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Yellowstone Earthquake Will Not Cause Volcanic Eruption

yellowstone earthquake - no volcano

Early Sunday Yellowstone National Park experienced a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, the strongest earthquake to strike inside the national park’s limits in 34 years. Scientists say there is no cause for concern regarding the earthquake and possible volcanic eruptions at Yellowstone Caldera, one of the world’s super-volcanoes located at Yellowstone National Park. The 4.8 quake was… Read more »

Michael Lewis: Wall Street Is Cheating The System With Computers

Michael Lewis: Wall Street Is Cheating The System With Computers

Michael Lewis claims Wall Street has the system rigged and is ripping off investors with the way the computerized trading systems are designed. In a related report by The Inquisitr, ironically enough the movie The Wolf On Wall Street inspired people to look into becoming stockbrokers based upon the extravagant lifestyle the characters were able… Read more »

Sex Between Divorcing Couples Banned In Massachusetts Soon?

Sex Between Divorcing Couples Banned In Massachusetts Soon

Sex between divorcing couples may be banned in Massachusetts soon if a bill manages to pass the legislature. In a related report by The Inquisitr, one man stabbed his wife after she refused sex and demanded a divorce. The law was originally proposed back in 2013 but it’s slowly making its way through the legislative… Read more »

Yellowstone Hit By Strongest Earthquake In 29 Years

Strongest Earthquake in 29 years hits Yellowstone.

Sunday morning, Yellowstone National Park woke up to its strongest earthquake in 29 years. Registering a magnitude 4.8, the earthquake struck at 6:34 am MDT with an epicenter 4 miles north-northwest of the Norris Geyser Basin, according to Peter Cervelli of The US Geological Survey. It was the largest quake since a similar 4.8 tremor… Read more »

Kabul Burqa Attacks: Militants Disguised As Woman Attack IEC Headquarters

Kabul burqa attacks

Members of the Taliban attacked the main election commission, situated in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday disguised as woman wearing full burquas. The violent attack, which is the third of its type in just five days, took place at the heavily fortified Independent Election Commission’s headquarters on the eastern edge of Kabul ahead of national elections… Read more »

Turkey Bans YouTube

Turkey Prime Minister

Turkey banned YouTube Thursday just days after banning the social networking ...

Brewery Creates ‘Walking Dead’ Beer Made With Goat Brains

The Walking Dead beer made by Philadelphia brewing co.

A Philadelphia brewer has created a Walking Dead-inspired beer in honor of tonight’s season 4 finale of the AMC TV mega hit. Containing goat brains, “Walker Beer” is perhaps the “smartest beer you’ll ever drink” according to Dock Street Brewing Co. where a viewing party for tonight’s The Walking Dead season-ender will be held. In… Read more »

Black Box Data Streaming Could Have Solved Malaysia Plane Mystery

Black box data

If black box data from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had been streamed live while the plane was in flight the mystery of what happened to the missing Boeing 777-200 would probably have been solved long ago. But even though the technology has existed to live stream black box data for more than a decade, airlines… Read more »

Afghan Voting Under Siege: Taliban Attacks Election Headquarters Again

Afghan voting Taliban attacks

Afghan voting scheduled for April 5 is coming with a heavy price, as Taliban insurgents who have sworn to thwart the upcoming elections waged the latest in a flurry of attacks against election officials and others Saturday, storming the Independent Election Commission compound on the outskirts of Kabul. No commission members or staff were badly… Read more »

Los Angeles Earthquake: Another Giant Quake Could Be On The Way

Los Angeles Earthquake

A Los Angeles earthquake that struck the city on Friday may have been the precursor to a giant quake, scientists warned. The 5.1 magnitude quake that struck on Friday caused scattered damage around Los Angeles, closing down Disneyland briefly and stretching as far as San Diego. The initial Los Angeles earthquake was followed by more… Read more »

Grenade Found On Street in Long Island

Grenade removed from NY street

ABC News reports that Nassau County police found and removed a grenade from a street in South Farmingdale, NY yesterday afternoon. The grenade, which still had the safety pin in place, was spotted by a pedestrian around approximately 12:15 pm Friday on Hessier Lane near the curb and a Long Island Rail Road overpass. The… Read more »

U.C. Santa Barbara Drowning: Water Polo Player Dies In Pool Swimming Laps

Santa Barbara Water Polo PLayer Nick Johnson

In Santa Barbara, a 19-year-old water polo player and active lifeguard has died by drowning. But what happened to Nick Johnson that caused him to succumb while simply swimming laps in an ordinary pool alongside the Santa Barbara High School swim team? The initial coroner’s report gave the cause of death as “accidental drowning,” a… Read more »

Elton John Celebrates Legalization of Gay Marriage In UK

Elton John and David Furnish

Music phenom Elton John, known for such classics as Rocket Man, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues, to name a few, has a new reason to celebrate. The UK has recently legalized gay marriage, allowing same-sex couples such as Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, the… Read more »

Ray Rice Weds Fiancée Day After Indictment For Knocking Her Out Cold

Ray Rice and Janay Palmer

Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens All Pro running back, on Thursday learned that he faced up to five years in prison on a third-degree aggravated assault charge stemming from a February 15 incident in an Atlantic City casino, when he allegedly kocked his fiancée, Janay Palmer, out cold and dragged her limp body from an… Read more »

Chris Christie Appointment David Samson Resigns In Wake Of Bridgegate

Another Chris Christie aide has resigned

Another member of Chris Christie’s administration has resigned as a direct result of his New Jersey scandal commonly known as “Bridgegate.” Christie appointee to chair the Port Authority in New Jersey, David Samson has officially resigned his position according to ABC News. Samson was the head of an agency that oversees the George Washington bridge,… Read more »