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Cops Shoot Dog 15 Times, Owner Files Federal Lawsuit

Dog Shot By Police Officers

Michigan police officers are accused of shooting a dog 15 times. On November 22, authorities were called to a St. Clair Shores home on reports of excessive barking. When officers arrived on scene, they reportedly shot and killed the 1-year-old dog. Brittany Preston admits the dog was left outside by her grandfather. However, she explained… Read more »

Barack Obama: Black People Need To Be ‘Acting White’ [Video]

Barack Obama Black People Need To Be 'Acting White' [Video]

President Barack Obama may have opened a can of worms when he waded into the deep waters of racism and racial stereotypes when he recently claimed there was an “element of truth” to the notion that black people should be “acting white” in regards to their speech patterns, clothing preferences, and other behaviors. In a… Read more »

Original Owners Take Missing Dog Away From New Family After Seven Years

Family Finds Dog

A Texas family was reunited with their missing dog after seven years. Although the Millers were thrilled to find their lost pet, another family is now heartbroken. Kelli Davis said “Harley” was an important part of her family for more than six years. The dog was eventually returned to his original owners. However, Davis said… Read more »

Summer Camp For Grown Ups: Survival Expert Rick Austin Hosts Prepper Camp

prepper expos

Best selling author and off the grid living expert Rick Austin and a dedicated group of preppers have been busy “herding cats” for several months in order to pull off perhaps the most hands-on self-reliance event ever hosted in the United States. Prepper Camp™ will be held the picturesque North Carolina hills and could easily… Read more »

Skydivers Survive Crash, Plan Mid-Air Wedding [Video]

Skydivers Wedding

A pair of skydivers, who survived a harrowing plane crash, are planning a mid-air wedding. In November 2013, Amy Olson and Chad Ebling were two of nine skydivers to survive a collision between two planes. Although they were shaken by the incident, they are not willing give up one of their favorite hobbies. Amy and… Read more »

Algerian Plane Carrying 116 Disappears From Radar, Crashes

algerian air algerie crash 2014

An Air Algerie plane flying from Algeria to Burkina Faso disappeared over Mali and likely crashed, officials have confirmed in a currently unfolding situation. The Air Algerie plane was carrying 100 passengers and 16 crew members, and is the third passenger plane to crash in the past week. An initial report from Gawker gives a… Read more »

Islamic Terrorists Planning Imminent Terror Attack In Norway, Says PST

Muslims for Europe and Britain fighting in Syria

The intelligence services in Norway today confirmed that it has received information about an imminent “concrete threat” in the Scandinavian country on behalf of Syrian Islamists who plan to carry out a large-scale terror attack there. Benedicte Bjoernland, who runs the Norwegian security service PST, said the agency had received “reliable information” from a foreign… Read more »

Fidel Castro Thinks Ukrainian Government Downed Malaysian Airlines Flight


The former leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, spoke out recently about the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane that was shot down, placing the blame squarely on the Ukrainian government. He made his comments in an opinion column published by state media in Cuba, entitled: “Extraordinary Provocation.” The comments were made just a few short days after… Read more »

FAA Ban On Flights To Israel Lifted Amid Harsh Criticism Of Restrictions


The actions by the FAA to ban flights to Israel have been hotly contested as a concession to the Hamas terrorists. Just before midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it has lifted the ban on flights to Israel. Earlier on Wednesday, The Inquisitr reports that FAA extended the flight ban… Read more »

Horse Euthanized After Brutal Strangulation By Two Teens In Martinsburg


A beloved horse in Martinsburg, West Virginia has been euthanized after being tortured with strangulation by two teens. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is now on the hunt for the young men responsible for the heinous crime inflicted upon the retired polo horse. The horse was named Catnip, and Kija Wilson was Catnip’s caregiver. Wilson… Read more »