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Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Duke It Out At Press Event [Video]

Jon Jones and Cormier square off.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones got in a fist fight with Daniel Cormier at a media event at the MGM Grand Hotel on Monday. According to ESPN, Jones and Cormier had come together at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for a press conference to promote a title fight between the two of them happening… Read more »

Ebola: Ohio Woman Being Tested For Deadly Virus

ebola ohio

Ebola may have just presented in Ohio. A Columbus woman who recently traveled to West Africa is being tested for the Ebola virus. A Columbus Public Health representative told the media that the woman is being held in isolation in an unnamed local medical facility. The Ohio woman being tested for Ebola is “doing well,”… Read more »

Afghanistan Military Base Insider Attack, 12 Americans Wounded

afghanistant insider attack

Camp Qargha, a military base in Afghanistan was attacked from within today, according to statements made by a senior United States military officer to Fox News. The military official said that at least one ISAF service members was shot and killed and approximately one dozen Americans were injured. The alleged shooter was wearing an Afghan… Read more »

Twain Harte Lake Drained, Closed Until Further Notice

Lake Drained

Twain Harte Lake was drained to relieve stress on a leaking dam. Additionally, California officials have closed access to the park “until further notice.” On August 3, authorities discovered several cracks in and around the Twain Harte Lake Dam. Although the dam’s infrastructure remains intact, the lake was drained as a precaution. Officials believe the… Read more »

Justin Bieber Song Scares Away Bear, Russian Fisherman Saved

justin bieber 'baby'

The Justin Bieber song “Baby” scared away a bear attacking a Russian fisherman, thus saving his life. The man was being mauled by the big predator when his phone reportedly began ringing and the Bieber song started to play. Apparently, the startled bear was not a fan and ran away. The Russian fisherman bear attack… Read more »

Japan Space Force To Be Launched in 2019

Japanese Rocket launching

Calling it the “fourth battlefield,” the Japanese government announced the launching of a Japan Space Force for 2019. Although the immediate reaction is to envision cartoons and movies in which fighter jets enter space to protect the earth from aliens or engage in dogfights, the reality is a little more mundane. The new Japan Space… Read more »

Tom Marino: Nancy Pelosi Acts Like She’s Royalty [Video]

Tom Marino not intimidated by Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Congressman Tom Marino is not backing down after his confrontation with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, during which she allegedly twice accused him of being an “insignificant person.” Insisting on zero tolerance, Marino claimed that Pelosi not only dissed him, but by extension dissed the vast majority of middle-class Americans. As The Inquisitr previously… Read more »

Shark Hunting Robot Attacked By Great Whites

great white biting camera

The REMUS SharkCam is an underwater robot designed to stalk the ocean’s most feared predators, yet it became the prey recently as several great whites turned on it, trying to take a bite out of the cylindrical automaton. The REMUS (Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS) is a torpedo-shaped object bristling with six cameras implanted at different… Read more »

John Venn, Happy 180th Birthday!

john venn with venn diagram

John Venn, creator of the Eulerian Circles, would be 180 years old today. So, why are we celebrating? As you can see from the picture above, people deal with eulerian circles, otherwise known as Venn diagrams, in all different walks of life. Venn diagrams are used in used in set theory, probability, logic, statistics, and… Read more »

Ebola: New York City Patient Being Tested For The Deadly Disease

Ebola New York

Ebola may have just come to the United States. A New York City hospital is treating a potential Ebola virus patient. Testing to confirm or rule out the presence of the deadly disease is ongoing at Mount Sinai. The possible New York Ebola patient arrived at the Mount Sinai emergency room early this morning. The… Read more »

Gafsa Beach: Mysterious Lake Could Contain Carcinogens

Mysterious Lake Gafsa

Gafsa Beach has become a popular tourist attraction in Tunisia, Africa. Unfortunately, the mysterious lake could contain dangerous carcinogens. Despite the possible risk, the desert oasis remains open for swimming. However, Gafsa’s Office of Public Safety said the water likely contains radioactive chemicals — including phosphate. The mysterious lake was discovered by sheep herders three… Read more »