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Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable In $45.2 Billion Deal, Report Says

Comcast buying Time Warner Cable

Comcast, the nation’s largest provider of cable TV service and with over $62.5 billion in 2012 revenue, the world’s largest media company, will scoop up America’s second-largest cable service in a massive buyout set to be announced Thursday morning. Comcast has agreed to pay about $159 per share to acquire Time Warner Cable, CNBC’s David… Read more »

Graco Car Seat Recall: Buckle Replacement Needed For 3.7 Million Units

graco car seat recall buckle replacement 3.7 million units

A Graco car seat recall has been issued for 3.7 million units sold between 2009 and July 2013. The issue is a harness buckle malfunction in toddler seats. There have been 80 reports of having to use extreme or excessive force to unlatch the buckles and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is concerned about… Read more »

Bill Gates Involved Again In Microsoft Day To Day Operations

Bill Gates Microsoft Day To Day Operations

Bill Gates, technology guru and Microsoft co-founder, has stepped down from his position as chairman of the company and will be assuming a more active role in day-to-day operations. As reported by the New York Times, relinquishing this executive position will allow Gates to focus more on the daily activities of Microsoft, particularly in the… Read more »

Trader Joe’s: African American Group Drives Grocery Store From Neighborhood

portland africa american leadership forum

Trader Joe’s opted to terminate plans to build a new grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood. The decision to withdrawn development plans and job offers reportedly stems from vocal opposition from the Portland African American leadership forum. The group sent a “scathing” letter to city officials criticizing the move because it does not “primarily… Read more »

Bob Marley’s Spirit Will Live On In Son’s Coffee Empire

Bob Marley's One Love is an in comic song; Now it is the focus of a trademark dispute.

Three days ago it was Bob Marley day in Toronto. Marley who died in 1981 of melanoma, has been at the center of many tributes, whether it be murals or musical performances, but one honor may go above and beyond the rest. That honor is currently underway in Jamaica and has Marley’s message at heart…. Read more »

Pizza Hut Continues To Find Plenty Of Success In China

Pizza Hut Restaurants

Pizza Hut found plenty of success in China during the fourth quarter of 2013. In a recent earnings report issued by the folks at Yum! Brands Inc., the company revealed that its pizza restaurant continues to do a considerable amount of business overseas. According to chairman and CEO David Novak, the company intends to capitalize… Read more »

Super Bowl Ads: What We Can Expect In 2014 [Videos]

Super Bowl ads 2014

Super Bowl ads have become almost as exciting as the big game itself and this year it’s not different. For those who don’t really care about the teams playing in the final big game of the season, the ads is a good excuse to watch the game and enjoy good company. The Super Bowl is… Read more »

A Roth IRA That Makes Sense For Millennials

Roth IRA For Millenials

A Roth IRA can be a great way to take earned income and stock it away for retirement. But for many Millenials just entering the work force, retirement is the farthest thing from their minds. But according to, the best thing they can do is start planning right now. “While many Americans are falling… Read more »

Eminent Domain Battle Over Hurricane Sandy Brewing On Long Island

philadelphia james dupree

Eminent domain powers are being exercised by Long Island officials to force the closure of a store owned by World War II veteran Frank Whitney. Village of Saltaire, New York is reportedly preventing the Whitney family from rebuilding their own grocery store, which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, so the municipality can resell the land…. Read more »

US Military Testing ‘Smart Rifle’ That Automatically Aims By Itself

tracking point

The United States military is reportedly testing the recently released “smart rifle” which automatically aims all by itself. A report by the Daily Mail indicates that the Army is thought to have purchased six rifles priced around $27,000 each, from the Tracking Point manufacturer. Oren Schauble, a marketing representative for Tracking Point, stated during the… Read more »

Store Shelf Surveillance Cameras May Be Coming To A Supermarket Near You

retail surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras on store shelves may sound like something out of 1984, but they could soon be coming to a store near you. Retailers are considering installing store shelf cameras in order to garner yet more personal purchasing information. The cameras will allegedly only be used to tract demographics associated with buying habits. Every time… Read more »

JC Penney Store Closings: Company To Shutter 33 Locations In The US

JC Penney Closings

JC Penney recently announced 33 store closings across the US. As a result, approximately 2,000 people will find themselves on the unemployment line. The decision to shutter the locations is part of the company’s plan to turn things around after several long months of sagging sales and revenue. According to JC Penney, the store closings… Read more »

Monster Energy Drinks Acquired By Coca Cola Soon? [Rumor]

Monster Energy Drinks Acquired By Coca Cola Soon? [Rumor]

Will Monster drinks soon be an energy drink brand owned by Coca Cola? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Monster drinks lawsuit claims the energy drinks are illegally marketed to children. This isn’t the first time there’s been rumors about Monster Beverage Corporation being a target for Coca Cola acquisitions. Back in 2011, the… Read more »

Japanese Jim Beam Gets In The Spirit With Justin Timberlake Tequila

Jim Beam, acquired by a Japanese based company on Monday, will add Justin Timberlake to their brand.

Jim Beam being newly acquired by Japanese company Suntory had everyone lamenting the death of good ole fashioned American liquor. But have no fear, Justin Timberlake is here. As previously reported on The Inquisitr, Suntory’s acquisition of Jim Beam is worth $13.62 billion and helped see the companies shares soar through the roof. But Jim… Read more »

Macy’s Job Cuts: 2,500 Positions Eliminated, Five Stores To Close

Macy's Job Cuts: 2,500 Positions Eliminated, Five Stores To Close

Macy’s job cuts are on the way, with 2,500 positions set to be eliminated as part of the company’s reorganization efforts. The department store chain was just coming off of a strong holiday season when it announced the job cuts. The Macy’s job cuts may not necessarily mean that 2,500 people will be out of… Read more »

Bill Gates Richest Person In The World Once Again

Bill Gates richest person in the world

Bill Gates is once again the richest person in the world. According to the Bloomberg billionaires index, the 58-year-old founder and chairman of Microsoft Corp. added $15.8 billion to his fortune, which is now worth $78.5 billion, as shares of the world’s largest software maker rose 40 percent. Gates reclaimed the title from Mexican investor… Read more »

Pizza Hut Celebrates 20 Years Of Digital Ordering With Deep Discounts

Pizza Hut Online Ordering

Pizza Hut is currently celebrating 20 years of digital ordering by offering its loyal customers some extremely deep discounts on select pizzas. Believe it or not, the company was the first to sell physical goods online. Pizza Hut reportedly launched PizzaNet back in 1994, years before other companies decided to peddle their respective wares through… Read more »

Minnesota Town Bans Homeowners From Renting Their Homes

winona, minnesota rental properties

Minnesota residents are challenging a new ordinance which prohibits homeowners from renting their own homes. The first-of-its-kind law was enacted in the city of Winona to reportedly thwart “anti-social behavior,” crumbling housing conditions, and curb excessive parking, according to a report by Watchdog Minnesota. Some residents in the Winona State University town believe the rental… Read more »

Burger King Revamps Dollar Menu, Unveils King Deals

Burger King King Deals

Burger King is the latest company to give their dollar menu a major overhaul. The fast food joint isn’t ditching their dollar menu altogether, but it’s definitely getting a makeover. In addition to offering menu items for a buck, the company is giving customers a few selections priced slightly higher than others. Goodbye dollar menu,… Read more »