Animal News Timeline

Shedd Aquarium Takes In Adorable Orphaned Sea Otter

Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium located in Chicago, Illinois has welcomed in their newest little bundle of joy, an orphaned five-week-old otter that was discovered on a California beach on September 30. According to the Chicago Tribune, Pup 681 was discovered on Coastways Beach in central California when she was believed to be only one week old…. Read more »

Deer With Fangs Spotted For The First Time In 60 Years

Musk deer

Four rare deer with fangs were spotted in northeast Afghanistan. The Wildlife Conservation Society confirmed a male, two females, and a juvenile were observed on three separate occasions. Wildlife officials said the species have not been seen or recorded in more than 60 years. Kashmir musk deer are commonly called “deer with fangs,” as the… Read more »

Curious Elephants Toy With GoPro In Zimbabwe

After approaching the camera, the elephants began to toy with it.

A pair of filmmakers captured astonishing footage in Africa, when a herd of bull elephants approached their GoPro camera, and began to investigate it. Mike and Marian Myers were attempting to film two wild dogs near a watering hole in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe when the unexpected encounter with the elephants occurred, as the… Read more »

Coffee With Cats: America’s First Cat Cafe Opens In Oakland

First Cat Cafe Opens In The U.S.

Cat lovers can now celebrate with the opening of the first permanent cat café in the United States. On Saturday, Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California opened its doors to feline loving customers who want to spend quality time with cute kitties while sipping a hot cup of coffee. The concept of a cat café… Read more »

100-Year-Old Cockatoo Named Fred Receives Centenary Letter From The Queen

fred 100 bird

It’s very rare that a sulphur-crested cockatoo lives much past the age of 40, but a bird called Fred, who resides at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia, just celebrated his 100th birthday, and even received a traditional Centenary letter from the Queen herself! Daily Mail Australia reported that Greg Irons, Director of Bonorong Wildlife… Read more »

Tiger Shark Attacks Surfer In Hawaii, Nearly Dragging Her Out To Sea

The attack follows a trio of incidents that took place over the last week.

A recent string of attacks in Hawaii attributed to tiger sharks continued this week, as a 34-year-old Kailua-Kona woman was struck while surfing with a friend in North Kohala. McKenzie Clark was paddling her surfboard in murky water near the Halaula Lighthouse on Friday, according to West Hawaii Today, when the tiger shark approached her…. Read more »

Possible Sighting Of Endangered Gray Wolf In Grand Canyon

Is the endangered gray wolf back in the Grand Canyon?

Authorities believe there may have been an endangered gray wolf sighting in the Grand Canyon. If the wolf is definitely identified, it will officially be the first time anyone has seen a gray wolf in the Grand Canyon since the 1940s, when the last one in the area was killed. The wolf was first photographed… Read more »

PETA Goes After Virginia High School For Football Team’s Lion Mascot

PETA thinks Bubba the lion should not be going to football games

The Louisa County High School Lions in Virginia have a unique mascot, and PETA doesn’t like it. A live, caged lion has been a fixture at the school’s home football games since 2005 according to the Charlottesville_Daily Progress. The tradition started when the senior class asked Doug Straley, the athletic director at the time, if… Read more »

Animal Cruelty: Gaunt, Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Found In Ohio

Animal Cruelty-Gaunt, Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Found Ohio

Pit bulls and animal cruelty, unfortunately, seem to go hand in hand, as much or more than all breeds of canines. In a month meant to bring awareness to what many see as misinformation about a specific breed of dog, it is unfortunate to see another case of animal cruelty. WKYC 3 News reports that… Read more »