Media Industry Timeline

Spin Magazine Sold To Buzzmedia

Spin Magazine Sold To Buzzmedia For Undisclosed Sum

If you were a teenager or young adult in the 1990s and you listened to alternative rock there’s a good chance you read at least one copy of Spin Magazine and now if you read the music publication it will be produced by the team at Buzzmedia. Since launching 27 years ago Spin Magazine has… Read more »

Vatican Hires Fox News Reporter To Develop Communications Strategy

Greg Burke Joins Vatincan Press Team

Greg Burke is leaving Fox News to become the senior communications adviser to the Vatican’s secretariat of state. The hope is that an experienced correspondent can help the Vatican avoid the type of media blunders it has suffered through over the last decade. In a phone interview with the Assoicated Press Burke said of the… Read more »

FCC Profanity Policy Kiboshed By Supreme Court

FCC profanity policy

The FCC’s profanity policy was curbed today, with the highest court in the land ruling against the Federal Communications Commission in a unanimous decision. The FCC’s profanity policy ruling specifically referenced two incidents. One was involving a “person named Nicole Ritchie,” who nearly a decade ago uttered a profane phrase, remarking at the Billboard Awards… Read more »

Yahoo Shutting Down Livestand App After Six Months

Yahoo Livestand App Discontinued

Yahoo on Friday announced plans to shut down its Livestand newspaper app after just six months on the market. Available via the Apple App Store the Livestand product was yet another failed attempt by Yahoo to expand its entertainment business. On the official Yahoo Corporate Blog the company revealed that the discontinuation of Yahoo Livestand… Read more »

Maurice Sendak Dead at 83

maurice sendak dead

Maurice Sendak, the plain-spoken and prolific author and illustrator of such children’s classics as In the Night Kitchen and Where the Wild Things Are has died at the age of 83, the New York Times is reporting. Sendak has been a fixture of childhood for decades, and received acclaim anew when his seminal children’s classic… Read more »

CNN Ratings Drop to Lowest Numbers in More Than 10 Years

CNN ratings april 2012

CNN ratings have hit the lowest numbers they’ve achieved since August 2001, a month prior to the attacks of September 11th that reshaped the modern news cycle in many fundamental ways. In April of 2012, CNN ratings plummeted a total 21% over April of 2011, and in the 25-54 year old demographic, the decline was… Read more »

Mike Huckabee to Join Radio Fray Today, Lure Moderate Republicans From Rush

mike huckabee radio show premieres

There’s more bad news for right-wing radio star Rush Limbaugh today, as the talk-show pundit is getting a formidable foe in Mike Huckabee as competition for rightie radio listeners in several national markets. Limbaugh was struck a massive blow earlier this year after controversial remarks he made during congressional hearings about birth control coverage. During… Read more »

CBS News Anchor Mike Wallace Dead At 93

Mike Wallace Dead At 93

Mike Wallace, one of CBS’ best known news anchor for more than 50 years has passed away at 93-years-old. During his time at the network Wallace was known for taking on hard hitting issues from embezzling businessman to bumbling politicians and violent work leaders, going so far as to lecture Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding… Read more »