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Woman Found In Wall Following Husband’s Death

Woman Found In Wall Identified As 27-Year Missing Cold Case Victim

A woman found in the wall of an upstate New York home has been identified as school teacher JoAnn Nichols, missing since December 1985, according to SkyNews. The website reported on Tuesday that a contractor cleaning out hoarded items and debris from the upstate New York home of 82-year-old James Nichols made the discovery. The… Read more »

Snowden Search Prompts Diversion Of Bolivian President’s Plane

snowden bolivian president

Edward Snowden appears to have become a political hot potato internationally, with the search for the on the lam NSA leaker affecting relations between numerous countries — including the diversion of Bolivian President Evo Morales’s plane after it was suspected the wanted man may have been aboard. Over on Twitter, Edward Snowden is a hotly trending… Read more »

Michelle Obama: ‘Prison’ Is How She Describes Being FLOTUS [Video]

Michelle Obama on FLOTUS

  First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania to talk about the perks of being FLOTUS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many. The way Michelle puts it, being First Lady is like living in a “really nice prison.” During the interview (moderated… Read more »

Borgata Robbery Snags $200k In Rolex Watches

Borgata Robbery Snags $200k In Rolex Watches

The Borgata robbery left the robbers $200,000 richer. Police are saying the Borgata hotel robbery took place at a jewelry store during Atlantic City casino’s 10th anniversary celebration. The three men responsible for the Borgata robbery were caught on surveillance video quickly smashing displays, grabbing whatever they could, and then running away on foot to a… Read more »

Rachel Bascue ‘Too Fat’ To Get A Pedicure

Rachel Bascue 'Too Fat' To Get A Pedicure

Rachel Bascue says a salon told her she was “too fat” to get a pedicure. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, obesity is being called a disease by the AMA. Studies show Americans tend to think they are eating less than they really are. The amount of fast food eaten in America is said to… Read more »

Gorilla Surrogate Mother Accepts Baby As Her Own

Gladys Gorilla Surrogate Mother

A gorilla surrogate mother has come forward to raise an abandoned baby. Zoologists at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden announced on Tuesday that Gladys, the 5-month-old Western lowland gorilla who was rejected by her mom, now has a new caretaker. Zookeepers began introducing Gladys to new mom, M’Linzi, on Monday June 17. The pair began to bond,… Read more »

Chris Christie Not Expecting Much From Next Election

Chris Christie is on vacay in Puerto Rico while New Jersey is shoveling snow

  Chris Christie is a busy guy lately, making a handful of controversial decisions while he organizes his playlists on Spotify. But the otherwise-popular New Jersey governor knows he’s a firebrand, and even admitted recently that he doesn’t expect to win by all that much in the next election. This November, Christie will be facing… Read more »

Rare Ring-Tailed Cat Spotted In San Antonio

Ring Tailed Cat

A rare ring-tailed cat has been sighted in San Antonio, Texas. The cat was spotted when a man and his girlfriend were outside playing basketball. Ring-tailed cats exist, but they are very hard to spot because of their elusive nature and their low population numbers. The cat was spotted while sitting on some power lines… Read more »

Yoga Classes In Encinitas Public Schools Are Legal, Judge Rules

Yoga Classes Encinitas

Yoga classes may go ahead in the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) in California. San Diego Superior Court Judge John Meyer ruled Monday that the teaching of EUSD Yoga is a secular exercise practice that doesn’t violate the separation of church and state. UT San Diego reporter Gary Worth provided indepth coverage of Monday’s trial,… Read more »

Dog Diagnoses Diabetes In 7-Year-Old Child

Dog Diagnoses Diabetes in Kid

A well-trained dog recently diagnosed diabetes in a 7-year-old boy. An organization called Drey’s Alert Dogs was training a group of dogs on how to detect diabetes when one of the puppies diagnosed the 7-year-old’s condition. The organization enlisted small children in a program called “Kids for Diabetics.” The children were brought in so the puppies in… Read more »

Portable Shelters Were Not Enough To Save 19 Firefighters

19 firefighters killed in Arizona

As 19 firefighters from an elite brigade tried to find refuge from they raging flames on Sunday, they tried to find shelter in portable units, but that wasn’t enough to save their lives. On Monday, vans from the coroner’s office took the bodies of the deceased in a procession out of the small mountain community… Read more »

Apple iWatch Wearable Tech War With Samsung, Sony May Be Heating Up

Apple iWatch

The Apple iWatch is coming. In recent months, the rumors have swirled about the highly anticipated wearable devices like the proposed iWatch you can see in the fantasy advertisement in the video above. For that matter, Samsung and Sony, as well as Apple, are the subject of the multiple rumors about upcoming wearable smart devices…. Read more »