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Troops Patrol London For Official Birthday Of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Holds Annual Parade

Hundreds of British soldiers filled London on Saturday, which marked Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday. The soldiers filled central London in full dress which included huge Bearskin hats and ceremonial uniforms. The annual event is put on every year to mark Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and originated from the tradition of battle preparations. In the old… Read more »

Iranian Troops In Iraq As ISIS Threatens To Overrun Baghdad

Iranian Quds troops have entered Iraq with an offer to help defend Baghdad from ISIS.

Iranian troops have crossed the border of and are joining the fight against Al Qaeda-affiliated ISIS jihadists, according to a report by FOX News. The report cites a U.S. intelligence official is quoted saying: “Baghdad is going to be overrun. The Green Zone is going down.” According to the report, at least 150 of Iran’s… Read more »

Rare Yellow Lobster Is One In 30 Million Catch

A rare yellow lobster was found in Connecticut.

A fisherman in Niantic, Connecticut found a strange version of lobster recently. Jere Lacoske had been fishing in the area of Black Point for almost a decade. His captain, John Wadsworth, began fishing in 1996 and has never seen anything like the yellow lobster Lacoske pulled out of the water. At first, he didn’t recognize… Read more »

Hillary Clinton The Teenage Years Highlighted In Dinesh D’Souza ‘America’ Film

hillary in coollege and saul alinsky

Hillary Clinton’s teenage years will be showcased in Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, America. The successful and controversial filmmaker will delve into the possible Democratic presidential candidate’s first encounters with Saul Alinsky in the film. Clinton will be played by actress Jennifer Pearson in the movie. Dinesh D’Souza’s America will show Hillary Clinton at 14 speaking… Read more »

Mileage Tax Trackers In Cars May Soon Be A Reality GBO Report Says

VMT tax

A mileage tax to help cover the expenses created by a dwindling highway fund are once again being discussed by the federal government. Vocal opponents to such a plan maintain that rural and suburban residents will be unduly targeted by such a tax and that the little black boxes tracking driving habits are an invasion… Read more »

Colorado Teen Escapes Kidnapper, Stabs Him With His Own Knife

Kidnapping Attempt in Colorado

A Colorado teen has an amazing story to tell after she stabs her kidnapper with his own knife as he drove down the road. On Wednesday evening, according to CBS News, the teen was waiting at a Wheat Ridge, Colorado bus stop. The teen said she was approached by a man asking for directions. She… Read more »