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Obama Relaxes Cuba Travel Restrictions, Thanks Pope Francis [Video]

Obama's cuba speech

President Obama just announced in a public press briefing that he plans to loosen travel restrictions between the United States and Cuba. Interestingly, Obama thanks Pope Francis for facilitating the talks with Cuba. In the press briefing which, Obama says that his administration will seek to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba, and lift the long-standing… Read more »

Castaway: American Man Rescued From Deserted Island In Bahamas

Sutterfield drifted for five days before he landed on the tiny island.

An American man who was stranded on a deserted island in the Bahamas, after drifting in an inflatable dinghy for five days, has been rescued, looking little worse for his ordeal. Larry Sutterfield was spotted on an island in the Cay Sal Bank, in the Western Bahamas between Cuba and Florida, by a Coast Guard… Read more »

Russell Brand Terrorism Claims Against The United States Sparks Backlash


Russell Brand accused the United States of “terrorism,” and related his beliefs to the Pakistan school shooting. The controversial comedian took to Twitter to rant about the political policies of America and the prison at Guantanamo Bay in particular. Brand interviewed a British citizen who was detained at the Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) for three years…. Read more »

14 Pharmacy Officials Arrested, Charged For Meningitis Outbreak [Breaking]

fungal meningitis in patients

A 2012 Meningitis outbreak left over 750 people ill nationwide and 64 people dead, after they received tainted steroid injections. Law enforcement have now arrested and charged 14 pharmacy officials in relation to the deadly outbreak. According to SFGate, the indictment was unsealed this morning, and shows that the pharmacy officials face charges ranging from… Read more »

Alan Gross Released From Cuba, ‘The Cuban Five’ Prisoner Swap Alleged

alan gross

Alan Gross is being released from Cuba after spending five years in a prison cell. The terms of the 65-year-old Maryland native’s release will be discussed at a noon press conference with President Barack Obama. Fox News’ host Bill Hemmer said that White House sources indicate three Cubans being held in America will be exchanged… Read more »

Kevin Hart’s ‘Wedding Ringer’ Press Junket Has Been Rescheduled


Kevin Hart’s press junket for the Wedding Ringer is back on after Sony Screen Gems announced that it will reschedule amid the hacking drama. Hart’s junket was supposed to take place last weekend, and the comedian was supposed to participate in a sit down interview, which was also canceled. According to the Wrap, a journalist… Read more »

Alabama Father Hid Heroin Inside Two-Year-Old Daughter’s Diaper, Arrested

Man hid heroin in diaper

Police officials from Birmingham, Alabama, have arrested a man after they found 14 grams of heroin hidden inside his two-year-old daughter’s diaper. The man, identified as 23-year-old Kenneth Bell, was arrested after the toddler’s elder sister, who is five years old, tipped off the police about the heroin. According to Reuters, following the tip-off, the… Read more »

9/11 Christmas Day Threat Against Movie Theaters Not Credible, Says U.S. Department Of Homeland Security About Sept. 11 Style Attack From Sony Hackers

Sept 11th The Interview

On Tuesday, reports from the Sony hackers warning about a “9/11″ style type of terrorist attack against movie theaters showing the controversial movie The Interview were released, as reported by the Inquisitr, and the ominous warnings from the Sony hackers — who urged moviegoers to stay away from all movie theaters showing The Interview (and… Read more »