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Graco Recall: Strollers Pose Amputation Risk

Stroller Recall

Graco has announced the recall of five million strollers. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed at least 11 children were injured on the strollers’ hinges. As a result, at least six children lost a finger. The recall includes Aspen, Breeze, Capri, Cirrus, Glider, Kite, LiteRider, Sierra, Solara, Sterling, TravelMate, and Travel Systems. The… Read more »

Gunman Dead, 3 Wounded in Florida State University Shooting [UPDATED]

Gunman opens fire at  a Florida State University campus library full of students.

[UPDATE: Gunman has been identified as an FSU alumnus and local attorney, name not yet released.] The gunman in a Florida State University school shooting was been killed by Tallahassee police and at least three students were wounded in a late night scene of violence and chaos. Just after midnight, a gunman opened fire at… Read more »

Florida Man Kicked Out Of Planet Fitness For Wearing Pro-Life T-Shirt

Anti-Abortion Shirt

Mike Amoroso of Deltona, Florida, was reportedly kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym on two different occasions for wearing an anti-abortion shirt. Several gym patrons complained about his attire, insisting that it was offensive. Amoroso, who reportedly has a collection of pro-life shirts, is adamant about supporting the issue. But, apparently, everyone doesn’t find… Read more »

Ferguson Cop’s Warning To Fellow Officers: ‘If You Don’t Have A Gun, Get One’ Once Darren Wilson Verdict Comes In

Ferguson Cop

Law enforcement officials in Ferguson are on high alert in anticipation of potential riots and protests following the controversial verdict of former officer Darren Wilson. The grand jury’s decision, which is expected to be announced later this month, could potentially be disastrous if local citizens aren’t pleased with the outcome of the trial. Of course,… Read more »

Nations Meet In Rome For Global Nutrition Conference

Delegates from around the world meet to discuss the world's nutritional challenges at International Nutrition Conference.

Representatives from over 170 nations as well as the WHO (World Health Organization) gathered on Tuesday for the opening ceremonies of the Second International Conference on Nutrition in Rome. The nutrition conference is aimed at finding solutions to the pressing nutritional problems of the international community, where over half of the planet’s population is suffering… Read more »

Mom Arrested For Pimping Out 15-Year-Old Daughter Found Guilty

Yolanda Ostoloza

The Florida mother who decided to bring her 15-year-old daughter to New York City during Super Bowl week to pimp her out was found guilty as charged on Wednesday Daily News reports that 39-year-old Yolanda Ostoloza was convicted of endangering the welfare of a child, as well as promoting prostitution, by Justice Daniel Conviser on… Read more »

Jonathan Gruber, ‘Obamacare Architect,’ Gets Fired By Vermont

Jonathan Gruber Fired

Jonathan Gruber, the so-called “Obamacare architect” and consultant on implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obamacare), has had his contract terminated by the state of Vermont. The reason — those “stupidity of the American voter” comments that have made frequent appearances in the media as of late. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s spokesman Lawrence Miller… Read more »

Pizza Hut Reinvented: What Has Changed? What Has Stayed The Same?

Pizza Hut Reinvented: What Is New?

Pizza Hut is known as the place of ever expanding ideas to promote or make the next big pizza pie. From dinner and flix in the Middle East to stuffing bacon and cheese into pizza crusts. Then, bringing BookIT to adults and free pizzas to Fantasy football groups. Pizza Hut has sure been busy. Unfortunately,… Read more »

President Obama Launches Net Neutrality Petition Aimed At FCC

Net Neutrality Petition Aimed At FCC, Launched By President

A net neutrality petition has been launched by a very powerful source — the President of the United States. It’s no secret that President Obama opposes the end of net neutrality, and now he’s ready to let FCC head Tom Wheeler know in a formal fashion with the help of whoever’s willing to sign. By… Read more »

Dolphins Use Signature Whistles As Names, Researchers Discover

The whistles are similar to the way human beings use names, researchers assert.

Wild dolphins in Africa identify and address each other with unique signature whistles, researchers have discovered, in a process similar to the way human beings use names. The vast majority of research exploring how dolphins communicate has been conducted on animals in captivity, the Daily Mail reports. Those findings have revealed that each dolphin learns… Read more »

Walmart Sells PS4 Consoles For $90 In Price Matching Scam

Walmart sold PS4 consoles for $90 in an Amazon price matching scam

Savvy scammers found a way to take advantage of Walmart’s generous price matching policy after the retailer announced that they would also honor prices from select online stores. The Inquisitr reported Walmart’s announcement on November 13 that the retailer was expanding its price match policy to include not only Amazon, but other online retailers as… Read more »