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Chimera Cat Named Venus Has Two Faces, Neither Of Which Are Grumpy

Chimera Cat Named Venus Has Two Faces, Neither Of Which Are Grumpy

Venus the amazing chimera cat is probably destined to become another famous kitty just based upon its appearance, but can this amazing feline match up to Grumpy Cat? In a related report by The Inquisitr, a fat dachshund named Obie lost 50 pounds in order to become the world’s biggest loser in the animal kingdom…. Read more »

Secondhand Smoke Is Killing Your Pet [Study]


Secondhand smoke could be killing your pet, according to a new study from Tufts University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, Colorado State University and other schools and reported by CBS Sacramento. The reports indicate that this deadly smoke can cause lung and nasal cancer in dogs, malignant lymphoma in cats and allergy and respiratory… Read more »

The World’s Loneliest Whale Will Break Your Heart

wolds loneliest whale

His name is 52 Hertz, but he is known to many as “the world’s loneliest whale.” NOAA has been tracking the whale’s mysterious song for decades, after the Navy detected the strange whale calls in 1992. According to Alaska Dispatch, naval monitoring has mapped 52 Hertz’s travel around the Pacific. He zig-zags up and down… Read more »

Dancing Pit Bull Struts His Stuff And Wins Hearts


When people think of pit bulls, it would likely be a safe bet that most do not think of dancing pit bulls or even playful pit bulls. But as the video above shows, the animals can be friendly and apparently trained to do adorable dances. According to Yahoo! News, the video above “raises the bar.”… Read more »

Misty ‘The Farting Pit Bull’ Returned To Shelter

Misty the pit bull was almost given a death sentence for farting too much.

Many dogs are adopted from shelters and given a second chance at life. If an animal has a good personality, and is well trained, it’s possible for the creature to develop a bond with a caretaker looking for a pet. Unfortunately, being adopted does not necessarily give that animal a happy ending. Misty is a… Read more »

Great White Shark Attacks California Swimmer

The great white shark that attacked a swimmer off California's Manhattan beach was reportedly agitated by a fisherman who hooked the animal

A male swimmer was in critical condition after being attacked by a great white shark off California’s Manhattan Beach, CBS LA reports. The attack stems from a seemingly strange set of circumstances. Los Angeles County Fire spokesman Rick Flores told reporters that the attack took place after a fisherman on the Manhattan Beach pier hooked… Read more »

Homeless Women Rescue Dog Tossed Into A Phoenix Dog Park

Dog rescue arizona dog park

In yet another addition to the ever increasing number of animal abuse cases we have been hearing of late, four dogs were tossed over a six foot fence by into a dog park by unknown people late on Monday night. According to, it was initially reported that the four dogs were thrown in to… Read more »