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Massive 59-Feet Whale Beaches On Central American Beach! [Photos]

People trying to rescue the stranded whale in Nicaragua

Local residents from the town of Tola in the Central American country of Nicaragua were witness to a rare and amazing sight, when a massive whale beached itself on the shallow waters of a nearby beach in the early hours of Friday morning. According to Yahoo! News, the whale was stranded on the beach till… Read more »

Hunter Accidentally Kills Rare Unicorn-Like Deer In Slovenia!

Unicorn deer killed

Unicorns, those mythical creatures which were a part of European and Asian folklore, never existed in real life. Imagine the surprise, then, when a hunter shoots down an animal that has an uncanny resemblance to the mythical unicorn! That is exactly what happened in Celje, Slovenia earlier this August when a hunter shot down a… Read more »

79-Year-Old North Carolina Hunter Takes Down 782 Pound Black Bear

North Carolina black bear hunted down

Hunters from across the United States are congratulating 79-year-old Thomas Capps from Richmond, North Carolina after he hunted down a huge black bear earlier on Monday, reports WTVR. The bear, which also happens to be the second largest bear to have ever been killed by a hunter in the state of North Carolina, weighed in… Read more »

A Wisconsin Pit Bull Puppy Is Found Shot And Stabbed

A Wisconsin Pit Bull Puppy Is found Shot And Stabbed

Sadly, animal cruelty is no closer to being banished from the earth, and the pit bull breed is all too familiar with the despicable act. They are no stranger to sexual assault, being viciously slashed and beaten with a shovel, and even shot with an arrow. The Inquisitr reported on Sarge the pit bull and… Read more »

A City In Kansas Considers Repealing Their Pit Bull Ban

A City In Kansas Considers Repealing Their Pit Bull Ban

Over the past year, pit bull bans are being rescinded across America as advocacy groups, owners, and animal rights groups are stepping up to defend the breed against “Breed Specific Legislation.” The Inquisitr reported on an Ohio town that is trying to fight back against its ban on pit bull breeds. With owners facing potential… Read more »

Fishermen Swim With Hammerhead Shark After Tossing Bait In Water


A group of fishermen off the California coast caught their close encounter with a hammerhead shark on video after they baited the predator close and then jumped in the water to swim with it. Four men were reportedly spearfishing for yellowtail near Anacapa Island early in October when they sighted the eight-foot-long hammerhead swimming near… Read more »

Shedd Aquarium Takes In Adorable Orphaned Sea Otter

Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium located in Chicago, Illinois has welcomed in their newest little bundle of joy, an orphaned five-week-old otter that was discovered on a California beach on September 30. According to the Chicago Tribune, Pup 681 was discovered on Coastways Beach in central California when she was believed to be only one week old…. Read more »