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Trayvon Martin Comment Gets Woman Arrested For Threatening Kids

Trayvon Martin Comment Gets Woman Arrested

The name of Trayvon Martin was allegedly used as a threat by a woman who felt her neighbor’s two young boy were acting too noisy. In a related report by The Inquisitr, George Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC claimed the media company’s employees purposefully edited audio recordings to make Zimmerman sound like he was deliberately racially… Read more »

Hobby Lobby Owner Hopes To Advance Christianity With Museum, Curriculum

hobby lobby family

After winning their Supreme Court battle to limit which birth control options employee insurance plans can cover, the owners of Hobby Lobby are free too pursue their long-term project: spreading Christianity through a Bible museum and a school curriculum. Of these two plans, one is moving ahead full-speed, and the other is taking a few… Read more »

Jay Carney To Apple? Reports And Rumors On Former Obama Spokesman’s Future


Reports from two prominent news organizations have former Obama administration spokesman Jay Carney going anywhere from Apple to becoming a cable news pundit following his departure from the White House earlier this summer. The most recent Jay Carney rumor comes from Bloomberg, where reporter Jonathan Allen said the former Obama spokesman was in talks to… Read more »

No. 2 Cigarette Company Loses $23.6 Billion Lawsuit

RJ Reynolds slapped with major class action lawsuit.

A jury in Florida has slapped the second largest cigarette company in the U.S. with $23.6 billion in damages to a widow who filed for damages after her long-time smoking husband died of lung cancer in 1996. According to CBS News, Cynthia Robinson sued the cigarette company RJ Reynolds for punitive damages and took the… Read more »

Study: Higher Minimum Wage States Have More Jobs


A study released this week by the Department of Labor could help further the notion that a higher minimum wage is not so bad for the economy after all. According to a report by the Associated Press, the study by the Labor Department said states who enacted a higher minimum wage at the beginning of… Read more »

Firefighter Saves Dog By Giving CPR, Brings Chihuahua Back To Life

Firefighter Saves Dog By CPR

After a harrowing blaze engulfed a woman’s RV, a Texas firefighter saves a dog by giving her CPR. The Addison firefighter, Capt. Scott Ledet, is lauded a K-9 hero for bringing a nearly dead chihuahua back to life. Yvette Childers noticed while driving her RV earlier this month, that the the engine caught on fire… Read more »

Full Passenger Manifest Has Been Released By Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Full Passenger manifest

Today, Malaysia Airlines released a full list of the crew members and passengers who were on flight MH17 when it was shot down by a missile over Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines has contacted many foreign embassies to establish contact with the next of kin of the families that were killed on the flight. A spokesperson for… Read more »

Climate Change Broke Temperature Records In 2013

Scientists record record temperatures in 2013.

The effects of climate change are getting more and more apparent as scientists continue to compile present data and compare it to recorded history. According to Live Science, 2013 tied for the fourth hottest year ever recorded on Earth due to climate change. Information released by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows… Read more »

Energy Drink Lawsuit: Do 5-Hour Energy’s Ads Mislead?

5-Hour Energy targeted in false advertising energy drink lawsuit

Three states have now joined together in suing Living Essentials, the makers of 5-Hour Energy. The energy drink lawsuit claims that the company’s ads are deceptive and deliberately misleading. A spokesperson for Living Essentials says that it’s not true, and that they’ll fight the lawsuit. According to Reuters, Washington, Oregon, and Vermont have already filed… Read more »

Homeless Man’s Original Song Amazes Crowd, Video Goes Viral

doug seegers

A homeless man’s original song stuns the crowd, as well as those who have watched the viral video of the chance encounter. Doug Seegers has reportedly had a rough journey through life, one that ultimately ended in homelessness. The homeless man’s song has been widely praised as the next great blues title and has given… Read more »

Power Grid: American System Fails More Than Any Other In The World


The power grid in the United States has more blackouts than any other country in the developed world. Americans face more power grid failures lasting at least an hour than residents of other nations, according to statistics provided by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation — NERC. Recent power… Read more »

Kelly Ayotte Sees Russian Fingerprints On Downed Airliner

Kelly Ayotte thinks Russia is behind downed plane

Kelly Ayotte isn’t buying Russia’s claim that it wants to find the people responsible for downing a Malaysia Airlines jetliner as it flew over the Ukraine. In fact, the Republican Senator believes Russia is responsible for the plane being shot down in the first place. While Kelly Ayotte says she isn’t sure of the exact… Read more »

Homophobia Rampant In Australian Sports, According To New Study

Homophobia Is Big Problem In Australian Sport

Homophobia is considered “rampant” in Australian sports, according to a new study entitled, “Out on the Fields.” The Associated Foreign Press reports that in the first national study of homophobia for Australian sport, “insults, jokes and discrimination based on sexuality is commonplace both on and off the field.” The findings come not a full week… Read more »

Meet Fran Capo, The World’s Fastest Talking Woman

Fran Capo Fast Talker

When you speak with Fran Capo, you better pay close attention because otherwise, Fran’s words might literally fly right past you. Why? According to Yahoo News, this extraordinarily talented author, motivational speaker, and comedian happens to the be world’s fastest talking woman. Fran’s such a fast talker, in fact, that she can speak up to… Read more »

Dog Owners Over 65 Are Healthier Than Peers [Study]

Dog Owners Healthier Past Age 65?

Dog owners are healthier than their peers past the age of 65, according to a new study released by St. Andrews University and published in Preventative Medicine. The Telegraph reports that dog owners over the age of 65 have fitness levels a decade younger than their biological age. The study’s authors said public health officials… Read more »

Rapper Meek Mill Can’t Get Out Of Jail

Rapper Meek Mill will not be released from jail.

Rap artist Meek Mill, who was sent to jail last Friday for violating his probation for 2009 drug and gun charges, will not be released despite the best efforts of his lawyers. According to, Meek Mill’s lawyers prepared a petition for a city judge to release the Philadelphia rapper. The petition for a writ… Read more »