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Teachers Told To Stop Calling Students ‘Boys’ And ‘Girls’

gender equality

Teachers in Nebraska have been told to stop referring to students as boys and girls. An internal memo entitled, “The Genderbread Person” by the It’s Pronounced Metrosexual website was allegedly used as the basis for the new type of gender neutral phrasing used when addressing the pupils in the district. “The Genderbread Person” concept reportedly… Read more »

Shannon Leah Fraser Found Alive, Survived 17 Days In The Jungle

Missing Mom Found Alive

Shannon Leah Fraser went missing on September 21. Authorities have now confirmed the 30-year-old mother was found alive in far northern Queensland. Although she lost nearly 40 pounds and suffered minor injuries, Fraser is expected to recover from the ordeal. Authorities said Fraser, her boyfriend, and another man were spending the day at the Golden… Read more »

Ebola Strike: LaGuardia Airport Workers Walk Off The Job

laguardia ebola

An Ebola strike began at LaGuardia Airport in New York City over fears of contracting the deadly virus. The airport workers strike currently involves only Terminal D workers, but air travel could still be impacted by the walk-off and protests. The AirServ company includes thousands of workers at five major United States airports. Representatives from… Read more »

New York Times Op-Ed Suggests That Pedophiles Deserve Civil Rights

New York Times

One of the few crimes in the United States considered so heinous that even convicts are shocked by it is pedophilia. Despite that, The Inquisitr has previously reported on how those who commit the abominable act either avoid justice or get the opportunity for compensation. This includes a convicted child molester suing the county for… Read more »