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Six Church Burnings In Seven Days — #WhosBurningBlackChurches?

Six Church Burnings In Seven Days — WhosBurningBlackChurches

Church burnings have happened in the United States in years past. It seems that the heinous acts have returned, amid recent news. Six churches were burned in the last seven days in different states. Via Twitter, a recent hashtag has sparked debate after six black churches were burned over the past week. Though the burnings… Read more »

Bee Attack: South Texas Farmer Stung By Hundreds Of Bees Dies

Bee Attack Texas

Just a few days after the Inquisitr reported about a fatal bee attack from Arizona, we now have news coming in from south Texas about another bee attack. The new bee attack has claimed the life of one person, ABC News reports. According to CBS News, the bee attack was reported on Sunday in the… Read more »

Pro-Golfer Phil Mickelson Linked To Illegal Gambling Ring, Money Laundering

Phil Mickelson

Unnamed sources are alleging that pro-golfer Phil Mickelson received nearly $3 million from an illegal gambling racket. Mickelson is not under investigation, but the sources claim he was alluded to in a recent money-laundering case. According to ESPN, two sources confirmed that the pro-golfer was part of “an illegal gambling operation which accepted and placed… Read more »

Photographer Charlie Engman Releases Racy Photos Of His Own Mother

Charlie Engman's photography.

When an artistic photographer finds something that inspires him or her, it’s important to run with it. But one particular photographer, Charlie Engman, has been pushing boundaries for years by photographing his own mother in varying states of undress. According to the Huffington Post, Charlie Engman has been releasing the stunning and sometimes unsettling photos… Read more »

Bloody Friday: Is ISIS Planning A Terror Attack In America Over The 4th Of July?


Bloody Friday concerns prompted by ISIS chatter have surfaced as the 4th of July holiday weekend looms. United States intelligence agencies are reportedly “reassessing their characterization” of the Islamic State as just a “regional threat.” The ISIS reassessment was reportedly prompted three terrorist attacks occurred at nearly the same time in three separate countries on… Read more »

Shawn Ford: The Sledgehammer Murderer Gets The Death Penalty

Shawn Ford The Sledgehammer Murderer sentenced

The jury came back with the recommended sentence for Shawn Ford. The Sledgehammer Murderer was sentenced to death Monday in an Akron, Ohio courtroom. In 2014, Ford was convicted of beating Jeffery and Margaret Schobert to death with a sledgehammer on March 23, 2015. He was the boyfriend of the Schobert’s daughter Chelsea. Robin Harvey,… Read more »

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas’ gay marriage battle is just warming up due to the announcement by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, but although a Denton County marriage was denied this past Friday, already the county clerk has switched directions, despite assurances of legal protection by the Texas AG. In related report by the Inquisitr, when County Clerk Juli… Read more »

New Jersey Family Terrorized By ‘The Watcher’ After Buying Dream Home

NJ family terrorized

A New Jersey family terrorized by “The Watcher” have been forced out of their dream home. The stalker appears to have a “chip on his shoulder” about money, according to criminal profilers. The unknown and mysterious individual has sent eerie letters to the Westfield area family. Derek and Maria Broaddus received the first of the… Read more »

Supreme Court Approves Lethal Injection Drug Blamed For Botched Executions

Death Penalty

The Supreme Court has approved a lethal injection drug that is blamed for several botched executions. Although several inmates were reportedly “tortured to death” when the drugs did not work as intended, the Supreme Court determined the inmates were not subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” as defined by the The United States Constitution. The… Read more »