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‘Frozen’ Trailer Lawsuit: Disney Denies Stealing From Short Film

'Frozen' trailer lawsuit 'The Snowman'

A recent Frozen trailer lawsuit claims that Disney directly stole the premise of an independent short film to use as a Frozen teaser. Disney is completely denying any wrongdoing. It’s bound to happen. You make a feature length animated movie that sells as well as Disney’s Frozen, and someone on the outside is going to… Read more »

Gremlins Remake Gets On The Fast Track

gremlins remake rumored

It seems that a remake of the 1984 horror comedy Gremlins has been given not only the green light by Warner Bros, its been put on the fast track. Word of the remake came from Ain’t It Cool News, along with a report of the Goonies sequel that was announced yesterday. They didn’t give much… Read more »

Goonies Sequel Could Include Original Cast

goonies movie group shot

According to a widely reported statement made by director Richard Donner, a Goonies sequel is “happening.” The brief admission by Donner was made to while the Goonies director was on camera signing autographs. Aside from The Goonies, Donner has also directed famed films including Superman, Radio Flyer, Lethal Weapon, and Conspiracy Theory, among others…. Read more »

Nicole Kidman Talks About Her Role In ‘The Railway Man’

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, who has been a much loved and well known Hollywood star for the best part of two decades, has been under the radar for a few years now as she focused on raising her two children, along with husband Keith Urban. But all that is about to change as Kidman assumes a new… Read more »

Keanu Reeves Gets Seduced By Director Eli Roth’s ‘Knock Knock’

Keanu Reeves Thriller

Keanu Reeves is ready to scare up some box office business with help from Eli Roth. The Hostel director is putting together his Polanski-esque thriller Knock, Knock, a film that should begin production in the very near future. According to reports, Reeves will tackle the role of a married guy who finds his life turned… Read more »

Kaballah Gnostic Messages Exposed In ‘Noah’

Unbiblical Noah Featured

Noah is the latest movie, promoting or based off of the Bible, to hit the box office. In between God’s Not Dead and Heaven Is For Real, the movie Noah received a lot of Hollywood support, which includes a large budget, all-start cast starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and the promotional backing of a… Read more »

Key & Peele To Produce Police Academy Reboot

Police Academy reboot picks up Key & Peele

New Line Cinema’s reboot of the Police Academy franchise has just had two new producer’s sign on: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. The duo, best known for their Comedy Central sketch comedy show Key & Peele, have been rumored to be attached to project since Peele recently, on the podcast “The Movie Crypt”, revealed the… Read more »

Tom Hardy Scores Ridley Scott BBC Drama Series

Tom Hardy film

It looks like it’s a full plate for actor Tom Hardy. The actor, who’s set to play Elton John in an upcoming biopic, just scored another high-profile project. It was just announced that the Dark Knight Rises actor is set to star in an eight-part series on BBC called Taboo. The versatile Hardy, who took… Read more »

Dead Body Found During ‘Avengers 2’ Filming In South Korea

Mark Ruffalo: Hulk's Sex Life, Avengers 2 Pop Up At Sundance

Filming for The Avengers: Age of Ultron began last weekend, causing certain parts of Seoul, South Korea to be closed off, which includes the Mapo Bridge. However, a macabre surprise was found below the bridge: a dead body floating in the river. Maybe Joss Whedon’s apology for Avengers 2 shutting down certain parts of the… Read more »

Muppets Most Wanted Movie Magic

The Muppets

If you are in need of 112 minutes of pure enjoyment and fun, then you should head to the theater to see Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted. This is the sequel to 2011’s The Muppets, which makes this the eighth theatrical film featuring these lovable furry critters. The Muppets were created by Jim Henson back in… Read more »