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Thousands Of German Protesters To U.S. GMO Ag: ‘We’re Fed Up!’

Tens of thousands of protesters march against GMO's in Berlin.

A massive march occurred in Germany protesting GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and other harmful farming practices from the United States yesterday. The massive march in Berlin saw over 50,000 protesters and included participation from over 120 different organizations including farmers, ethical consumers, and activists who want to send a message loud and clear that they… Read more »

Bonnie And Clyde 2015: Fugitive Teens Caught In Florida

Dalton Hayes has been arrested in Florida.

Dubbed as Kentucky’s Bonnie and Clyde, fugitive teens Dalton Hayes, 18, and Cheyenne Phillips, 13, have finally been arrested after a 14-day-manhunt. New York Daily News reports that the two teens were apprehended early Sunday in Panama City, Florida, after the duo had managed to elude capture for over two weeks. Interestingly enough, the two… Read more »

Second Amendment Education Act Would Include Curriculum Written By The NRA

Second Amendment Education Act would teach about gun laws 3 weeks per year.

The Second Amendment Education Act is a response to zero-tolerance laws that have punished children for such gun-related references as breakfast-pastry-shapes and fictional stories about shooting dinosaurs. South Carolina legislator Alan Clemmons proposed that, to counter-balance such extremes, schools needed to ensure that children knew about the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While most… Read more »

Car Tire Smashes Through Windshield, YouTube Video Goes Viral [Video]

Tire Smashes Thru Car window

There is a new YouTube going totally viral, called “Car Tire Smashes Through Windshield,” which has received more 1.3 million views on the YouTube account of Andrew Sukhdeo, after being uploaded to the YouTube account on January 14. In the video, viewers have the point-of-view of the driver, and can hear rap music in the… Read more »

Google’s Driverless Car Is On The Horizon, Could Be Ready In Just 5 Years

In 2015, Google's Self-Driving Driverless Car Project Fully Functional Ready To Hit California Roads

Google’s self-driving vehicle has made it to the epicenter of the auto industry as parts suppliers in Michigan, Livonia, based Roush Industries Inc., has signed a contract to supply parts for the concept vehicle. According to Valley News, the driverless Google vehicle is scheduled for testing in the spring at California Google facilities. The prototypes… Read more »

Homeless Man Sleeping Near California Beach Set On Fire By Three Men

Homeless man set on fire

A homeless man fast asleep inside a sleeping bag at Ventura Beach California was set on fire by three men in the wee hours of Saturday, reports KTLA. The homeless man, who has been identified as 58-year-old John Frazier, was grievously injured in the attack and suffered second and third-degree burns. Frazier was saved by… Read more »

Rock Stars With Heart: Bon Jovi Pays It Forward

Photo courtesy of Thomas P. Costello/Asbury Park Press

One of the largest domestic problems facing our society is the inability of low-income and homeless families getting enough to eat, but the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen of Red Bank is ready to lend a hand where it can. This time, Jon Bon Jovi’s self-named charity is bringing hope to the Union Hose Fire… Read more »

Drug Smugglers Executed In Indonisia: Fears Grow For Bali Nine Ringleaders

Joko Widodo Indonesian president

Six drug smugglers have been executed by firing squad in Indonesia overnight. On Friday, it was reported in the Inquisitr that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had pleaded with Indonesian President Joko Widodo to spare the lives of two Australian men who had been sentenced to death for drug smuggling. Australian citizens and childhood friends… Read more »

Teen Crime Spree: Dalton Hayes, Cheyenne Phillips Arrested In Florida

Teen Crime Spree

The multi-state crime spree carried out by two Kentucky teens has finally come to an end. Dalton Hayes, 18 and Cheyenne Phillips, 13, both from Kentucky, were reportedly taken into police custody after a multi-state crime spree that stretched from Kentucky to Georgia, before finally ending in Panama City Beach, Florida. According to ABC News,… Read more »

Joe Biden: Shots Fired Near Home, Man Retained For Questioning

Joe Biden

Numerous gunshots were fired near Vice President Joe Biden’s home on Saturday night. TMZ reports that the gunshots were fired outside of Biden’s Delaware home around 8:25 p.m. According to the report, the shots were fired roughly 300 yards away from the perimeter established by the Secret Service. Robert Hoback, a spokesperson for the Secret… Read more »