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‘Jersey Joe’ Pizzeria Owner Denies Mishandling His Meat

Jersey Joe Says He's Not The Guy Masturbating In The Kitchen

Jersey Joe Pizzeria owner Giusepp Scire has denied accusations that he masturbated in the kitchen of his San Diego restaurant, according to a recent report from Huffington Post. And our first instinct is to believe him. After all, the entire session was captured on surveillance video and had its world premiere on 4Chan. (You would… Read more »

Christine O’Donnell Claims IRS Illegally Breached Tax Records

Christine O'Donnell Tax Records May Have Been Illegally Breached By IRS

Christine O’Donnell, former Delaware Tea Party candidate, has claimed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) illegally breached her tax records in 2010. The revelation came to O’Donnell by way of Dennis Martel, a US Treasury Department agent, who passed along the warning in January, O’Donnell said in comments to the Washington Times. O’Donnell said that she… Read more »

16-year-old Intern Questions White House, Jay Carney Not Amused [Video]

Three members of the only undefated NFL team in history will not go to the White House.

The Daily Caller, a conservative publication, sent a 16-year-old intern to the daily briefing at the White House and Jay Carney was not amused. Gabe Finger, a 16-year-old high school junior doing an internship at The Daily Caller, asked White House spokesman Jay Carney if President Barack Obama was providing protection to George Zimmerman and… Read more »

Florida Man Screams ‘Zimmerman!’ Punches Truck, Gets Arrested

Man punches window zimmerman

Melbourne, FL – We understand that emotions are running high after the George Zimmerman verdict, but we do not recommend running and punching random truck windows. Not only could you break something, you will definitely get arrested (especially if the driver is inside). Joseph Vargo, a 57-year-old man, accomplished just that when he punched the… Read more »

Stand Your Ground Law History Prior To George Zimmerman Trial

Anti-Gun Group Does Stand Your Ground PSA; Recreates Trayvon Martin Shooting

Stand Your Ground laws are under after the George Zimmerman trial despite Zimmerman waiving his right to the Stand Your Ground immunity during a pre-trial hearing. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Stand Your Ground opponents proposed a Florida orange juice boycott. Recent reports also show that black defendants in Florida appear to successfully invoke… Read more »

Three Hop Query: NSA Collecting Way More Data Than Originally Thought

Three Hop Query Puts Egg Back On NSA Face

“Three hop query” may be a term that you hear more of after Wednesday’s oversight hearing involving testimony from NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. Inglis said that NSA analysts are allowed to perform “a second or third hop query” [emphasis The Inquisitr] during questioning. How is this a… Read more »

Paula Deen Fans Mail Butter Wrappers To Retailers In Protest

As a form of protest, Paula Deen fans are mailing butter wrappers to retailers. This act is the fans way of showing disagreement with the companies and networks that have dropped the butter-baking Deen.

Paula Deen fans are mailing butter wrappers to retailers as a way of protesting the companies and networks that have dropped the butter-using Deen. The 66-year-old American celebrity chef, author, and former cooking show host fell into a dicey controversy recently over using a racial epithet. During a legal deposition Paula Deen admitted to using… Read more »

Marijuana Pipe Found In Burger King Kid’s Meal

Marijuana Pipe Found in Burger King Kid's Meal Discovered By 4-Year-Old's Grandfather

A marijuana pipe found in a Burger King Kid’s Meal has left one BK restaurant with a lot of explaining to do. According to a Wednesday report from, the pipe was left in the bag of a kid’s meal that went to a 4-year-old boy in Michigan. Dundee Police said that a 23-year-old employee… Read more »

Chicago Clerk Beaten With Baseball Bat Over XXX Large Tank Shirts

baseball bat beating in chicago

A Chicago clerk was beaten with a baseball bat when he informed a customer the store did not carry triple extra large tank shirts. The bloodied 51-year-old clerk stumbled onto the sidewalk crying for help after the attack. Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in America but still holds some of the… Read more »

White Marine Attacked After Zimmerman Verdict In Possible Hate Crime

29 Palms Marine attacked

A white Marine was severely beaten, stabbed, and robbed in California after the George Zimmerman verdict. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office is reportedly considering the savage beating gang violence, but individuals claiming to be the parents of the injured 29 Palms Marine in online posts, feel their son’s attack was a racially motivated hate crime…. Read more »