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Sierra Nevada Red Fox Spotted At Yosemite For The First Time In 100 Years

Rare endangered species

A rare Sierra Nevada red fox was spotted at Yosemite National Park on two separate occasions. Park officials confirmed the elusive fox was photographed using a remote motion-sensitive camera on December 13, 2014 and again on January 4, 2015. Wildlife officials said the small foxes are “one of the rarest mammals in North America.” Historically,… Read more »

Tiger Shark Attacks Fisherman Near Maui, Leaves Nasty Leg Wound

Though he now allows that he should have cut his line, Pollard chose tto reel the shark in.

A 20-year-old fisherman from Maui is recovering after he was attacked by a tiger shark he had caught and was trying to release back into the ocean. According to the Maui News, Michael Pollard hooked the shark, thought to be between eight and 10 feet in length, on Tuesday morning in Lahaina. Though he now… Read more »

Rare And Extremely Cute Pygmy Hippo Born In U.K. Zoo [Video]

pygmy hippo

A rare and overly cute pygmy hippo calf was born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in the U.K. the day after Christmas and has recently been introduced to the public. Born of Flora, a 28-year-old pygmy hippo battling with cancer, the tiny unnamed boy is welcome indeed. According to Fox 5, Flora has been living with… Read more »

Lolita The Orca Is One Step Closer To Being Released

Miami Seaquarium

Lolita the orca is one step closer to being released from the Miami Seaquarium. The killer whale, who was made famous in the 2003 documentary Lolita: Slave to Entertainment, has lived in captivity for 44 years. Although it is unclear whether Lolita could survive in the wild, activists want to her to have a chance…. Read more »

Filipino Tourist Captures Amazing Footage Of Whale Sharks [Video]

Whale sharks

Lawrence Lerios, from Taguig City in the Philippines, captured a stunning video of whale sharks feeding while out on a boat with friends at a Cebu resort. He swam around with the massive and docile creatures, capturing the most incredible footage. In the video, we see Lerios and his friends padding out on the water,… Read more »

Dolphin Rescued By Two Lifeguards Off Of The California Coast

Life guards rescue a dolphin from fishing lines off of the California coast.

Two lifeguards in Oceanside, California, rescued a struggling dolphin Thursday morning, and their amazing encounter was caught on video by a third rescuer. A dolphin was spotted off the coast of Oceanside, California, at around 10 a.m. on Thursday morning and appeared to be struggling and in distress. Three local lifeguards jumped on a boat… Read more »