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Military Hoverbikes Being Developed For U.S. Army

mally aeronautics

Military hoverbikes will soon be able to help American soldiers get to where they need to be far more quickly. The United States Army recently announced a partnership with Malloy Aeronautics to make the two-propeller heavy cargo-lifting hoverbikes. The hoverbikes can reportedly be used as “tiny helicopters.” The hybrid hoverbike prototype by Malloy Aeronautics reportedly… Read more »

McDonald’s Is Planning To Close Hundreds Of Restaurants

McDonald's In Serious Trouble

McDonald’s Corp. plans to close hundreds of U.S. restaurants. For the first time in more than 45 years, the world’s biggest hamburger chain plans to close more stores than it opens. According to a review of Security and Exchange Commission filings by McDonald’s, the Associated Press revealed the fast-food restaurant giant has not closed more… Read more »

NASCAR Releases Statement In Support Of Confederate Flag Removal From SC State Capitol


The political debate surrounding the Confederate flag has contributed to several companies’ decision to announce the discontinuance of Confederacy-inspired merchandise. Now, another notable business is speaking out in support of Gov. Nikki Haley’s stance where the flag is concerned. According to USA Today, NASCAR has released a statement supporting the removal of the Confederate flag… Read more »

Verda Byrd: Texas ‘Black’ Woman Discovers She’s White – After 70 Years

Verda Byrd

Verda Byrd is yet another white woman who identifies as African American. However, her story differs vastly from Rachel Dolezal’s because there’s a legitimate reason why she’s considered herself to be African American her entire life. Apparently, she never really knew otherwise – until now. The astonishing details about her childhood led to the shocking… Read more »

Florida Woman Punches Mom In Face Over Chicken And Biscuits

Kristin Howard fought her mom over chicken and biscuits

A Florida woman has been arrested after police say that she assaulted her mother during an argument over food. WFTV News 9 reports that Kristin Howard has been charged with domestic battery, and she didn’t even get to eat the chicken and biscuits that caused the entire ordeal. The incident reportedly took place on Friday… Read more »

Megyn Kelly Lands On The Cover Of ‘Variety’

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has gone from just a regular Fox News anchor to a superstar in just five years. If you need more proof, Variety put Mrs. Kelly on the cover of their magazine. It’s the latest coup for one of the most loved and hated female news anchors in cable television history. Variety notes that… Read more »

Baby In A Tube: Bizarre Viral Photo Leaves Internet Dumbfounded

Baby In A Tube

A recent picture going viral on the Internet has many wondering, why is that baby squished in a tube? Turns out, the answer isn’t as strange as you might think. The Huffington Post reports that this photo posted to reddit actually shows a baby getting an X-ray. Nevertheless, the image left Internet users dumbfounded, confused,… Read more »