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Stephen Hawking Says Disabled Students These Days Won’t Be As Lucky As He Was

Stephen Hawking

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has voiced his fears for future students with disabilities trying to find success in the realm of science. While many aspects of science and education have improved over the last few decades, Stephen Hawking claims that today’s disabled youth will actually have fewer opportunities than he did when trying to start… Read more »

Anthony Powell: Father Kills Toddler Over Potty Training Issues

Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell, 24, a father, allegedly beat his 3-year-old son to death because of the boy’s high number of potty training issues and accidents. Daily Mail reports that Powell was angered by the numerous accidents that the young boy was having at his Texas home. Using his hands and a green belt, Powell repeatedly attacked… Read more »

Tropical Storm Blanca Strengthens, Threatens Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Tropical Storm Blanca continues to strengthen as is approaches the coast of Cabo San Lucas. Although there are no current watches or warnings, the powerful storm is expected to be upgraded to a hurricane within the next 48 hours. As reported by the National Weather Service National Hurricane Canter, Tropical Storm Blanca currently has maximum… Read more »

Drunk Teen Sets Up Fake DUI Checkpoint, Cops Are Not Happy

Drunk Teen Sets Up DUI Checkpoint

Sometimes teenagers just aren’t smart — like this 19-year-old Pennsylvania man who is in custody today after state troopers found him running a police DUI checkpoint, complete with road flares and flashing blue lights this weekend. To make matters worse, he was drunk at the time. Logan Douglas Shaulis parked his car sideways across Route… Read more »

US Warship Buzzed: USS Ross Flyby By Russian Aircraft Sparks Tension

USS ross

A US warship, the USS Ross, was buzzed by Russian military aircraft in the Black Sea. The Russian planes were “acting aggressively” on Saturday when they were scrambled to head off the American ship, state news agency RIA maintains. The Pentagon has denied the occurrence of any “unusual behavior.” An anonymous Russian military source in… Read more »