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NYC Explosion: Gramercy Park Evacuated


An explosion in New York City was reported and breaking news details indicate law enforcement officers believe the Gramercy Park incident may not be an accident. The FDNY has confirmed the ongoing evacuation of a building located at 88 Lexington Avenue. The NYC explosion is believed to have occurred in the lobby of the building…. Read more »

Madonna Made $125 Million Last Year, Does She Really Need To Wear Grills?

Madonna grills

Madonna joined Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to wow the crowds at this year’s Grammy Awards, performing their own rendition of Same Love. Echoing the song’s message was Queen Latifah, as she “married” 34 couples of all sexual persuasions. Six out of Forbes‘ 25 highest paid musicians performed at the event, including Jay Z and Beyonce…. Read more »

Extreme Weather Causes Snow Rollers Throughout The Midwest

snow roller

Snow rollers are being spotted in open fields throughout the Midwest. The unique snowballs and rolls are rare as they require a specific combination of conditions to form. Extreme cold and high winds throughout the region have provided the perfect environment for the rare formations. The naturally occurring snow balls form where ice or ice-encrusted… Read more »

Kim Pham Punched First? Friends Avoiding Police Over Nightclub Death

Kim Pham Punched First? Friends Avoiding Police Over Nightclub Death

Did Kim Pham throw the first punch? Those are the allegations being made and now Pham’s friends, who witnessed the nightclub death, are not willing to testify. In a related reported by The Inquisitr, Kim Pham’s photobomb of Vanessa Tapia Zavala is claimed to be what originally ignited the brawling between two groups. This has… Read more »

Dinesh D’Souza Releases Trailer For New Film – ‘America’

patriotism movie

Dinesh D’Souza just released the trailer for America, a film about “true patriotism.” The controversial producer quotes political theorist Edmund Burke’s classic definition of patriotism in the movie. Burke felt that loving your country should be focus not because the nation is yours, but because it is good. D’Souza’s America revolves around the premise that… Read more »

Pipeline Explosion: Manitoba Blast Leaves 4,000 Freezing Without Heat

pipeline explosion manitoba

A pipeline explosion near to Otterburne, Manitoba on Saturday night has left more than 4,000 residents without power or heat as temperatures reach a low of -20 C. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who carried out an investigation into the explosion, say they do not believe that foul play was involved. Shortly after midnight on… Read more »

Monica Lewinsky Affair: Rand Paul Digs Up Ghosts, Dems Cry Foul

Monica Lewinsky auction began on Monday and runs through Thursday.

Monica Lewinsky. Just when you thought you hadn’t heard that name in a while, Sen. Rand Paul pointed to her infamous 1995-96 affair with then-President Bill Clinton to question Democrats’ credibility in charging Republicans with waging a war on women. In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, Sen. Paul used the Monica Lewinsky affair… Read more »

Kefalonia Earthquake Wrecks Buildings, Injures People On Greek Island

kefalonia earthquake

An Earthquake hit the Greek island of Kefalonia on Sunday, wrecking buildings and roads and causing some minor injuries to local residents. Authorities reported that the Kefalonia earthquake reached a magnitude of 5.8 and rocked the small island. The Geodynamic Institute, based in Athens, the capital of Greece, said the earthquake’s epicenter was 175 miles… Read more »

Darion Marcus Aguilar Identified As Mall In Columbia Shooter

Columbia Mall Shooting

Darion Marcus Aguilar has been identified as the Mall in Columbia shooter, Maryland police said on Sunday. The shooting took place inside Columbia Mall in Howard County on Saturday. Police said Aguilar was found dead near ammunition and a shotgun. They also found a “crude” explosive device near the body. Police said they tentatively identified… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Again Produce No Big Winners, Jackpot Hits $171 Million


The Powerball numbers for January 25 are in, and for the ninth consecutive drawing, no one matched all five numbers plus the final Powerball number. That means that Wednesday’s jackpot is currently estimated at $171 million, according to the multi-state Powerball lottery’s own web site. The total will probably rise as Powerball fever picks up… Read more »

Nightclub Death: Kim Pham Threw The First Punch?

Nightclub Death: Kim Pham Threw The First Punch?

The nightclub death video of Kim Pham has led to arrests, but now some witnesses are claiming the victim threw the first punch that instigated the fight. In a related report by The Inquisitr, some reports claim Kim Pham’s death was all due to a photobomb, while some witnesses claim it was one person bumping… Read more »

Coke: Stolen Laptops Held Private Information Of 74,000 Employees

Davide Andreani coke

Coca-Cola Co. announced on Friday that personal information, including social security numbers and details of driving licenses of around 74,000 employees had been compromised when laptops were stolen from its Atlanta headquarters. The company confirmed that, even though their policy is to encrypt all their laptops, the laptops that were stolen had not yet been… Read more »

Sam’s Club Layoffs Coming, More Than 2,000 Losing Jobs

Sams Club Waives Membership Fees For Military Members

Bentonville, Ark. based Wal-Mart announced nearly 2,300 Sam’s Club layoffs to take place in the near future. Both hourly and salaried workers will be affected. Assistant managers will represent nearly half of the cuts. These cuts come on the heels of large cuts made by JC Penney, Macy’s and Target. Between the four retail giants,… Read more »

Goodwill Grenade: Live Explosive Discovered In Box Of Donated Items

Goodwill Grenade: Live Explosive Discovered In Donated Box

A Goodwill grenade was the last thing management of a Winston-Salem store expected to find when they opened a box of donated items. But that was exactly what the Goodwill officials discovered this week, prompting a panicked call to police who determined that the grenade was indeed live and very dangerous. The incident happened at… Read more »

San Diego Triple Murder: Does Belvedere Business Hold Key To Motive?

San Diego murder victims

San Diego police are looking for a “person of interest” in connection with the Christmas Eve slayings of Ilona Flint, 22, and her fiancé’s brother, Salvatore Belvedere, also 22, as well as the killing of Flint’s fiancé 24-year-old Gianni Belvedere whose body was found in the trunk of his car in Riverside, California, a week… Read more »

Two Childbirth Related Deaths At Same Hospital Prompt Investigation

two childbirth deaths prompt investigation

After two childbirth related deaths occurred at the same Massachusetts hospital, an investigation has been launched into their cause. Childbirth deaths in the US are rare, but not unheard of, however, two new mothers dying at the same hospital in the span of a month, is a little more unusual and the investigation is standard… Read more »

Beverly Hills Jumper Patient of Plastic Surgeon to Hollywood Elite

beverly hills suicide jumper novack

The Beverly Hills Jumper from Wednesday morning has been identified as a patient of a plastic surgeon to some of the Hollywood elite. Dr. Brian Novack is a doctor who is whispered to be behind some of the most amazing plastic surgery works in the business with one such confirmed client being Demi Moore. Dr…. Read more »

South Carolina State University Shooting – One Student Confirmed Injured

SC State on lockdown

South Carolina State University is on lockdown after a campus shooting. One student victim has been confirmed by local WBTW-TV. SC State University is located in Orangeburg. Reports of shots fired on campus were called into the police department around 2:30 pm local time. Police officers have not yet apprehended the suspected gunman, but are… Read more »

Wendy Davis: Will Wheelchair Jokes Derail Her Campaign?

Project Veritas

Wendy Davis supporters were caught by Project Veritas mocking Greg Abbott’s wheelchair.. James O’Keefe’s undercover journalists released the video on Thursday. Davis, a Democrat, is running against Davis for Rick Perry’s soon to be vacated governor’s seat in Texas. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Davis found herself in hot water over “embellishing” her humble… Read more »