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Ohio Woman Faces Arrest For Posting Mutilated Cat Photo On Facebook

ohio woman dead cat

A southern Ohio woman posted a mutilated cat photo on Facebook and reportedly insinuated threats against humans. An investigation is ongoing into the alleged animal abuse case now going viral on social media. Confusion over the unnamed woman’s county of residence and where she was when posting the photo of the dead cat have created… Read more »

Dog Shaming Photos Don’t Work, Says Experts, But Do We Care?

Dog Shaming Photos Don't Work, Says Experts, But Do We Care?

Dog shaming, or dogshaming photos, are a growing trend on the internet thanks to websites like and But is it possible that we’re just amusing ourselves without having any effect on our troubled canines? In a related report by The Inquisitr, we’ve collected some of the funniest dog shaming photos from the past…. Read more »

Diving Ducks Threatened By Harsh Winter, Frozen Lakes

Diving Ducks Great Lakes

Diving ducks are being threatened by an exceptionally harsh winter, which has frozen rivers and lakes throughout the Midwest. Although the ice cover is good news for fish, numerous birds are suffering. The same ice that protects fish from predators is making it difficult for ducks to find food. The problem is specifically notable in… Read more »

Exotic 4-Foot-Long Tegu Lizards Invade Florida

Tegu Lizard Invasive

Four-foot-long tegu lizards are invading Florida. Representatives with the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are concerned, as the invasive reptiles are breeding and thriving in Hillsborough County. Authorities have noted more than 100 confirmed sightings throughout the region. Wildlife trapper Vernon Yates confirms that around 25 Argentine black and white tegu lizards were trapped… Read more »

New York Men Arrested For Sexually Abusing Cows

Sexiual Abuse Cows

Two New York men were arrested for sexually abusing cows. Michael H. Jones, age 35, and Reid A. Fontaine, age 31, were charged with sexual misconduct with animals. Authorities identified the suspects after reviewing a Herkimer farmer’s surveillance video. The farmer realized something was wrong when several of his cows stopped producing milk. As the… Read more »

Woman Pleads Guilty To Microwaving Kitten That Killed Her Goldfish

Guilty Mocrowaving Kitten

A woman has pleaded guilty to microwaving a kitten as punishment for killing her goldfish. Laura Cunliffe, age 23, admitted that she caused unnecessary suffering to her 4-month-old kitten Mowgli. The Hoyland, UK, woman said she became irate when the kitten killed her pet goldfish. She punished the cat by microwaving her for nearly five… Read more »

Pit Bull Means More To Family Than Their Home

beloved companion

Pit bulls can be the stuff of nightmares…… or they can be devoted, lovable family members. In this story, the fearsome pit bull plays the latter role. Meet the Devia family: Carol, her husband Peter, and her sons Leandro and Christoffer. They have a labrador mix, Camilla, and a pit bull, Rocco. They also had… Read more »

Bumblebee Disease Linked To Honeybees

Bumblebee Honeybee

Several deadly bumblebee diseases have been linked to honeybees. The population of both bees has significantly declined throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. The disturbing trend may be caused by pathogens, parasites, and diseases, which affect both kinds of bees. A recent study, conducted by the University of London, suggests bumblebees may contract… Read more »

Mother Seeking Pit Bull Ban in Georgia

Pit Bull Restrained

Pit bulls should be banned from the state of Georgia. Sounds a little extreme right? Well, not for one group of people, who gathered on the steps of the state capitol in Atlanta. Angela Rutledge of Fulton County planned the rally at the courthouse, in hopes of persuading Georgia lawmakers to take the steps necessary… Read more »

Man-Eating Tiger Terrorizing Northern India [Video]

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

A man-eating tiger is on the prowl in northern India. The female big cat with a taste for human flesh has reportedly killed 10 people in villages spanning a 120-mile area in the last two months. She has believed to have strayed from a tiger sanctuary in nearby Jim Corbett National Park, the country’s oldest… Read more »

Reptile’s Live Birth Discovered In 248-Million-Year Old Fossil

Reptile Live Birth Fossil

The live birth of a reptile was preserved in a 248-million-year-old fossil. The Mesozoic fossil, which was discovered in China, contains a female ichthyosaur and three embryos. One of the embryos is still inside the mother and second is stuck in the birth canal. The third was located outside the mother and is believed to… Read more »

Woman Breastfeeds Orphaned Puppy, Sparks Controversy

woman breastfeeds dog

A Colorado woman decided to breastfeed a puppy in an effort to save its life, a debate about the appropriateness of her actions with the orphaned animal quickly ensued. The unidentified woman posted a photo of the breastfeeding puppy on Facebook and noted that what she did is considered taboo, but claimed she was desperate… Read more »

Rare White Lion Triplets Born At Poland Zoo

Poland White Lion Triplets

Rare white lion triplets were born at a privately owned zoo in Poland. Andezej Pabich, who runs the Borysew zoo, said cubs are healthy and thriving. Pabich explained the healthy triplets are rare, as white lion cubs are often born with birth defects. Pabich said 2-year-old Azira gave birth to the cubs on January 28…. Read more »

