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Brothers Grimm Restored To Include Original Blood And Gore

Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm stories were restored to their original, and uncut, glory. Although the German brothers are known for inventing the fairy tale, much of their original work was lost in translation. Their original collection, published in 1812, was titled Children’s and Household Tales. Although the title contained the word “children,” the folklore collection was… Read more »

Man Sexually Molested In Hospital Bed Films Attack [Graphic Video]

Sexually Molested Patient Films Experience In Shocking Video

A sexually molested male patient has released the shocking video of an emergency room technician allegedly taking advantage of him while he was in his hospital bed. The patient, who did not wish to reveal his identity but whom the New York Daily News reveals as being a 38-year-old male, claimed that he went in… Read more »

Thich Nhat Hanh Recovery Possible

Recovery Possible for Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh

Well known Buddhist monk and teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, remains hospitalized after suffering a severe brain hemorrhage Tuesday. The 88-year-old Zen master who has been influencing people’s lives since the Vietnam War era is receiving around the clock care at a hospital in western France. Despite the severity of the brain hemorrhage and his advanced… Read more »

Walmart Strike: Sit-Down Protest Marks First In Company’s History

Walmart strike marks first sit-down protest in company's history

A Walmart strike has begun in Los Angeles, marking the first sit-down strike in the company’s history. At just after midnight yesterday morning, workers throughout the store sat down next to registers and store shelves and put tape over their mouths. Some even held up signs parodying the company’s slogan to show the company they’ve… Read more »

Ferguson Billboard To Read #PantsUPDontLOOT — Who’s Behind It?

A Ferguson billboard is proposed to read #PantsUPDontLOOT

A Ferguson billboard will soon bear the hashtag #PantsUPDontLOOT, if the contributors and organizers of an online campaign have their way. It’s a response to the hashtag protesters have been using, #HandsUpDontShoot, and it highlights the racial tensions in Ferguson. The IndieGogo campaign has raised 86 percent of its goal in less than three weeks,… Read more »

Hong Kong Protesters May Not Be Allowed In Beijing

Hong Kong protesters are looking to travel to Beijing, but may not make it.

Pro-democracy protests have been going on in Hong Kong since September. The protest movement, called Occupy Central, is demanding free elections. According to Reuters, Alex Chow, Eason Chung, and Nathan Law from the Hong Kong Federation of Students, one of the groups leading the protests, have announced their intent to ask China’s leaders, directly, to… Read more »

Yishan Wong Resigns From Reddit Over Office Space?

Yishan Wong confirms he left Reddit over office space, but insists there's more to the story.

Reddit, a popular website hosting many different themed discussion forums, has lost its CEO, Yishan Wong. Yishan Wong resigned on Thursday after two and a half years. Ellen Pao, the business and partnership strategist for Reddit, will be taking over the position temporarily. There’s a possibility that Alexis Ohanian, one of the site’s founders, will… Read more »

Vegan Mom Gets George Zimmerman’s Attorney

Sarah Markham faces child neglect charges and does not have custody of her child.

A Florida mom’s strict vegan diet allegedly left her newborn grossly underweight and now her story is the target for intense scrutiny. The Huffington Post reports that Sarah Markham faces criminal charges associated with the neglect of her very young infant, but her attorney says that Florida authorities and CPS workers have violated her rights… Read more »

79-Year-Old North Carolina Hunter Takes Down 782 Pound Black Bear

North Carolina black bear hunted down

Hunters from across the United States are congratulating 79-year-old Thomas Capps from Richmond, North Carolina after he hunted down a huge black bear earlier on Monday, reports WTVR. The bear, which also happens to be the second largest bear to have ever been killed by a hunter in the state of North Carolina, weighed in… Read more »

Delta Air Lines Loses Passenger’s Dog

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is accused of losing a passenger’s dog. Frank Romano said Ty the pit bull has been missing for nearly two weeks. Although Delta admits the dog was booked on a flight from Los Angeles, California, to Tampa, Florida, they are unsure when or where he went missing. Romano was originally told that… Read more »

Cake Boss Star Buddy Valastro Arrested For DWI

Cake Boss arrested

Cake Boss’ TLC star Buddy Valastro was recently arrested while driving in Manhattan. Valastro, who’s known for his famous cakes and master fondant decorations, was driving drunk when cops spotted the baker swerving in a yellow Corvette. According to Page Six, a source from law enforcement said Buddy was “driving erratically” near West 20th street… Read more »