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Best Buy Website Dies On Black Friday

Best Buy 404 Error

The Best Buy website crashed on Black Friday… twice. Once in the morning hours and once again in the late afternoon. The company is blaming the outages on both an internal decision to shut down temporarily to fix issues and on a glitch. The Wall Street Journal reports that the site outage this morning was… Read more »

Walmart Sells PS4 Consoles For $90 In Price Matching Scam

Walmart sold PS4 consoles for $90 in an Amazon price matching scam

Savvy scammers found a way to take advantage of Walmart’s generous price matching policy after the retailer announced that they would also honor prices from select online stores. The Inquisitr reported Walmart’s announcement on November 13 that the retailer was expanding its price match policy to include not only Amazon, but other online retailers as… Read more »

After Lagging Sales, Pizza Hut Replaces CEO

Pizza Hut logo and David Gibbs

Despite being one of the biggest names in the pizza industry, Pizza Hut has been struggling in the market lately. A previous Inquisitr report revealed that Pizza Hut’s third quarter earnings were lagging far behind targets for 2014. Domino’s seems to be the primary competitor drawing from Pizza Hut’s sales. Sales estimates were off as… Read more »

Victoria Beckham Named UK Entrepreneur Of The Year

Victoria Beckham UK Top Entrepreneur of the Year

Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) may have received a snide comment or two when she launched her own clothing line in 2008, but now she’s singing to the tune of the United Kingdom’s top entrepreneur of the year and a net worth of £210 million. How did a fashion designer top a list of businesspersons… Read more »