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2014 NHL Draft A Family Affair For Kapanen, Lemieux, Donato, Turgeon, More


The Pittsburgh Penguins were the first of several NHL teams to choose players with very familiar names in the 2014 NHL draft, choosing Kasperi Kapanen (son of Sami Kapanen, who played with the Whalers, Hurricanes and Flyers) with their first round pick. The Buffalo Sabres quickly followed suit, choosing Brendan Lemieux, son of NHL standout… Read more »

These Pigs Have Been Raised With A Taste For And Of Whiskey

Pigs Whiskey

Fine quality pork is always a little hard to come by. But a distillery is attempting to enhance the value of the succulent meat by adding a unique flavor. Twenty-five pigs are currently milling around in open pens on a tiny farm in Iowa. They are robust, healthy and fat, but more importantly, they are… Read more »

5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Through Arizona [BREAKING]

Around 10pm Saturday a 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook through Arizona.

Saturday night, just before 10pm, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake shook through southeast Arizona. It was reported at a depth of 5 kilometers. The U.S. Geological Survey has noted it is likely the second most powerful earthquake ever felt in Arizona. “Arizona has experienced earthquakes before,” said U.S. Geology Survey geophysicist Jana Pursley. “There was a… Read more »

Immigration Reform Poll In 2014 Is Good News For Illegal Immigrants

Immigration Reform Poll In 2014 Is Good News For Illegal Immigrants

A immigration reform poll in 2014 may be interpreted as good news by illegal immigrants since it is claimed that more and more Americans are desiring that immigration to the United States increase. In a related report by The Inquisitr, President Obama claims that two million illegal immigrants were deported under his administration, which would… Read more »

Nightmare Nanny From Hell Has Disappeared Or Has She?

The Nightmare Nanny who won't work and won't leave was found on Friday, in her car, after her supposed disappearance on Thursday.

The media has been overwhelmed with the story of a nightmare nanny that refuses to work and refuses to move out of her employer’s home. Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte fired Diane Stretton, 64, in May after she stopped working. The nanny refused to do any of the work around the house or take care of… Read more »

Game Of Thrones: The Pugs Of Westeros [VIDEO]

Pugs of Westeros

When it comes to news here on The Inquisitr, we have plenty of articles on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Now whether those articles are breaking news, such as the spoilers by George R.R. Martin, gossip and celebrity stuff, such as the queen visiting the set, or just funny cool stuff like actor and actress selfies,… Read more »

Harry Potter Theme Park Gets New Features

Bellatrix Lestrange shoots magic at the visitors.

Harry Potter fans are still lining up to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the theme park in Universal Orlando: Florida based on the magical Harry Potter universe created by J.K. Rowling. And the Harry Potter park is about to get more amazing and more popular starting July 8, when Universal Studios opens the… Read more »

Income Inequality Activist Makes $200K Per Year Teaching One Class

Income Inequality Hypocrisy?

Income inequality activist Gene Nichol has had charges of hypocrisy leveled against him by conservative foes for his annual salary. Nichol earns more than $200,000 annually for teaching just one class at the University of North Carolina School of Law, reports The College Fix. The site describes him as a “controversial, outspoken law professor who… Read more »

U.S. Incarceration Rates: Higher Than Any Country In The World

Michigan Incarceration Rate Blows Away Russia, Cuba, And Iran

The U.S. incarceration rates are higher than Russia, Cuba, and, Iran — countries not typically known for their hesitancy toward strict punishment. According to a new report from MLive, Michigan imprisons people at a rate of around 628 inmates per 100,000, beating out all the aforementioned countries. Surprisingly, this is below the national average of… Read more »

23-Year-Olds Are Largest Group In U.S., And Have The Brightest Future

Largest Group In U.S. Title Belongs To 23-Year-Olds

The largest group in the U.S., according to a recent review of Census Data, is none other than 23-year-olds. At 4.3 million, they outnumber every other living age group. Bloomberg Businessweek notes that these millennials are part of a greater whole of 44.5 million people who are in their twenties. Those in their fifties rank… Read more »

STEM Worker Shortage Is A Myth, According To New Study

STEM Worker Shortage Myth

Rumors of a STEM worker shortage are unfounded, according to a new review of U.S. Census Bureau data by authors Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler. Camarota is the director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), while Zeigler is the group’s demographer. Detailing their findings on the official CIS website, the pair… Read more »

Benghazi Suspect Arrives In Washington, D.C.

Benghazi Suspect

Ahmed Abu Khatalla, a suspect in the 2012 Benghazi attacks, has arrived in Washington, D.C., according to multiple reports. Khatalla was apprehended by U.S. special forces and FBI agents south of Benghazi on June 15 and, according to a CNN report yesterday, was then interrogated by American officials aboard the USS New York for “most… Read more »

NSA Protest Blimp Flown Over Headquarters In Utah

NSA Protest Blimp: EFF Attacks

A NSA protest blimp took flight over the domestic spying program’s Utah Data Center in Bluffdale. The aerial protest happened on Friday and was posted to YouTube. (Video down below.) Sponsored by a group of activists that included the EFF (Electronic Frontier Federation), Greenpeace, and the Tenth Amendment Center, it gave activists like Parker Higgins… Read more »

FDA Warns Parents, Lidocaine Can Be Dangerous for Teething Infants

Teething Baby- FDA Warning

Health officials are warning parents that a common oral anesthetic, lidocaine, used to help teething infants could be dangerous. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in Science World Report, many caregivers who use benzocaine products for children under 2 should discontinue the medication’s use, an ingredient that’s commonly found in brand name products… Read more »