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Michael Dukakis Testifies For Defense In Boston Marathon Bomber Trial


Former Massachusetts governor and controversial presidential candidate Michael Dukakis testified for the defense in a trial related to the Boston Bombing. Dukakis, testifying on behalf of accused collaborator Robel Phillipos, was called by the defense as a character witness for the young man. Dukakis says he is a close friend of the boy’s family and… Read more »

Gas Prices Continue To Drop Across America, But Why?

Gas Prices Dropping

Local sources in Virginia and Minnesota are both reporting gasoline under $3 a gallon. Although it’s great news for drivers, it could be a sign of a shifting worldwide energy market, and possible future political instability. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average retail price for gas has dropped 15 percent since late June…. Read more »

GMO Grass Poses Threat To Livestock, Some Environmental Researchers Claim


Scotts Roundup Ready Kentucky Bluegrass GMO grass was designed to withstand “massive amounts” of Roundup Ready herbicide manufactured by biotech giant Monsanto. Since Monsanto’s Roundup Ready kills every growing thing that has not been genetically engineered to withstand the chemicals, natural lawns and alfalfa growing to feed livestock, could be in jeopardy, according to Natural… Read more »

Ebola Hearings: Travel Restrictions Debated


The Ebola crisis was the focus of a House Energy and Commerce Oversight Subcommittee in Congress on Thursday. Some lawmakers noted they were glad that President Barack Obama had opted to leave the campaign trail and remain in Washington, D.C. to “focus on the crisis.” The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) handling of the Ebola… Read more »

Kate Middleton Thinks There’s A Spy In The Palace Leaking Royal Secrets

Kate Middleton home

Kate Middleton seems to be in the news headlines daily at the moment, mainly surrounding the extreme morning sickness she has been suffering from during her current pregnancy. But while the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t been seen in the public eye even once for over two months, having been forced to cancel numerous public engagements… Read more »

Ebola Fears Close Schools In Ohio And Texas


Ebola fears prompted the closure of multiple schools in Ohio and Texas. Classes were canceled on Thursday because some staff members and students within the district might have come into contact with an Ebola patient. Solon City School District and Parkside Elementary School in northern Ohio decided to close today because a middle school teacher… Read more »

Tennessee Woman Jailed For Neglecting Yard Work

Neglected Yard

A Tennessee woman was jailed for neglecting her yard work. Karen Holloway was initially sentenced to five days in jail. However, Judge Terry Vann later reduced the sentence to six hours. Although Holloway served her time, she believes the punishment was specifically harsh. Authorities confirmed Holloway was warned on numerous occasions. As the unkempt lawn… Read more »