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Honeymoon In The Hospital Is ‘Happiest Day Of Our Lives’


Few would consider having their honeymoon in a hospital room as being particularly ideal or romantic. Yet for many couples, it’s the happiest day of their lives. For one couple last week, their happiness was thanks to the team of big-hearted nurses at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. It all started on Friday night when… Read more »

Couple Boasts ‘Best Pregnancy Announcement Ever’ With Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke Campaign

ShareaCoke Pregnancy Announcement

This couple, the McGilicuddy’s, decided to create a pregnancy announcement using the new Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke campaign. Many are calling the pregnancy announcement the “best pregnancy announcement ever” and it certainly gained the attention of Coca-Cola’s marketing department. Patrick and Whitney McGillicuddy came up with an idea to use Coca-Cola’s new marketing tactic, cans personalized with… Read more »

CNN Places Hong Kong In Brazil, To The Surprise Of No One

CNN Hong Kong Report Places Country In Brazil

A new CNN Hong Kong report has placed the country smack-dab in the middle of… Brazil? That’s right. Apparently, the Cable News Network does not require basic geographical knowledge for their graphics editors, because according to an image making the rounds, they’re a bit confused as to where Hong Kong is. Zero Hedge caught the… Read more »

U.S. Launches Second Wave Of Airstrikes Against Iraq Militants

US launches a second wave of airstrikes against the ISIS.

The Inquisitr recently reported that the United States launched a wave of airstrikes at Kurdish forces defending Erbil near U.S. operations, dropping two laser-guided bombs on ISIL artillery. Now a second wave has been dropped by U.S. forces, according to The Wall Street Journal. American officials claim that two additional airstrikes were launched to try… Read more »

ISIS: Yazidi Women Held Captive By The ‘Hundreds’


ISIS kidnapped “hundreds” of Yazidi women and is holding them captive. The Islamic militant group has rounded up women below the age of 35, and is keeping at least some of them at schools in Mosul, according to the Iraq Human Rights Ministry. Mosul is the second largest city in the Middle East country. Yazidis… Read more »