Colonel Meow: The World’s Angriest Cat Has Died

Colonel Meow Has Died

Colonel Meow, the “World’s Angriest Cat,” has died. The heartbreaking announcement was made on the famous cat’s Facebook page on Thursday. The male Himalayan-Persian became an internet sensation in 2012 with his angry scowl and unusually long fur. Although he was only three years old, the iconic cat suffered with several medical issues. In November… Read more »

California Teacher Caught Hoarding Hundreds Of Dead Snakes

animal cruelty

California teacher Bill Buchman was caught hoarding snakes, hundreds of them – many were found dead inside his home. Neighbors complained about the horrible smell stemming from the Mariners Elementary School sixth grade teacher’s home, prompting a search warrant being issued to search the Santa Ana home. Animal services found more than 400 snakes and… Read more »

Mexico’s ‘Water Monster’ Vanishes From Natural Habitat


Mexico’s “water monster”, the axolotl, has apparently vanished from its natural habitat. The creature is known for its strange looks, featuring a slimy tail, gills that look more like feathers, and a crooked half smile. Also called the “Mexican walking fish”, Mexico’s water monster has only been known to be found in the Xochimilco lakes… Read more »

Home Depot Cat Wins Battle To Keep Her Home

Home Depot Cat To Remain In Store

A Bluffton, South Carolina Home Depot has had a resident cat for the past 13 years. The little creature was appropriately named Depot, and when news broke that the cat was going to be evicted, the story broke nationally. The little black cat became the store’s little pet and lived literally in the store. Well,… Read more »

Pennsylvania Bird Feeder Ban Shocked Residents

bird feeder

Feeding the birds during cold weather months is a traditional activity for many Americans.Simply filling up cute or at least sturdy feeders in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania can come with a very steep price tag. One senior citizen couple was recently shocked when a zoning board inspector showed up on their property and informed them they… Read more »

Salpa Maggiore: Mysterious Translucent Fish Identified

New Zealand Salpa Maggiore

A Salpa Maggiore was spotted and caught off the coast of New Zealand. Stewart Fraser and his two sons were on a fishing trip when they found the bizarre creature floating in the water. Although it was shaped somewhat like a shrimp, it was almost completely transparent. Fraser said the fish “felt scaly and was… Read more »

Marijuana Poisoning In Pets On The Rise

Pets Marijuana

Marijuana poisoning in pets is on the rise and the trend has veterinarians concerned. Although marijuana is not generally dangerous for humans, it can cause serious illness or death in animals. Most pets are poisoned when they consume the substance. However, some pets may become ill from the secondhand smoke. According to the Animal Poison… Read more »

Blackie The Hippo Was Euthanized, Will PETA Freak Out?

Blackie The Hippo Was Euthanized, Will PETA Freak Out

Blackie the hippo became famous for not only being the oldest Cleveland hippo, but also the oldest hippo in the United States. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Blackie the hippo lived to the ripe old age of 59 before being put down. Of course, that doesn’t beat the story about the man swallowed alive… Read more »

Cleveland Hippo: Oldest Nile Hippo In North America Dies Aged 59

Cleveland hippo

The well known and much loved Cleveland Hippo, ‘Blackie’ has died at the Ohio zoo. He was 59-years-old. Blackie, who was believed to be the oldest Nile hippopotamus in North America, was euthanized on Monday due to what vets called: “advanced age-related ailments.” The history behind how Blackie made his way to America is an… Read more »

Beagle Chicken Nuggets Thief Bounces Kitchen Like Super Mario [Video]

Beagle Chicken Nuggets Thief Bounces Kitchen Like Super Mario

For a beagle, chicken nuggets are apparently worth risking a hot oven and traversing the dangers of a kitchen. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, beagles also can’t be denied popcorn and they can also survive jumping off a bridge. Pretty much every miniature or small dog owner can attest to this video. While dog… Read more »

Giant Squid On California Coast Is A Hoax

Giant Squid Hoax

A photo of a giant squid on the California coast is nothing but a hoax. The photo went viral after it was posted online with an article describing its origin. The article claims the squid grew uncontrollably due to radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Although the Lightly Braised Turnip website is obviously meant… Read more »

Conjoined Whale Calves Discovered In California Lagoon [Video]

Conjoined Whales

Conjoined whale calves were discovered by scientists in Scammon’s Lagoon, Baja, California. Although the calves did not survive, the discovery was quite significant. Conjoined fin, minke, and sei whales, have been documented. However, the recently discovered calves could be the first documented case of conjoined gray whale calves. Alisa Schulman-Janiger, with the American Cetacean Society,… Read more »

Pit Bull Attacks, Bites Police Officer After Suspect’s Command

Pit Bull

A pit bull chomped on a police officer’s leg in Camden, New Jersey last week. Now a 19-year-old faces serious charges, even though he claims that he did nothing to cause the dog to attack. Police say that Thomas Wright, 19, ordered his family’s pet pit bull, Missy, to attack officers who were chasing him… Read more »