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Climate Change: Hundreds Of Bird Species At Risk

Global Warning

Climate change is threatening bird species throughout North America, according to newly released data. Studies conducted by the National Audubon Society suggest as many as 314 species are being be forced out of their current geographical range. The data was collected over a period of 30 years by the Audubon Society and the U.S. Geological… Read more »

Pit Bulls: Animal Behaviorist Dispels Myths About The Breed

Pit Bulls-Animal Behaviorist Dispels Myths About Breed's Agression

Pit bull is a slang term that encompasses a few different breeds of dogs. Often times, the term “Pit bull” is used for animals that are not even purebred. In fact, in rare cases, what has been reported as a Pit bull was not a Pit bull. The Inquisitr reported on the bizarre incident that… Read more »

Watch As A Corgi Meets A Wolf Cub For The First Time [Video]

Corgi plays with wolf

In this adorable video uploaded to the Camels and Friends YouTube channel, you can watch as a Corgi meets a wolf cub for the first time. In the video, the Corgi isn’t quite sure what to think of the wolf cub. The cub can be seen repeatedly spinning on the ground as the Corgi looks… Read more »

Great Dane Hissy Fit Reminds Us Why We Love Dogs

Great Dane Hissy Fit Sounds Demonic And Hilarious

A Great Dane hissy fit video has captured the love of Reddit, making it to the top of the front page at the time of this post, and reminding us why we love dogs so much. As with any canine tantrum, this one doesn’t have its roots in any kind of important world affair, but… Read more »

Blue Whale Numbers Near Historic Highs, But Shipping Worries Still Remain

Blue Whale Numbers Up

Researchers believe that California blue whale numbers have recovered to a point that is sustainable, nearing historic highs from decades ago. Scientists are saying that this is so far the only population of blue whales that have rebounded from whaling ravages of the previous centuries. A blue whale can grow to 108 feet (33 meters)… Read more »

Fisherman Catches Giant Shrimp In Florida

Mantis Shrimp

A fisherman caught a giant shrimp in Fort Pierce, Florida. The unidentified man was fishing off a dock when he hooked the unusual creature. Steve Bargeron witnessed the incident and took several stunning photos. A representative with The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed the shrimp was approximately 18 inches long. Although the species… Read more »

Beekeepers Sue Pesticide Companies For Causing Mass Die-Offs

Bee Population

Canadian beekeepers are suing pesticide manufacturers Bayer CropScience and Syngenta Canada. According to the lawsuit, the companies willfully used dangerous chemicals to compose neonicotinoid pesticides. Although the chemicals were designed to eliminate pests from crops, they are also blamed for destroying honey bee colonies. The Ontario Beekeepers Association announced that the class action lawsuit was… Read more »

43 Missing Socks Found Inside The Stomach Of A Three-Year-Old Dog!

43 socks inside dogs stomach

A family in Portland, Oregon was baffled by the number of socks that had gone missing from their household since the past few months. They had no clue where the socks – all 43 of them had gone – until their pet dog fell sick. The family’s three-year-old Great Dane had started vomiting and retching…. Read more »

Rescued Ohio Pit Bull Saves Owner From House Fire

Rescued Ohio Pit bull Saves Owner From House Fire

An Ohio Pit bull becomes the third to start to make one wonder, should Pit bulls replace Dalmatians as fire rescue dogs. The Inquisitr reported in May about a Pit bull saving a woman from a burning building. “A pit bull saved a woman whose home had caught fire, barking to alert her as flames… Read more »