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Mike Pence Defends Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law, Says Its Not ‘Anti-Gay’

indiana religious freedom

Mike Pence is doubling- down in support of Indiana’s Religious freedom law and said the controversial legislation some deem as “anti-gay” in not going away any time soon. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act reportedly mirrors federal legislation signed into law by President Bill Clinton and was passed unanimously in Illinois when President Barack Obama was… Read more »

Pregnant Meteorologist Gets Horrific Letters About Her Pregnancy [Video]

Pregnant Meteorologist, Kristi Gordon

Pregnant meteorologist, Kristi Gordon received horrific letters about her body and clothes. This wasn’t the first time the pregnant Canadian meteorologist was chastised by Global News viewers for her appearance. In January, prior to this latest batch of letters criticizing Kristi’s second on-air pregnancy, she asked viewers to try to be a little less critical… Read more »

Andreas Lubitz: Co-Pilot’s Chilling Foreboding Words Revealed – ‘Preparing For Landing?.. Hopefully, We’ll See’

andreas lubitz

Andreas Lubitz may have offered a chilling, foreboding response to his Germanwings captain, Patrick Sondenheimer, shortly before the aircraft crashed. According to Daily Mail, the conversation between Lubitz and Sondenheimer reportedly took place during the landing check. Investigators retrieved the transcript from the plane’s black box recorder. Apparently, the conversation took place just before the… Read more »

Butt Implants Gone Wrong, Woman Dies On Table

Evita Sarmonikas Dies On Operation Table While Getting Butt Implants In Mexico

At the hands of the same doctor Kim Kardashian had threatened to sue, Evita Sarmonikas sealed her fate after climbing onto the operating table. It could have been a case of butt implants going terribly wrong. Evita, “Eva” to friends, was in the Americas visiting from Australia. In Mexicali, Mexico, Sarmonikas was specifically there for… Read more »