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Charles Barkley Says Ferguson Rioters Are Not ‘Real Black People’

chalres barkley

Charles Barkley had some harsh words for Ferguson rioters. The basketball star supports the decision of the Darren Wilson grand jury in the Michael Brown shooting case. During an interview with a Philadelphia radio show, Barkley told the host that many black neighborhoods would be the “wild, wild, west” without the help of police officers…. Read more »

Iraq Ghost Soldiers Blamed For Military Collapse

Islam Militants

Officials in Iraq are blaming ghost soldiers for weakening their military forces. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi estimates up to 50,000 army soldiers continued to collect their salary despite the fact that they failed to report for duty. In addition to wasting financial resources, the Iraqi ghost soldiers are blamed for crippling the country’s defense. In… Read more »

Cop Cameras – Will Obama’s New Initiative Prevent Another Ferguson?


Cop cameras are the latest initiative being brought forward in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. President Obama has pledged $263 million over three years to help equip law enforcement officials with “body cameras” – basically cameras worn by cops that record any peacekeeping event they’re involved with. But can a… Read more »

ISIS Leader’s Wife Arrested In Lebanon


The wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has allegedly been arrested in Lebanon, along with a younger person suspected to be the terrorist leader’s son. Col. Anis Khoury, spokesperson for the Lebanese Army, confirmed to NBC News that the wife of al-Baghdadi is currently under custody in Lebanon. The country’s top military forces have… Read more »

West Virginia Shooting Suspect Jody Lee Hunt Found Dead

Jody Lee Hunt has been found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jody Lee Hunt, the suspect in a fatal shooting spree that occurred Monday in West Virginia, has been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. After an hours-long manhunt on Monday, authorities say Hunt was found dead in a vehicle near the Monongalia-Marion County line around 7:45 pm Monday night. The fourth… Read more »

Arthur: Once A Stray Dog, Now World-Famous After A Magical Moment [Video]

Arthur Finds A Hiome

Arthur was once a stray dog. Now he has become world-famous. Four members of a Swedish athletic team, and a canine they named Arthur, are part of a heart-warming story of compassion with a happy ending. It all started with a meatball. Mikael Lindnord, and three other athletes from Sweden’s Peak Performance adventure team, competed… Read more »

The Truth Behind The Nordstrom Black Friday Shooting Revealed

Nordstrom store.

New details have emerged regarding the fatal shooting that happened in a Nordstrom store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The shooter, Marcus Dee, 31, had a tumultuous history with his victim, the sister of Nadia Ezaldein, 22. On the night of Black Friday, Marcus Dee walked into a Nordstrom store, entered the accessories department, exchanged… Read more »

Albert Einstein Autographed Letter Auctioned Off For $12,500

Albert Einstein

A letter written by the famous physicist Albert Einstein recently put up for auction was sold on Thursday. The letter features the typed words of Einstein himself and a hand-written signature. the Inquisitr reported on Einstein’s letter last month, stating that it was expected to get at least $10,000. The highest bidder bumped the price… Read more »

West Virginia Shooting: Four Dead, Suspect Remains On The Loose

jody hunt

A West Virginia shooting spree has left four dead, multiple schools on lockdown, and sparked a massive police manhunt. A shooter reportedly opened fire at three different locations in the north-central region of the state earlier today. The suspect, Jody Hunt, is driving a black Ford F-150 pickup truck. Jody Hunt allegedly opened fire twice… Read more »

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Blasts St. Louis Prosecution For Shocking Mistake Made By Grand Jury In Ferguson Case

Screenshot (57)

Lawrence O’Donnell recently shared his perspective of the controversial “non-verdict” that enabled former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson to walk free after killing 18-year-old Michael Brown. The grand jury’s decision was reportedly the result of a shocking mistake made by St. Louis County prosecutors. The MSNBC host blasted St. Louis assistant district attorney Kathy Alizadeh… Read more »

Ferguson Walkout: Michael Brown Protesters Attempt Nationwide Disruption


Ferguson walkout plans on a nationwide scale are slated to begin today. Michael Brown shooting protesters have asked all Americans to walk out of class and off the job as President Barack Obama hosts a meeting to discuss “police distrust” at the White House. The Ferguson nationwide walkout strike comes after a week of protest… Read more »