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Zombie Apocalypse? Pentagon Has A Plan

zombies shot

Zombie Apocalypse coming to your town? If so, the Pentagon is prepared. Imagine you wake to frightening screams and unidentifiable growls coming from your neighbor’s yard. Looking out the window you are shocked to see a gang of disfigured bloody corpses surrounding your neighbor as he was apparently trying to water his lawn. The monsters…… Read more »

Gender-Based Abortion Bill Defeated By California Democrats

Gender Based Abortion

A gender-based abortion bill that would have prohibited women from aborting a baby because of its gender was defeated this past Tuesday by Democrats on the California State Assembly Health Committee. According to LifeNews, the vote went down party lines, with all 13 Democrats present voting nay and all 5 Republicans voting yay. The bill,… Read more »

Moo Cluck Moo: Fast Food Employees Start At $15 Per Hour

Owner of Moo Cluck Moo Brian Parker

Moo Cluck Moo, the Detroit area fast food restaurant that has made national news since it opened in April of 2013 by paying a starting wage of $12 an hour, increased the wage to $15 an hour. Crain’s Detroit Business reported employes at Moo Cluck Moo make $15 an hour or about $31,000 per year…. Read more »

Net Neutrality Ruling Put Up For Public Debate: You Too Can Participate


The ruling on net neutrality was put up for public debate today by the Federal Communications Commission. This means anybody, including you, can participate by visiting the the commission’s official website and clicking on proceeding “14-28.” You have 60 days to make any initial comments, after which all comments made (including yours) will be posted… Read more »

Gun Crime Is Way Down, Though Americans Think The Opposite

Gun Crime Not That Big Of An Issue, Study Claims

New gun crime statistics reveal that the issue of gun violence could be overblown. According to a new study, the volume of gun crime is way down from where it was in the mid-1990s. (By “gun crime,” the study authors are including “killings, assaults, robberies, and other crimes,” the L.A. Times reports.) In spite of… Read more »

Harvard Scientists’ Discovery Could Save The World


The discoveries made by Harvard scientists could save the world, but only if action is taken to correct the problems studied. If honeybees die, the human race will likely soon follow. The pollinators, which provide the means for 70 percent of the food we eat to grow, have been abandoning their hives and becoming so… Read more »

Woman Beat Toddler With A Crowbar Because She ‘Deserved It’

Homeless Woman Attackss Toddler

A California woman claims she beat a toddler with a crowbar because she “deserved it.” Maria Garate, age 20, is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said the charges qualify as a hate crime, as the assault was racially motivated. Authorities said the 4-year-old… Read more »

Columbia University Will Deal With ‘Sexual Assault Issues’

sexual assault at columbia

Columbia University has decided to answer its critics about how sexual assault cases are handled at the school. In order to do this the university announced that it has plans to deal with the sexual assault issues by creating a second rape-crisis center on the campus. In order to make sure their students are taken… Read more »

Romeike Family Says Germany Is Prejudiced Against Christians

Germany homeschooling

The Romeike family feel that Germany is prejudiced against Christians. The homeschooling family made international headlines after Eric Holder’s Justice Department overruled lower courts and ordered Uwe, Hannelore, and their children to be sent back to their native land. The devout Christian family recently sat down with Morning Star News to share their story and… Read more »

Man Shot In Anus Cracks Burglary Case Wide Open

Man Shot In Anus Arrested

A man shot in the anus will now face burglary charges after San Antonio Police were able to match up his gunshot wound to an attempted burglary. According to, 24-year-old Dennis Molina was removing a box of tools from the bed of a 2003 Ford F-150 pickup at 3 am on May 6. That’s… Read more »

Twins Confess To Brutally Killing Their Mother [Chilling Video]

Twins Confess

A set of twins has confessed to brutally killing their mother. In January 2010, Jarmecca Whitehead, age 34, was found stabbed to death inside her home. Although they initially denied involvement, Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead eventually confessed to the crime. According to police records, the 16-year-old twins reported their mother’s death. However, the teens were… Read more »

A Restraining Order Against A 5-Year-Old? You’re About To Find Out Why

Brian Metzger and daughter

Brian Metzger, a dad whose six-year-old daughter goes to kindergarten in Kenosha, Wisconsin, recently went to court to take out a restraining order — against a five-year-old boy. Needless to say, the reaction he received, largely via social media, was not exactly supportive. Many other parents wanted to know why he didn’t simply speak to… Read more »

Army Ranger Who Rescued Jessica Lynch Dies Of Afghanistan Wounds

army ranger jessica lynch martin Barreras

Command Sgt. Maj. Martin R. Barreras, instrumental in the rescue of Jessica Lynch, has died of wounds sustained in the service of his country in Afghanistan. Command Sgt. Barreras, 49, was part of a team responsible for the high-profile 2003 rescue of Jessica Lynch from a hospital Iraq at the height of the war. A… Read more »

Police Officer Accused Of Excessive Force Promoted To Major

Police Officer

An Albuquerque police officer, who was accused of using excessive force, was promoted to major and given a raise. In 2002, Commander Timothy Gonterman used a stun gun to subdue a suspect. As a result, the homeless man received second and third-degree burns and lost part of his ear. In 2006, a federal jury ruled… Read more »

Operation American Spring Fizzles, Twitter Trolls Hold Major Mockfest


The protest known as Operation American Spring — estimated by organizers to number ten to 30 million angry Americans — is currently underway, as seen in the livestream above. While Operation American Spring — inspired by the “Arab Spring” protests and Occupy Wall Street — was touted as a potentially huge turnout event, protesters appear… Read more »

Red Lobster Sells For $2.1B, Future Unclear

red lobster sold by darden

Fans of popular seafood chain Red Lobster have been buzzing this morning, with news that the now-struggling brand has been sold, and speculating over the fate of the seafood purveyor. Red Lobster was offloaded by Darden Restaurants, parent company of fellow mid-range chain Olive Garden. The sale totaled $2.1 billion, and investment firm Golden Gate… Read more »