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‘The Interview’ Makes Over $15 Million In Online Sales And Rentals

The Interview, Sony Pictures, Hacking, Box Office, Video on Demand

The Interview from Sony Pictures has generated over $15 million in revenue from online rentals and purchases through Saturday. Film industry trade magazine Variety is reporting that the action comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen has only earned $3 million from a limited release in theaters, and over $15 million from two million purchases… Read more »

‘The Interview’ Box Office Hits $1M Opening Day

'The Interview' Box Office Good Or Bad?

The Interview box office numbers are in, at least for opening day, and after getting a much smaller than expected 331-theater release, the controversial Seth Rogen comedy grossed $1 million. It’s worth noting that this in no way reflects online sales. According to a report from CNN, whether the release was good or bad depends… Read more »

Hack Job: Did Sony Pull ‘The Interview’ As A Marketing Ploy?

Sony's The Interview

Mere days after pulling The Interview from theatrical release amid alleged threats from North Korea, Sony Pictures has reversed course and decided to go ahead with renewed release plans. But was the decision to pull the critically panned film from release actually a clever marketing ploy designed to avoid the losses that come with a… Read more »

Tim Burton: ‘I Think I Upset McDonald’s’ With ‘Batman Returns’

Tim Burton

Director Tim Burton opened up in a recent interview with Yahoo to promote his new film, Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. However, the topic of discussion shifted momentarily to Tim Burton’s 1992 hit superhero film, Batman Returns. From a box-office perspective, the movie was a big hit. It made well over $266.8… Read more »

‘Star Trek 3’ To Debut On 50th Anniversary Of Series

Star Trek 3 Set for 2016

Star Trek 3 will be playing in movie theaters on July 8, 2016, 50 years after the television series premiered. Reuters reported that Paramount Pictures issued a press release announcing the date. “‘Star Trek 3,’ the latest film in the intergalactic franchise featuring Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise, will open in… Read more »

Katherine Waterston To Star In Steve Jobs Biopic

Katherine Waterston, Steve Jobs, actress, film

Katherine Waterston is not new to Hollywood. She’s the daughter of veteran actor Sam Waterston and, having gone into film herself, she is experienced, even if many aren’t yet familiar with Waterston’s face. Success has been slow in coming to Katherine and she partly blames her statuesque height for the difficulties she’s experienced in pursuing… Read more »

‘The Interview’ Declined By Apple: Are They Afraid Of Threats?

'The Interview' opens in select theaters.

The Interview has been the most discussed film of the year thanks to the Sony hacks. The film was scheduled to be released nationwide on December 25. Sony then backed off due to threats, but have recently said The Interview will play in select theaters on Christmas day. The hotly anticipated film has also been… Read more »

‘Star Trek 3’ To Be Helmed By Justin Lin

Justin Lin, Star Trek

Star Trek 3 has had its fair share of production delays, including the loss of its director. Two weeks ago, it was revealed that Robert Orci would no longer be directing the third installment of the Star Trek reboot and, in the wake of that news, rumors abounded about who might be chosen to step… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence Molded In Wax For ‘Hunger Games’ Promotion

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

Jennifer Lawrence’s likeness has been molded into a wax representation of her Katniss Everdeen character from The Hunger Games, the popular movie franchise based off the popular books. The Hollywood Reporter noted the wax figure of Lawrence’s character came about through the cooperation of producers of The Hunger Games and Madame Tussauds, the world-famous wax-making… Read more »

Sony Hack: ‘Pineapple Express 2’ Almost Happened

Pineapple Express 2

A new Sony hack reveals that Pineapple Express 2 was in the works. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio had several projects in the works, and one of them was the long-awaited sequel Pineapple Express 2. The studio was hoping to make a sequel to the 2008 hit starring Seth Rogen and James Franco,… Read more »

‘The Interview Controversy': Sony Hack Rumored To Be Hoax For Publicity

The Interview

The Interview has garnered lots of attention over the past couple weeks and the highly anticipated film hasn’t even been released yet. For those who missed it, the hacktivist group “Guardians of Peace” reportedly hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment when the film company refused to adhere to demands from North Korea to pull the film. Since… Read more »