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Ferguson Protester Hit By Car After Blocking Intersection

Ferguson Protester Hit By Car, Minor Injuries

The Ferguson protester hit by a car in Minneapolis will be okay, though it may not seem that way when you watch the Star Tribune’s video of the incident. The female victim was not identified by authorities as of Thursday morning, but she was one of many demonstrators in the city staging a rally in… Read more »

Doctor Guilty Of Voyeurism, Secretly Filmed Over 1,000 People

Dr. Yeoh Guilty Of Voyeurism

World-renowned hearing consultant Dr. Lam Hoe Yeoh admitted to seven counts of voyeurism. The 61-year-old doctor and father-of-three pleaded guilty to secretly filming hundreds of hospital visitors, colleagues, and patients. In addition to the seven counts of voyeurism, the doctor received six additional charges for making indecent images of a child and one charge for… Read more »

Bubonic Plague Strikes Madagascar: 40 People Reported Dead

Plague Putbreak

A bubonic plague outbreak has stuck Madagascar, causing at least 40 deaths in the last three months. According to the World Health Organization, the disease has spread to seven regions and 16 districts — rendering more than 100 people ill. The WHO blames the devastating outbreak on dense populations and the lack of a sound… Read more »

Ferguson: National Guard Troops Doubled To Prevent More Rioting

michael brown

Ferguson will have 2,200 National Guard troops on the ground to help prevent rioting, looting, and more fires tonight. Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson said there were about 700 National Guard troops in the St. Louis suburb last evening, as the Ferguson decision was announced to the public. Darren Wilson consented to an interview… Read more »

Darsh Patel: Hiker Took Pics Of Bear Moments Before It Killed Him

Black Bear Pic

Darsh Patel, the New Jersey hiker who was mauled to death by a black bear in September, took several pictures of the animal before he was attacked. The Daily News reports that Patel took the pictures with his cell phone moments before the attack began. The 300-pound bear is featured clearly in the pictures that… Read more »

Craigslist Brought Down By Cyber Attack — Did A Famous Rapper Hack The Site?

Error Message and rapper YTCracker.

The popular website Craigslist has been in a lot of hot water lately, having been accused of some serious safety and security issues. A report from the Inquisitr revealed that the chairmain of the Consumer Product Safety Commission challenged Craigslist to step up their security measures to protect users from accidentally purchasing defective or dangerous… Read more »

Suspected Arson: Fire In Poland Damages 750-Year-Old Tree


A suspected arson may have destroyed Poland’s oldest tree. Authorities confirmed the 750-year-old oak tree was extensively damaged in the blaze. Although it is protected under Polish law, officials believe someone intentionally burned the tree. Nicknamed Chrobry, after a medieval king, the beloved tree is the oldest in Poland and the second oldest in Central… Read more »

Russian Spy Anna Chapman ‘Trains’ Vladimir Putin’s Army

anna chapman

Russian spy Anna Chapman is allegedly training rebels in Urkaine. Vladimir Putin is reportedly using Chapman as a propaganda “weapon of mass destruction. The “sexpot” Russia spy was featured on the cover of Maxim. The red-haired spy, who could double as a fashion model, was photographed on a Russian tank that was allegedly used in… Read more »