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Illinois: Baby Bison Born For The First Time In 200 Years


In Illinois, a baby bison was born for the first time in 200 years. The birth was quite unexpected. However, it has given ecologists hope for the future of Illinois’ bison population. Restoration ecologist Cody Considine confirmed the baby bison was born at Illinois’ Nachusa Grasslands prairie restoration project. He said the mother and her… Read more »

Goldfish Invasion Threatens Colorado Ecosystem


Goldfish, thousands of them, are invading a lake in Colorado, and scientists don’t find it funny at all. Perhaps some of you are old enough to remember the urban legends from the 70’s and 80’s – the one that said that there were giant alligators on the loose in the sewers of New York City…. Read more »

Dayton, Ohio, Police Officers Have Shot 49 Dogs Since 2011

Use of Force

Police officers in Dayton, Ohio have shot nearly 50 dogs in the last four years. In a majority of cases, the officers insist they were simply following protocol. However, as the numbers are unusually high, the division has taken steps to reduce the use of lethal force. As reported by Dayton Daily News, Dayton police… Read more »

Pet Cat Lost After 14-Hour Flight From Abu Dhabi To New York

Lost pet cat

American citizens Jennifer Stewart and her husband Joseph Naaman – both travellers on board an Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi, UAE to New York have been left shattered after the airline apparently misplaced their pet cat Felix. According to CNN, the couple was told that their pet cat has been “misplaced” after the duo… Read more »

Sea Lion Pulls San Diego Man Overboard, Pushes Him Underwater

Sea Lions

A hungry sea lion pulled a San Diego man overboard and briefly pushed him underwater. Authorities confirmed the 62-year-old man was injured in the incident. However, he is expected to survive. Witnesses said the sea lion was attempting to steal a fish from the man’s hand. According to reports, the fisherman was aboard a boat… Read more »

Dog Flu Outbreak: At Least 1,000 Cases In Chicago Area

Dog Flu

Canine influenza, or dog flu, is nearing epidemic levels in Chicago. At least 1,000 cases have been identified, and five dogs have already died, prompting a growing concern among owners. To mitigate the spread of the flu, the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control issued a public warning on Friday to keep pet… Read more »

Rottweiler Doesn’t Give Up Even After Quadruple Amputation

Rottweiler Still Enjoys Life After Having All Four Legs Amputated

Though this Rottweiler could have become depressed, instead, it has embraced life. A team of vets has equipped Brutus with four prosthetic limbs. As reported by Fox News 31 – Denver, Brutus the Rottweiler suffered frost bite on all four of his limbs. This is why he had to become an amputee. However, it’s also… Read more »