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Dengue Fever Mosquito Spotted In California

yellow fever

The deadly dengue fever mosquito has surfaced in the San Diego, California area. The dengue hemorrhagic fever mosquitoes are also known as yellow fever mosquitoes. Most of the viruses the insect can spread are native to Central America and Mexico. The dengue fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) were found in an office building on the 32nd… Read more »

Offensive Halloween Decorations, From Inappropriate To Hate Crimes

What is the line between offensive Halloween Decorations and celebrating the scary side of Halloween?

When it comes to celebrating the night of ghoulish mystery and magic, do some Halloween decorations go too far? A family in Fort Campbell, Kentucky was ordered to remove their offensive Halloween decorations after they created a scene of what appears to be a black family being lynched, with a young black child desperately trying… Read more »

Two Year Old Boy Identified As Ebola Patient Zero


Ten months after the first signs of trouble, Patient Zero has been identified in Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak. CNN reports two year old Emile Ouamouno from a small village in Guniea, West Africa has been identified as the original case of this latest Ebola outbreak. Young Emile passed away just four days after first showing… Read more »

Strack Family Death ‘Not Natural’ Say Authorities: Who Poisoned Them?

Utah Deaths

Authorities investigating the five deaths of the Strack family in Utah have confirmed that the deaths of the family members was “not natural.” The Strack family was found on September 27th in their Springville, Utah home, and the circumstances in the home were immediately deemed suspicious, according to the Chicago Tribune. The bodies of the… Read more »

Forest Service: Bear Selfies Could Force Park Closure

Forest Service workers warn visitors to stop taking bear selfies

Most people realize that getting close to a huge, wild animal while it is feeding isn’t such a great idea, but apparently some people need to be told by the Forest Service that taking a selfie with a bear just might be dangerous. Visitors have been taking selfies with the bears that feed on the… Read more »

Purdue University Shooter Cody Cousins Found Dead In Prison Cell

Purdue University Shooter Cody Cousins

Convicted Purdue University shooter Cody Cousins, 24, was reportedly found dead in his prison cell at Indiana State Prison. According to the Chicago Tribune, Cousins was found unresponsive Tuesday night. Indiana State Prison Superintendent Ron Neal said in a statement that Cousins was discovered unresponsive in his cell during a routine check. He was found… Read more »

12,000-Light Halloween Home Back In Business [Video]

Halloween Display

A 12,000-light Halloween home was recently shut down by authorities in Riverside, California. Although the display will be moved to another location, a block party permit will allow the show to go on. The synchronized lights and music delighted the Riverside, California, community. However, authorities said the homeowner went to far. Kevin Judd was cited… Read more »

Mother Drinks While Kids Trick-Or-Treat, Son Has Her Busted For Driving Drunk

A mom was arrested while driving drunk to take her children home after trick or treat

A Wisconsin teen called police to report his mother on Sunday when she drove intoxicated to take them home after trick-or-treat. According to Fox6Now, The 41-year old Pewaukee mother, Cindy Wadd, apparently decided to treat herself while her kids were out Sunday evening trick-or-treating. After they were done, she left to drive her three children,… Read more »

‘Selling U.S. Citizenship’ Now Possible At American Fertility Clinics

surrogate mother citizenship

Fertility clinics will now be allowed to “sell U.S. citizenship” to foreign parents who have never even stepped foot on American soil. The citizenship regulations ushered in by the Obama administration altered the definition of the term “mother” to include surrogates who enter into a contract with any part in order to bring the other… Read more »