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Google Play Store Update Brings Recommended Apps Engine

Google Play Store Introduced Recommendations

The Google Play Store app market received an update on Friday morning, delivering recommend suggestions for apps, movies, music, and magazines based on what a user has already downloaded to their Android based devices. Over the last several weeks, the Google Play store recommendation feature has shown up on some devices only to be removed… Read more »

‘FinFisher’ Spyware Can Take Over iPhone, Android Smartphones

FinFisher Will Spy On your Smartphone

FinFisher malware is capable of infecting iPhone and Android Smartphones and tablets while taking over their components in order to spy on users and now the program is spreading. According to researchers at the University of Toronto the spyware can secretly turn on a users microphone, track a phones location and even monitory activity including… Read more »

Grooveshark App Shows Back Up On Google Play After Long Exile

Grooveshark Google Play

Grooveshark lost its Google Android app store status after the company came under attack by music labels who claimed the company was stealing content through missed and low payments; now, months after being banned, the music service has re-emerged on the newly branded Google Play store. Grooveshark recently helped Google shut down programs that allow… Read more »

IBM Watson 2.0 Coming To Smartphones

IBM Watson Supercomputer

IBM is bringing its Watson supercomputer technology to smartphones. The company has announced plans to create Watson 2.0 thanks in large part to recent advances in battery power and computing efficiency. Watson 2.0 promises to bring the computers voice recognition to smartphones while adding image recognition into the mix. Unlike Apple Siri techology, the Watson… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note II Unveiled And Spec’d Out

Samsung Galaxy Note II Revealed In Pics

Samsung used the IFA in Berlin on Wednesday to unveil its phone-tablet hybrid known as the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The 2nd generation of the company’s “phablet” comes equipped with a larger dispay but offers the same form factor fans of the original device enjoyed. The Samsung Galaxy Note II debuts with the newest version… Read more »

Why Cell Phone Bans Don’t Actually Work

Cell Phone Bans Don't Work

A new study published by MIT in Boston shows that cell phone bans aren’t as effective as everyone believes because people who talk on their phones while driving may already be unsafe drivers. The MIT study involved 108 people, and researchers asked the drivers to separate themselves before the study into “frequent users” of their… Read more »

Apple Sends DMCA Takedown Notice To iPhone 5 Mod Website

Apple DMCA Notice Ends iPhone 5 Kit Makers Run

Apple on Friday unleashed its powerful law machine on the website The company sent a DMCA takedown notice in which they demanded the company stop selling an “iPhone 5 conversion kit” that resembles leaked photos for the company’s next generation iPhone. The letter was sent to the website’s owners by OpSec Security, a company… Read more »

Windows 8 Phone Ready To Push Gaming With Help Of Unity Engine

Unity Mobile Windows 8 Engine

Windows 8 Phones will soon be unleashed to the general public, and, if developers have their way, the mobile platform will feature an increasing number of mobile based games. Microsoft expects to see an influx of mobile game developers thanks to game engine Unity. The platform is already fully utilized for iOS and Android games,… Read more »

iPhone 5 Release Date To Be Hit With Squeezed Supply Chain [Rumor]

Apple iPhone 5 Supply Issues Surface

The iPhone 5 release date is just around the corner, and, in traditional rumor fashion, analysts are pointing to lower than expected iPhone 5 supply levels. DigiTimes on Wednesday quoted several sources that claim the company’s Eastern supply chain will leave the world’s largest tech firm with a shortage of nearly 25 percent for original… Read more »

‘Super PAC App’ Tells You If A Political Ad Is Being Truthful

Super Pac App for Mobile

Sick and tired of political ads that tell nothing but lies? So was a group of researchers at MIT’s Media Lab so they built the Super PAC App, a mobile application capable of discovering who produced political ads simply by listening to them. The program works by holding a mobile phone up to a political… Read more »

T-Mobile Introduces First Nationwide Unlimited 4G Data Plan

TMobile Unlimited Data

T-Mobile customers with a penchant towards high-speed data will be able to add an unlimited 4G data plan to their service starting September 5. The nations first unlimited 4G data plan will be available for as low as $20 dependent on the customers current plan. T-Mobile has promised not to cap or throttle the new… Read more »

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumor Points To September 21st


Apple fans may be able to get their hands on a new iPhone in exactly one month from today. The iPhone 5 release date is rumored to be September 21st, 2012. Johnny Evans at Computer World writes: “Thinner, faster and smarter, Apple seems set to introduce iPhone 5 on September 12, with the device shipping… Read more »

