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Mega Millions Jackpot Rises As Ticket Sales Plunge, Next Drawing Worth $26M

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions numbers turned up no jackpot winner Tuesday night, as the nationwide lottery game continues another slow climb toward what players hope will become another stratospheric jackpot sum. One week ago, a still-unknown Mega Millions player near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, won a $149 million prize. Tuesday’s drawing was the second since that Mega Millions… Read more »

Edward Snowden Was Trained As A Spy, He Says

edward snowden spy interview

Exiled former security contractor Edward Snowden revealed in a recent interview that his true work with the US government has been mischaracterized by officials. Snowden — who, depending on who you ask, has been viewed as a patriot and hero or a traitor and double agent — sat down with NBC News‘ Brian Williams for… Read more »

16-Year-Old Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For Robbery

Teen 15 Years Prison

A Utah teen was sentenced to a maximum of 15 years in prison. In a plea deal, 16-year-old Cooper Van Huizen pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree felony robbery. Although prosecutors recommended 180 days in jail, 2nd District Judge Ernie Jones disagreed with their suggestion. On May 7, Jones sentenced the teen to up… Read more »

Maya Angelou Dies At 86

maya angelou cause of death not determined

Renowned poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou has died. Dr. Maya Angelu’s death was confirmed this morning by her caretaker, but details have yet to be released on her cause of death. Less than a week ago, the famed poet had tweeted: Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice… Read more »

Facebook Friends Help Find Abducted Baby In Quebec After Amber Alert

Friends rescue abducted baby in Quebec

A day old baby who was abducted by a 21-year-old woman from a hospital in Quebec, Canada has been found, thanks to the efforts of four friends who helped the police, reports ABC News. The four people, who are now being hailed as local heroes, are Charlene Plante, Marc-Andre Cote, Sharelle Bergeron and Melizanne Bergeron…. Read more »

Rachel Louise Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ Immortalized By Google Doodle

Rachel Louise Carson Single Silent Spring

Rachel Louise Carson’s legacy, Silent Spring, has been immortalized (at least for the day) via a Google Doodle released in celebration of the long-gone environmentalist’s 107th birthday. The beautiful doodle features Miss Carson casually observing the wonders of nature that she committed much of her adult life to protecting. Who Is Rachel Louise Carson? Born… Read more »

Ray Nagin, New Orleans Mayor During Katrina, Must Pay Back $500K In Bribes

Ray Nagin

Ray Nagin, who was Mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, gained brief national fame when he appeared on numerous TV broadcasts passionately calling for more aid to the stricken city. Now, a court has ruled that the disgraced former Mayor must pay back more than $500,000, following his conviction on multiple bribery and corruption… Read more »

‘My Car Was Hit By A Meteorite’, Claims Ohio Man!

Car damaged by meteorite

This story is as weird as it gets. A man from Kettering, Ohio, is convinced that his car was hit by a wayward meteorite in the middle of the night. Joe Massa told WHIO that his car was hit by the meteorite while he was driving his Buick in the center lane on the I-75… Read more »

Colorado Mudslide Leaves Three Men Missing

Mudslide leaves three missing.

An enormous mudslide overtook a mountainside in rural western Colorado on Monday afternoon. After the catastrophe, three men ventured to the site of the mudslide on Grand Mesa to check the source of irrigation water for local farms by the West Salt Creek. The men never returned. The LA Times reported that the local Mesa… Read more »

Honeybees: Minnesota Company Vows To Help Save The Little Pollinators


Honeybees just may have a new hope for survival, courtesy of a little company that could. Minnesota residents Betty and Jack Thomas were hobby beekeepers for three decades before coming up with an idea to help score scarce supplies for both themselves and their peers – thwarting Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) in the process. Jack Thomas… Read more »

Toure: MSNBC Host Says Jewish Holocaust Survivors Benefited From Being White


MSNBC host Toure is feeling extensive backlash by a major Jewish group and others for his comments about Holocaust survivors. During a recent tweet, Toure said Jewish Holocaust survivors “benefited from the power of whiteness.” While on Twitter, Toure responded to another user, who is the relative of a Holocaust survivor. According to the poster,… Read more »

Teen Dies In Bizarre Shopping Cart Game

Shopping Cart game

A Georgia teen has died in a bizarre shopping cart game. Authorities said 18-year-old Chance Werner drowned in Lake Allatoona on Saturday afternoon. When the teen’s body was found, he was still strapped to a shopping cart. Witnesses said the cart, and the boy, were propelled into the water during a game. Werner and his… Read more »

Sex Offenders Could Soon Be Removed From Watchlist In California

Sex Offenders To Be Removed From List

Sex offenders in California may be able to breathe a little bit easier if the state board that oversees its 100,000-person registry has anything to do with it. According to a recent report from, the California Sex Offender Management Board plans to “thin out and overhaul” the list because they say it is “too… Read more »

Search For Brogan Dulle Ends In Tragedy

Ohio Student Found Dead

The search for Brogan Dulle has ended in tragedy. Authorities confirmed a body, matching Dulle’s description, was found inside a vacant building. Although the circumstances of his death are still unclear, authorities do not suspect foul play. In the early hours of Sunday, May 18, the 21-year-old University of Cincinnati student left his apartment to… Read more »