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Appendix Lawsuit Claims The Doctor Forgot To Do The Surgery [Video]

Appendix Lawsuit Claims The Doctor Forgot To Do The Surgery

When it comes to surgery for an appendix, a lawsuit claims the patient did not leave the hospital with that empty feeling they should have… because the appendix was still inside, having never been removed by the doctor. In a related report by The Inquisitr, medical malpractice lawsuits can sometimes be quite bizarre. For example,… Read more »

China’s Holy Grail, Or Just A Chicken Cup?

Chinese Holy Grail Chicken Cup

The “holy grail” of Chinese art recently sold at auction for an outlandishly high price. There is something about auctions that fill us with the burning desire to win the bidding war, at any cost, though I’m guessing a few of us might have stopped somewhere short of 36 million dollars. Or perhaps not. When… Read more »

California Bus Crash: Dozens Injured, 10 Dead

Dozens Injured In California Bus Crash

A California bus crash has left dozens injured and at least 10 people dead. Authorities said the bus was transporting high school students and their chaperones to Humboldt State University in Arcata. Witnesses said a FedEx truck crossed the median and hit the bus head-on. The impact caused an explosion, which engulfed both vehicles in… Read more »

Gym Teacher Says She Was Fired For Refusing To Have Threesome With Boss


A gym teacher from Bronx says she was fired from her faculty position at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy because she refused to have threesome with her boss and her boss’ boyfriend. According to a report by the New York Daily News, gym teacher Carisa Gaylardo claimed on her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit that she was fired from… Read more »

Why Would Undertaker Lose To Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania 30?

Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar

Monday was quite busy with arguments and conspiracy theories on Undertaker’s coveted “Streak” ending at Wrestlemania XXX. The multitude of shocked expressions on fan’s faces (as well as the commentators, Paul Heyman, and the “Beast Incarnate” himself – though they are acting), tells the story best. However, the WWE Universe is simply asking why Lesnar?… Read more »

Pollution In China Allows Person To Auction Jar Of Mountain Air For $860

Beijing artist Liang Kegang sold a jar of Mountain Air From France for $860

The air pollution levels in China have been above the standard permissible levels for quite some time. To protest the Government’s apathy and drive his point home, Beijing artist Liang Kegang brought and then successfully auctioned off a sealed jar containing mountain air collected from Provence, France. Beijing artist Liang Kegang returned from a business… Read more »

Angela Spaccia, Local Official, Sentenced For Massive Corruption Scheme

Angela Spaccia

Angela Spaccia, the former second-highest public official in the small Los Angeles suburb of Bell, California, was slammed with almost 12 years in prison Thursday after being convicted in December of a massive corruption scheme that nearly bankrupted the city of just over 35,000. Spaccia was convicted on December 9 of five counts of misappropriating… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Shoe Throwing Woman At Las Vegas Speech

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton became the target of flying footwear Thursday, just prior to delivering a speech to a recycling industry convention in Las Vegas as an unidentified woman was taken into custody after hurling a shoe at the former Secretary of State and possible next president. But Hillary Clinton responded to the apparent shoe attack with… Read more »

Scientists Reconstruct Massive Ancient Impact On Earth


Scientists around the globe have banded together to solve the mystery of a place known as Barberton greenstone belt in South Africa where a 300 mile wide portion appeared to be a giant crater. Today they announced their findings which blew the minds of people across the globe. If you thought the dinosaurs had it… Read more » Gets Into Comic Book Biz, Buys Comixology Digital Comics App buys Comixology, the massive online retailer that started off selling books and now sells everything from gardening tools to vibrators, is now getting into the comic book business. Amazon has long sold graphic novels and comic book anthologies as part of its gargantuan book selection. But the Seattle-based internet sales behemoth announced Wednesday that it will… Read more »

Family Dollar Vows To Close Stores, Cut Jobs, And Slash Prices

Family Dollar closing locations, opening new stores.

Family Dollar has vowed to close stores, cut jobs, and slash prices, in an effort to remain competitive. Company officials said the changes are expected to save more than $45 million by the beginning of the third quarter. Chief Executive Howard Levine said profits fell nearly 35 percent in the second quarter, which ended on… Read more »

NASA Aims To Give The Moon A Moon Of Its Own

nasa moon for the moon

No, NASA didn’t hire Q from the set of Star Trek in their latest and most interesting plans, but the results won’t be so different as news starts circulating on their ideas for our closest companion, the moon. In a hearing played out before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science and Space, known as “From… Read more »

Nevada Range War Heats Up, Protestors Tased And K9 Units Deployed

cliven bundy

The Nevada range war being spearheaded by rancher Cliven Bundy has hit a fevered pitch. A recording of protesters being tased, having guns pointed in their faces, and being met with federal agents wielding dogs as weapons has gone viral. The Bureau of Land Management has order approximately 900 “trespass cattle” removed from the public… Read more »

‘Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife’ Determined To Be Authentic

The Gospel Of Jesus' Wife Authentic

The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” was determined to be authentic by the Harvard Theological Review. The papyrus fragment has been a point of controversy, as it quotes Jesus as saying “my wife.” Although many questioned the document’s authenticity, experts concluded it was written during the eighth century in Egypt. Harvard professor Karen L. King introduced… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Miss For 5th Straight Drawing, Jackpot At $94 Million


The Powerball numbers failed to hit the jackpot for anyone who bought a ticket in the nationwide lottery game Wednesday night. The drawing was the fifth straight with no big winner, sending the jackpot to $94 million for Saturday’s Powerball game. Only two tickets hit the “Match Five” second prize, good for $1 million. One… Read more »

Michigan Doctor Body Recovered – Teleka Patrick Remembered

Teleka Patrick Michigan Doctor

The body of Michigan doctor, Teleka Patrick, was recovered on Sunday in a lake in Porter, Indiana. The Michigan doctor went missing on December 5, 2013, leaving behind only a broken down vehicle on the side of the road to hint at what might have happened. The nearby lake had been central to the police… Read more »

Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Declared A Public Nuisance

hot sauce factory

A Sriracha hot sauce factory was declared a public nuisance by the Irwindale, California City Council. The council also determined that Huy Fong Foods violated their contract with the city. The council began investigating the facility when residents complained about offensive odors. Last year, several residents appeared before City Council, complaining that the aroma of… Read more »

Rob Lowe Comes Out As A ‘Libertarian’ On Bill O’Reilly

rob lowe love life

Rob Lowe decided to come out on the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News last night – as a possible Libertarian. Lowe was on the top rated news show to discuss his new book, Love Life. Bill O’Reilly, being Bill O’Reilly wanted to delve into the most intriguing and juicy portions of the book, the… Read more »