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Google Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Now On 10.9% Of Devices

Google Android Adoption Rate

Google Android 4.0, better known as “Ice Cream Sandwich” has now been deployed on 10% of all Google Android devices, a mark that took eight and a half months from release to achieve. That 10% rate was culled by the official Android Developer website which examined all devices that accessed Google Play in a two-week… Read more »

Mozilla Announces Firefox Mobile OS Partners

Firefox OS Names Partners

Mozilla on Monday confirmed that the company will launch several phones with a new Firefox operating system in early 2013 and in the post Mozilla announced several of the partners who will team with Mozilla’s “Boot to Gecko” project. The new operating system which will run HTML5 apps will provide a low-cost operating system for… Read more »

Google Glasses Now On Sale To Developers, Cost $1500 Per Pair

Google IO Conference Glasses Introduction

Google on Wednesday showed off its most recent version of Google Glasses to developers at its Google I/O conference and now the company is taking pre-orders for the items at a cost of $1,500 per pair. Google co-founder Sergey Brin introduced the glasses by showcasing a team of skydiving Google employees who were wearing the… Read more »

DARPA Awards Contractor $21.4 Million To Secure Google Android Devices


Malware detection and network security contractor Invincea has been awarded a $21.4 million contract to secure the Google Android OS for military use. The award was given to the company by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL). The contract requires that Invincea figure out how to secure… Read more »

HTC Pulling Out Of Brazilian Marketplace

HTC Exits Brazilian Market

HTC recently cancelled plans to launch the HTC One line of Google Android smartphones in Brazil and now the company says it will pull out of the Brazilian market completely, leaving only a small staff behind to support devices already sold to customers in the country. HTC has not had much luck in Brazil where… Read more »

iOS Device Charging Costs Almost Nothing, Study Finds

iOS Charging Costs

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has released a study in which the agency finds the cost of charging iPad and iPhone devices to be among the lowest in the electronics industry. The organization charged the iPad 3 every other day from a completely drained state and found that charging the device costs just $1.36… Read more »

Flipboard Leaves Beta, Now Available For All Android Users

Flipboard For Android Out Of Beta Release

Flipboard is now available to all Google Android users after a short beta period and a window of exclusivity for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The program which can be downloaded for free (Google Play) brings all of the popular features that have been available to iOS devices for several years. Along with basic Android… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III Explodes While Inside Car Mount

Samsung Galaxy III Explodes in Users Car Mount

An Irish owner who claimed his Samsung Galaxy S III exploded is now having his devices examined by Samsung’s own experts. The user claims that he was driving with the Samsung S III mounted in his car when all of a sudden a “white flame, sparks and a bang came out of the phone.” The… Read more »

Square Debuts Loyalty Program For Mobile Payment Users

Square Mobile Payment Loyalty System

Mobile payment provider Square revealed its new customer loyalty program on Tuesday, a platform that allows Square providers to set programs in which their customers earn rewards for frequently shopping at various business locations. Businesses can now distribute special virtual cards to shopping through the Pay with Square app for Android and iOS devices. During… Read more »

Chinese Siri Ignores Tiananmen Square, Other Not-So Taboo Issues

Chinese Siri Technology for Apple

Apple’s Siri technology isn’t exactly winning any awards in China thanks to its lack of understanding the language and censorship stalemates that have left users with less than full search capabilities. A recent test of the Chinese based platform revealed that Chinese Siri is incapable of discussing Tiananmen Square. When users ask questions about the… Read more »

HTC One X Wi-Fi Issue Confirmed By Company, Fix In The Works


HTC officials have finally acknowledged what we have known for a week, the HTC One X smartphone is susceptible to WiFi connectivity issues. The company released a statement to Android Central on Monday afternoon in which it acknowledged a now identified issue with the production process. Officials revealed that efforts are already underway to prevent… Read more »

Steve Wozniak Says Apple Ruined Siri Technology After Acquisition

Apple Siri Technology

Apple has continued to tout its Siri technology as the next big advancement in mobile technology, yet company co-founder Steve Wozniak has been complaining lately that the technology has actually been getting worse since it was acquired by Apple. Speaking to a reporter from the Times Union Steve says he initially loved Siri because it… Read more »

Baidu Strikes Search Deal With Apple, Will Share iOS Revenue

Baidu Mobile Search

Chinese web search company Baidu has agreed to share part of its advertising revenue with Apple whenever the program is used on iOS powered devices, specifically iPad and iPhone systems. The announcement was made by Baidu VP Wang Jing. While Baidu will now be offered for search, Apple will continue to feature Google as the… Read more »

Verizon Wireless Debuts Shared Data Plans, Offers 10GB With Up To 10 Devices

Verizon Wireless Share Everything Plan Arrives

Verizon Wireless on Tuesday rolled out its new “Share Everything” plan which allows users to share unlimited voice minutes and SMS/MMS messages alongside 10GB worth of data. The new plans feature different pricing dependent upon the type of devices being used, for example each smartphone costs $40 while basic handsets are $30 per use regardless… Read more »

Mom And Dad Send Sext Messages Too, Study Finds

Adult Sexting on the rise

Teens are often in the news for their failed and controversial sexting attempts but it turns out mom and dad are also starting to pick up on the practice. A recent study found that it’s not just teens but also parents who are engaging in a bit of sexting fun. A recent Harris Interactive survey… Read more »

Instapaper Makes Its Way To Android Devices

Instapaper for Android

Instapaper has finally made its way to Google Android based devices after spending its time on the iOS platform. If you are unfamiliar with Instapaper it is a platform that allows users to save linked on their mobile devices in order to read them later when your phone is not online (great for long plane… Read more »

Boost Mobile To Offer Prepaid iPhones Starting In September

Boost Mobile iPhone Sales

Sources close to Boost Mobile are claiming that the prepaid wireless company owned by Sprint Wireless will begin offering prepaid iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models starting in early September 2012. At this time it is unclear if Boost Mobile will offer its unlimited voice, text and data plan for $50 as it does with… Read more »

Cricket Wireless Unveils Contract Free iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

iPhone Cricket

Signing a two-year contract in order to pick up an Apple iPhone 4 or Apple iPhone 4S for $199.99 does not appeal to all cell phone users, after all AT&T, Verizon and Sprint simply increase the cost of data and other fees in order to recuperate their losses. That is why regional carrier Cricket Wireless… Read more »

Mitt Romney App Typo: The Next President Of Amercia?

mitt romney

Mitt Romney stepped up his social game over the weekend by releasing a photo app for his supporters. The app, called “With Mitt,” gives people the chance to frame their photos with Mitt slogans. Unfortunately, some of the slogans misspell America “Amercia.” The app reads: “With Mitt lets you customize photos with a variety of… Read more »