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Boston Marathon Amputee Runs: Roseann Sdoia Runs 5K With Prosthetic Leg

Boston bombing

Boston Marathon amputee Roseann Sdoia ran her first 5K after being severely injured in the 2013 terror attack. According to Yahoo! News, Sdoia participated in the race in Lowell (Massachusetts) after training for several months. Fitted with a prosthetic leg, Sdoia was able to participate in the 5K, though she admitted that it wasn’t easy…. Read more »

Pennsylvania Great Dane Gives Birth To 19 Puppies, Surprises Owners!

19 puppies born to great Dane

A female Great Dane in Pennsylvania has given birth to a staggering 19 puppies in her litter – surprising her owners and more importantly, garnering national media attention! The Great Dane named Snowy is owned by York County residents Brandon and Aimie Terry, reports ABC News. The couple were aware of the fact that their… Read more »

Surgeon Nafees Hamid Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Female Patients

Surgeon Naseef Hamid charged with sexually assaulting female patients

After an eight week trial, a jury found Birmingham neurosurgeon Nafees Hamid guilty of nine serious sexual assaults against his female patients as reported by BBC News. The 50-year-old award winning neurosurgeon proclaimed his innocence for the 15 charges of sexual offenses on ten female patients that were brought against him for the time period… Read more »

Mama June Shannon Cleared Of Wrongdoing By Children and Family Services

Honey Boo Boo

Mama June Shannon was cleared of wrongdoing by Georgia’s Department of Children and Family Services. The government organization was alerted amid allegations that Shannon was dating a convicted pedophile and allowing him to spend time with her children. Although their investigation is ongoing, Georgia’s DCFS has determined that Alana “Honey Boo Boo,” Lauryn “Pumpkin,” and… Read more »

See Tony Hawk Ride a Real Hoverboard: He’s No Marty McFly [Video]


Of course, Tony Hawk got to ride the first real hoverboard. The skateboarding legend lived out every Marty McFly wannabe’s fantasy by hopping on a Hendo Hover hoverboard and taking it for a spin. His ride was way shorter than Michael J. Fox’s epic, futuristic chase scene in Back to the Future Part II, and… Read more »

Bill Cosby ‘Spanish Fly’ Routine On Drugging Women: Coincidence?

Is Bill Cosby 'Spanish Fly' A Confession?

The Bill Cosby “Spanish Fly” routine has picked up new and unfortunate notoriety after Alan Scherstuhl of the Village Voice unearthed it in light of the recent resurgence of rape allegations against the popular comedian. In the routine, Cosby jokes with his audience about a drug known as Spanish Fly that was supposed to make… Read more »