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Mount Everest Drastically Moved During Recent Nepal Earthquake? [Video]

Mount Everest

Every year, mountain climbers brave the heights of Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world. Unfortunately, a large number of would-be Mount Everest conquerors lost their lives during the recent earthquake that hit Nepal, resulting in sudden, deadly avalanches. The astronomical earthquake that hit Nepal earlier this year on April 25, measuring a whopping… Read more »

Alexander McDonald Did Something Horrible To His Mom

Alexander McDonald confessed to raping and killing his mother.

British man Alexander McDonald has reportedly admitted to doing something that no person should ever do to one of their parents. Investigation Discovery’s Crime Feed reports that the 27-year-old restaurant employee raped and murdered his mother during an alcohol and drug fueled rampage. The details of this gruesome crime are hard to stomach, which is… Read more »

Man Claims KFC Served Him Fried Rat Instead Of Fried Chicken [Updated]


Nobody wants to find something gross and foreign in their fast food. But what about when the entire food item is foreign? One especially unlucky KFC customer claims that an entire piece of fried chicken was actually a fried rat. According to Opposing Views, a man from California named Devorise Dixon reported that he unwrapped… Read more »

U.S. Military Response To Russia? Warplanes May Be Sent To Europe

F-22 raptor

The Air Force may be sending warplanes to Europe as a show of force against Russia. Tensions have been mounting between Russia and the United States and NATO over the ongoing hostilities in the Ukraine. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, President Vladimir Putin is beefing up his nuclear arsenal in what Russian military officials… Read more »

Kansas Raises Taxes On The Poor To Pay For Wealthy Tax Cuts

Kansas raises taxes on poor to pay for wealthy tax breaks

Kansas lawmakers ended their legislative session last week by raising taxes on the state’s poorest citizens so it could maintain a series of tax breaks for the wealthy. The poorest citizens of Kansas must now pay a larger percentage of their income to the government in the form of taxes than their wealthy counterparts. The… Read more »