid and smart meters remain vocal in their opposition to the project, citing privacy, national security, and health issues among the reasons for their views. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association… Read more »

GMO Ban Proposed In Oregon


Oregon organic farmers are growing increasingly concerned about GMO contamination. Willamette Valley is not being viewed as a “test case” for farming coexistence in our increasingly genetically modified world. Organic Trade Association Executive Vice President Laura Batcha said, “The Wilamette Valley is a test case. You have to be able to make coexistence work there… Read more »

Barack Obama: US President Gets No Respect From World Leaders, Says Poll

Many Americans fear that US President Barack Obama is losing respect from foreign leaders like Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Barack Obama’s poll numbers have been on the skids for a long time, but until recently most Americans believed the US president was generally respected by foreign leaders. Not any more. According to a CBS DC report, a recent Gallup poll revealed that 53 percent of Americans believe that world leaders of other powerful nations… Read more »

Wells Fargo Fires Branch Manager For Carrying A Gun


Wells Fargo Bank fired Tampa-area branch manager Ivette Ros for bring a gun to work, and now she’s suing the financial giant. Ros, 37, a single mother of three and a licensed concealed carry gun owner, said she had the 9mm pistol in case she ever need to protect her employees from bank robbers. She… Read more »

The Last Of The Original Seven Von Trapp Children Dies At Age 99

the vonn trapp children in the sound of music

The last member of the famous Von Trapp family passed away on Tuesday at the age of 99. Maria von Trapp was the last surviving member and the third oldest child of the original seven children (Rupert, Agathe, Maria, Werner, Hedwig, Johanna and Martina) that were born to Georg von Trapp and his first wife,… Read more »

Justina Pelletier: ‘You Can’t Gag America’ Protests Erupt At Court Hearing

justina protest

Justina Pelletier supporters converged in front of the Boston Courthouse carrying “You Can’t Gag America” signs and chanting “Free Justina.” A court hearing in the teenager’s case involving the Boston Children’s Hospital is taking place today. The extremely controversial custody battle over the girl who has now spent more than a year in the hospital… Read more »

Off The Grid Living Deemed Illegal In Cape Coral, Florida

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Off the grid living was just deemed illegal in a Cape Coral, Florida home. Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin ruled that local codes do allow homeowner Robin Speronis to have a home without utility power, but do mandate that she hook into the city’s water system. Any alternative source of power for the home must… Read more »

New York Men Arrested For Sexually Abusing Cows

Sexiual Abuse Cows

Two New York men were arrested for sexually abusing cows. Michael H. Jones, age 35, and Reid A. Fontaine, age 31, were charged with sexual misconduct with animals. Authorities identified the suspects after reviewing a Herkimer farmer’s surveillance video. The farmer realized something was wrong when several of his cows stopped producing milk. As the… Read more »

Los Angeles To Be Doused With Massive Winter Rains This Week

Los Angeles Rain

Los Angeles is the middle of one of the worst droughts in recent memory, but that is expected to finally change this week when two major rainstorms roll into Southern California, hitting Wednesday night then again on Friday. The rain is likely to cause headaches and possible safety hazards for Los Angeles commuters, but nonetheless… Read more »

Ukraine President Disappears As Newly Freed Rival Calls Him A ‘Cancer’

Ukraine protests

Ukraine protesters took over the presidential estate and offices Saturday after the Ukraine parliament voted to oust President Viktor Yunakovych — who after issuing a defiant statement saying he refused to step down and denouncing what he called a “coup” by “hooligans” and “bandits,” fled Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev. At last report, just past 2… Read more »

Minimum Wage To Jump To $10 An Hour Sooner Than Expected?

Minimum Wage Increase

It’s obvious that money makes the world go ’round. The issue with that is, business today are trying to save money more and more. That means, they pay the workers as little as they can. Over time, businesses move up prices which allows others to raise prices. So even a discount is a raised item… Read more »

Social Security Disability Fund Running Out Of Money, Is It Due To Fraud?

Social Security Disability Fund Running Out Of Money, Is It Due To Fraud

The Social Security disability insurance trust fund is running out of money some time between 2016 and 2017 and some people are wondering why. In a related report by The Inquisitr, back in 2013 disability claims were skyrocketing, jumping up 29 percent. The number of Americans receiving social security disability benefits soared to 8.8 million…. Read more »

Sikorsky Helicopters Cuts 600 US Jobs, Americans Lose Work To Turkey?

Sikorsky Helicopters Cuts 600 US Jobs, Americans Lose Work To Turkey

Sikorsky helicopters is a division of United Technologies Corp. and the company just announced they were cutting 600 jobs in the United States just as they signed a deal with Turkey worth $3.5 billion. Can anyone say “outsourcing”? In a related report by The Inquisitr, January of 2014 was a bad month for helicopter crashes…. Read more »

Burger King Customer Arrested After Calling 911 Over Wrong Order


A Burger King customer was arrested after calling 911 over a wrong order at the fast food’s branch in Oakland Avenue in White Township, Pennsylvania, local police reports. Indiana County woman Heather Smith got very upset upon learning that the local Burger King got her order wrong. Instead of taking it with the manager, Smith… Read more »

Taco Bell Releases New App For Mobile Ordering

Taco Bell App

Taco Bell is joining the world of technology by being the most recent restaurant to develop an app for their customers to place mobile orders. Currently, the app is being tested in five different restaurants in Southern California, and will be available for customers nationwide later this year. Jeff Jenkins is the leader of Taco… Read more »