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eBay Partners With Sotheby’s Again, Trying Its Luck At High-Priced Auctions – 2nd Time’s The Charm?

eBay Partners With Sotheby’s, Again

EBay has once again partnered with Sotheby’s to venture into high-end auctions. Apart from the knickknacks that eBay offers, the e-auction platform had partnered with Sotheby’s Auction House last summer, to introduce the elite auction house’s high-priced items. The section which will feature Sotheby’s is claimed to sport a much cleaner and streamlined interface. EBay… Read more »

Disney Bans Smoking In Future Film Productions

Disney Bans Smoking

Disney announced they would no longer allow smoking in any of their future films. Disney CEO and Chairman, Bob Iger made an announcement last Thursday at a stockholders meeting. Iger provided the following comment regarding Disney’s new policy. “We are extending our policy to prohibit smoking in movies across the board: Marvel, Lucas, Pixar and… Read more »

McDonald’s Sales Continue To Plunge

McDonald's CEO

McDonald’s sales have continued to plunge throughout the United States and worldwide. In February alone, McDonald’s reported a four percent decline in U.S. sales and a 1.7 percent drop in international sales. Experts blame increased competition from chains offering fresher and healthier options. In response to the continued decline, McDonald’s replaced their CEO and has… Read more »

Fiverr Cofounders Set Sights On Amazon, eBay


Fiverr is an interesting site where you can find all kinds of goods and services being offered from sellers all over the world for as little as $5. Established five years ago by cofounders Micha Kaufman and Shai Winiger, they connected buyers looking for some good work done cheap with some sellers that were willing… Read more »

Disney Price Hikes Bring Ticket Prices Into The Triple Digits

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In the latest round of price hikes, The Walt Disney Co. increased admission prices to their theme parks, bring some tickets to over $100, according to the Chicago Tribune. Disney has raised the cost of a one-day ticket to both Disneyland and California Adventure, their theme parks located in Anaheim, California, to $99, up from… Read more »

AirBnB May Solve Rio’s Woes About Accommodations During Olympics 2016

AirBnB May Solve Rio’s Woes About Accommodation During Olympics 2016

AirBnB could officially step-in to address the accommodation woes of Rio, the hosting country for the Olympics to be held next year. With the Olympics just around the corner, authorities still have a critical matter to attend to – addressing the sudden and temporary peak in demand for decent lodging. Interestingly, the highly orthodox Olympics… Read more »

Technology Companies Apple, Intel, And Cisco Blacklisted By Chinese Government

Technology Companies Blacklisted In China

Technology companies like Apple, Intel, and Cisco are on the Chinese government’s state purchase blacklist, according to a recent report by Reuters. Anti-virus software companies like Kaspersky Lab and Symantec Corp. are banned from China’s state purchase list, as well. On the other hand, China approved state purchases from thousands of their local technology companies…. Read more »