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Woolly Mammoth With Liquid Blood Goes On Display Saturday

woolly mammoth

A woolly mammoth some 39,000 years old has arrived in an exhibition hall in Yokohama, Japan to be put on public display from July 13 until September 16. UPDATE:  We now have video of the woolly mammoth being unboxed in Japan.  Go down to the bottom to see it. This well-preserved woolly mammoth female, now… Read more »

Guide Dogs Help Blind Couple Find Love

Guide dogs help blind couple find love

Two Guide dogs helped their blind owners find love at a two week Guide Dog Training course in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. Going in alone to find love with sight is hard enough, when it came to Claire Johnson, 50, and Mark Gaffey, 52, the had extra help from their seeing-eye-dogs according to Yahoo News. In a video… Read more »

Bull Terrier Beheads Tiny Pomeranian Dog

Bull Terrier Beheads Tiny Pomeranian Dog

England – A bull terrier beheaded a tiny Pomeranian dog [not pictured] during a vicious attack Saturday in the front yard of a home. After the horrific incident, the owner of the bull terrier just walked off and acted like nothing happened. Before the owner of the bull terrier strolled off, she reportedly said, “It’s… Read more »

Chickens Increasingly Abandoned At Animal Shelters By Hipster Farmers

Urban Farmers

The number of chickens abandoned at animal shelters by urban farmers is growing at an alarming rate. Although some folks were initially thrilled with the idea of raising their own chickens, a large number of people quickly became disillusioned. The amount of upkeep required to keep the animals healthy and happy was apparently too much… Read more »

200-Year-Old Rockfish Dead Already? Sort Of

200-year-old rockfish

Remember the 200-year-old rockfish we learned about yesterday, whose long, long life came to an abrupt end during a June fishing trip off the coast of Atlanta? The 200-year-old rockfish story is one that emerged as a scientific curiosity but predictably ignited ire on the web — the tale of a very, very old living… Read more »

Lun Lun Panda Pregnant Again, Four Cubs And Counting

lun lun panda pregnant

Move over, Kate Middleton — panda Lun Lun is also knocked up, expecting her fourth cub after an ultrasound revealed the good news. The Lun Lun panda pregnancy is, of course, one that sparks the usual restrained joy. Giant pandas like Lun Lun are not only highly endangered but very prone to calamity — last… Read more »

200-Year-Old Rockfish Caught, Killed, Mounted In Alaska

200-year-old rockfish

A bit of history died along with a 200-year-old rockfish in Alaska, when his lengthy life ended during a fishing trip off Juneau. While the 200-year-old rockfish isn’t talking, estimates after the catch place the fish’s birthday sometime in the early 1800s — before the Civil War, the Titanic, and World War II. Seattle resident Henry Liebman… Read more »

Gorilla Surrogate Mother Accepts Baby As Her Own

Gladys Gorilla Surrogate Mother

A gorilla surrogate mother has come forward to raise an abandoned baby. Zoologists at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden announced on Tuesday that Gladys, the 5-month-old Western lowland gorilla who was rejected by her mom, now has a new caretaker. Zookeepers began introducing Gladys to new mom, M’Linzi, on Monday June 17. The pair began to bond,… Read more »

Rare Ring-Tailed Cat Spotted In San Antonio

Ring Tailed Cat

A rare ring-tailed cat has been sighted in San Antonio, Texas. The cat was spotted when a man and his girlfriend were outside playing basketball. Ring-tailed cats exist, but they are very hard to spot because of their elusive nature and their low population numbers. The cat was spotted while sitting on some power lines… Read more »

Dog Diagnoses Diabetes In 7-Year-Old Child

Dog Diagnoses Diabetes in Kid

A well-trained dog recently diagnosed diabetes in a 7-year-old boy. An organization called Drey’s Alert Dogs was training a group of dogs on how to detect diabetes when one of the puppies diagnosed the 7-year-old’s condition. The organization enlisted small children in a program called “Kids for Diabetics.” The children were brought in so the puppies in… Read more »

Social Animals Smarter, Have More ‘Social Intelligence’

social animals smarter

Social animals are smarter — or at least they have greater social intelligence. And apparently they’re more than ready to put their street smarts to work in getting away with petty larceny. That’s the conclusion of a study performed on six species of lemurs living at the Duke Lemur Center that was published on Thursday… Read more »

British Chef Simon Rimmer Dishes Up Delicacies For Feline Foodies

Cat Treat Delicacies

British celebrity chef Simon Rimmer doesn’t just cook food that his TV viewers love, he also creates delicious and expensive food for his feline friends. While we would typically expect to see Lobster and avocado sushi on a menu at our favorite restaurants those are some of the ingredients being prepared for cats. Rimmer also… Read more »

Jealous Boyfriend’s Hamster Release Tried In Court

jealous boyfriend hamster

A jealous boyfriend’s hamster related cruelty led to charges, a fine and a light sentence, after an incident in which the man freed his girlfriend’s hamster in retribution for spurned affections. The jealous boyfriend’s hamster attack came when the woman admitted she loved her hamster more than she did her ex. (And in fairness to… Read more »

Pacifica Shark Attack Scares Swimmers, Should You Be Afraid?

pacifica shark attack

This week’s Pacifica shark attack on a kayaker whose vessel was literally chomped by a great white shark struck fear into ocean dwelling humans across America — but are a rising number of shark attacks a legitimate concern for swimmers and surfers? The Pacifica shark attack happened about 100 yards off Pedro Point in Pacifica,… Read more »

Dog Pushes Sister To Playground In Shopping Cart [Video]

A ridiculously adorable video has emerged online of a Lemon Beagle, by the name of Maymo, pushing his little sister along in a shopping cart, which is so beautiful you might be tempted to scratch your eyes out because nothing you ever view again will move you in the same way. The video was created by Youtube… Read more »

Pacifica Shark Attack: Kayaker Chomped From Underneath

pacifica shark attack

A Pacifica shark attack has left a kayaker shaken, but luckily unharmed, and the man relays a frightening tale of a fishing trip gone very, very wrong. The Pacifica shark attack happened near Pacifica State Beach near Linda Mar on Tuesday afternoon, and the man, Micah Flansburg, describes how a shark out of nowhere leaped… Read more »

Cambodian Tailorbird: New Species Discovered in Crowded Phnom Penh

Cambodian tailorbird

The Cambodian tailorbird singing in that photograph is a member of a new species just discovered in the Asian nation of Cambodia — and a dazzling reminder that new discoveries are waiting to be made in the most unexpected places. On Tuesday, the Oriental Bird Club journal Forktail published a description of the newly discovered… Read more »

Family Can Keep Pet Deer

Family Allowed To Keep Pet Deer

A family can keep a pet deer, which they raised from a fawn. The family was ordered to surrender the deer, as Michigan law prohibits keeping wildlife as pets. A Michigan judge has made an exception, allowing the family to keep Lilly as a pet. The family, which has not been named, found Lilly’s mother… Read more »