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Rare Panda Triplets Born At Chinese Zoo

Giant Panda Cubs

A rare set of giant panda triplets was born at a Guangzhou, China, zoo. Although the cubs were born on July 29, zoo officials waited nearly two weeks to announce the birth. A zoo representative confirmed all three cubs are currently healthy and thriving. As giant pandas remain critically endangered, the cubs were conceived through… Read more »

Tony Stewart Could Not Have Avoided Hitting Other Driver, Witness Says


Tony Stewart, the NASCAR driver who struck his fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. on the track while they were competing, now has one witness to corroborate his story that it was, in fact, an “accident”. On Sunday, The Inquisitr reported on this tragic story: “NASCAR driver Tony Stewart’s famous temper has struck again, this time… Read more »

Lion Cub Leads Indian Park Guard To Its Dead Mother

Accustomed to humans, the lion cub relied on a human for help.

An orphaned lion cub asked for help in the only way he knew how. On his rounds in the Tulsi-Shyam part of the animal preserve, a Gir Forest National Park guard named Rana Mori spotted a solitary cub hiding in the bushes. Wary of the danger, Mori began to look for the mother. But, as… Read more »

Two-Headed Dolphin Washes Up On Turkey Beach, Shocks Onlookers

Two headed dolphin

Biologists and the scientific community in general are intrigued after the lifeless body of a two-headed dolphin was discovered on a Turkish beach. The body of the two-headed dolphin is believed to be that of a calf, no more than 1 year old. The startling discovery was made by an individual named Tugrul Metin, reports… Read more »

Boy Missing Since 1940 ID’d At Former Florida Boys School

George Owen Smith Body Identified

A boy missing since 1940 was ID’d at the former Florida Industrial School for Boys, located in Marianna. The school, now known as Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, was closed in 2011 for budgetary reasons. The boy, George Owen Smith, was sent to the school in 1940 for car theft. His sister, Ovell Krell,… Read more »

2,000 Silver Coins Discovered Inside Demolished Home

Demolition Crew Finds Treasure

More than 2,000 silver coins were discovered hidden inside a St. Cloud, Florida, home. Authorities confirmed the half dollars, quarters, dimes, and nickles, were stored in glass pickle jars inside the walls. The stash was uncovered by city workers, who were in the process of demolishing the home. City worker Melissa Howes witnessed the discovery…. Read more »

Oklahoma Says Bodies Found In Lake Solve Decades-Old Cold Cases

Oklahoma Bodies Found In Lake

Bodies found in a lake in Oklahoma solve two cold cases dating back to 1969 and 1970. The cases involved a trio who disappeared while driving near Oklahoma’s Foss Lake. Six bodies were found in two separate cars at Foss Lake last September when police were testing new sonar equipment. Reuters reports that authorities identified… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Ohio After Knife Fight 911 Call

ohio illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants were arrested in North Olmstead, Ohio after a 911 call about a knife fight. Police officers arrested the two men who reportedly crossed the border illegally after the call about a disturbance at a Brookpark Road apartment building. The Border Patrol has taken custody of the illegal immigrants found in Ohio. A third… Read more »