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Elderly Women Escape Limo Fire In California

Limo Fire California

Ten elderly women escaped a limo fire in California over the weekend. Elaine Lofchie was out celebrating her 90th birthday with six friends and three caregivers on Sunday morning. All of them were riding inside the limousine when the fire started. Thankfully, everyone inside was able to escape without injury. The elderly women said the… Read more »

Lost Lincoln Document Found At Pennsylvania College

lost lincoln document

A lost Lincoln document was unearthed this weekend at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania after being hidden away in a closet for years. The valuable lost Lincoln document was described by the Associated Press as “rather uncommon” and remained unnoticed for a long time until President James Douthat began to excavate the closet as he prepared… Read more »

Freya The Cat Accused Of Being A Spy For The Chinese

George Osborne Freya Cat

Freya the cat, a pet owned by UK politician George Osborne, stands accused of being a spy for the Chinese. Osborne reportedly purchased the tabby back in 2009. Months after he introduced the feline to his family, the cat suddenly went missing. No one saw hide or hair of the pet for three long years…. Read more »

Deer Rescued From Doritos Bag By Florida Deputy [Photo]

Doritos Bag On Deer

A deer with a Doritos bag stuck on its head was recently rescued by a Florida Keys deputy. Two Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies spotted the animal and its unusual problem on Saturday evening. The patrolling officers reportedly spotted the deer near the Port Pine Heights subdivision of Big Pine Key. Before helping the the deer… Read more »

Google Buying Waze For $1 Billion, Report Claims

Waze Acquisition by Google

Tech giant Google is preparing to purchase crowd-sourced navigation app Waze for an acquisition cost of $1 billion. According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, executives at Google decided to offer the hefty sum after a bidding war broke out for the popular platform. While the deal has not been finalized, Google has already reportedly promised not… Read more »

Internet Spying Defended By Chief Intelligence Officer

Internet Spying and NSA Claims

Internet spying is an integral and completely legal practice for the NSA and other US agencies. At least that is the message being delivered over the last week by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. According to Clapper, internet spying falls under the strict supervision of a secret court, and, under that watchful eye, a… Read more »