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The Famous Beluga Whale Nanuq Dies At SeaWorld Orlando While On Loan

Nanuq beluga whale

The famous beluga whale, Nanuq, has died at SeaWorld Orlando. Nanuq was part of the Wild Arctic attraction and the “Beluga Interaction Program.” The beluga whale died on Friday while being treated for a fractured jaw sustained from an “interaction between two animals.” SeaWorld Orlando made the announcement on Friday afternoon via the company’s official… Read more »

Cold Case: Man Charged In 1974 Death Of Childhood Friend

Man arrested 40 years later for death of his childhood friend

The 1974 death of a Pennsylvania boy has finally been solved thanks to modern technology, leading to the arrest of Joseph Leos for killing his childhood friend. John David Watson, Jr. was found on a neighbor’s property with a bullet in the back of his head in May of 1974 after riding his bike to… Read more »