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LG Optimus G Arriving Stateside In November

LG Optimus G

The LG Optimus G Android superphone will make its US debut in November, two months after making its home debut. While LG has not yet managed to secure a competitive foothold in the Google Android market in the United States, the company’s “superphone” — as it is being called — should place the device’s performance… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III Goes After Apple iPhone 5 In New Print Ad

Samsung iPhone 5 Print Ad

On September 19 the Apple iPhone 5 will officially enter the mobile market. In preparation for the iPhone 5 release Samsung has already begun attacking the new smartphone in a print ad. In the ad the Samsung Galaxy S III is placed directly in the iPhone 5’s line of fire. Samsung lists features the devices… Read more »

T-Mobile Orders iPhone 5 Friendly Nano-SIM Cards, Arriving In October

TMobile iPhone 5 Sim Cards

T-Mobile recently encouraged customers to purchase and test unlocked iPhone devices on its network. Now an internal document from T-Mobile shows the delivery of iPhone 5 supported Nano-SIM cards, which are expected in Mid-October. The Nano-SIM card is currently only supported by iPhone 5 devices, which likely means the company hopes to push the unlocked… Read more »

Did Google Just Kill Alibaba’s Aliyun Mobile OS Deal With Acer?

Alibaba Aliyun OS Phone Cancelled By Acer

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is claiming that Google has used undue pressure to kill the release of the Acer CloudMobile A800, a smartphone that would have been powered by Alibaba’s own cloud based mobile OS. Alibaba executives posted a message on the company’s own news site which reads: “A spokesman for Alibaba Cloud Computing, developer… Read more »

Alibaba Will Invest $150 Million Annually To Advance Aliyun Mobile OS

Aliyun OS

Alibaba is not satisfied with just being the largest e-commerce company in China, now the firm wants to invest heavily to create an in-house mobile OS. According to a company spokesperson Alibaba will pump $150 million per year into the platform. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal an employee claims that its Aliyun OS is… Read more »

Apple App Developer Admits To Data Breach: UDIDs Were Not Stolen From FBI

Apple UDID

Hacker’s didn’t steal more than one million Apple UDIDs from the FBI as they previously claimed. According to Paul DeHart, CEO of Blue Toad, the UDIDs were stolen from his company’s Apple products database. In an interview with NBC News, the developer revealed: “That’s 100% confidence level, it’s our data.” DeHart added: “As soon as… Read more »

Sprint Wireless Rolling Out 4G LTE In 100 Cities

Sprint 4G LTE

Sprint Wireless on Monday announced plans to roll out 4G LTE service to more than 100 new cities in the next few months. Sprint began testing 4G LTE in 15 cities in July 2012, promising at that time to roll out the program nationwide in a timely fashion. Cities that will now receive the 4G… Read more »

Verizon CEO: Samsung Could Win Big With Its Own Mobile OS

Samsung Mobile OS Could Be Huge

The Samsung Galaxy S III has sold more than 20 million units, and, if Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is right, the company could be just as successful without the Google Android mobile OS. During a conference on Friday, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam called Samsung “a potential elephant in the room.” He further said the company… Read more »

iPhone 5 Battery To Last 40% Longer

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Improved

When the iPhone 5 debuts next week, it will feature a battery capable of delivery up to 40 percent longer use times despite the fact that the phone is expected to use performance enhancing components. According to Shawn Lee of DisplaySearch Blog, Apple will implement a new technology known as in-cell touch which will make… Read more »

Nokia Apologizes For Faking Lumia 920 PureView Ad [Video]

nokia fake ad

Nokia’s new PureView Lumia 920 shoots absolutely amazing video. Well, that’s the way it looks in a new ad. But it turns out that Nokia didn’t actually shot the video with Lumia 920. According to The Verge, the new Nokia ad features a man taking a video with the Lumia 920 while riding his bike…. Read more »

Apple Denies Handing Over UDID’s To FBI

UDID Scandal Rocks Apple and the FBI

Hacktivist group AntiSec announced on Tuesday that it had stolen 1 million Apple UDIDs from various mobile devices, that announcement has now sent Apple on the defensive. The world’s largest technology firm issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon in which it denied rumors that Apple had simply handed over the UDIDs to the FBI. Apple… Read more »

