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Kayla Mueller’s Family Shares Her Last Letter Home

ISIS Hostage

Kayla Mueller’s family is still mourning a tremendous loss. However, during their first interview since Kayla’s death, Carl and Marsha Mueller shared their daughter’s last letter home. Although the letter is heartbreaking, it highlights Kayla’s strength, devotion, and faith. With a passion for human rights, the young woman traveled the world volunteering for humanitarian organizations…. Read more »

Deadly Superbug Moves From California To East Coast


They call it a “superbug” because of its ultra resistance to antibiotics. It has taken the lives of two people in California, and now the same strain has claimed the life of a third victim in North Carolina. The official name of the superbug is carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE. According to Kevin McCarthy, a spokesman… Read more »

David Cameron Suspends Rifkind After ‘Cash-For-Access’ Allegations


UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has officially announced that the Conservative Party will be suspending Sir Malcolm Rifkind after a sting operation showed him engaging in a ‘cash-for-access‘ scandal, the BBC reports. Along with former foreign secretary Jack Straw, Rifkind has been secretly filmed offering his services to a private client, breaching parliamentary code of… Read more »

Greece: Deadline For Bailout Plan Looms Large

Flag of Greece

Greece is due to submit a list of proposed reforms to its debt inspectors by Monday night to get final approval for an extension to its rescue loans. The government and its creditors agreed on Friday to extend the country’s rescue loans by four months. In return, Greece would have to commit to a series… Read more »

Edward Snowden Releases Statement After Oscar Win for ‘Citizenfour’ Documentary

Edward Snowden from 'Citizenfour', the documentary following the NSA wiretapping scandal

Citizenfour, the film following whistleblower Edward Snowden’s leak of the NSA’s domestic spying network won the Oscar on Sunday for best documentary and upon the award, Snowden himself released a statement congratulating filmmaker Laura Poitras. Snowden released the statement to the Civil Liberties Union, the organization representing him. in the statement, Snowden calls Citizenfour a… Read more »

Oscars 2015 Results – Lights, Camera, Winners

J. K. Simmons, Patricia Arquette, Julianne Moore, and Eddie Redmayne take home the Oscars 2015

The crème de la crème of Hollywood attended the Oscars 2015 last night, ascending the stairway of the stars at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles along 500 feet of red carpet only the select get to tread. Neil Patrick Harris mocks the #Oscars2015 for being so white — The Independent (@Independent) February… Read more »

Rami The Odd Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Gains ‘Ambassador’ Status


Pit bulls rarely attract much attention, besides maybe some apprehension, due to various misconceptions. However, when a pit bull mated with a Dachshund, heads began turning and the newly created creature went viral. The Pit bull-Dachshund mix named Rami, hailing from the deep south of South Georgia, has become something of an internet celebrity. He… Read more »

Do Marijuana Vaporizers Offer A ‘Healthier’ High?

Is marijuana vaping safer and healthier than smoking a joint?

With marijuana being legalized in more states, it was only a matter of time before vaporizers, or e-cigarettes, began to be used to smoke pot. In a review of marijuana vaporizers, the Wall Street Cheat Sheet noted that the rise in e-cigarettes and vaporizers used for smoking nicotine — or “vaping” — in the past… Read more »