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LEGO Boycott Threatened Over ‘Sexist’ LEGO Friends Advice Column

lego friends

LEGO boycott threats abound online after angst over the March/April LEGO Club Magazine went viral online. A group of parents are outraged about an article in the Emma’s Beauty Tips which they feel offered “insulting” beauty tips to little girls. The LEGO magazine story, titled, “Emma’s Beauty Tips” said that the reader (a young girl)… Read more »

Man Busted Selling Fake Disneyland Tickets In California

Fake Disneyland Tickets

Tickets prices just recently went up for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and it’s something that happens every year. A one-day ticket to Disneyland is now topping out at $99 before tax, but some families were hoping to get them cheaper. Unfortunately for them, they ended up being scammed by a man selling fake… Read more »

Carolina Butcher: Massive Crocodile Ancestor Discovered In North Carolina

crocodile ancestor found

The Carolina Butcher is a long-lost and massive relative of the crocodile. The new species of reptile found in North Carolina is believed to predate dinosaurs. The Carnufex carolinensis, or the Carolina Butcher, walked on its hind legs and was nine feet long. The crocodile ancestor’s bones were recently unearthed in an old quarry. The… Read more »