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Here’s Why Walt Disney Is An Excellent Investment Option Right Now

Walt Disney

The entertainment business has been quite good lately, with many of the businesses reporting excellent quarters. But perhaps one company that stands above all, and has done so quietly, is Walt Disney. From a long-term perspective, Walt Disney is now one of the safest and strongest stock options out there. The Walt Disney Company (DIS)… Read more »

Why Did Cloud Storage Co. Box Swiftly Acquire Streaming Startup Streem?

Box Streem Acquistion

Box has been quite a successful company, offering oodles of online cloud storage to its users. However, the company felt it could offer much more, and in order to further their growth, they acquired the cloud storage and file-sharing startup, Streem. Streem specializes in large media files. Owing to continuous development in the way files… Read more »

American Apparel Fires Dov Charney, Scandal-Ridden CEO Will Fight Sudden Pink Slip

American Apparel founder Dov Charney

American Apparel finally gave the heave-ho to Dov Charney, who founded the company 25 years ago in his Tufts University dorm room, when the trendy garment-maker’s board of directors fired its 45-year-old CEO after years of scandal allegations surrounding his extraordinarily hands-on and, some said, inappropriate management style. Over the years, Charney has been sued… Read more »

Hackers Demand Ransom For Domino’s Customer Info


Hackers are demanding a ransom for information stolen from pizza giant Domino’s in the latest corporate data breach, which includes the personal details and passwords of over 650,000 patrons. In a post to online clipboard site, hackers using the name Rex Mundi announced that they successfully accessed servers in Belgium and France belonging to… Read more »

Apple Stock Split Coming Monday: What It Means For You


Apple is conducting a stock split on Monday, finally bringing its stock price out of the stratosphere and back down to earth. The Apple stock split will be a 7 to 1, meaning that for each share an individual investor currently holds, they will be issued seven shares of the stock. CNN Money points out… Read more »

Sbarro, Popular Pizza Restaurant Chain, Exits Bankruptcy Protection

sbarro2 copy

Pizza chain, Sbarro, has recently announced that they are exiting bankruptcy protection. Sbarro also announced they will be moving their headquarters from New York to Ohio. For most of us, especially kids who grew up in the 90s, we remember Sbarro as “the pizza place in the mall”. For almost two decades, Sbarro has been… Read more »

Dividend-Paying Stocks: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

dividend paying stocks the gift that keeps on giving

Dividend-paying stocks might just be the best investment available right now, if you can afford them. This morning, Inquisitr covered the well-above-expectations earnings reports from Michael Kors Holdings, commenting on the range of Wall Street analysis in the matter and on the feasibility of buying a stock that is, by most reliable accounts, nearing its… Read more »

Michael Kors Holdings (KORS) Currently The Hot Topic For Stock Speculators

Michael Kors Holdings Price Graph

Right now is a good time to be working for Michael Kors, the luxury fashion retailer. The company’s fiscal fourth quarter earnings report is out and showing a 53.6 percent revenue increase, proving that hard work and strong management can outperform the consensus guesswork of jittery, poorly-trained market speculators (by $100 million). Motley Fool has… Read more »

Oxford University Urged To Get Out Of Fossil Fuel Business


Fifty nine members of Oxford University’s academe signed a manifesto urging the university to be more considerate on the issue of climate change. It is known and of record that Oxford has investments in fossil fuel companies in the form of endowments amounting to £3.8 Billion, sparking a march by hundreds who are demanding change…. Read more »

Diggerland USA: Construction-Based Theme Park Opens For Your Amusement Next Month

diggerland usa

When it comes to vacations to a theme park, Orlando probably has everyone beat. They have Disneyworld (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), Universal Orlando (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure), Sea World of Orlando (Sea World, Discovery Cove), along with a theme park of your preference (Holy Land Experience, Wet n’ Wild, etc.)…. Read more »