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iPhone 6 Rumors: Apple A8 Chip Being Developed, But Not By Samsung

iphone 6 rumors apple a8 samsung

The iPhone 6 rumors concerning the Apple A8 chip were buzzing this week when information regarding Samsung’s involvement was leaked. Samsung, who has been the sole manufacturer of Apple’s processing chips, has reportedly backed out of production of the next generation A8. What led to the rumors regarding Apple’s biggest competitor bowing out of work… Read more »

iPhone 6 Screen Size Rumors Claim Sapphire Retina Display Specs

iPhone 6 Screen Size Rumors Claim Sapphire Retina Display Specs

Apple iPhone 6 screen specs rumors are claiming not only will the iPhone 6 display be bigger but that it may be made of hardened sapphire crystal. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the iPhone 6 release date rumors are pointing to a time earlier in 2014. Some analysts believe Apple is moving up… Read more »

Family Wireless Plans: Price War Heats Up, AT&T Slashes Prices

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger, And Metro PCS, Facing Anti-Trust... What About AT&T?

What better day than Super Bowl Sunday to start offering new family wireless plans? In their latest attempt to gain ground on rivals T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, AT&T is slashing prices on their family wireless plans starting today. A family of four can expect to see a 20 percent savings on plans offering 10 gigabytes… Read more »

iPhone 5s Data Usage Is Higher Than Any Tablet

iPhone 5s worth it

iPhone 5s users sure like their phones — and their data plans apparently. In the most recent study by JDSU, a technologies company dedicated to improving optical networking worldwide, they found that iPhone 5s data usage is the highest of any device. Ever. They even use more mobile data than any tablet on the market…. Read more »

Beats Music App: Release Aims To Take Down Spotify

beats music app

The Beats Music app release has music industry experts asking the question, “can the new streaming music service take down Spotify?” On Tuesday, Beats Music will hit iOS, Android, Windows, and the web, sending music ready to be streamed for anyone willing to pay the $9.99 subscription fee. Sound familiar? The popular company is not… Read more »

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors Point To Earlier In 2014

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 release date rumors claim Apple is now shooting for a launch a bit earlier than previously anticipated. In a related report from The Inquisitr, the original rumored release date for the iPhone 6 was in September and some people thought we might see exotic features like a holographic keyboard. Now it’s… Read more »

HTC One M8 Release In March? New Case Design Leaked Early

htc one m8, htc one, htc one two, htc two

The HTC One M8 (or HTC One Two or HTC Two) release is predicted to be announced next month at the Mobile World Congress event. Many believe the successor to the HTC One phone is coming by March. Rumors concerning the HTC One M8, the top secret sounding design name for the next generation HTC… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Coming By April With Iris Scanning?

samsung galaxy s5 release date april

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is being targeted by Asia’s largest technology company for March or April. Even more exciting than the release of the highly anticipated handset is the possibility of iris scanning technology. Technology as advanced as that would surely boost the sales of Apple’s biggest competitor in the handset department. As… Read more »

AT&T Sponsored Data Announced at CES

Sponsored Data AT&T CES

AT&T Sponsored Data sharing was announced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Verizon and AT&T have been competing for cell phone plans with shoppers looking for the best deals between the two. The sponsored data plan announced at CES today will allow AT&T users to access data from sponsors with no cost against their monthly… Read more »

Mobile Porn Popular As 2013 Mobile Data Usage Doubles… Go Figure

Mobile Porn Popular As 2013 Mobile Data Usage Doubles... Go Figure

Mobile porn has become the most popular internet pornography viewing platform according to the 2013 mobile data usage statistics that also show tablet and smartphone data usage doubling. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Courtney Stodden doesn’t want to be a porn star, but she doesn’t mind getting nude with zombies. Mobile data usage in… Read more »

Meet The LG Fireweb, The Company’s First Firefox OS Phone

LG Fireweb Smartphone with Firefox OS

The LG Fireweb is upon us, marking the first time the electronics manufacturer has offered a Firefox OS-based smartphone. The 4-inch device joins other devices from ZTE Open and Alcatel One (ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire). The device is being targeted in Brazil via local carrier Telefonica. On the Mozilla blog the company… Read more »

AT&T Wireless Offering $5 Per Day Tablet Access, No Contract Required

AT&T Wireless Tablet Per Day Plan

AT&T Wireless is now offering an off-contract, a-la-carte option for tablet users. Under the new plan, tablet customers can purchase a $5-per-day pass for short-term data access. The $5 tablet plan includes 250 MB of data access for 24 hours. AT&T is also offering a 3-month plan for $25. The 3-month plan includes 1GB of… Read more »

Flickr iOS Update Delivers Automatic Camera Roll Uploads

Flickr iOS App Update

Yahoo on Wednesday rolled out the newest version of its Apple iOS app and with that upgrade comes the ability to auto-upload photos. The new Auto Upload feature allows pictures to be taken directly from a users camera roll and added to their Flickr account. To enable the feature upgrade your Flickr app or download… Read more »