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Mother Found Pushing Dead Tot On Maryland Park Swing

Dead child pushed on swing by mother.

A Maryland mother is being evaluated at a La Plata hospital after authorities reportedly found her pushing her dead toddler on the swings of Willis Memorial Park. Fox News 17 reports that the gruesome discovery was made after concerned witnesses contacted them about the woman’s presence at the park, but that’s not all. The details… Read more »

‘Dead’ Milwaukee Man Starts Breathing On The Way To The Morgue

Toe tag and cardiac monitor

A bizarre story has come out of Wisconsin this week when a Milwaukee man who was pronounced dead started breathing again while he was being taken to the morgue. According to WISN, the 46-year-old Milwaukee man was considered officially deceased, and police had already contacted his family to inform them. But in a strange turn… Read more »

Hillary Clinton: State Department Releases Hundreds Of Benghazi Emails

Could Hillary Clinton scandals derail Hillary 2016?

The United States State Department released its first round of emails from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State on Friday. This will offer a new look at how Clinton handled the 2012 terror attack of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The first round totals roughly 300 emails and about 850 pages… Read more »

George Soros: World War 3 Between U.S. And Russia, China ‘No Exaggeration’

World War 3

According to famed hedge fund investor George Soros, World War 3 could occur between the United States and both Russia and China based upon certain economic conditions that are setting themselves up. In a related report by the Inquisitr, Russian experts are recommending that Vladimir Putin use Russia’s nuclear weapons against the Yellowstone volcano in… Read more »

Justin Perez-Gorda: ‘Paralyzed’ Vet Walks After Getting Free House

Justin Perez-Gorda

Justin Perez-Gorda, an allegedly paralyzed Army veteran, is reportedly being investigated by a charitable organization that offered his family a free, customized home. Homes for Our Troops, a national non-profit organization, gave Perez-Gorda the Texas home free of charge back in December of 2013. NHCFR was honored to take part in the ground breaking for… Read more »

Dating Website Loses Sexual Secrets Of Four Million Users

Dating Website Hacked

Dating website Adult FriendFinder lost deeply personal information of close to four million members in a cyber attack. A cyber criminal, going by the username of ROR[RG], not only stole highly sensitive personal data, including customer sexual preferences, they blackmailed the dating website company and threatened to expose and blackmail its members. According to a… Read more »