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Halloween Car Wash Prank Leaves Drivers Terrified [Video]

Ford Halloween Car Wash Prank

Ford recently uploaded a Halloween-themed YouTube video that featured unsuspecting drivers going through a haunted car wash. For the video, Ford told a group of drivers that they would be taking a filmed test drive. However, before meeting for the test drive, they were to take the car through the car wash. Little did those… Read more »

RFID Chips Will Be In Ebola Vaccines? Is This True?

hidden chips in ebola vaccine

Ever since the Ebola virus started infecting American citizens, it succeeded in spreading another major epidemic; fear. As more and more news of people with Ebola-like symptoms are reported, order is harder to maintain. The Inquisitr reported on this effect on people in which people are willing to buy fake cures. Presently, the only drug… Read more »

Eiffel Tower Gets New Transparent First Floor For 125th Anniversary

Eiffel Tower's new glass floor.

The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France just celebrated its 125th anniversary by completely renovating the first floor. Tourists will have an exciting new reason to visit the Eiffel Tower because it now features a see-through platform to look down through glass to the ground below. According to Forbes, the entire first level of the… Read more »

Ottawa Parliament Hill Shooting Press Conference: Manhunt Ongoing

parliament hill

A press conference about the Ottawa shooting was hosted by the Canadian Mounties around 2 p.m. today. The Canadian law enforcement officials stated that the Parliament Hill shootings are still undergoing investigation. Citizens are being urged to barricade themselves inside while police officers and soldiers continue the manhunt. The large presence of members of the… Read more »

Secret Service Leaves White House To Deal With Domestic Issue Of Staffer

operation moonlight

Secret Service agents are once again at the center of a security and public relations controversy. Top Secret Service officials have still not uttered any justification for diverting agents from the White House area posts to go deal with a neighborhood dispute. “Operation Moonlight” involved a Secret Service employee who lived about an hour away… Read more »

Allen Prue Convicted Of First-Degree Murder In The Death Of Melissa Jenkins

Allen Prue Guilty

A Vermont jury has found Allen Prue guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and attempted kidnapping. Prue and his wife are accused in the 2012 death of 33-year-old schoolteacher Melissa Jenkins. According to reports, Allen Prue was obsessed with the single mother. In an attempt to appease her husbands fantasies, Patricia Prue helped… Read more »

Dog Does Tricks, But Complains The Whole Time [Video]

Dog Complains

A recently uploaded video shows a dog reluctantly performing tricks for his owner. The dog does the tricks, but he pretty much complains the entire time. The video was uploaded on October 16, but has already received over 170,000 views. In the video, you see a beautiful black Newfoundland dog named Sebastien. He can be… Read more »

Lay’s New Million Dollar Winning Flavor Is Wasabi Ginger


What is your favourite flavored potato chip? Do you go for a more plain and salty type chip or prefer something a little more spicy and exotic? If you fall into the second category, you’ll be thrilled to read that Lay’s have officially announced their new million dollar winning flavor, and, boy, is it exotic!… Read more »

Ottawa Shooting: Suspects Still On The Loose [Shooting Scene Video]


Parliament Hill Shooting Update: The soldier shot at the Canadian National War Memorial during the Ottawa shooting spree has died. As also reported by The Inquisitr, shots were also fired at the Rideau Centre nearby. The Sergeant-at-arms at the Canadian Parliament building is being heralded as a hero for shooting the gunman that ran inside… Read more »