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Five Bears Attack Florida Woman In Her Home [VIDEO]

Five Black Bears maul a woman in her Florida home

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was investigating an attack on a Florida woman in a Seminole County neighborhood Saturday night after she was dragged by bears who wandered into her garage and were found sifting through her garbage cans in search of food. The 45-year-old Lake Mary woman whose name was withheld, said… Read more »

Cliven Bundy’s Cattle Returned, Armed Stand-Off Ends


Federal agents and contractors returned Cliven Bundy’s cattle Saturday, de-escalating the days-long armed stand-off. US officials from the Bureau of Land Management returned 400 head of cattle to the 67-year-old rancher in the interest of safety. “Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision… Read more »

Chilean Wildfire Burns Coast, Hundreds Of Firefighters Helpless [BREAKING]

Investigation into start of wildfire will begin after flames die.

A wildfire, which originated in a woodland area near Valparaiso, began spreading through Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile, Saturday night and has continued into Sunday. According to ONEMI (Chile’s National Emergency Office), the wildfire has engulfed roughly 660 acres of land, leaving at least 3000 people homeless and killing 4. Michelle Bachelet, president of… Read more »

Ukraine Police Stations Fall: Protesters Believed To Be Terrorists

Tensions rise in Ukraine as pro-russian protesters strike police stations.

Three police stations in Ukraine have been taken over by pro-Russian protesters. Roughly 20 armed men engaged in a firefight during a takeover of the stations in Kramatorsk, Sloviansk and Druzhkovka. Once the buildings were under the protester’s control, the Ukraine flag was taken down and a Russian flag put in its place. A Ukraine… Read more »

Colorado Legalized Marijuana Tax Revenue Exceeds Expectations By 40 Percent

medical weed

Many financially strapped states could soon follow the lead of Colorado when looking to break free from their financial rut. According to Moody’s, the Centennial State, the first state to tax legalized recreational marijuana sales, expects to bring in nearly $100 million in tax revenue this year, a figure that exceeds the state’s original expectations… Read more »

Snowy Owls’ Migration From The Arctic Has Easy Explanation [Video]

snowy owl

The snow owls’ migration from the Arctic has some people wondering if they’ve suddenly become native to the southern portion of the United States based upon the greater number of sightings. Apparently, this is not the case, but the snowy owls do in fact have a reason just passing through. In a related report by… Read more »

Amazon Offers Unhappy Employees $5000 To Quit


Amazon recently made a new program dubbed “Pay to Quit” in which they will pay $5,000 to weed out dissatisfied or unproductive workers at their fulfillment centers. According to Los Angeles Times, Chief Executive Jeffrey Bezos outlined details of a rare human resources strategy the online giant Amazon has launched. This was shown in a… Read more »

Is Herbalife Really Unaware of FBI Scrutiny?

Herbalife FBI

The FBI has launched a criminal investigation of Herbalife, a company that sells weight loss and nutritional products through distributors. Herbalife is basically a multi-level marketing company, and in fact has been accused in the past of being a pyramid scheme. Hedge fund manager, Bill Ackman launched an attack against Herbalife in December of 2012,… Read more »

Hitler Mugs Unintentionally Sold In German Store

Hitler Mugs 1

There are some moments in history Germany wants everyone to forgive them for. Specifically, certain events and people during World War II come in mind. However, one store seems to “unintentionally honor the memory” of one of the most infamous dictators in history, and they’re doing it through selling 5,000 mugs featuring his portrait along… Read more »

National Day Of Silence Raises Awareness Of LGBT Bullying In Schools [VIDEO]

Day Of Silence

Thousands of students throughout thousands of schools around the world on Friday participated in the 19th annual “Day of Silence” held by the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network). According to the LGBT Nation, students took a vow of silence to draw attention to the anti-LGBT harassment and discrimination in schools. Dr. Eliza Byard,… Read more »