Animal News Timeline

Angry Hippo Charges Safari Speedboat

Though hippos normally ignore boats, the males become increasingly aggressive during mating season.

Passengers on a photo safari boat in Africa were astonished recently when a massive hippo charged them, displaying its incredible speed in the water as it streaked toward their vessel before narrowly missing it. Video of the hippo’s charge was recorded by one of the passengers on the boat, Craig Jackson, as the group traveled… Read more »

An Exclusive Airport Just For Animals: ‘The Ark’ To Open In America

Airport Just  For Animals

Air travel has always been a hassle for us humans. However, the experience is almost always less-than-cordial for animals. Fortunately for our animal friends, the experience will soon change with the deployment of “The Ark” – an airport terminal dedicated for the non-humans. John F. Kennedy Airport is set to open the first privately-owned animal… Read more »

Researchers May Withhold Great White Shark Data From WA Government

WA authorities issued a controversial catch and kill order last month for a shark off Warnbro sound.

Researchers are questioning whether they should withhold great white shark tracking data from the state of Western Australia, amid the government’s controversial decision to use the information in an attempted cull. Andrew Fox, of the Fox Shark Research Foundation, voiced his opposition to Western Australia’s “serious threat” policy, according to the Guardian, openly questioning whether… Read more »

Humpback Whale Rams Boat Near Hawaii

The whale was likely distracted, experts say, when it struck the boat.

Whale watchers in a small boat off Hawaii received an unexpected shock recently, as a humpback whale turned toward them, slapping the water with her fin, before crashing into their inflatable vessel headfirst. Passengers gasped at the first sight of the female whale, as the Daily Mail reports, unaware that they’d soon be treated to… Read more »

Revenge: French Bulldog Puppy Gets His Bed Back [Video]

French Bulldog Puppy

This French bulldog puppy simply wants his bed back. The ten-week-old French bulldog, Pixel, tries his hardest to steal his bed back from the house cat who’s claimed it. But, despite all the tugging and growling, it was to no avail. Eventually, (possibly because the cat got bored of taunting him) the adorable pup reclaims… Read more »

Killer Whales Surround, Interact With Trio In Inflatable Boat

The whales repeatedly approached the boat.

Three men from California found themselves surrounded by a pod of killer whales on Tuesday, getting as close to the animals as possible in the wild after setting out in an inflatable boat measuring just 10-feet-long. Eric Martin, his son, Cody, and David Lantos departed Southern California’s Redondo Beach and experienced a remarkable series of… Read more »