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Yahoo Tests New Homepage: Users Say ’Epic Fail’

Users are not too happy with the new Yahoo homepage

The new Yahoo homepage is making an unexpected test appearance on thousands of users’ computers, and the response has been overwhelmingly negative. According to Tech Crunch, Yahoo has been working through a major design overhaul for the past year or so, and has now started testing the new format. The new homepage, which TechnoBuffalo reports… Read more »

Bikers Taunt Officer On California Interstate [VIDEO]

Bikers taunt officer on California Interstate.

A video was posted to YouTube Tuesda, by user “gurustunts,” showing a group of bikers on an interstate speeding and doing stunts then taunting an officer that attempted to calm them. The incident took place on Interstate 680 in California and was initially recorded on October 11. The video showed several of the bikers speeding,… Read more »

Ferguson Protests Erupt Over Michael Brown Autopsy

michael brown autopsy

Ferguson protests erupted once again in response to the Michael Brown autopsy results leaked to the St. Louis Dispatch. Mike Brown shooting protesters have promised to react with demonstrations similar to those which unfolded after the August 9 incident if Darren Wilson is not indicted. Mike Brown shooting protesters marched from the corner of Canfield… Read more »

Nathan Cirillo: Slain Canadian Soldier Leaves Behind A Devastated Family

Ottawa Soldier Killed

Nathan Cirillo, the Canadian soldier gunned down in cold blood at the National War Memorial in Ottawa Wednesday, is being remembered by his young son and extended family. Corporal Nathan Cirillo (24) was shot while on honorary guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial as reported by Legacy. According… Read more »

Police Report Released In The Treon Harris Rape Investigation


The University of Florida Police Department has released their report in the rape investigation against Treon Harris. Early in October, University of Florida quarterback, Treon Harris, was named in a rape investigation by the University of Florida police after a female student came forward with details of an attack. Few details of the report were… Read more »

Little Girls In Princess Costumes Drop F-Bombs To Promote Feminism

fckh8 feminism video

Little girls in princess costumes dropping F-bombs is not the retelling of a parental nightmare, but scenes from a feminism project viral video. The video was created by Fckh8, a for-profit company that often designs T-shirts with LGBT, anti-sexism, and anti-racism slogans. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, FCKH8 also recently made a video entitled,… Read more »

Zombie Apocalypse: New Report Says Stay Away From These Cities


With Halloween right around the corner, it makes sense that a new zombie apocalypse report has sprung up, telling us which cities we would want to avoid should the unthinkable happen. Trulia, a real estate location company, just released a new schematic which tells you the cities in the United States that would be the… Read more »

U.S. Rep. Don Young Offends Students With Suicide Comments

Don Young offends students in Alaska by blaming survivors for suicide deaths.

U.S. Representative Don Young made a trip to Alaska recently, stopping in at, among other places, a high school assembly, where he learned that blaming suicide on the survivors offends students who’ve lost a loved one. Young made apologies afterward, saying he never meant to offend, and that his words were ill-chosen. According to the… Read more »

Strong Winds Prevent Water From Reaching The Bottom Of A Waterfall! [Video]

Waterfall upstream

Waterfalls are fairly common geological features across the world. The way a waterfall behaves is also pretty much known to all. You know, a river flowing downstream approaches a sharp drop and the water cascades hundreds of feet downstream. However at times, a normal waterfall can behave unnaturally. Perhaps the most famous example of this… Read more »