Animal News Timeline

Dead Whale Buried On Long Island Beach

Fin Whale

An animal rescue group has buried a dead whale, which was discovered on a Long Island Beach last week. Although the whale was in an advanced stage of decomposition, a necropsy revealed it was killed by blunt force trauma. Officials believe the endangered whale was struck by a vessel. Witnesses noted that the 58-foot whale… Read more »

New Footage Reveals Humpback Whales’ Astonishing Unseen Behavior

New footage has shed light in the secret lives of humpback whales.

Two pieces of unusual footage have recently been captured, revealing unknown and unusual behaviors in humpback whales, and the independent incidents have given scientists a new window into one of the world’s largest animals. Earlier this year, a group of divers from Mexico captured rare video of a humpback whale sleeping. Suspended upside down in… Read more »

Bulldog Puppy Howl Is Cute, Yes, But Is It Inhumane?

Bulldog Puppy Howl: So Stinkin' Cute

A bulldog puppy howl is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. In a moment, I’ll prove it to you by showing you The Pet Collective video that is now sweeping the web. While watching most any tiny animal take its first crack at life is a wonderful thing, it’s not always the most humane…. Read more »

Meet Sharky, The Pit Bull Who Is Friends With Bunnies, Cats, And Ducks

Meet Sharky, The Pit bull Who Is Friends With Bunnies, Cats, And Ducks

Despite the bad rap, pit bulls seem to keep proving they are anything but instinctual killers. They have saved their owners, positively affected autistic children’s lives, and love to kiss. Sometimes, they perform pop songs. The Inquisitr reported on Gremlin the pit bull, whose parents brought her fame from putting her in a spoof video… Read more »

Stink Bugs Invade Homes And Threaten Plants

Brown marmorated stink bugs

Stink bugs are invading homes and destroying plants throughout the United States. As winter is set to begin, the pests are attempting to seek shelter. Unfortunately, they often make their way inside inhabited structures. Although they do not bite, brown marmorated stink bugs emit a powerful and offensive odor when threatened or killed. As people… Read more »