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Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Texas, Endangering Entire Deer Herd

A deer has been found infected with Chronic Wasting Disease in Texas.

Chronic Wasting Disease has been found in a captive white-tailed deer in Medina County, Texas. Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) jumped into planning how to deal with the fatal disease after Texas’ first case of Chronic Wasting Disease was found in a captive deer. Chronic Wasting Disease is… Read more »

Sturgeon Fishing Halted Amid Mysterious Die Off

Lake Sturgeon

Sturgeon fishing in Oregon’s Columbia River is being halted amid a mysterious die-off. Officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the ban will begin on Saturday and will continue indefinitely. Although it is unclear what is killing the fish, biologists believe the die-off is linked to drought conditions. Lake sturgeon are commonly… Read more »

Stranded Great White Shark Rescued By Beachgoers In Massachusetts [Video]

stranded shark rescued

Great white sharks are known for their ferocious nature underwater. The vicious predator is amongst the most dangerous creatures to lurk beneath surface of our oceans. However, as a recent incident in Chatham, Massachusetts, proves, even the fiercest of underwater predators become helpless once they are on land. In this case, a 7-foot great white… Read more »

54 Stingrays Die At Chicago Zoo Due To Oxygen Deficiency

54 stingrays die

Fifty-four stingrays died at a Chicago zoo. A statement from the Chicago Zoological Society said that four southern stingrays and 50 cow-nose stingrays rays housed at the Brookfield Zoo shallow pool exhibits died on Friday afternoon. The shallow pool exhibit was created to permit visitors to the suburban Chicago zoo to feed and touch the… Read more »

Two Dogs Found Beheaded, Skinned, And Burned

Two Dogs Found Beheaded

Two dogs were found beheaded, skinned, and burned on the side of a road, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. A $17,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the beheading, skinning, and burning of the two dogs. Law enforcement officials said two… Read more »

Chester, The ‘Bucket List’ Dog, Ends His Journey With Much Love


Chester, now known as the “bucket list” dog, has passed away, but his final days were filled with love and treats because of the generosity of one Georgia woman, according to People Magazine. Nicole Elliott learned of Chester after an ad was posted by a shelter. The shelter was seeking hospice care for the 14-year-old… Read more »

Giant Centipede Photo Horrifies The Internet After Image Goes Viral

Giant Centipede in Texas

Just days after the Inquisitr reported about the scary news of a 4-inch long giant centipede being pulled out from the ear of an Arkansas teenager, here’s some more horrifying news. A picture released recently by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) shows a giant red-headed centipede climbing up a broom. The image was… Read more »

Tyson Foods Factory Farm Targeted With Torture Accusations, Disturbing Footage

Tyson Foods Undercover Footage

A Tyson Foods factory farm in Wilmington, Delaware, was allegedly captured on video by animal rights group Mercy for Animals (MFA). In the disturbing footage you’re about to see, there are some significant instances of animal abuse. Among them, MarketWatch reports, are workers violently clubbing animals to death, breaking their necks; leaving severely sick and… Read more »