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Burger King’s Fortunes Turn-Around At The Expense Of McDonald’s?

Burger_King VS mickey d

The breakfast wars may be bravely fought by McDonald’s and Taco Bell, however, another fast–food joint; Burger King has been quietly consolidating its position. Burger King managed to turn–around its fortunes in the first quarter of 2014. The same–store sales have grown marginally for the franchisee. Though the sale has increased by just 0.1%, considering… Read more »

Here’s How Pizza Hut CEO Will Attempt To Turn The Company Around

Pizza Hut Business

Pizza Hut had just announced that it had great run in China, but The Inquisitr had also reported it had a less than stellar performance back at home. The chain of restaurants witnessed its revenues decline a concern–worthy 5 Percent points, which prompted Yum! Brands CEO David Novak, to openly confirm that his primary goal… Read more »

‘Drowning Game’ Uses Horrific Scenario To Promote Life Jackets


Life jacket company, Sortie En Mer, has gone beyond the call of terror just to show the importance of wearing a life jacket. They do this by presenting a horrific scenario through a game. It’s initiative: make sure you don’t drown. The initiation of the movie is quite optimistic. Through a first-person view of a… Read more »

Netflix To Raise Prices: Here’s What You’ll Get

Netflix To Raise Prices By $1-$2 Per Month.

Netflix will be raising monthly prices by $1 or $2. And although investors are happy, should you be? The truth is that paying another couple of bucks per month for Netflix probably isn’t going to break the bank for you, but is it going to be worth it? While Netflix hasn’t detailed specifics about what… Read more »

General Mills Reverses Legal Terms After Viral Backlash

General Mills Cereals

General Mills, among the mightiest food companies in the United States, quickly scrunched on Saturday a short-lived and much-derided new legal policy that had it taking away its consumers rights to sue if they had liked them on Facebook or downloaded coupons from the company’s website. Last week, the New York Times reported that General… Read more »

GM Waited Years To Perform Recall, Again

Saturn Ion Recalled

General Motors took a lot of heat in February when it admitted to waiting about a decade, letting at least 13 deaths pile up, before it finally initiated a recall for a faulty ignition switch on 2.6 million Chevy Cobalts and a few other small vehicles. Then, on Saturday, Associated Press auto writer Tom Krisher,… Read more »

Lululemon Yoga Pants Cased Dismissed-Shareholders “Bummed Out”


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Lululemon Athletica Inc, best known for their ultra-expensive and barely there yoga workout pants, stepped out of the courtroom drama victorious Friday morning, beating a shareholder lawsuit that accused 11 executives and directors of purposefully using low-quality material on their high-end goods. Shareholders accused the men of failing to disclose the… Read more »

Will Technology Help Olive Garden Rise Again?

Olive Garden

Olive Garden had finally decided to incorporate technology within its business to boost sales. Reported by the Inquisitr, the chain of Italian causal restaurants will slowly introduce online ordering as well as some nifty tech–assisted table–side ordering techniques. Olive Garden’s parent company Darden Restaurants had been searching for ways to uplift sagging business and one… Read more »

Michael’s Stores Confirm Payment Card Data Breach

Michaels Featured

Michael’s, the nationwide arts and crafts store, recently confirmed Thursday, that there was a security breach at certain systems that process card payments at its U.S. stores, and that of its unit, Aaron Brothers. The letter was sent out to customers about the security breach. The letter said Michael’s said the breach took place between… Read more »

Tiny Houses: Americans Trend To Downsize

tiny house featured

Tiny houses is now the trending “real estate” venture for Americans these days. Because of the real estate bubble popping back in 2007, prices on houses have plummeted and people were suckered into purchasing houses they couldn’t afford at insecure interest rates that would eventually cost someone their soul. Now, it seems Americans are starting… Read more »

Tax Day Freebies — Today’s the Day For Free Stuff!

Tax Day Freebies — Free Stuff For April 15, 2014.

Tax day freebies are perhaps the only redeeming aspect of April 15 every year. And while only a few organizations used to give out free items or services on tax day a few years ago, the number of tax day freebies now is growing into quite a list. Forbes has put some work into compiling… Read more »

Titan Aerospace Purchased By Google: Corporate Aerial Drones On The Way

Titan Aerospace

Titan Aerospace is just one of the many companies Google has been purchasing over the last few months. Other recent purchases by Google include military robot maker Boston Dynamics and smart-home device manufacturer Nest. So far the price Google paid for Titan Aerospace has been undisclosed. Titan Aerospace is noteworthy because they manufacture high-altitude solar-powered… Read more »

Subaru Of Wichita ‘Anti-Union’ Dance Video Goes Viral

Wichita Subaru labor dispute

Subaru of Wichita staffers decided to inject a bit of comedy to combat a pro-union labor dispute banner placed in front of a dealership. A sign with big red letters placed in front of cars for sale on the lot read, “SHAME ON SUBARU OF WICHITA” with the phrase labor dispute also printed on the… Read more »

Amazon Offers Unhappy Employees $5000 To Quit


Amazon recently made a new program dubbed “Pay to Quit” in which they will pay $5,000 to weed out dissatisfied or unproductive workers at their fulfillment centers. According to Los Angeles Times, Chief Executive Jeffrey Bezos outlined details of a rare human resources strategy the online giant Amazon has launched. This was shown in a… Read more »

Hitler Mugs Unintentionally Sold In German Store

Hitler Mugs 1

There are some moments in history Germany wants everyone to forgive them for. Specifically, certain events and people during World War II come in mind. However, one store seems to “unintentionally honor the memory” of one of the most infamous dictators in history, and they’re doing it through selling 5,000 mugs featuring his portrait along… Read more » Gets Into Comic Book Biz, Buys Comixology Digital Comics App buys Comixology, the massive online retailer that started off selling books and now sells everything from gardening tools to vibrators, is now getting into the comic book business. Amazon has long sold graphic novels and comic book anthologies as part of its gargantuan book selection. But the Seattle-based internet sales behemoth announced Wednesday that it will… Read more »

Toyota Recall Affects Over Six Million Vehicles Worldwide For Five Different Defects


Toyota Motor Company (TM-NYSE) has issued a massive recall that affects about 6.7 million vehicles worldwide (approximately 2.34 million in North America) for five different defects. The recall involves several popular Toyota models including the RAV4, Corolla, Matrix/ Vibe, Trezia/Viz, Yaris, Highlander, Tacoma, and Hilux pickups, Reiz, Fortuner, Innova, Land Cruiser Prado, and Camry, with… Read more »

Google: Word ‘Glass’ Is Our Trademark, But U.S. Says Not So Fast

Google glass

Google Glass is a bit of a tongue twister as a name for Google’s controversial computerized eyewear. Now the company wants to change the product’s name to the sleeker, hipper “Glass,” but that means acquiring a trademark on the word “glass.” And the U.S. government doesn’t think that’s such a cool idea. When Google applied… Read more »

Kevin Spacey Replaces E-Trade Talking Baby In New Advertising Campaign

Kevin Replaces E-Trade talking baby

Actor Kevin Spacey is the new E-Trade pitchman. Last month, the online brokerage announced that it was retiring the talking baby commercials that have been familiar to TV watchers since the 2008 Super Bowl. With a new management team in place, E-Trade decided it wanted to go into another direction with its advertising content. In… Read more »