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Londoner, Leon Smith, Wakes Up To A Fox In His Bed

Make Wakes Up Cuddling Fox

Leon Smith thought he was cuddling with his girlfriend in the early morning, but when he turned around, he found out what he thought was his girlfriend, was actually a fox. The fox didn’t seem to mean any harm, it just wanted to cuddle too! Smith, 30, from Hampton Hill in London, told The Sun… Read more »

Hetch Hetchy Water Threatened By Yosemite Fire

Hetch Hetchy Water Supply

The Hetch Hetchy water supply is being threatened by the Yosemite fire. Numerous communities in San Francisco depend on the reservoir for their water supply. Officials are concerned that ash from the fire will contaminate the water supply. The water quality is being monitored closely. The reservoir is tested up to three times per day… Read more »

African Serval Cat Shot Dead In Detroit


An African Serval Cat which has had residents in Detroit’s east side worried for their safety, was shot and killed. This is according to the feral cat rescue team which has been attempting to find the cat for almost a week. Local residents who saw the big cat said they reported it to the police… Read more »

Chobani: Air Force Bans Yogurt

Chobani: Air Force Bans Yogurt

Blueberry Flip Chobani was banned by the Air Force, as part of their anti-drug policy. Chobani’s Blueberry Power Flip contains hemp seeds, which are prohibited. Hemp seeds contain trace amounts THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. THC is classified as a schedule I drug under federal guidelines. As reported by Huffington Post,… Read more »

Texas Measles Outbreak: Church Preached Against Vaccinations

texas measles outbreak

In a Texas measles outbreak, a megachurch in Tarrant County is being tied to the current spread of the disease which has sickened 21 people. The ages of those infected range from a 4-month-old baby to a 44-year-old. Dr. Jane Seward of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the Eagle Mountain International Church… Read more »

Starbucks Not Cutting Workers’ Benefits As Obamacare Nears

Starbucks Benefits Obamacare

Unlike many other companies, Starbucks announced on Monday that it won’t cut workers’ benefits ahead of the US Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. The healthcare reform bill has seen criticism from several businesses. In response, they have announced that they will either cut hours or health insurance benefits to offset the cost… Read more »

$1 Million Hole-In-One Claimed In New Mexico [Video]

Million Dollar Hole In One

Jeff Barton is one million dollars richer thanks to a single golf shot. Barton was playing in a Lincoln-sponsored charity golf tournament last Thursday in Sandia Park when he took a once in a lifetime shot. Barton and 132 golfers were playing at the Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club in New Mexico when he stepped up… Read more »

Dog Fighting Ring Busted, Hundreds Of Pit Bulls Freed

police tape

A major dog fighting ring was busted this week by authorities in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. Eleven people were arrested, and 367 pit bull terriers were freed. A 30-count indictment states that the dog fighting ring operated from 2009 to 2013. The 11 people who were arrested were charged with various violations related to… Read more »

Chocolate Castle Built On Brighton Beach

Chocolate Castle Build On Brighton Beach

Sand castles are common on beaches, but a chocolate castle? Not so normal! But oh so welcomed on England’s Brighton Beach. Now answer this, which would you really want to run into while enjoying a day at the beach? According to MSN Now, the oh so sweet structure appeared on England’s Brighton Beach after five… Read more »

Harold and Ruth Knapke: Married 65 Years, Die 11 Hours Apart

Harold and Ruth Knapke Die On The Same Day

Harold and Ruth Knapke were married for 65 years. The Ohio couple died 11 hours apart, in the same room. Their children and grandchildren say Harold and Ruth remained devoted until the very end. As reported by USA Today, Harold and Ruth both passed away on August 11 at the Versailles Health Care Center, Versailles,… Read more »

8-Year-Old Kills Grandmother: Police Blame Video Game

8-Year-Old Intentionally Kills Grandmother

An 8-year-old killed his grandmother with her own gun. Marie Smothers, age 87, was shot and killed on Friday afternoon in Slaughter, Louisiana. Police say the shooting was intentional. They blame the shooting on Grand Theft Auto IV. The East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Department issued a statement about the incident. They explain that the boy… Read more »