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Maryland Firefighters Rescue Puppy Stuck Inside Pipe For Seven Hours

Puppy rescue by Montgomery County Firefighters

Firefighters from Montgomery County became the saviors of a 9-week-old puppy that fell into a small six-inch pipe. According to NBC Washington, the puppy, a Pomeranian, accidentally fell into the small pipe buried about 12 feet underground at a property located near Blair High School in Silver Spring. The puppy remained stuck there for over… Read more »

Free Reconstructive Surgeries For Acid Attack Victims: India’s Apex Court Orders Medical And Monetary Support

Free Reconstructive Surgeries To Acid Attack Victims

India’s apex court, called Supreme Court of India, has ordered free reconstructive surgeries apart from monetary and medical support for “acid attack” victims. Those disfigured by chemical assaults, commonly referred to as “acid attacks,” will now be entitled to state subsidized facial reconstructive surgeries. Apart from the plastic surgery “wherever required,” these victims — most… Read more »

Barack Obama Fighting Two-Front War At Home

Barack Obama Fighting Two Front War

Barack Obama certainly isn’t wending his way towards the end of his Presidency quietly. Instead, Barack Obama is fighting a kind of war on two different fronts: a Republican Congress and a court system. The president is fighting the Republicans in regards to his attorney general nominee, Loretta Lynch. When it comes to the courts,… Read more »

Seagulls Brutally Attack People And Terrorize Communities

Seagulls Attacking People

Seagulls have terrorized and attacked people in ways similar to scenes taken straight out of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds. Assaults on local citizens and tourists are to the point where people are forced to stay home, as well as wear protective gear when venturing outside of their homes. Take 70-year-old Margaret Robertson, for example…. Read more »