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‘Captain America 3’ Cast To Expand, Secret Wars And Hawkeye Teased


Captain America 3 could include numerous casting additions after it was teased Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye could be featured in a film adapted from the Secret Wars comic-book series. Renner has so far appeared in Thor and The Avengers as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, and he’s set to return as the character in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The… Read more »

Google Acquires ‘Zync': Is Google Entering The Movie Business?

Google Acquires Zync: Is Google Entering The Movie Business?

Is Google entering the movie business by purchasing Zync? That aspect is unclear, but Google Inc. is acquiring a company called Zync. In a day and age when companies are constantly buying up smaller companies to keep the competitive edge, Google and Apple are in the news most often.In a bid to have a leg… Read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Versus Zombies! What More Do You Want?


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new zombie flick, MAGGIE, has been picked up by Lions Gate for release early in 2015, according to Aint It Cool News. Since finishing up his governor duties, Arnold Schwarzenegger has, thus far, been mainly focused on sequels and reboots, including The Expendables, the new Terminator film and Legend of Conan, a sequel… Read more »

Angela Bassett Says Whitney Houston Biopic Controversy Is ‘Good’

angela bassett directs whiney houston biopic

Since Lifetime announced that they were putting together a biopic on Whitney Houston controversy has circulated the production. From the casting to the Bobby Brown storyline, people have been criticizing the biopic, which is currently being helmed by actress Angela Bassett. Surprisingly so, Bassett seems to be welcoming of the controversy. Bassett attended the Emmys… Read more »

Is Hasbro Studios The Next Marvel Studios?


Hasbro isn’t exactly the first company that comes to mind when you think of movies. However, only a few years ago, Marvel wasn’t the first name that came to mind when you thought of movies, either. Now that’s all changing. The success of Marvel Studios over the last few years has been nothing short of… Read more »

It’s Official: Disney Owns The Summer Box Office

disneys summer blockbusters

After last weekend moved Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy back into the No. 1 slot in theaters, which means Disney can officially claim ownership of the summer box office. The Walt Disney Company, which owns Marvel Studios, released three powerhouse films this summer including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Maleficent and Guardians of the Galaxy…. Read more »

‘Fantastic Four’ Director Reveals New Version Of The Thing. Is it Real?

First Look at The Thing

UPDATE: Looks like our suspicions may have been correct. The twitter account originally posted has now been deleted. Details at bottom. Fantastic Four fans got a surprise yesterday when Josh Trank, director of the upcoming franchise reboot, posted our first look at The Thing (A.K.A. Ben Grimm) via his Twitter account. Well, it’s out. There’s… Read more »

‘The Expendables 3’: Has Stallone’s Action-Packed Formula Become Too Stale?

expendables-3-trailer-700x420 (1)

It’s official: The Expendables 3 is a box office flop. Although everyone seems to understand that the latest installment in the Expendables franchise is DOA in North America, chances are Lionsgate was hoping the flick could rebound in foreign markets. Unfortunately for Sylvester Stallone and his merry band of AARP-eligible freedom fighters, moviegoers overseas aren’t… Read more »

Is An Original ‘Star Wars’ Villain Returning For Episode VII?

Star Wars Villain

Every hero movie needs a big bad villain to contend with, and a new Star Wars: Episode VII scoop may have the biggest and baddest from the Star Wars universe returning. Beware, because this is a potentially huge spoiler for the rebirth of the franchise. Warning: There is spoiler material ahead. This is your last… Read more »

The Hunger Games Theme Park Coming Soon – Will Children Die?

Hunger Games Theme Park

The Hunger Games is poised to be one of the most successful film franchises in recent history. By box office measures and hype leading into the upcoming third of four planned movies, it’s already highly successful. So how do you follow up a teenage angst sci-fi movie series like The Hunger Games? Well, obviously with… Read more »

Cecil Hotel: Terrifying Elisa Lam Story Coming To Theaters

Elisa Lam at Cecil Hotel

Over the decades, the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles has had its share of strange occurrences and stranger residents. The Cecil Hotel was the site of several suicides and three murders. It was the onetime residence of serial killers Richard Ramirez in 1985 and Jack Unterweger in 1991. The Cecil Hotel was also rumored… Read more »

Jim Carrey Parodies ‘Lucy’ In New ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Poster


Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels poked some fun at the promotional material for Luc Besson’s Lucy in the latest posters for Dumb and Dumber To. For those who don’t remember, the aforementioned actors are reprising their roles as lovable morons Harry and Lloyd in the follow-up to Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly’s 1994 comedy. To… Read more »