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Florida Woman Drowns Puppy In Airport Rest Room, Nebraska Police Say

cynthia anderson

Florida woman Cynthia Anderson was arrested for drowning a puppy in an airport rest room in Nebraska. After being released on bail, Anderson, 56, was arrested once again when local authorities discovered an outstanding felony theft warrant issued for her in Florida. Cynthia Anderson allegedly drowned her two-week-old puppy after being told she could not… Read more »

Heather Elvis Suspects Granted Bond After Lack Of Evidence Revealed

Where is Heather Elvis?

Missing woman Heather Elvis vanished over a year ago, and even though she hasn’t been found, officials in Horry County, South Carolina believe that Tammy and Sidney Moorer are behind her disappearance. That’s why the couple have been jailed for nearly a year themselves while the prosecution has refused to share the evidence they have… Read more »

John Kerry Fined $50 For Not Shoveling His Snow


John Kerry has been fined by the city of Boston for not shoveling the snow in front of his house. The United States Secretary of State received the fine shortly after city officials noticed that the Pinckney Street sidewalk of his Beacon Hill mansion had been clogged with snow, following the intense blizzard that hit… Read more »

Musician Stevie Wonder Attacks Obama’s ‘Racist’ Critics At Funeral Eulogy

Barack Obama, Stevie Wonder

Legendary musician Stevie Wonder has hijacked the funeral eulogy for gospel singer Andraé Crouch, to launch an extraordinary attack on President Obama’s critics. According to Fox411, Stevie Wonder was one of many high-profile performers at gospel legend Andraé Crouch‘s funeral in Los Angeles on Jan 21. According to Breitbart News, some funeral attendees were surprised… Read more »

Texas Executes Mentally Impaired Inmate With IQ Of 67

Robert Ladd has been executed.

The state of Texas has executed another man, but this is making headlines because of the inmate in question. Robert Ladd, 57, was convicted of brutally murdering a woman while he was on parole after already committing a triple murder. He left a lot of bodies in his wake over the course of his near… Read more »