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U.S. Alcohol Poisoning Kills Six People Every Day

Binge Drinking

In the United States, alcohol poisoning kills an average of six people every day. Research conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests alcohol poisoning has become a significant issue in recent years. The data is specifically disturbing, as the deaths are preventable. As discussed by the CDC, the statistics were complied… Read more »

#JeSuisCharlie: Tweet Your Support For ‘Charlie Hebdo’

#JeSuisCharlie Trending On Twitter

The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (or I Am Charlie) is trending today on Twitter as millions across the world show their support for the satire weekly that was the subject of an attack that left 12 dead on Wednesday. The BBC reports that among the dead were the paper’s four well-known cartoonists, including the paper’s editor. Stephane… Read more »

Al-Qaida ‘Invisibility Cloaks’ Training Video Goes Viral

al qaeda

Al-Qaida ‘invisibility cloaks’ featured in a training viral video teach followers how to go undetected by United States drones. The drone cloaks featured in the al-Qaida video reportedly shield Islamic fighters from sight by quickly and easily using common household items. The al-Qaida invisibility cloaks used to avoid U.S. drone detection were reportedly created by… Read more »

Study Shows Watching Fox News Makes You More Conservative

Bret Baier and a panel of Fox News contributors

Does watching Fox News make you a Republican, or are you just more likely to watch it because you have conservative views to start with? While Republicans do tend to watch Fox News more and Democrats tend to favor MSNBC, until recently, there had been no definitive proof those shows influenced the votes of their… Read more »

Al Qaeda ‘Undetectable Bomb’ Developed To Use On Targets In The United States

undectable bomb

Al Qaeda has developed an “undectable bomb” that the terrorist group is threatening to unleash in the United States. The group is also claiming that the new bomb will breeze past airport security screeners. The Al Qaeda journal, Inspire Magazine recently printed step-by-step instructions pertaining to the undetectable bomb, according to Fox News. The undetectable… Read more »

Nine Earthquakes Rattle North Texas Within A 24-Hour Period

Earthquake North Texas

Nine earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 1.6 to 3.6 rattled North Texas in less than 24 hours late Tuesday and early Wednesday. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the temblors in the Dallas suburb of Irving. And according to NBC, as of 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, there were no damages reported. 7:37 a.m. The first earthquake, measuring… Read more »

‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack: 12 Confirmed Dead At French Satirical Newspaper

Charlie Hedbo terror attack

A Paris shooting inside the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has left 12 people dead and four seriously injured on Wednesday. French security officials have confirmed that three gunmen carried out the attack and then escaped by car. The unidentified gunmen, who spoke perfect, unaccented French, opened fire on Charlie Hebdo, shooting at… Read more »

Al Sharpton Blows Lid Off N.Y. Post Attack: ‘They Have Also Paid Me’

Al Sharpton New York Post

Al Sharpton has blown the lid off accusations by the New York Post that the Reverend Al shakes down businesses for racial hush money. Sharpton pulled no punches in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, directly implicating News Corp. while also inadvertently admitting racial influence. “Rupert Murdoch has given, through News Corp, money to… Read more »

Outrage After McDonald’s Serves Human Tooth With French Fries In Japan!

Human tooth in McDonald's french fries!

A McDonald’s customer in Japan was shocked after she was served french fries containing bits of human tooth! Media reports in Japan have slammed the fast food giant after a series of incidents involving contaminated have come to light recently. According to Channel News Asia, the customer was served the contaminated fries at an outlet… Read more »

Lana Del Rey Announces ‘Honeymoon’, Her New Album

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey announced the name of her new album, Honeymoon, in an interview with Billboard, during which she discussed her latest album in the works. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter indicated that she had already written nine songs for the upcoming album and intended on including a cover of Nina Simone’s version of “Don’t Let Me… Read more »

Watch As Bill Gates Drinks Human Poop Transformed Into Something Tasty!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the genius mind behind Microsoft, has been far more active in social and political issues as of late. The Inquisitr has reported on the latest news pertaining to Gates’ progressive endeavors for a better world after his time trying to perfect the computer operating system. One of Gates’ serious endeavors was providing low-cost… Read more »