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Did Hillary Clinton Staffers Cover Up Damning Benghazi Documents ?

Hillary Clinton staffers accused

Despite being officially cleared of wrongdoing by an internal review board, Hillary Clinton’s staffers have been accused of separating potentially damaging documents from material sent to a panel investigating the Benghazi, Libya attack, a former top official proclaimed on Monday. Raymond Maxwell, formerly head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, told The Daily Signal,… Read more »

FBI’s New Facial Recognition System: Breach Of Rights Or National Security?


The FBI has launched a fully operational biometric identification system that includes facial recognition technology in over 18,000 bureaus across the country. The new facial recognition database was announced yesterday, and will use the Next Generation Identification system (NGI) by compiling more than 8 million mug shots from across the country. The facial recognition system… Read more »

EMP Attack Threats Discussed By Senate During Power Grid Cyber Attack Hearing

power grid

Electromagnetic pulse attack threats were among the possible terrorism scenarios discussed with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during a Senate hearing on Wednesday. While the primary terrorist attack concerns revolved around both physical and cyber attacks by “radical Islamists” like ISIS, EMP threats were also a topic of conversation during the meeting. Wisconsin Senator Ron… Read more »

Wedding Weight Loss: Couple Sheds A Combined 133 Pounds For Their Special Day

Matt Bradley

One engaged couple decided they’d commit themselves to something more than just marriage – weight loss! According to Elite Daily, Matt Bradley and his fiancé, Hannah, reportedly dropped a combined 133 pounds in time for their wedding day. During a recent interview, the Warwickshire native shared details about their weight loss journey. The couple, who… Read more »

UVA Student Missing: Update On Hannah Graham’s Disappearance

Hannah Graham

An 18-year-old UVA student remains missing. However, authorities have released new information about Hannah Elizabeth Graham’s disappearance. A spokesperson with the Charlottesville Police Department confirmed Hannah was last seen walking west on Preston Avenue near McGrady’s Irish Pub. On Friday evening, the teen was invited to a party at a friend’s house. As reported by… Read more »

ISIS In West Virginia, Intelligence Centers Monitoring Movements


ISIS terrorists may be in West Virginia. Investigators at the Fusion Intelligence Center in Charleston are reportedly researching classified information related to the whereabouts of Islamic State militants on a daily basis. During an interview with Mountain State news outlet WCHSTV, the intelligence center staffers refused to get into specifics regarding how many ISIS militants… Read more »

Oskar Gröning: Former Auschwitz Guard Charged In 300,000 Deaths

Nazi Guard

Oskar Gröning, 93, is facing 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. The former Auschwitz guard admittedly worked at the infamous death camp between May and June 1944. Within those two months, more than 425,000 Hungarian Jews were captured and transported to the camp. An estimated 300,000 were killed within the first weeks. Gröning, who remains… Read more »