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Las Vegas Woman Stabbed To Death In Bar Fight

Las Vegas woman charged with murder in bar fight

A Las Vegas woman was stabbed to death outside a bar on Tuesday night. Three women reportedly began arguing inside Champagne’s Cafe. After leaving the bar, the women continued to fight in the parking lot. When authorities arrived on scene, they found Misty Madera unresponsive and covered in blood. Authorities discovered Madera was stabbed in… Read more »

World Trade Center Tower Opens 12 Years After 9/11 Attacks


A new World Trade Center tower is officially opening, 12 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001. At this time 12 years ago, New York City and the whole country was still mourning the loss of life and destruction caused by the terrorist attacks. Now a new chapter begins for lower Manhattan with the… Read more »

Obamacare’s Mystery Woman Claims She Was Cyberbullied

Obamacare Mystery Woman

The mystery woman once featured on the Obamacare website has decided to speak out, and she is now claiming that she was cyberbullied for her role in the Obamacare fiasco. The smiling woman who was the face of the Affordable Care Act’s website has a name, and according to ABC News, her name is Adriana…. Read more »

Rare Mammal Sighted In Vietnam For The First Time In This Century

rare mammal spotted in Vietnam after years.

A rare mammal was sighted in Vietnam for the first time in 15 years, bringing with it hope that the species is making a comeback and is not on the verge of extinction. The international conservation group, WWF, said on Wednesday the mammal, known as the Saola (a long-horned ox), was photographed in a forest… Read more »

Oklahoma Ultrasound Case Denied By Supreme Court

Oklahoma Abortion Law Will Stand

Oklahoma’s ultrasound case will not be heard by the US Supreme Court. The high court upheld the 2012 decision to overturn a restrictive abortion law. Under the ultrasound measure, women who sought abortions were required to have an ultrasound and view photos of the fetus. The original law was approved by the Oklahoma Legislature in… Read more »

Orange Diamond Fetches A ‘World Record Price Per Carat’ At Auction

orange diamond

A stunning record-breaking orange diamond fetched a massive $35.54 million when it went to auction in Geneva on Tuesday. The Christie’s auction house, which handled the rare colored gem, said about the orange diamond: “It’s a world record price for an orange diamond, it’s a world record price per carat for any colored diamond.” Adding… Read more »

SeaWorld Killer Whale Trainers Compared To Football Players

whale hunters found

An attorney who spoke before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia, argued that SeaWorld killer whale trainers are like football players, at least when in comes to being forced to follow government safety recommendations. Attorney Eugene Scalia, who spoke in the court on Tuesday, said that federal regulations go way beyond… Read more »

BART Fatality: 16-Year-Old Fausto Delgado Killed By Train

BART Strike Starts Friday

A BART train caused a fatality today when 16-year-old Fausto Delgado was hit at the El Cerrito del Norte BART station in the early hours of the morning. Delgado was a junior at El Cerrito High school. it is understood from initial reports that the boy committed suicide by throwing himself under the BART train,… Read more »

Montana Bride May Have Blindfolded Her Husband Before Killing Him

jordan linn graham

A Montana bride who is alleged to have killed her newlywed husband by pushing him off of a cliff while on a hike may have blindfolded him before pushing him to his death. The defense team for Jordan Graham, the accused bride, are trying to block prosecutors from introducing the blindfold theory. One of Graham’s… Read more »

Missing Toddler Found Alive 30 Years After Abduction [Video]

Mother finds son 30 years after abduction

A missing toddler was found alive more than 30 years after his abduction. Kathy Amaya said her 2-year-old son vanished during a scheduled visitation with his father. Thirty-five years later, the Border Patrol in San Diego contacted Kathy about her missing son. David Amaya is now 37-years-old. He was raised by his grandparents in Mexico… Read more »

11/12/13: What Does It Mean?

11/12/13 popular date for weddings?

The new century has brought many interesting dates thus far, 11/12/13 is the latest one and we celebrate it today. Apparently, today is a popular day to get married. Many couples thought the significance of the sequence in the day, month, and year was a good time as any to tie the knot. But only… Read more »

One World Trade Center Named Tallest Building In The US

One World Trade Center Vs. Willis Tower

One World Trade Center is officially the tallest building in the United States. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat spent hours comparing Chicago’s Willis Tower with New York’s new World Trade Center. On Tuesday morning, the council announced that One World Trade Center is the nation’s tallest building. The decision came down to… Read more »

Bill Clinton Thinks Obama Should Honor ‘You Can Keep Your Plan’ Promise

Bill Clinton lied, but Americans seem ready to forgive and forget.

Former President Bill Clinton thinks President Obama should honor his healthcare promise: “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it. Period.” For the first time since the controversial site went live on October 1 and after the much publicized reminders of Obama’s promised that people would be able to keep their plan… Read more »

Bethany Arceneaux: Family Says Rescue Was ‘A Miracle’

Bethany Arceneaux Rescued

Bethany Arceneaux was missing for three days when her family rescued her from an abandoned home. The Louisiana woman was being held captive by her ex-boyfriend, who threatened her life on several occasions. The family members were in the neighborhood after receiving a tip about Bethany’s whereabouts. When they heard noises coming from an abandoned… Read more »

Ohio Child Killer Wants Organs Donated After Execution

ohio child killer

Ohio child killer and rapist Ronald Phillips is scheduled to be executed on Thursday, November 14, 2013. Phillips has made a request that his organs be donated to help his sick mother and sister. His mother has kidney disease and is on dialysis, and his sister has a heart condition While the child killer is… Read more »

Atheist Churches Gain Worldwide Popularity

Atheist Churches Worldwide

Atheist churches and mega-churches are gaining worldwide popularity. The Sunday services usually include everything you would expect to find in a traditional church, including music, an inspirational message, and time to reflect. However, unlike traditional churches, there is no mention of God. The non-traditional churches started in Great Britain. They have now cropped up in… Read more »