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Oklahoma Middle School Teacher Charged With Rape After Being Caught In A Hotel Room With A 15-Year-Old Student

Jennifer Caswell

On Friday, August 22 an Oklahoma-based middle school teacher turned herself in to authorities after being charged with the rape of a 15-year-old boy. According to The Huffington Post, 28-year-old Jennifer Caswell-Sexton reportedly followed the 15-year-old boy approximately 650 miles to Mississippi back in June. Although he was reportedly on vacation with family, she was… Read more »

Ariana Grande Teases New Ballad Before Taking The Stage At MTV VMAs

Ariana Grande Drops New Tracks MTV VMA Awards

Ariana Grande, the next princess of pop music, teased fans just 24 hours before she’s set to take the stage at the MTV VMAs. Grande debuted a clip of “Only You,” a romantic R&B-laced ballad sure to melt hearts across the country. According to, “the romantic, R&B-tipped track features the “Baby I” songstress swooning… Read more »

6.0 Earthquake Rocks San Francisco Bay Area [Breaking]


A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit the greater San Francisco Bay Area overnight on Saturday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The earthquake, which hit near American Canyon in Napa County at 3:20 a.m., was only about 40 miles northeast of San Francisco. Nearby cities include that felt the earthquake included Napa and Sonoma, renowned for… Read more »

Sylvester Stallone Joins Hollywood Hotshots In Denouncing Hamas

silverman stallone rogan protest against hamas

Hollywood might be more pro-Israel than you think. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, and Minnie Driver are just a few of the many Hollywood moguls who have signed a letter calling for peace in the Middle East and an end to Hamas’ “ideology of hatred and genocide.” Stallone rarely makes political statements,… Read more »

West Coast Invasion Of Jellyfish-Like Creatures

Jellyfish-like creatures have been washing ashore all along the North American West Coast.

Jellyfish-like creatures have been washing up on the west coast shores of North America all summer. It started in Washington and Oregon, billions of small creatures began washing up on the beaches. They could easily be mistaken for jellyfish, but they are actually called “by-the-wind sailors” or “Velella velella.” “The scientific name is Velella velella,”… Read more »

James Foley Killer Identified? Reports Finger London Rapper L Jinny

James Foley Killer: Has He Been Identified?

The James Foley killer was previously said to be a British national judging by his accent from the horrifying ISIS beheading video of the journalist released earlier this week. But until Friday, that was all we knew about him. Now authorities are said to be investigating London rapper L Jinny (real name: Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary)… Read more »

Animals As Victims Law: Do Harsher Punishments Go Too Far?

Animals As Victims Law: Should It Have Passed?

A new animals as victims law will increase the level of punishment for animal abusers by affording the same rights and protections to mistreated dogs, cats, horses, etc., as what is given to a human crime victim. The Oregon Supreme Court reached their decision this week, according to The Dodo. From the report: The Oregon… Read more »

Martha Carolyn Dreher: Arsonist Babysitter Burns House Over ‘Bad’ Kids

Martha Carolyn Dreher Arrested

Martha Carolyn Dreher allegedly set a house aflame early this month and was arrested on arson charges. And the reason the babysitter burned down her employer’s Texas home will shock you: she had a beef with the man’s pre-teen girls over their disrespectful behavior. Dreher, 57, was arrested Thursday for allegedly torching the home of… Read more »

Headquarters For Terrorist Organization ISIS Is In Washington D.C.?!


If you’ve been keeping up with the Middle East, ISIS shouldn’t only just the only thing you keep up with. Based on what news outlets have reported, most people would be outraged by the actions of the extremist militants. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on the atrocities the terrorist organization has committed which includes… Read more »