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Coach K: Fighting ISIS Is Just Like Coaching Basketball

Duke coach doesn't like Obama's ISIS strategy

Legendary Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke at an Association of the United States Army conference last month, where he spoke in front of hundreds of military officers, defense contractors, and Army supporters. In that conference, Coach K compared fighting the war against ISIS to coaching a basketball team, and criticized Barack Obama for being… Read more »

Republican Takover Is Obama’s Fault, Chief Of Staff For Harry Reid Claims

harry reid

Harry Reid’s chief of staff is blaming President Barack Obama for Republicans takeover of the Senate and solidifying their majority in the House of Representitives. David Krone, the Nevada Senator’s chief staffer, told the Washington Post that the President and the White House were not “up to speed”‘ prior to the 2014 Midterms. Senator Harry… Read more »

Charlie Crist Concedes FL Election, Loses For Third Time In Four Years

Charlie Crist defeated

Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist called his opponent, incumbent Republican Rick Scott, around midnight to concede defeat in Tuesday’s election. This marks the third time Crist has lost, for three different parties, in the last four years. Crist, a career politician, was defeated by Marco Rubio in the Republican primary in 2010, then was defeated… Read more »

Ron Paul Chimes In On Elections, Calls Them ‘1-Party Monopoly’

Dr. Ron Paul

Former congressman Ron Paul is no stranger to controversy or headline-grabbing statements about America’s political process. The retired doctor and congressman from Texas has been very vocal in the elections today. Speaking with Russia Today, Ron Paul called the midterm elections the “monopoly of a one party system” and says it’s all too evident that… Read more »

‘Alex From Target’ Is Actually A Marketing Ploy By Breakr


It turns out that the popular Alex from Target meme was actually a marketing stunt, one that went viral all over teen social media. Alex from Target started when a teen girl posted a video of Alex Lee, also known as Alex from Target, which then blew up. Spreading through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., Alex… Read more »

Deer With Fangs Spotted For The First Time In 60 Years

Musk deer

Four rare deer with fangs were spotted in northeast Afghanistan. The Wildlife Conservation Society confirmed a male, two females, and a juvenile were observed on three separate occasions. Wildlife officials said the species have not been seen or recorded in more than 60 years. Kashmir musk deer are commonly called “deer with fangs,” as the… Read more »

After Lagging Sales, Pizza Hut Replaces CEO

Pizza Hut logo and David Gibbs

Despite being one of the biggest names in the pizza industry, Pizza Hut has been struggling in the market lately. A previous Inquisitr report revealed that Pizza Hut’s third quarter earnings were lagging far behind targets for 2014. Domino’s seems to be the primary competitor drawing from Pizza Hut’s sales. Sales estimates were off as… Read more »

Griffith Park Attack: Suspect Arrested In Brutal Assault

Griffith Park

California authorities have confirmed an arrest in Monday’s Griffith Park attack. Although the suspect was not identified by name, he was arrested at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Monday evening. Authorities said the suspect matched an eyewitness description. On Monday afternoon, the victim was discovered on a Griffith Park hiking trail. Authorities confirmed the man, who… Read more »