Animal News Timeline

Maryland Firefighters Rescue Puppy Stuck Inside Pipe For Seven Hours

Puppy rescue by Montgomery County Firefighters

Firefighters from Montgomery County became the saviors of a 9-week-old puppy that fell into a small six-inch pipe. According to NBC Washington, the puppy, a Pomeranian, accidentally fell into the small pipe buried about 12 feet underground at a property located near Blair High School in Silver Spring. The puppy remained stuck there for over… Read more »

Rare Whale Found: Omura’s Whale Discovered On Western Australia Beach

Omura's Whale

A rare whale was found dead on a Western Australia beach. Officials have confirmed the juvenile female is an Omura’s Whale, which was feared to be extinct. It is believed that the whale became stranded on the beach amid Tropical Cyclone Olwyn. Previously thought to be a smaller Bryde’s Whale, the Omura’s Whale was identified… Read more »