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Budweiser Clydesdales Being Ditched For Craft Beer Hipsters

budweiser clydesdales

The iconic and beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales are being given the proverbial boot – or hoof – as it may be, and the horses won’t be seen for this year’s holiday advertising campaign. Yes, the powerful horses that have been used in Budweiser’s commercials since back in 1987 aren’t going to be there anymore because the… Read more »

Actor Dwight Henry Eyed In 2006 Killing

Buttermilk Drop Bakery

Actor Dwight Henry is being eyed in a killing that remained unsolved for nearly nine years. On February 5, 2006, Leroy Paige was stabbed to death outside his New Orleans home. Although Henry was identified as the primary suspect, and subsequently arrested, criminal charges were never filed. Orleans Parish Assistant District Attorney Christopher Bowman is… Read more »

Body Of Missing Mother Found Naked And Bloody At Philadelphia Shopping Mall

missing mother found

The body of missing mother Crystal Goodwin was found naked and bloody outside of a Philadelphia shopping mall on Sunday afternoon. Goodwin was released from prison on Tuesday and she disappeared the next day. Crystal Goodwin’s body was found near a Columbus Commons mall warehouse. The missing mother reportedly had an extensive rap sheet for… Read more »

Marion Barry: Hero Or Fool? It Depends On Who You Ask

Marion Barry

Former Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry died on Sunday. As reported in the Inquisitr, Barry collapsed while walking to his home after being discharged from the hospital earlier in the evening. Barry leaves behind a legacy as one of the most interesting political figures in American history. According to the New York Times, President Obama… Read more »

Stray Dog Joins Adventure Team, Follows Them Through Amazon Jungle

Despite the difficult terrain, Arthur refused to leave the team's side.

A team of Swedish athletes competing in a grueling race through the jungles of Ecuador befriended a miserable-looking stray dog, and were astonished when the animal joined up with their group, tackling the daunting terrain to follow them to the finish. As the Washington Post reports, Team Peak Performance was preparing for the final two… Read more »

‘SNL Schoolhouse Rock’ Obama Parody Goes Viral

snl obama parody

A SNL Schoolhouse Rock “I’m Just A Bill” parody taking aim at President Barack Obama’s illegal immigration executive order has gone viral. The political spoof is based upon the popular 1970s and early 1980s Schoolhouse Rock cartoon videos designed to teach children about how the United States government works and the history of the nation…. Read more »

Chuck Hagel Fired? Defense Secretary Resigned On His Own, Obama Says

chuck hagel resigns

UPDATE: Chuck Hagel did resign and was not fired, according to statements made by President Obama during an 11 a.m. press conference. The president sang the outgoing Defense Secretary’s praises, stating that Hagel “has been critical” to a host of national security accomplishments. Chuck Hagel was the only Republican on President Obama’s national security team…. Read more »

Cleveland Police Fatally Shot Tamir Rice, 12, Boy Had Toy Gun

cleveland police

Cleveland police fatally shot a 12-year-old boy with a toy gun on Saturday afternoon. Tamir Rice pointed a BB gun that he had pulled from his waistband at the Cleveland, Ohio, police officers. While the police dispatcher had relayed to the law enforcement officers that the gun could be fake, the orange tip on the… Read more »

Chicago Building Collapse: Two Women And A Dog Pulled Out From Rubble

Chicago building collapse

Two people and a dog that were trapped under the rubble following a Chicago building collapse were rescued by crew from the Chicago Fire Department, reports Reuters. According to firemen, the structure used to be an apartment building that apparently collapsed following an explosion. The building collapse happened in the Washington Park neighborhood of the… Read more »

‘Captured’ Exhibit Portrays Pre-Thanksgiving Native And Pilgrim Story

captured pic - good

The “Captured” exhibit, portraying the Pre-Thanksgiving Native and Pilgrim story, is the first event from the Plymouth 400 organization, according to Cape News. The exhibit, created and enacted by Mashpee Wampanoag tribe members, as well as other Native Americans, opened last weekend. The exhibit’s creators say that their tale is one that is often left… Read more »