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Revenge: French Bulldog Puppy Gets His Bed Back [Video]

French Bulldog Puppy

This French bulldog puppy simply wants his bed back. The ten-week-old French bulldog, Pixel, tries his hardest to steal his bed back from the house cat who’s claimed it. But, despite all the tugging and growling, it was to no avail. Eventually, (possibly because the cat got bored of taunting him) the adorable pup reclaims… Read more »

Killer Whales Surround, Interact With Trio In Inflatable Boat

The whales repeatedly approached the boat.

Three men from California found themselves surrounded by a pod of killer whales on Tuesday, getting as close to the animals as possible in the wild after setting out in an inflatable boat measuring just 10-feet-long. Eric Martin, his son, Cody, and David Lantos departed Southern California’s Redondo Beach and experienced a remarkable series of… Read more »

Minnesota Man Records Torture, Killing Of Girlfriend’s Shiba Inu Husky

Shiba Inu Husky Tortured, Killed

Draco, the Shiba Inu Husky pictured above, is dead after police say that 24-year-old Anthony R. Sather brutalized and executed the animal over a series of three videos. The dog belonged to Sather’s girlfriend, Andrea Godfrey, who was the one that found the videos on her boyfriend’s computer. She recorded them on her cellphone and… Read more »

Adorable Koalas Need Mittens To Help Treat Paws Burned In Bushfires

Jeremy Receives Treatment

Animal welfare groups in Australia have launched a public appeal for cotton mittens to be made to help treat koalas that got their paws burned in devastating bushfires raging in South Australia and Victoria. South Australia has suffered conflagrations in the bushfire season with more than 30 homes destroyed and 134 people injured. Some of… Read more »

Trout In Salmon River Dying From Vitamin Deficiency

Steelhead trout in Salmon River are experiencing a vitamin B deficiency.

Steelhead trout have been dying as they make their way to the Salmon River in Oswego County from Lake Ontario. Apparently, the cause behind the death is a thiamine, or vitamin B, deficiency present in the fish. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) commissioner, Joe Martens, issued a statement about the Salmon River issues on… Read more »

Bear Attack: Wild Sloth Bear Mauls Forest Guard To Death

Sloth bear mauls forest official to death

In yet another case of a wild animal snuffing out the life of a human, a forest official was brutally mauled to death by a wild bear in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. According to Zee News, the middle-aged official who was employed with the Chhattisgarh Forest Department was attacked by a fully grown… Read more »