NBC Olympics App Rebranded As ‘NBC Sports Live Extra’ App

NBC Sports Live Extra

The 2012 London Olympics are over, but that does not mean the end to the NBC Olympics app for your iOS and Android devices. Instead, the sports friendly network has announced a rebranding of the mobile software which will now be called NBC Sports Live Extra. Users can download the program for free from the… Read more »

Google Play Store Update Brings Recommended Apps Engine

Google Play Store Introduced Recommendations

The Google Play Store app market received an update on Friday morning, delivering recommend suggestions for apps, movies, music, and magazines based on what a user has already downloaded to their Android based devices. Over the last several weeks, the Google Play store recommendation feature has shown up on some devices only to be removed… Read more »

‘FinFisher’ Spyware Can Take Over iPhone, Android Smartphones

FinFisher Will Spy On your Smartphone

FinFisher malware is capable of infecting iPhone and Android Smartphones and tablets while taking over their components in order to spy on users and now the program is spreading. According to researchers at the University of Toronto the spyware can secretly turn on a users microphone, track a phones location and even monitory activity including… Read more »

Grooveshark App Shows Back Up On Google Play After Long Exile

Grooveshark Google Play

Grooveshark lost its Google Android app store status after the company came under attack by music labels who claimed the company was stealing content through missed and low payments; now, months after being banned, the music service has re-emerged on the newly branded Google Play store. Grooveshark recently helped Google shut down programs that allow… Read more »

IBM Watson 2.0 Coming To Smartphones

IBM Watson Supercomputer

IBM is bringing its Watson supercomputer technology to smartphones. The company has announced plans to create Watson 2.0 thanks in large part to recent advances in battery power and computing efficiency. Watson 2.0 promises to bring the computers voice recognition to smartphones while adding image recognition into the mix. Unlike Apple Siri techology, the Watson… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note II Unveiled And Spec’d Out

Samsung Galaxy Note II Revealed In Pics

Samsung used the IFA in Berlin on Wednesday to unveil its phone-tablet hybrid known as the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The 2nd generation of the company’s “phablet” comes equipped with a larger dispay but offers the same form factor fans of the original device enjoyed. The Samsung Galaxy Note II debuts with the newest version… Read more »

Why Cell Phone Bans Don’t Actually Work

Cell Phone Bans Don't Work

A new study published by MIT in Boston shows that cell phone bans aren’t as effective as everyone believes because people who talk on their phones while driving may already be unsafe drivers. The MIT study involved 108 people, and researchers asked the drivers to separate themselves before the study into “frequent users” of their… Read more »

Apple Sends DMCA Takedown Notice To iPhone 5 Mod Website

Apple DMCA Notice Ends iPhone 5 Kit Makers Run

Apple on Friday unleashed its powerful law machine on the website The company sent a DMCA takedown notice in which they demanded the company stop selling an “iPhone 5 conversion kit” that resembles leaked photos for the company’s next generation iPhone. The letter was sent to the website’s owners by OpSec Security, a company… Read more »

Windows 8 Phone Ready To Push Gaming With Help Of Unity Engine

Unity Mobile Windows 8 Engine

Windows 8 Phones will soon be unleashed to the general public, and, if developers have their way, the mobile platform will feature an increasing number of mobile based games. Microsoft expects to see an influx of mobile game developers thanks to game engine Unity. The platform is already fully utilized for iOS and Android games,… Read more »

iPhone 5 Release Date To Be Hit With Squeezed Supply Chain [Rumor]

Apple iPhone 5 Supply Issues Surface

The iPhone 5 release date is just around the corner, and, in traditional rumor fashion, analysts are pointing to lower than expected iPhone 5 supply levels. DigiTimes on Wednesday quoted several sources that claim the company’s Eastern supply chain will leave the world’s largest tech firm with a shortage of nearly 25 percent for original… Read more »

‘Super PAC App’ Tells You If A Political Ad Is Being Truthful

Super Pac App for Mobile

Sick and tired of political ads that tell nothing but lies? So was a group of researchers at MIT’s Media Lab so they built the Super PAC App, a mobile application capable of discovering who produced political ads simply by listening to them. The program works by holding a mobile phone up to a political… Read more »

T-Mobile Introduces First Nationwide Unlimited 4G Data Plan

TMobile Unlimited Data

T-Mobile customers with a penchant towards high-speed data will be able to add an unlimited 4G data plan to their service starting September 5. The nations first unlimited 4G data plan will be available for as low as $20 dependent on the customers current plan. T-Mobile has promised not to cap or throttle the new… Read more »