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Sandy Hook Air Force 1 Flight To Washington

Sandy Hook Air Force 1

Eleven family members of Sandy Hook victims will be flying on Air Force 1 with President Obama after Monday’s speech in Hartford, CT. Along with the president, they plan to lobby Congress for new gun control legislation to prevent similar crimes from happening again. Obama met privately with some of the Sandy Hook family members… Read more »

Honey Study Reveals Most Store Offerings Don’t Contain Any Pollen

raw honey benefits

Honey has been a household staple as both a sweet and sticky condiment and for use as a home remedy for over 100 years. Unfortunately, when many uniformed consumers think they are grabbing a container of actual honey off the local grocery store shelf, they are likely getting a pollen-free product. Just because the label… Read more »

Woman Uses Spaghetti Sauce In Bank Robbery

Cans Of Spaghetti Used In Robbery

Clinton, MI – A woman reportedly used two cans of spaghetti sauce during a recent bank robbery. Authorities stated that the suspect put the cans inside a sack before proceeding into a Fifth Third Bank on Saturday. After placing the bag on the counter, she informed the teller that she was in possession of a… Read more »

Dog Eats $500, Owner Wants Feds To Reimburse Him

sundance dog $500

A Montana man’s dog ate $500, and he wants the government to replace the chomped funds. Wayne Klinkel is the unlucky man whose dog ate $500 in cash money, and the Montana resident has already gone above and beyond to recover his losses. Oh, yes, that means exactly what you think it means. Klinkel’s 12-year-old… Read more »

‘The Office’ Stops Man From Commiting Suicide

The Office suicide

A father of two from England decided not to kill himself after accidentally turning on Ricky Gervais’ seminal classic comedy TV series, The Office, and falling into hysterics for five hours. Jody Parrish had already sent a farewell text message to his ex-girlfriend, left a note, and then went off to kill himself before he… Read more »

Two Kids Feared Dead In Construction Accident

Two Kids Die in Accident

Two young kids are feared dead after being buried beneath a collapsed wall at a home construction site in North Carolina on Sunday. The victims, a 6-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy, were playing near the dirt wall when it fell — trapping them underneath. Although emergency responders worked tirelessly throughout the evening, efforts to… Read more »

5 Tons Of Nutella Stolen In Germany

Nutella Stolen In Germany

Around 5 tons of Nutella were reportedly stolen from a trailer in Germany. The thieves managed to transport 5 metric tons of the spread from the location without anyone catching them in the act. Initial reports estimate that the stolen goods are worth around $20,000. Unfortunately for the owners, this isn’t the first time someone… Read more »