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Florida Veteran May Lose Home Over Displayed American Flag, Fined $8,000

Veteran May Lose Home Over American Flag Displaying

Larry Murphree, a 73-year-old veteran, keeps a small american flag in the flower pot near his front door. First Coast News reports Murphree’s home is in the Tides Condominium at Sweetwater in Jacksonville, Florida. The condo’s owners association has specific rules on when and where someone is allowed to fly an American flag, even if… Read more »

Ban On Face Veils Is Upheld By European Court Of Human Rights

A woman wears a burqa and veil to cover her face in public.

France’s 2010 law banning burqas in public places has been upheld by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Advocates in France claimed the prohibition of face veils in public encourages citizens to “live together.” According to the Guardian, the law not only bans the wearing of face veils, but also balaclavas and hoods. Essentially,… Read more »

Caffeine Overdose Kills Prom King

Logan Stiner wears his prom king crown.

One of the most shocking drug overdoses hitting the news today is the death of a young high school prom king, who overdosed on caffeine. The Inquisitr has reported on the dangers of caffeine in the past, but it’s especially shocking to learn that the seemingly everyday substance is strong enough to kill. While most… Read more »

91-Year-Old Man Beaten To Death With His Own Cane

Elderly Man Killed With His Own Cane

A 91-year-old Oklahoma City man was beaten to death with his own cane. Even worse — the killer was his own son. Authorities said 61-year-old Donald Ray Meyer attacked his elderly father on Thursday afternoon. Although Theodore Meyer survived the assault, he died three days later as the result of his injuries. Police said the… Read more »

[Breaking] San Antonio: Plane Makes Emergency Belly Landing


A single engine prop plane made an emergency belly landing shortly before 4 P.M. in San Antonio, Texas today. The single engine prop plane, which carried at least four people, began circling San Antonio International Airport around 12:30. The plane was unable to get its left landing gear to open and was forced to circle… Read more »

Billings Gazette Apologizes For Barack Obama Endorsement

newspaper apologizes

The Billings Gazette apologized for endorsing Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. An editorial published in the newspaper was entitled, “Gazette opinion: Obama earned the low ratings.” The Gazette went on to compare President Obama to President Richard Nixon. The newspaper apology over the Obama endorsement listed in detail the mistakes the editorial staff felt… Read more »

College Students Sign Petition To Place Gun Owners In FEMA Camps

FEMA camps

Students at a California college recently signed a petition to support not only the repeal of Second Amendment rights but to place gun owners in FEMA camps and even execute those who possess firearms. Political activist Mark Dice was once again able to easily entice young Americans to trample on the rights guaranteed to them… Read more »

Shooters Grill: Gun-Toting Waitresses A Huge Hit In Rifle, Colorado

second amendment

Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado features waitresses packing guns – and customers love the idea. The restaurant is owned by Lauren and Jayson Boebert. The couple has always supported open carry rights and has readily invited patrons and staff to do the same. During an interview with The Blaze, Shooters Grill owner Lauren Boebert said… Read more »

Climate Change: GAO Report Says Global Warming Makes Military Vulnerable

military climate change

Climate change may be making our military “vulnerable” and impacting “readiness” according to a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. Officials from the GAO recently visited Defense Department sites and what the staffers deemed effect of global warming on the United States Armed Forces capabilities. Excerpt from the GAO climate change and the military report:… Read more »

‘Cannibal Cop’s’ Conviction Overturned By Federal Judge

Gilberto Valle

The “Cannibal Cop’s” conviction was overturned by a federal judge. In late 2012, Gilberto Valle was arrested and charged with plotting to kidnap, torture, kill, and eat numerous women. Although he never harmed anyone, Valle was convicted on numerous charges, including conspiracy to kidnap. On Monday evening, a federal judge overturned the former New York… Read more »