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Is Amanda Knox Rushing For Marriage In Case Of Extradition?

Will Amanda Knox be extradited before she can get married?

Convicted killer Amanda Knox is reportedly engaged to be married to a 27-year-old musician named Colin Sutherland. Fox 13 News out of Seattle reports that the two have known each other since middle school, but have only recently started dating — as Knox had previously dated a guitarist named James Terrano. In fact, Knox and… Read more »

Bob Simon Dead: ’60 Minutes’ Correspondent Dies In Car Crash

Bob Simon

Reports confirm that Bob Simon died in a car crash on Wednesday evening. Yahoo! TV reports that Simon was involved in a fatal car accident in New York. The report claims that the 73-year-old CBS newsman was traveling as the passenger inside of a livery cab. CBS News confirms that the cab struck another vehicle… Read more »

Costa Concordia Captain Guilty, Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison

Francesco Schettino

Former Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino was found guilty on numerous charges, including several counts of manslaughter. The former captain is accused of negligence, which contributed to a devastating 2012 shipwreck and the deaths of 32 people. Although he was facing up to 26 years in prison, Schettino was sentenced to 16 years. He is… Read more »

Greece: New Leaders Are More Defiant

Flag of Greece

Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, has spelled out the negotiating strategy of the Syriza government with crystal clarity as he faces one of his toughest meetings yet, as he seeks to convince his counterparts in the Eurozone that his country deserves more time and leeway on debt repayments, economic overhauls, and budget cuts. Speaking to… Read more »