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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Blasts St. Louis Prosecution For Shocking Mistake Made By Grand Jury In Ferguson Case

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Lawrence O’Donnell recently shared his perspective of the controversial “non-verdict” that enabled former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson to walk free after killing 18-year-old Michael Brown. The grand jury’s decision was reportedly the result of a shocking mistake made by St. Louis County prosecutors. The MSNBC host blasted St. Louis assistant district attorney Kathy Alizadeh… Read more »

Ferguson Walkout: Michael Brown Protesters Attempt Nationwide Disruption


Ferguson walkout plans on a nationwide scale are slated to begin today. Michael Brown shooting protesters have asked all Americans to walk out of class and off the job as President Barack Obama hosts a meeting to discuss “police distrust” at the White House. The Ferguson nationwide walkout strike comes after a week of protest… Read more »

ISIS Claims Credit For Killing William Henderson, American Oil Worker

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis

ISIS-linked group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for the killing of William Henderson. The American oil worker is a Texas native. Henderson’s passport and work ID badge were posted on the official ISIS Web Forum on Sunday. William Henderson, 58, worked for Apache Corporation out of Houston for 28 years. Henderson’s August 6 death… Read more »

Now You Can Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix Online

Girl Scouts Go Digital

You will no longer have to wait eagerly by your door for a Girl Scout to knock on it and offer to sell you Thin Mints, Savannahs Smiles, or any of the other delicious varieties of Girl Scout cookies. Starting this cookie season, you will be able to buy boxes of your favorite cookies online… Read more »

Oath Keepers Threatened With Arrest For Protecting Ferguson Businesses

oath keepers

Oath Keepers in Ferguson were kicked off the rooftops where they had positioned themselves to help protect private businesses. The armed men have reportedly been threatened with arrest for their activities. Ferguson private businesses, at least 12 of them, were burned entirely to the ground in the wake of the Darren Wilson decision in the… Read more »

St. Louis Teens Beat Man To Death With Hammers In Front Of His Wife

zemir begic

St. Louis teens used hammers to beat Zemir Begic to death in front of his wife. The 32-year-old Bosnian man was driving with his wife before the four teenagers struck his car and then brutally attacked him. Begic suffered injuries to his head, face, and abdomen. He was taken to the St. Louis University Hospital… Read more »

Was Madeleine McCann Murdered? Scotland Yard Seems To Think So

Is Madeleine McCann alive or dead after all these years? Scotland Yard officials have always operated, publicly, under the idea that she may be found alive, even against evidence produced by detectives in Portugal. The latest news on the case, however, indicates that there could be a shift in what they believe. The Mirror reports… Read more »

GOP And Net Neutrality: Do Republicans Face Tech Challenges?


Does the GOP understand net neutrality and technology? That was a question Tony Romm asked in a recent POLITICO Pro article about Republicans trying to razzle and dazzle big technology for donations and falling short of understanding the world in which they are seeking money. In the article which touched on the GOP and net… Read more »

Same-Sex Marriage Approval Leads To 7,800 Church Resignations In One Day

Same-Sex Marriage Causes People To Quit Church

Same-sex marriage has been approved by the Finnish Parliament by a vote of 105-92, prompting a widespread departure from the state-backed Lutheran Church. “Finland should strive to become a society where discrimination does not exist, human rights are respected and two adults can marry regardless of their sexual orientation,” said Alexander Stubb, the country’s prime… Read more »

Cathy’s Kitchen: Local Residents Ban Together To Protect Local Restaurant From Vandalism And Looters During Ferguson Riots


Many businesses have been vandalized and plundered throughout Ferguson, Missouri in wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. However, there are a number of local businesses that have managed to survive the destructive rioters. Cathy’s Kitchen is reportedly one of those local establishments. According to CNN, Ferguson… Read more »