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President Obama’s Syria Plans Include Asking Congress For Approval [Video]

Obama Plans For Syria

President Barack Obama revealed his plans for Syria on Saturday, including his desire to launch an airstrike in retaliation for alleged chemical weapons use in the country. However, Obama stated that he will seek congressional approval for the airstrike once lawmakers return from their summer recess on September 9. The US president also noted that… Read more »

Justin Bieber Attacked At Toronto Nightclub During Night Out

Justin Bieber Attacked At Toronto, Canada Nightclub By Male Assailant

Justin Bieber was attacked at a Canadian nightclub early Saturday morning (August 31). To see pictures of the attack on the singer click here. Reports indicate the 19-year-old was the victim of an assault by a random, male clubgoer. According to TMZ, during his visit to a Toronto nightclub Justin left the VIP section at… Read more »

Joe Arpaio: Monitor Will Oversee Sheriff’s Office

Joe Arpaio Monitor

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s new monitor will be keeping an eye on the sheriff’s office. U.S District Judge Murray Snow ordered a monitor to oversee the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office operations. The person will report any discrimination or racist activities to the court. Judge Snow pointed out that the monitor will not have the power to… Read more »

Nidal Hasan Arrives On Military’s Death Row

Nidal Hasan Arrives Death Row

Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan arrived at the military’s death row on Friday. The military’s maximum security facility is located in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Hasan was sentenced to death last week for the killing of 13 soldiers at a Texas Army base in 2009. The bloody rampage killed 13 unarmed soldiers and wounded 31 more. The… Read more »

CLA+ Test Could Be Hitting Many More College Seniors

CLA+, Is This New Test Taking Things Too Far?

The CLA+ test, or Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus, could be coming to your college or university very soon. According to the company website, more than 700 institutions, “both in the United States and internationally,” are already putting it to use. Reuters noted in a recent report that the US number is up to 200, and… Read more »

Humpback Whale May Be Removed As Endangered Species

Humpback Whale Population Increase

The humpback whale may be removed from the list of endangered species. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will review the designation, as the number of whales continues to grow. In the 1966 there were only 1,400 North Pacific humpback whales. Their depletion was blamed on commercial fishing. As they were endangered, the International Whaling… Read more »

Pedialyte: Hangover Cure?

Pedialyte Cure Hangover

Pedialyte may be a hangover cure. The electrolyte drink is usually recommended for infants and children who are suffering from stomach ailments. However, it is now being recommended for hangovers. Pedialyte is available as a drink or freezer pops. It contains chloride, potassium, sodium, and zinc. As reported by, the drink replenishes nutrients lost… Read more »

Chocolate Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Criticized As Racist

Dunkin' Donuts Ad

A chocolate Dunkin’ Donuts ad is being criticized as racist. The photo features a woman holding a doughnut. The woman, and the doughnut, appear to be dipped in chocolate. The woman is also wearing bright pink lipstick, which makes the ad even more bizarre. The photo was used in an advertising campaign in Thailand. Critics… Read more »

Baby Stroller Shooting Suspect Convicted, Could Face Life In Prison

Baby Stroller Shooting Suspect Convicted, Mom Too On A Lesser Charge

Baby stroller shooting suspect De’Marquis Elkins has been convicted for the murder of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago in Brunswick, Georgia, on the morning of March 21, according to CBS News. Jurors took approximately two hours on Friday before issuing the guilty verdict. Because the 18-year-old Elkins was a minor at the time of the shooting, he… Read more »

Syria Chemical Weapons Report Released By White House

New Report On Chemical Weapons In Syria Released By White House

A report on chemical weapon use in Syria was released by the White House on Friday. The report was presented to the press by Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said that he and other US officials now have no doubt that the Syrian government was responsible for the August 21 nerve gas attacks. From… Read more »

Labradors May Be Helpful In Battling Florida’s Giant Snail Invasion

Labrador Retrievers Training To Hunt Invading Giant African Snails

Florida officials have been battling the Giant African Snail invasion for close to two years, and they now think they have a new weapon to use against them – Labrador retrievers. Yup, that’s right, Labrador retrievers. According to the Huffington Post, state agriculture authorities say they hope the dogs will add to their success in… Read more »

Impeach Obama Campaign Claims US Military Strike In Syria Was Pre-Planned

Impeach Obama Campaign Claims US Military Strike In Syria Was Pre-Planned

The Impeach Obama Campaign focuses on potential plans for a US military strike in Syria. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the House of Representatives has the votes to impeach Obama according to Congressman Blake Farenthold. There have been calls to impeach Obama over the Benghazi scandal, and the recent allegations that the CIA was… Read more »

Conjoined Twins Separated Successfully In Texas

conjoined twins dallas

A set of conjoined twins in Texas have been separated successfully. The conjoined twins in Texas are just six weeks old, and little Owen and Emmett Ezell were born last month fused from their hips to their breastbones. Given the nature of the abnormality and its severity, the operation performed Saturday in Dallas had a… Read more »

Home Depot Sex Arrest Follows Display Shed Tryst

home depot sex

A couple’s Home Depot sex arrest in South Carolina seemingly answers the question of what exactly constitutes the least sexy time and place for intimate relations. Emily Craig, 20, and Shaun Bowden, 31, somehow decided together upon the idea of getting frisky at the home improvement store, resulting in the Home Depot sex arrest Wednesday…. Read more »

Seamus Heaney, Irish Nobel Poet, Dies

seamus heaney cause of death

Irish poet and Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney has died at the age of 74. In a somewhat poetic fashion, the circumstances and cause of Seamus Heaney’s death have taken a backseat to flowery remembrances of the Irish poet whose first works were published back in 1996. Heaney cause of death has not yet been reported,… Read more »