OnLive Failure Costs HTC $40 Million

OnLive Costs HTC 40 Million Dollars

HTC is suffering through a downturn in its smartphone business, the loss of its Beats Audio majority ownership and now a $40 million loss brought forth by the complete incompetence of online game streaming service OnLive. While the streaming service was purchased by an outside firm this past week HTC informed the Taiwan Stock Exchange… Read more »

Major iPhone Security Flaw Discovered, Has Existed Since 2007

iPhone Security Flaw

A well-known hacker on Friday revealed a major security flaw in iOS based devices. According to the hacker, the iPhone security flaw has been part of the platform since 2007. Revealed by hacker “pod2g” details of the vulnerability were released with a warning to users. The security vulnerability affects devices through the company’s upcoming iOS… Read more »

Google Voice Search Now Supports 13 More Languages

Google Voice Search Adds 13 More Languages

Google Voice search for Android now supports an additional 13 languages. The world’s largest search giant announced on Friday that it was adding the new voice support to the 29 languages already featured on the platform. Google Voice now supports 42 languages and accents in 46 countries. With the release of the new language and… Read more »

Sprint Cuts iPhone 4S Pricing To $50 With Two-Year Contract

Sprint iPhone 4S

Need more proof that the iPhone 5 is on the horizon? Sprint Wireless on Tuesday slashed the cost of its iPhone 4S offering by $100. While the phone is still selling at the $150 price tag that the wireless company announced last week, customers now receive a $100 American Express Reward Card which can be… Read more »

HTC One X Receives Android 4.0.4 Today, HTC Adds Its Own Improvements

HTC One X Gets Android Upgrade

The international version of the HTC One X is receiving an upgrade on Friday to Google Android 4.0.4. The HTC One X shipped with Google Android 4.0 and will receive several updates when the over-the-air update arrives late Friday night. HTC has also announced that the HTC Sense skin will receive some changes including menu… Read more »

Smartphone Sales For Apple And Samsung Increase 43 Percent

Apple iPhone

Smartphone sales are providing a huge boost for Apple and Samsung coffers. Collectively, their US sales rose 43 percent in the second quarter of 2012 as compared to the same time frame in 2011. In the face of the Apple/Samsung smartphone domination, their various brand competitors in this quarter experienced a 16 percent drop in… Read more »

Congress Wants FCC To Re-Investigate Cell Phone Radiation Risks

Cell Phone Radiation Standars To Be Re-Examined by FCC

A new bill was introduced last Friday by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) which will require the Federal Communications Commission to once again investigate a link between cell phone radiation and possible side effects that radiation from the devices may cause. If the bill passes it will require that the US government “examine, label, and communicate… Read more »

Apple iOS 6 Test: Mobile OS Might Scale To Larger Display Size

iOS 6 Screen Size

Apple’s iOS 6 platform is currently in beta testing and with those tests come eager programmers looking for hints about Apple’s iOS future. On Tuesday programmers discovered that the new OS appears to scale up to 640 x 1136 pixels of resolution. The test was completed using an iOS Simulator set to the larger resolution… Read more »

iOS 6 Code Points To 9-Pin Connector

iPhone 9-Pin Connector

If recently snagged iOS 6 beta code is telling the truth Apple could be moving towards a 9-pin connector rather than the rumored 19-pin option. The team at 9to5Mac discovered a line of code that reads, “000002d9c t_copyDeviceSupports9Pin.” Rumors have recently pointed to 8 or 19-pin options but none have yet claimed a 9-pin connector…. Read more »

Apple Dropping Pre-Packaged YouTube App From iOS 6

YouTube on iPhone Goes Away

When buying an Apple iPhone in the past users could expect to find a neatly package copy of the YouTube video streaming app with the mobile operating system, that expectation is no longer the standard. Apple announced on Monday that starting in iOS 6 the Google owned video service will not be available as a… Read more »

Blackberry 10 Could Be Licensed, RIM CEO Says

Blackberry 10 Licensing For Devices

Research In Motion will release the Blackberry 10 mobile OS in 2012 and company CEO Thorsten Heins says RIM is exploring licensing agreements which would place the mobile OS on devices made by other manufacturers. Speaking to the Telegraph Heins revealed the company’s potential plan, noting that the move could help the Blackberry OS increase… Read more »

Google Wallet Now Available For All Major Credit Cards

Google Wallet Expands To All Credit Card Providers

Google Wallet on Wednesday issued a major update to its mobile payments platform. Google announced that the credit platform is now accepting cards from all major debit and credit card company’s including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Google has already setup nationwide partnerships with twenty-five national US retailers and thanks to its partnership with… Read more »