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Gang-Related Violence South Of Seattle Results In 5 Shot

Five people were shot in Seattle Sunday morning.

The King County Sheriff’s office in Seattle, reports that five people were shot yesterday morning resulted in various levels of injury. The shooting took place in the suburbs just south of Seattle at roughly 3am on Sunday morning, nearby the former Club Afriq, a club with a past of violence. In 2008 and again in… Read more »

Crowd Catches Pregnant Woman Jumping From Burning Building [Video]

Pregnant woman jumps from building

An incredibly terrifying moment was captured on camera when a pregnant woman was forced to jump from a burning building. The video, which comes from Turkey captured the moment the women jumped from the second floor into the crowd as smoke came pouring out of a movie theater. The movie theater caught fire and the… Read more »

Nancy Pelosi Challenged To Tour Border By Disgruntled Arizona Ranchers

arizona ranchers

Nancy Pelosi was challenged to come tour the border by a group of ranchers who have grown extremely tired of the security threat and property damaged caused by illegal immigrants trespassing on their land. Two Arizona ranchers want Pelosi and the entire Congress to “wake up to the dangers” involved with the mounting illegal immigration… Read more »

Nancy Pelosi ‘Misspoke’ About Five Guys On The SCOTUS And Hobby Lobby

Nancy Pelosi On SCOTUS

“Misspoke” appears to be the political equivalent of the Southern “Bless Your Heart,” giving some politicians the cover to make inflammatory, and false, statements to the public with impunity. Nancy Pelosi recently “misspoke,” bless her heart. Much of the world interprets the phrase used by Southerners, “Bless Your Heart,” to mean that one can say… Read more »

Fox News Host Accused Nancy Pelosi Of Sexism

nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi was deemed guilty of sexism by Fox News host Megyn Kelly. In addition to being a top ratings getter on the cable news network, Kelly is also a licensed attorney. The sexism label was levied against the California Democrat after Pelosi said Americans should be “very afraid” of the U.S Supreme Court. The… Read more »

Rikers Island Officers Accused Of Abusing Mentally Ill Inmates

Prison Abuse

Rikers Island officers are accused of abusing mentally ill inmates. As detailed in an internal review, corrections officers “seriously injured” at least 129 inmates in a period of 11 months. A majority of those injured have been formally diagnosed as mentally ill. The review was ordered following the deaths of two inmates, who were both… Read more »

Border Patrol Worried About ‘OTMs’ Illegally Crossing The Border

secure the border

The United States Border Patrol is reportedly worried about “OTMs” crossing the border illegally into Mexico. The OTMs acronym stands for “Other than Mexican.” The more than 60,000 illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande River into the United States already this year has garnered national headlines for weeks, and propelled Texas Governor Rick Perry into… Read more »

Gun Control: Cleveland Law Would Strictly Limit Gun Buys And Create Registry

second amendment

Cleveland gun control laws will be perhaps the most strict in the United States if the city council approves Mayor Frank Jackson’s ordinance proposal. Cleveland recently celebrated the return of Lebron James and scored the Republican National Convention, a big economic boom to the northern Ohio town. But now the city is incurring backlash from… Read more »

Bowe Bergdahl May Return To Active Duty Today

bowe bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl is slated to return to active duty as early as today. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sergeant Bergdahl was held by the Taliban for five years and was recently exchanged for five Guantanamo detainees, sparking immense backlash in the process. Bergdahl will take a position at Army North headquarters in Fort Sam… Read more »

Another Amelia Earhart Completes Namesake’s Mission

Another Amelia Earhart Completes Flight

There is another Amelia Earhart taking to the skies these days, and she just completed the mission that her namesake originally tackled. This Amelia, who is 31, posted about her proud accomplishment via Twitter and many followed along with her hashtag “#flywithamelia.” The original Earhart, of course, went missing in 1937 as she attempted to… Read more »

Chicago Protesters Call Obama ‘Worst President’ And Cite Modern Day Slavery

illegal immigrants

Chicago protesters deem President Barack Obama the “worst president ever elected.” South Side black residents gathered over the weekend to register their disgust with President Obama. One black male protester said Bill Clinton was the “African-American president,” not Obama. The South Side Chicago protest was held in front of the city’s police department headquarters. The… Read more »

Can Children From Low-Income Families Get A Quality Education?


The short answer to the question posed in the headline is – possibly, but not always. According to Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post education reporter, it’s a matter of geography. She wrote that a study by the Southern Education Foundation had shown that a majority of students in public schools throughout the American South and… Read more »