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1971 Cold Case: Remains Could Belong To Missing Teens

1971 Cold Case

A 1971 cold case is being reexamined. Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson, both age 17, vanished on May 29, 1971. Miller was driving her grandfather’s 1960 Studebaker Lark. The girls were on their way to a party in South Dakota. However, they never arrived. Although there were many theories in the last 42 years, no… Read more »

Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete Was A Bad Idea

Bill Gates Control-Alt-Delete

Bill Gates says control-alt-delete was a mistake. Although he finally admits the three-button combination was a bad idea, he does not take blame for the decision. According to Gates, he would have preferred one button rather than a combination of three. He blames engineer David Bradley for inventing control-alt-delete. Bradley designed the combination to reboot… Read more »

Toad Swallows Bat Then Smiles For Photo

cane toad

Scroll down to the bottom of this article. Go ahead. You see that photo? What is that? Is someone conducting a science experiment on that frog? Is it an alien? It turns out that the bizarre photo shows what happens when a toad swallows a bat. A park ranger at Cerros de Amotape National Park… Read more »

George H.W. Bush Witnesses Gay Wedding

George H.W. Bush Same-Sex Wedding

Former President George H.W. Bush served as an official witness to a gay wedding in Maine, according to an announcement by his spokesman on Wednesday. While the former Republican president hasn’t commented on his stance regarding same-sex marriage, it seems that he had no qualms serving as a witness for two close friends. Bush and… Read more »

Abraham Lincoln Photo: A Rare Discovery

Abraham Lincoln Photo

A rare Abraham Lincoln photo was discovered by a college professor. The former president’s image is displayed on coins, monuments, and in portraits. However, actual photos are quite rare. Christopher Oakley believes he discovered a previously unknown photo of the iconic leader. A former animator for Disney, Oakley now works for University of North Carolina-Asheville… Read more »

Testicle-Eating Fish Found In New Jersey Lake

Testicle-Eating Fish, Also More Commonly Known As A Pacu

A fish known as a testicle-eating fish, or otherwise known as “Pacu” has been found in a New Jersey lake. The Pacu fish isn’t a native species to American water, but rather the Amazon. New Jersey isn’t the first unusual place the fish has turned up. According to the Huffington Post, the fish has also… Read more »

Sen. Ted Cruz’s ‘Filibuster’ Against Obamacare Ends After 21 Hours

Ted Cruz Ends Filibuster Senate Vote

Sen. Ted Cruz’s “filibuster” against Obamacare ended on Wednesday after 21 hours and 19 minutes. The freshman senator was forced to cede the floor at noon after he ran up against a deadline imposed by the Senate’s procedural rules. An hour after Cruz’s speech ended, the Senate voted to halt the first filibuster hurdle to… Read more »

Leo Frigo Bridge Closes For Repairs

Leo Frigo Bridge

The Leo Frigo bridge has closed for repairs. Traffic was halted when authorities discovered a dip in the roadway. The damage was discovered just before 5 am. The dip is reportedly close to 200 yards long and three feet deep. All four lanes included in the damage. Green Bay officials say nobody was injured on… Read more »

Nazi Gold: Music Score Could Be A Treasure Map

Nazi Gold Cache Hidden In Bavaria, Clues In Sheet Music Say

Is the location of Nazi gold treasure, thought lost for decades, hidden in a forgotten piece of sheet music? A Dutch filmmaker believes this is exactly the case and has taken his shovel to a town in Bavaria. Referencing sheet music with mysterious annotations made by Hitler’s aide, Martin Bormann, Leon Geisen hopes that a… Read more »

Pakistan: New Island Created By Earthquake

Pakistan Island

Pakistan’s new island is the result of a deadly earthquake. The 7.7 quake injured 450 and killed nearly 300 residents of southwestern Pakistan. The force was so tremendous, a new island was formed. The earthquake caused extensive damage and casualties in the remote Awaran district. The tremors crumbled numerous buildings and homes, trapping residents inside…. Read more »

Stephen Hawking: Idea Of Afterlife Is A ‘Fairy Tale’

Stephen Hawking: Idea Of Afterlife Is A 'Fairy Tale'

Stephen Hawking said there is no such thing as an afterlife but that computers might one day create something close to it. Speaking at a premiere of a documentary about his life, Hawking said that one day the brain could be inputted on a computer, essentially allowing part of a person to live forever. “I… Read more »

Postal Service Rate Hike Expected In January

postal service

The Postal Service is expected to raise rates starting in January. According to Fox 59, the Postal Service wants to increase the cost of mailing a letter to 49 cents and the price of sending a postcard to 34 cents. The proposal still needs to be approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission. If the proposal… Read more »

Active Shooter At Roosevelt Field Mall In NY, One Dead [UPDATE]

roosevelt field mall shooting

[Update: Initial reports of a Roosevelt Field Mall shooting were later clarified, and no shooting took place at the shopping center. An adjacent workplace shooting unrelated to the mall resulted in a lockdown of surrounding areas, leading to speculation that the event had been connected with the landmark mall. The incident was later determined to...

Free Shotguns In Florida: Aspiring George Zimmermans To Line Up?

Free Shotguns Given Out In Florida By Armed Citizens Project

Free shotguns are now available to residents of the Orlando neighborhood of ...

MacArthur Genius Grants: 2013 Winners Announced

MacArthur Genius Grants

The 2013 MacArthur genius grants were awarded to 24 researchers. Each winner will received $625,000 over the next five years. This year, the award was increased by $125,000 for the first time in 13 years. The awards are given in recognition of “exceptional creativity.” The MacArthur Fellowship funds researchers, without the obligation of reporting requirements…. Read more »

Chicago Refugee Family Now Homeless In Wisconsin, But Not Being Shot At

Chicago gun violence

During morning patrols, a police officer discovered a family of 10 huddled under a makeshift shelter of blankets on the street. They were war refugees in a way, but this sad story doesn’t come from Syria… it comes from Madison, Wisconsin. The Smoking Gun reports that the group were “shocked” by the officer’s concern for… Read more »