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Gay Marriage Support Is Declining: Is LGBT Overreach To Blame?

Gay Marriage Support On Decline

Gay marriage support has largely been on the increase in recent years, but a new Pew Research Center survey conducted this month indicates that the numbers are now on the decline. Pew, which is not affiliated with religion in any way as one commenter mistakenly suggested in our own Tara Dodrill’s original report, interviewed 2,002… Read more »

Kate Middleton Reportedly Set To Resume Royal Duties, But Is She Ready?


Kate Middleton’s second pregnancy has been a big topic of discussion over the past couple weeks. Her severe morning sickness and thin figure raised eyebrows and concern from several media outlets. Middleton has also cancelled a number of public engagements due to her illness. Her last official engagement took place back in August at the… Read more »

DHS Ignores Woman’s Pleas For Disabled Brother, Resulting In Tragedy

DHS Ignores Woman's Pleas, Leading To Death Of Disabled Brother

DHS workers have been charged with willfully neglecting their duties in the death of a disabled 15-year-old boy. The story, told in heartbreaking detail over at the People magazine website, noted that repeated calls by the boy’s sister, 29-year-old Valerie Wood-Harber, were ignored resulting in the death of Quinten Douglas Wood, who suffered from a… Read more »

First Glimpses Of Chelsea Clinton’s New Baby Girl [Photos]


Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and husband Marc released the first photo of their new baby, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. New grandparents Bill and Hillary Clinton quickly followed suit with their own photos. The family welcomed a baby girl into the world on Friday. The news was announced on Twitter, where Chelsea wrote that she and her husband… Read more »

DreamWorks Animation In Process Of Being Sold To Japan’s SoftBank


Yesterday evening, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Softbank, a Japanese conglomerate, was in talks to buy the animation leg of DreamWorks pictures. The estimated value of DreamWorks Animation as a result of the deal would be $3.4 billion, according to a source with knowledge of the deal in progress. DreamWorks founder and CEO… Read more »

Rick Santorum: You Don’t See Baptists ‘Going On Jihad’

Rick Santorum Stirs Controversy With Radical Islam Comment

Rick Santorum targeted ISIS and radical Islam in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. Even so, some commenters were still unimpressed and took the opportunity to denigrate Santorum instead of a movement that is beheading innocent civilians every day. The comments that Santorum made were seemingly uncontroversial on the surface. He simply stated that… Read more »

Oklahoma Beheading: Alton Nolen Idolized ISIS

Alton Nolen idolized ISIS.

Alton Nolen, 30, was fired from his job at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma on Thursday and became enraged. He left the building he was in and drove to the administration building where he hit a vehicle then continued on foot into the front office area. Nolen got to 54-year-old Colleen Hufford first. The victim… Read more »

[Breaking] Ferguson Police Officer And Civilian Shot

Police officer and armed citizen said to have been shot in Ferguson.

This is a breaking story. Updates will be added as available. UPDATE: Police Captian Johnson is said to have denied to protesters that anyone was shot besides the police officer. Further information, and confirmation of whether the suspect was shot, will be available after press conference. [Initial Story] Reports say a Ferguson, Missouri police officer… Read more »

ISIS Beheading Group Targets Woman For ‘Abandoning Islam’

ISIS Beheading Claims Woman Lawyer

More news on the ISIS beheading group tonight as the Islamic State has targeted a woman for “abandoning Islam.” According to Fox News, militants kidnapped Samira Salih al-Nuaimi, tortured her for five days, and ordered her public execution because she had reportedly made Facebook posts criticizing the group for its destruction of religious sites in… Read more »

Ferguson Protesters Say Police Destroyed Camp, Confiscated Belongings

Ferguson protesters say their belongings were confiscated.

Ferguson, Missouri has continued to be a hotbed of unrest since the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson police officer. The officer, Darren Wilson, has not been charged, and the investigation was recently extended into January, leading protesters in Ferguson to announce their determination to keep marching and calling for justice… Read more »