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Russian Train Crew Intentionally Runs Over Wild Bear [Video]

Bear run over by Train

Two Russian locomotive drivers could face disciplinary and legal action after a footage showing them intentionally running over a bear went viral. According to Russia Today, the incident happened earlier last week near the city of Norilsk. The video footage was captured by one of the drivers on duty. It shows a bear running along… Read more »

Playful Seal Commandeers Surfer’s Board

Every time Bertrand paddled out into the waves, the seal would appear.

A group of surfers in France were surprised recently when an attention seeking seal joined in with them, commandeering one of their boards and climbing all over them. According to the Daily Mail, a camera mounted on one of the boards caught the interaction, which took place in Lacanau, France. Bertrand Chaussade and his friends… Read more »

Frank And Louie: Oldest Ever Two-Faced Cat Dies At 15

Frank and Louie, two-faced cat

Frank and Louie, the famous two-faced cat which held the Guinness World record for the longest living two-faced cat, has died. According to WTSP, the cat died Thursday at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton. The two-faced cat, also called Frankenlouie, lived for 15 years — which is by… Read more »

Pregnant Shark Found Dead, Man Delivers Babies On Beach [Video]

Shark Pups

A pregnant shark was found dead on a Cape Town, South Africa, beach. Although the scene was heartbreaking, witnesses noticed unusual movement in the shark’s belly. An American tourist, who was not named, eventually determined that the shark was pregnant and her pups were still alive. Using a sharp knife, the man performed an emergency… Read more »

Bear Attack Leaves 68-Year-Old Woman In Central Florida Injured

Florida bear attack

A bear attack in Florida on Wednesday night has left a 68-year-old woman injured. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the incident happened in the town of Heathrow in Central Florida. The woman who has been attacked has been identified as Jeanne Barber. The bear attack happened as she was walking her dog near her home…. Read more »

Arthur: Once A Stray Dog, Now World-Famous After A Magical Moment [Video]

Arthur Finds A Hiome

Arthur was once a stray dog. Now he has become world-famous. Four members of a Swedish athletic team, and a canine they named Arthur, are part of a heart-warming story of compassion with a happy ending. It all started with a meatball. Mikael Lindnord, and three other athletes from Sweden’s Peak Performance adventure team, competed… Read more »