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Obama Pushes For Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Obama Discusses Employment Non-Discrimination Act

President Obama is pushing for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which will prevent employers from discriminating against employees based upon their sexual orientation or gender identity. While US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission laws prevent employer discrimination, it excludes the LGBT community. President Barack Obama contends that Americans have a right to fair and equal treatment by… Read more »

Facebook ‘Rape Club’ Gets Police Attention

Facebook Rape Club Takes Disgusting To New Heights

A Facebook “rape club” has gained police attention in New Zealand. Law enforcement officials say they are looking into a group of young men who’ve formed an online group to boast about luring underage girls and raping them as a group. Unfortunately, police do not seem to yet have hard evidence to prosecute. As Raw… Read more »

7-Year-Old’s KKK Costume Sparks Controversy [Video]

Child's KKK Costume Under Fire

A 7-year-old’s KKK costume has sparked a nationwide controversy. The Craigsville, Virginia, boy chose the costume himself, citing a scene from the film Fried Green Tomatoes. His mother, Jessica Black, is defending her son’s costume as a “family tradition.” Black said she warned Jackson that his costume choice might be controversial. She told her son… Read more »

Mount Sinabung Erupts, Evacuations Ordered

Mount Sinabung Erupts

Mount Sinabung has erupted again, forcing the evacuation of 1,300 people. The National Disaster Mitigation Agency recorded the first eruption early Sunday morning. Authorities said a second eruption was recorded on Sunday evening. Witnesses said the Indonesian volcano is spewing black ash more than four miles into the sky. The Indonesian military responded to the… Read more »

Islam, Jihad And Democracy: The Inquisitr Interviews Robert Spencer

The Ruins Of The WTC

Robert Spencer may be one of the most controversial men in America today. Since he published his first book on Islam in 2002, Spencer has been the nation’s leading voice on the danger the United States is facing from Islamic supremacy and Jihad. Much to the discomfort of those practitioners of Islam who would happily… Read more »

Alligator At O’Hare Airport Found Under Escalator [Watch]

alligator shoplifted

An alligator at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago disrupted the airport’s Terminal 3 when it was spotted by a passenger under an escalator. Tineka Walker, a security guard from the airport, was on patrol when the report of something suspicious in the terminal building came in: “I looked, I said, ‘What?’” Walker said. Thinking that… Read more »

President Obama Allegedly ‘Really Good At Killing People’

President Obama 'really good at killing people'

President Obama said he’s “really good at killing people,” and is apparently turning some heads especially after being named a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2009. The US President was allegedly referring to his drone strikes overseas, but the quote is enough to start what could be a media frenzy. The quote came from White… Read more »

Bigfoot Hunters Arrested In Oklahoma

Bigfoot hunters arrested in Oklahoma

Three Bigfoot hunters were arrested in Rogers County, Oklahoma, with one shot and wounded. It appears the Bigfoot craze is back, with scientists claiming to have found evidence that the creature actually exists, only to discover it was bear hair, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Such a discovery has undoubtedly created a newfound love… Read more »

Ted Cruz Defends His Father’s Racially Charged Comments

Ted Cruz Defends His Father's Controversial Remarks

US Senator Ted Cruz has come forward to explain and defend his father’s comments after coming under fire earlier this week. Tea Party champion Ted Cruz says detractors have taken his father’s comments about sending President Obama “back to Kenya” out of context in an attempt to smear him. The comments at the center of… Read more »

Pumpkins Filled With Cocaine Seized By Canadian Border Patrol

cocaine pumpkins

Pumpkins filled with cocaine sure would make for an interesting Halloween trick or treat. That’s exactly what Montreal-area woman Mercedes Jerez Farias, 26, was carrying on Halloween. She now faces two drug-related charges after border officials discovered the three heavier than normal pumpkins in her bags. The officers ran them through an x-ray machine and… Read more »

Horsemeat Lawsuit Thrown Out By Judge, Now Fit For Human Consumption

horsemeat lawsuit

A Judge in Albuquerque threw out a lawsuit that would block slaughterhouses from killing horses for human consumption. District Judge Christina Armijo tossed the horsemeat lawsuit which was put forward by The Humane Society of the United States and other animal protection groups. They allege that the Department of Agriculture neglected to carry out full… Read more »

Lululemon’s New Yoga Pants Draw Complaints Too

Lululemon New Complaints Yoga Pants

Lululemon has probably had enough of complaints about its yoga pants. The company also likely believed its sheer pants snafu was done and over. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that way. Just a few months after Lululemon recalled yoga pants for an issue that cost the company millions in sales, customers took to Facebook to complain… Read more »

Billionaire’s Ex-Wife Sells Brooklyn Property For $30 Million

Brooklyn Apartment

Galina Anissimova is the ex-wife of Russian billionaire Vasily Anisimov. She is selling her Brooklyn property for a massive $30 million. The auspicious waterfront property boasts two limestone mansions, a pool and two docks for a yacht on Jamaica Bay. The $30 million price tag makes it the most expensive property on the market in… Read more »

Jennifer Love Hewitt TV Show ‘The Client List’ Canceled By Lifetime

Jennifer Love Hewitt The Client List

The Jennifer Love Hewitt TV show The Client List was recently canceled by Lifetime. The second season of the series wrapped things up back in June. Although the network and the star were reportedly in negotiations for another batch of episodes, Lifetime decided not to move forward with the series. According to The Hollywood Reporter,… Read more »