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Fukushima: Radiation Is Reportedly Affecting Plants And Animals

Genetic Mutation Radiation

Scientists believe Fukushima radiation levels have affected numerous plants and animals throughout the region. In a recent study, researchers noted genetic mutations in monkeys, birds, insects, and several plants, in and near Fukushima, Japan. U.S. and Japanese scientists agree the mutations were likely caused by radiation — which was released in the March 2011 disaster…. Read more »

Missouri Senator Drops F-Bomb On Governor Jay Nixon Over Handling Of Ferguson Riots

mike brown

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal dropped the F-bomb and several other expletives on Governor Jay Nixon over his handling of the Ferguson riots and the Michael Brown shooting. While some understood Senator Chappelle-Nadel’s frustration, many others consider tweeting curse words shows a distinct lack of professional and couth. Both Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Missouri Governor Jay… Read more »

Community Health Systems Hacked: 4.5 Million Patient Files Breached

Healthcare Data Breach

Community Health Systems was the target of a massive cyber attack, which reportedly originated in China. Officials confirmed 4.5 million patient files were compromised in the data breach. Forensic analysts with Mandiant said the attack was consistent with a known group of Chinese hackers. However, the analysts did not reveal the group’s identity. Community Health… Read more »

Michael Brown Toxicology Report Allegedly Says Teen Was Smoking Marijuana

ferguson riots

Michael Brown’s toxicology report allegedly indicates that the teen fatally shot by Ferguson police office Darren Wilson had marijuana in his system. A Washington Post report citing an individual “familiar with the county’s investigation” said local medical examiner Mary Case found the 18-year-old had recently been smoking pot. The St. Louis County medical examiner’s Michael… Read more »

Open Carry Marches Should Be Stopped, Texas Democrat Says

second amendment

Open carry and gun rights marches “need to end” according to Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee. Lee, the Representative from Houston, drew mocking comments earlier this year when she referenced the Constitution as being 400 years old. The gun control advocate stated at a weekend event that a gun rights group need not bother attempting… Read more »

Superweeds Winning The Battle Against Farmers


Farmers are losing their battle against superweeds. Glyphosate pesticides created by biotech giants like Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Bayer, and Sygenta appear to no longer be effective against the rapidly growing and extremely tall weeds. When farmers are forced to apply more chemical pesticides and herbicides to their fields, the cost of produce can skyrocket as… Read more »

Katharine McPhee Pulls A Kaley Cuoco, Is Accused Of Cheating And Lying

Katharine McPhee Pulls A Kaley Cuoco

Katharine McPhee appears to be dating Elyes Gabel, her cute, curly-haired costar in the upcoming CBS series Scorpion. So how is Katharine pulling a Kaley Cuoco? In Scorpion, McPhee plays a waitress who befriends a geeky genius and his equally-nerdy group of friends. Does this plot sound familiar yet? It appears as though CBS is… Read more »

1,000 Pound Alligator: 15-Foot Gator in Alabama a Record-Breaker

15 foot gator caught in Alabama

Officials say a 1,000 pound alligator caught by hunters in Alabama over the weekend is a record-breaker. Biologists with Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries weighed a 15-foot gator that was captured and killed by John and Mandy Stokes, Kevin Jenkins and his children, Parker, 14, and Savannah, 16, during alligator hunting season in the state, wrote… Read more »

Rick Perry: Mugshot Not Happening Any Time Soon

texas governor

Rick Perry was expected to turn himself in and pose for the required mugshot as early as today, but the judge involved in the case decided against ordering an arrest warrant for the Texas Governor. Perry would not have had to spend any time behind bars, but was prepared to follow the formal surrender process… Read more »

Michael Brown: Family Holds Press Conference To Discuss Autopsy


Michael Brown’s family held a press conference on Monday morning. The news gathering occurred just a few hours after leaked details of Brown’s autopsy began circulating. As previously noted by The Inquisitr, the teenager was reportedly shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Dr. Michael Baden said all of the gunshots fired by… Read more »

NY Subway Stabbing: Suspect Claims Self-Defense

Ivan DeLeon

More details are emerging in the NY subway stabbing that left three people seriously injured. Ivan DeLeon, age 38, is accused of stabbing three men in New York’s Grand Central Station. Although witnesses said DeLeon was clearly in a drunken rage, his attorney claims he was acting in self-defense. At approximately 12:00 am on Saturday… Read more »

Park Ranger Beaten By Skateboarder While Crowd Laughs

philadelphia park ranger

A Philadelphia park ranger was beaten by a skateboarder while a seemingly approving crowd laughed. The Love Park ranger attack was caught on video. The man is shown on the ground being kicked and spit upon as people gathered around and merely chuckled and cheered, declining to stop the beating and help the injured park… Read more »

Julian Assange Leaving Ecuadorian Embassy In London “Soon”

Assange will leave the Ecuadorian embassy to seek medical treatment

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange is a notorious figure even now, two years after he disappeared through the doors of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He’s been living inside the building ever since, granted diplomatic immunity by Ecuador in August 2012. Today, after two years of self-imposed imprisonment, he met with the press to announce that… Read more »

High School Football Player Dies After Drinking Four Gallons of Fluid

GA High School Football Player

A Georgia high school football player with a bright future ahead recently suffered a shocking, untimely death. Zyrees Oliver reportedly died due to over-hydration. Late Sunday evening, his family was forced to take him off of the ventilator. The 17-year-old Douglas County High School student reportedly drank four gallons of fluid – two gallons of… Read more »

Arkansas Train Crash Kills Two, NTSB Investigates Head-On Collision

head-on train crash

An Arkansas train crash left two dead and two injured. Authorities confirmed two Union Pacific freight trains collided head-on at approximately 2:30 am Sunday morning. As the trains burst into flames, nearly 500 Lawrence County families were forced to evacuate their homes. Authorities confirmed the fire burned for approximately seven hours. Several roads including Highway… Read more »