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Carolina Butcher: Massive Crocodile Ancestor Discovered In North Carolina

crocodile ancestor found

The Carolina Butcher is a long-lost and massive relative of the crocodile. The new species of reptile found in North Carolina is believed to predate dinosaurs. The Carnufex carolinensis, or the Carolina Butcher, walked on its hind legs and was nine feet long. The crocodile ancestor’s bones were recently unearthed in an old quarry. The… Read more »

Cow Gives Birth To Four Calves In Texas

cow igives birth to four calves

A Texas cow gave birth to four calves, a very rare occurrence in the bovine world. Dora Rumsey-Barling and her husband, Jimmy Barling, said the four black calves, a heifer and three bulls, are all doing well, as is their proud milk cow momma. Dora Rumsey-Barling said the cow that gave birth to four calves… Read more »

Starbucks Morning Coffee With An Order Of #RaceTogether Debate To Go, Company Unveils Delivery Service Plans

Starbucks Announces Delivery Service In Seattle And NYC

Starbucks has been desperately trying to explain itself following Monday’s printed release of its full-page “Race Together” ad campaign in the national press, which aims to promote discussions on racism between America’s coffee-drinking citizens. The Internet is united in despising Starbucks' #RaceTogether campaign: — Adweek (@Adweek) March 19, 2015 Reading, “Shall We Overcome?”,… Read more »

Utah High School’s Bake Sale For Gender Equality Stirs Things Up

gender equality bake sale

In Sandy, Utah a bake sale at Jordan High School has stirred up some controversy The bake sale was held by the high school’s Young Democrats club. Surprisingly, the issue causing the controversy is the long debated one of gender equality, equal pay for equal work, reports Good4Utah. At this bake sale 2 chocolate chip… Read more »

California Imposes New Water Restrictions To Save Drought-Parched State

California enacts water restrictions

Officials in California imposed a number of water regulations on local agencies across the state Tuesday and threatened tougher measures in an effort to save the drought-parched state. The State Water Resources Control Board mandated drought parched California cities limit the number of days residents can water their lawns and also prohibited landscape irrigation for… Read more »

Illegal Butt Injection Horror: Suspects Used Super Glue And Cotton Balls

These suspects are accused of giving illegal butt injections.

Illegal butt injections can kill, which has been proven by a handful of cases over the past couple of years. However, that hasn’t stopped people from seeking the illegal procedures due to the affordability — and with demand, comes supply. These procedures are close to never performed under any enforced medical guidelines, and the people… Read more »

Teenager Stabs Man In The Heart For Spilling Coffee On Him

James McLamb and Anthony Muralles

A Connecticut man was fatally stabbed in the chest after accidentally spilling his McDonald’s coffee near a 15-year-old boy. Even after apologizing, 52-year-old Antonio Muralles was stomped on and stabbed in the heart multiple times. According to the Huffington Post, the teenage boy, Marquest Hall, was with another young man named James McLamb, 22, when… Read more »

Barbara Witt: Teen Presumed Kidnapped By Wanted Murder Suspect

Where is Barbara Witt?

Authorities in Georgia are looking for Barbara “Maegan” Witt, a 19-year-old girl who may be in the company of a wanted murder suspect. An NBC News affiliate reports that her loved ones last heard from her on Saturday, which was through a snarky text message she had sent her mother. Cassie Witt says that she’d… Read more »