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Zombie Homes: New York State Fights Back


Zombie Homes. They’re what homes are called when the owner can’t make the mortgage payment anymore, but the bank hasn’t yet taken ownership. They’re not really living — as in no one really owns them or is paying to own them, and they’re not really dead, or permanently abandoned. New York Attorney Eric Schneiderman has… Read more »

Alibaba IPO To Be Biggest In History, But Where Do They Go From Here?


Chinese eCommerce behemoth Alibaba’s IPO in coming weeks is expected to be among the largest in world history when the stock goes live in New York. Forbes reported that the Alibaba IPO is expected to be as high as $20 billion, according to reports. Already investors are wondering where the ceiling is for Alibaba’s IPO,… Read more »

Laptop Ban Issued By Bakery, Should More Restaurants Follow Suit?

Laptop Ban Now In Effect At Bakery

A laptop ban issued by a bakery has resulted in a sales increase, the owners claim. August First, a cafe in Vermont operated by Jodi Whalen and Phil Merrick, decided that it didn’t want to be “one of those places” with the same few clients who camped out all day behind a laptop computer. Finding… Read more »

Is This Alabama Abortion Clinic Targeting Middle Schoolers?


Over the last two weeks, the war between pro-life and pro-choice suddenly sparked in aggressiveness when The Inquisistr reported on how the socially-viral ALS ice bucket challenge. Why? In our article, we reported how the funds for the challenge would go to fund ALS research, which may use embryonic stem cells that are primarily harvested… Read more »

Mark Cuban: ‘Companies Fail For A Lack Of Brains And Effort’

Mark Cuban on keys to company success

Mark Cuban is one of America’s best known entrepreneurs, through his inclusion on the Shark Tank panel and his can’t-be-missed presence as an NBA owner. Via his blog and media appearances, he doesn’t mince words about sports or business. A recent blog post had Cuban telling business owners to “be nice” in order to cultivate… Read more »

Starbucks To Open New Quickie Locations

Starbucks Express

Starbucks announced earlier today that it will soon cater to busy commuters by opening a slew of smaller, express-style stores, according to the Wall Street Journal. The new quickie Starbucks locales won’t have quite as extensive a menu as its regular coffee shops. However, the new express Starbucks stores will focus on the company’s digital… Read more »

Housing Markets Where Prices Have Risen And Fallen The Most


Since the Great Recession, it has taken the economy some time to rebound. Among the hardest hit sector was the housing market, where prices took a steep nose dive in cities across the country, especially in some areas that built out too much inventory such as Las Vegas. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance took a look at… Read more »

2015 Mustang Begins Production in Michigan With Historic Implications


The 2015 Mustang begins production in Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan. The 2015 Mustang becomes the first Mustang to go global as the sixth-generation Ford pony car will be exported for the first time in its 50-year history. Every 2015 Mustang will be built at the Flat Rock plant, including the right-hand drive… Read more »

Coalgate: India’s Supreme Court Confronts Dodgy Mining Licenses

Canceling illegal coal licenses could have serious impact on Indian economy

Dubbed “Coalgate” by the Indian media, the investigation into allegations of corruption and cronyism in the coal licensing process is making progress. The Indian Supreme Court has decided that 218 coal field licenses allocated by the government to dozens of private groups between 1993 and 2009 were illegal. It’s reported in The New York Times… Read more »

How Much Of The UK Could US Billionaires Afford To Buy?


Boasting a Gross Domestic Product calculated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of more than $16 trillion, the United States is by far the single biggest-spending country in the world. A number of factors figure into the sum, including population size and average salary. According to the billionaires list published annually by Forbes, 492 citizens… Read more »