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Alzheimer’s Patient Beats Roommate To Death At Assisted Living Facility

An Alzheimer's patient has been charged with the beating death of his roomate

An 87-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is facing murder charges after beating his roommate to death at a suburban Denver assisted living facility. Homer Castor was originally arrested for crimes against an at-risk adult after he assaulted 76-year-old Gerald Propp in their room at the Atria Applewood assisted living facility in Lakewood, Colorado. Propp… Read more »

Revenge Porn Blogger Wants To Be Forgiven — Is He Really Sorry?

Craig Brittain wants to be forgiven.

The owner of a revenge porn blog is upset about people using his photos without permission on the internet, but he doesn’t appear to be getting any sympathy. Craig Brittain, the owner of the blog IsAnybodyDown, once profited off the invasion of privacy of multiple people in a pornography trend that exploits both men and… Read more »

Purina Beneful: 3,000 Dogs Reportedly Sickened By Toxins

Toxic Dog Food

Purina Beneful is blamed for causing illness in more than 3,000 dogs. A recent lawsuit, filed in the California federal court, suggests the popular dog food contains toxic ingredients. Although Purina denies the claims, thousands of pet owners believe their dogs became ill after eating Beneful dry “kibble” dog food. As stated in the lawsuit,… Read more »

Pat Robertson Says That Yoga Tricks You Into ‘Speaking Hindu’

The 700 Club's Pat Robertson.

On an almost daily basis now, it seems, televangelist and ultra-conservative Pat Robertson says something ridiculous or insulting on The 700 Club, and Tuesday’s broadcast was no exception. The 84-year-old preacher told a viewer that yoga “tricks” people into “speaking Hindu,” Right Wing Watch is reporting. A 700 Club viewer wrote to Mr. Robertson to… Read more »

Kelly Gissendaner: Georgia Set To Execute First Woman In 70 Years

kelly gissendaner

Kelly Gissendaner will be the first woman executed in Georgia in 70 years. Gissendaner is scheduled to be put to death tonight at 7 p.m., after exhausting all of her appeals. The death row inmate did not murder anyone, but was sentenced to execution for plotting to kill her husband. The Georgia mom was convicted… Read more »

Evgeniy Bogachev: FBI Offers $3 Million Award For Russian Hacker

Russian Hacker

Evgeniy Bogachev is one of the most wanted criminals in America. On Tuesday, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation announced a $3 million award for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the infamous Russian hacker. Bogachev is accused of illegally obtaining bank account numbers and passwords, which were used to steal an estimated… Read more »