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Woman Claims Husband’s Large Penis Ruined Their Marriage

Large Penis Ruins Marriage, Plaintiff Claims

Can a large penis size spell disaster for a marriage? If you ask Aisha Dannupawa, a mother of three in Nigeria, the answer is yes. Dannupawa married Ali Maizinari without realizing how well endowed he was, and when the couple consummated their marriage, she found herself in the midst of a “living nightmare.” According to… Read more »

‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,’ Never Happened, DOJ Report Concludes

'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' False, DOJ Report Claims

“Hands up, don’t shoot.” They were the words that fueled racial outrage in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, a Caucasian. Riots and unrest sieged the city as a result of what witnesses said were Michael Brown’s final words to Wilson before… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Violated State Department Policy With Use Of Personal Email Account

Hillary Clinton Violated State Department Policy With Use of Personal Email Account

Hillary Clinton violated State Department rules in effect since 2005 when she used a personal email account to conduct government business during her years as Secretary of State. The State Department policy specifically warns agency officials from using personal email accounts to conduct governmental work, according to Politico. A senior government official tells ABC News… Read more »