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Your Spouse’s Personality Type Can Affect Your Career Success

Your spouse's personality affects your career success

Most people have competing life goals that can interfere with career success. For many, ultimate happiness is not achieved by a strong career alone. Usually, people want a happy home life and positive personal relationships. In a new study, the Washington University in St. Louis found that if one wants to make it at their… Read more »

Is Uber Legal? Anchorage, Alaska, Is Taking The Company To Court


Is Uber legal? That is the question that many have asked among a growing list of municipalities, with many siding on the opinion of not even close to legal in some cities. Among the cities question whether Uber is legal is Anchorage, Alaska, which filed a motion Friday, Oct. 3 seeking to have the ride… Read more »

Macy’s Is Hiring 86,000 Seasonal Workers

Seasonal Workers

Macy’s is hiring 86,000 seasonal workers throughout the United States. The temporary employees will work at call centers, distribution hubs and existing stores during the holiday season. The number of seasonal workers has increased more than 3 percent — due to an expected increase in online sales. A large portion of the workers will staff… Read more »

DreamWorks Animation In Process Of Being Sold To Japan’s SoftBank


Yesterday evening, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Softbank, a Japanese conglomerate, was in talks to buy the animation leg of DreamWorks pictures. The estimated value of DreamWorks Animation as a result of the deal would be $3.4 billion, according to a source with knowledge of the deal in progress. DreamWorks founder and CEO… Read more »

It Ain’t Miller Time: Heineken Rejects Takeover Bid


If you’re a purist when it comes to a certain Dutch beer, you can breathe a sigh of relief today. That’s because Heineken rejected a bid by close rival SABMiller to take over the Netherlands-based brewer. As reported by CBS News, on Sunday Heineken released a statement claiming the family-owned beer company turned down the… Read more »