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Bob Beckel Threatens To Beat Up Reporter Jason Mattera

bob beckel jason mattera

Bob Beckel threatened to beat up reporter Jason Mattera during a The Five segment on Fox News. Mattera recently followed former IRS official Lois Lerner to question her about alleged partisan political targeting by the tax agency. Beckel became irate while discussing Mattera’s viral video and called him out on national television. Jason Mattera, a… Read more »

Teachers Told To Stop Calling Students ‘Boys’ And ‘Girls’

gender equality

Teachers in Nebraska have been told to stop referring to students as boys and girls. An internal memo entitled, “The Genderbread Person” by the It’s Pronounced Metrosexual website was allegedly used as the basis for the new type of gender neutral phrasing used when addressing the pupils in the district. “The Genderbread Person” concept reportedly… Read more »