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Group Of 116 Rescued Puppies Frolic In Ireland Shelter

Ireland Pups

The dramatic intervention of animal protection services in Ireland has led to 116 rescued puppies. The group of puppies are of varying breeds and are estimated to be between the ages of 5 to 8-weeks-old. Two vans that were trying to get aboard a ferry from Dublin, Ireland, to the UK were carrying the puppies,… Read more »

Looking For The Nearest Tiger Shark? There’s An App For That

Scientists hope the tracking app can be used in the future to warn beachgoers automatically when a shark is near.

Beachgoers in Australia are now able to track some of the tiger sharks swimming along their coast in real time using a phone app, and scientists hope the efforts may change the face of the country’s controversial shark policies. Working with Ocearch, researchers have tagged three large tiger sharks off the coast of Fraser Island,… Read more »

‘PETA Kidnapped And Killed My Dog,’ Says Distraught Pet Owner

PETA Kills Family Pet, Acquitted Of Criminal Charges

PETA kidnapped and euthanized a family pet, according to various reports and a seemingly damning home surveillance video. In the four-and-a-half minutes of footage, a 3-year-old chihuahua named Maya is coaxed off her owner’s property with treats, but after accepting the treats, she returns to the porch. At this point, a woman from People for… Read more »

Mysterious 15-Foot Megamouth Shark Washes Up On Philippine Beach

Megamouth shark caught in the Philippines

Residents of the coastal village of Barangay Marigondon in the Philippines were witness to a strange sight in the last week of January. The carcass of an extremely rare and mysterious animal known as the megamouth shark had washed up on one of the beaches in the town. The shark was over 15-feet long and… Read more »

Electric-Blue Blob Magically Appears To Warn Away Diver

brilliant-blue blob

A man snorkelling in the Caribbean captured an amazing and rarely observed phenomenon of a camouflaging octopus. It turns out that some octopuses are masters of camouflage, but when danger lurks and it becomes clear that blending in with its surroundings is not working, the octopus will shed its disguise. The video, which was recorded… Read more »

Great White Shark Attacked And Killed By Orca Pod Off South Australia


A group of shark cage divers witnessed a rare battle off South Australia this week as a great white shark was attacked and summarily killed by a pod of orca whales. Twenty three tourists witnessed the attack, which took place on Monday off the North Neptune Islands near the Eyre Peninsula, according to News.Com.Au. Adventure… Read more »

Jimmy The Groundhog Bites Mayor In The Face While Giving Forecast [Video]

Groundhog's Day

Groundhog Day was more eventful than usual in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, this morning as their resident rodent prognosticator, Jimmy the Groundhog, tried to take a bite out of Sun Prairie’s Mayor’s face while relaying his Groundhog Day forecast. Sun Prairie, a small suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, held its 67th annual Groundhog Day Celebration this morning…. Read more »

Pit Bull Puppy Beaten With Shovel And Buried

Hennessy the pit bull was beaten brutally and left for dead.

Early this past Friday, NYPD officers were called to the scene of a brutal beating. The victim was a six-month-old brown brindle pit bull mix named Hennessy. Several neighbors saw the terrible scene. One witness called 911 while another recorded the vicious owner beating the pit bull. The video was released only to the police…. Read more »