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Putin Has Asperger’s Syndrome, 2008 Pentagon Study Claimed


A Pentagon think tank conducted a study in 2008 that concluded that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has Asperger’s syndrome, “an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions.” The study report, obtained by USA Today, was written by Brenda Connors, an expert in movement pattern analysis (MPA). It suggested that “the Russian President carries a… Read more »

Where Is Kelsie Schelling After Two Years Missing?

Where is Kelsie Schelling?

It’s been two years, and Colorado woman Kelsie Schelling is still missing. Her loved ones have searched relentlessly for her over the course of her disappearance, but it seems as though she vanished without a trace, and evidence points to foul play. 9 News, out of Colorado, reports that Wednesday was the 2nd anniversary of… Read more »

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Police Reportedly Investigating Possibility Of ‘Eyewitnesses’ That May Have Fled Accident Scene


Bobbi Kristina Brown’s alleged “drowning” incident has been met with a number of questions that remain unanswered, which is why police have decided to investigate the situation further. Now, there are reports of new developments in the case. Detectives with the Roswell Police Department are reportedly trying to determine whether there were more people at… Read more »

Net Neutrality Survives FCC Decision, Free And Open Internet Lives On

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Internet users in the United States were thrilled to learn today that the FCC decided to protect net neutrality and allow the free, uncensored internet to continue on. For months, web surfers were waiting with bated breath to learn if the organization would revoke net neutrality entirely, allowing internet service providers to charge for “internet… Read more »

Free The Nipple Movement Is Fighting For Women’s Rights

Free The Nipple

Free the Nipple is an equality movement, film, and mission to empower women throughout the world. They stand against global censorship and oppression. For example, in the United States it is illegal for women to breastfeed in public or go topless in 35 states. In states like Louisiana, if a woman exposes a nipple in… Read more »

Facebook Study: More Use Leads To Jealousy, Depression

Facebook Study Shows Jealousy In Frequent Use

A new Facebook study doesn’t paint the social networking site in a good light, at least with its contributions to one’s emotional health. According to a report from the University of Missouri News Bureau, heavy use of the social networking service can lead to increased feelings of depression and jealousy. Margaret Duffy, a professor and… Read more »

PayPal Executive Don Kingsborough Leaves Company


Don Kingsborough, the PayPal executive who spearheaded the online payment giant’s move into the physical retail world, has left the company, with many reports saying that he left because he was feeling “frustrated” in the company. “I think we were able to move the needle, but I have to say I leave a little frustrated… Read more »