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Will Lydia The Great White Shark Reveal Her Species’ Mating Grounds?

Scientists hope Lydia may reveal her species' mating grounds

Lydia, a record-breaking great white shark tagged early last year by Ocearch researchers, has turned away from her course towards Newfoundland, and scientists are wondering whether her actions may reveal the location of her species’ mating grounds in the Atlantic. As the Telegram notes, Lydia’s satellite tag showed her moving toward Newfoundland last week, though… Read more »

Crows: Springfield, Ohio, Overrun With 50,000 Birds


An estimated 50,000 crows have descended on Springfield, Ohio. Although they are not necessarily aggressive, the birds are making a mess. Residents and business owners have been forced to spend thousands of dollars to clean up the droppings. Unfortunately, it is an ongoing problem. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources confirmed crows have been roosting… Read more »

China: 100,000 Elephants Slaughtered Amid Ivory Craze

Ivory Trade

Conservationists in China estimate 100,000 elephants were slaughtered amid an ongoing ivory craze. Save the Elephants founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton said the brutal practice could force the magnificent creatures into extinction. Although China law prohibits smuggling and selling ivory the laws are rarely enforced. In a joint report, Save the Elephants and The Aspinall Foundation determined… Read more »

Did PETA Go Too Far With This Advertisement?

PETA angered people in the UK with this NSFW advertisement.

The animal rights group PETA is known for pulling controversial stunts in order to get attention, but some people in the U.K. are outraged over their latest attempt to get people to go vegan. Ryot reports that the group had a giant billboard erected in Nottingham which depicted sexual imagery. The NSFW image on the… Read more »

Seven Sperm Whales Found Dead On Australian Beach

It is unclear why the whales moved into shallow waters.

A pod of seven sperm whales has been found dead on a South Australian beach, victims of an extremely rare mass stranding event in a region that the species hasn’t frequented for over 25 years. According to IFLScience, the sperm whales had been spotted swimming near Yorke Peninsula recently by locals. On Monday, six of… Read more »

Rare Twin Elephant Babies Born In South African Game Reserve!

Twin elehant babies born in South Africa

Researchers at Pongola Game Reserve, a privately owned reserve in South Africa, have reported the birth of twin elephant babies to a pregnant elephant. According to Grind TV, the birth of twin elephant babies is an extremely rare event and typically occurs in less than one percent of elephant births. If that wasn’t enough, twin… Read more »

Death Of Gizmo Is The Saddest Case Of Animal Torture You’ll Ever Read

Gizmo Tortured To Death By Pet Owners

Gizmo was a dog belonging to a couple living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In November 2014, Dana Gabbard, 26, called a suicide hotline and confessed that she was “feeling homicidal” toward her neighbor, according to a police report. At that point, she admitted to shooting and killing Gizmo, but the facts of the case turned out… Read more »

Russian Train Crew Intentionally Runs Over Wild Bear [Video]

Bear run over by Train

Two Russian locomotive drivers could face disciplinary and legal action after a footage showing them intentionally running over a bear went viral. According to Russia Today, the incident happened earlier last week near the city of Norilsk. The video footage was captured by one of the drivers on duty. It shows a bear running along… Read more »

Playful Seal Commandeers Surfer’s Board

Every time Bertrand paddled out into the waves, the seal would appear.

A group of surfers in France were surprised recently when an attention seeking seal joined in with them, commandeering one of their boards and climbing all over them. According to the Daily Mail, a camera mounted on one of the boards caught the interaction, which took place in Lacanau, France. Bertrand Chaussade and his friends… Read more »