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Giant Oarfish Discovered Near California Coast [Video]


A giant oarfish was discovered off the coast of Catalina Island. The 18-foot carcass was found during a snorkeling expedition. Amazingly, the dead fish was found intact. Fifteen people worked together to carry the fish onto the shore. The staff at Catalina Island Marine Institute are thrilled with the discovery, although they are unsure how… Read more »

South Dakota Cattle: Up To 100,000 Dead In Massive Blizzard

South Dakota Blizzard Cattle

Thousands of South Dakota cattle were killed in a massive weekend blizzard. Confirmed deaths have reached 20,000. However, officials expect the numbers to top 100,000 by the end of the week. Many ranchers lost over half their herds when the storm dumped up to four feet of snow in the Black Hills. The unexpected storm… Read more »

Spooky The Cat Shot With Crossbow, Prepare To Be Outraged

Spooky The Cat Injured With Crossbow

Spooky the Cat is a black feline you’ll likely hear a lot about in the next few days. That’s because the cat, belonging to Redditor Brandonjking, was senselessly shot with a crossbow, allegedly by a next door neighbor. From the Redditor’s post: “We went to our neighbors to ask him if he did it he… Read more »

Rescued Pit Bull Saves Four-Year-Old Boy [Video]

Pit Bull Saves Boy After Rescue

A pit bull saved a four-year-old boy just days after the dog was rescued from certain death. TaterTot detected a dangerous drop in the boy’s blood sugar and alerted his mother to the life-threatening situation. Christie Smith took the pit bull from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control just hours before he was supposed to be… Read more »

2000 Mink Escape From Wisconsin Fur Farm

2,000 Mink Escape

Nearly 2,000 mink escaped from a Wisconsin farm on Saturday. Authorities suspect the weasel-like animals were released in protest. Several residents reported mink roaming around the community. Calumet County deputies responded to the Bonlander Fur farm to investigate. As reported by Green Bay Press Gazette, the Bolander family checked their barns and discovered numerous broken… Read more »

Tiger Nearly Rips Off Zoo Workers Arm In Oklahoma

Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park Tiger Attack

A Tiger attacked a zoo worker at an Oklahoma animal park on Saturday. The animal ripped apart the workers arm after she stuck her hand into the wild animals enclosure. The attack, which left doctors trying to save the workers left arm, occurred at Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood. According to park owner… Read more »

Deadly Dog Virus Killing Pets In Ohio And Michigan

Dog Virus

A deadly dog virus is blamed for killing pets in Ohio and Michigan. The mysterious illness has not been identified. However, veterinarians say it is similar to Circovirus. The virus presents with flu-like symptoms, including lethargy, abdominal pain, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. The illness progresses quickly, killing dogs within days if not treated. The sickness… Read more »

Sumatran Rhino Caught On Camera In Rare Footage [Watch]

Sumatran Rhino

A Sumatran rhino was caught in rare footage on camera in Indonesia, roaming in its natural habitat. The Borneo Island area in Indonesia has not seen the critically endangered rhino species in quite a while. This makes the footage caught on the camera traps of particular interest to those involved in ensuring the Sumatran rhinos… Read more »

Flying Spider Webs In Dallas Exist, Are Terrifying

flying spider webs dallas

You know what? Forget everything about flying spider webs being a real thing, we are so not accepting this reality. Unfortunately for Texas, whether we admit it or not, flying spider webs are sweeping the city of Dallas. And by sweeping, we mean “actually, pervasively flying around, getting stuck in your hair when you go… Read more »

Toad Swallows Bat Then Smiles For Photo

cane toad

Scroll down to the bottom of this article. Go ahead. You see that photo? What is that? Is someone conducting a science experiment on that frog? Is it an alien? It turns out that the bizarre photo shows what happens when a toad swallows a bat. A park ranger at Cerros de Amotape National Park… Read more »

Testicle-Eating Fish Found In New Jersey Lake

Testicle-Eating Fish, Also More Commonly Known As A Pacu

A fish known as a testicle-eating fish, or otherwise known as “Pacu” has been found in a New Jersey lake. The Pacu fish isn’t a native species to American water, but rather the Amazon. New Jersey isn’t the first unusual place the fish has turned up. According to the Huffington Post, the fish has also… Read more »

Eagle Attacking Deer Caught On Camera In Russia

eagle attacks deer

Unprecedented photographs of an eagle attacking a deer were taken in southern Russia and have amazed people around the world. The three trip-camera was set up in order to take pictures of Siberian tigers in their natural habitat. It so happens that, instead of picturing tigers, the camera shot, in a two second period, three… Read more »

The One-Eyed Pirate Cat Charms The Internet

Sir Stuffington One Eyed Pirate Cat

Move over Grumpy Cat! Sir Stuffington, the one-eyed pirate cat, is charming his way through the internet! Sir Stuffington and his siblings were found in the town of Troutdale in Oregon. All of them suffered from different ailments, but Sir Stuffington was by far in the worst condition. He was found without his eye and… Read more »