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NASA Confirms A Rocket Bound For ISS Exploded After Takeoff [Breaking]

A rocket bound for the ISS with supplies has exploded seconds after launch.

NASA has confirmed that an unmanned Antares rocket bound for the International Space Station with needed supplies exploded seconds after lifting off the launch pad in Virginia. The rocket disintegrated off the launchpad, and there has been no information as to the cause. NASA tweeted images of the Antares rocket minutes before the launch, and… Read more »

Accused Witch Tortured And Killed In India

Witch hunt in India leads to woman's murder.

A 55-year-old woman in India was brutally attacked and killed by more than a dozen people when her her son-in-law accused her of being a witch in India’s most recent witch hunt on Friday. Ashok Patel tells of the gruesome ordeal in which his mother, Dukalheen Bai, is lured to the village where she was… Read more »

Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Take A Census With Cell Phones

Population density map

As the world’s population grows, censuses are increasingly more difficult to take. But technology continues to advance at an accelerated rate, which means scientists could potentially find new and innovative ways to take a census more efficiently. A new study suggests that the fast-growing cell phone industry could potentially help solve the problem. According to… Read more »

Veteran Reporter Says CBS Routinely ‘Buried’ Anti-Obama Stories

Sharyl Attkisson

Ex-CBS Investigative Journalist Sharyl Attkisson claims in her new book that CBS executives routinely buried any and all stories they viewed as “anti-Obama” while she was employed there. Attkisson worked for the network for 20 years before quitting in frustration earlier this year. Attkisson’s book, Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction,… Read more »

O.J. Simpson’s Appeal For Release In Hands Of Nevada Supreme Court

Simpson Appeal For Release

O.J. Simpson’s appeal for release now rests in the hands of the Nevada Supreme Court. In October 2008, Simpson was convicted of 12 charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping. He is currently serving a nine to 33 year sentence. In their final brief, Simpson’s attorneys argued that the former football star is entitled to a… Read more »

Florida School Refuses To Allow Student To Read The Bible

God in school

A Florida teacher told her fifth-grade student that he was not allowed to read the Bible in school. Paul Rubeo, the father of the boy attending the school, part of the Broward Public School District, said he was stunned when listening to a voicemail from the teacher about his son Giovanni reading the Bible in… Read more »

Bill Maher Deemed A Bigot And A Racist By Berkeley Student Protesters

bill maher berkeley

Bill Maher is a racist and bigot, according to Berkeley students that plan on protesting a graduation speech slated to be given by the HBO comedian. University of California-Berkeley students are collecting signatures on a petition to thwart plans to have Maher appear at the annual graduation ceremony next year. Berkeley protester believe Bill Maher… Read more »