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Instapaper Makes Its Way To Android Devices

Instapaper for Android

Instapaper has finally made its way to Google Android based devices after spending its time on the iOS platform. If you are unfamiliar with Instapaper it is a platform that allows users to save linked on their mobile devices in order to read them later when your phone is not online (great for long plane… Read more »

Boost Mobile To Offer Prepaid iPhones Starting In September

Boost Mobile iPhone Sales

Sources close to Boost Mobile are claiming that the prepaid wireless company owned by Sprint Wireless will begin offering prepaid iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models starting in early September 2012. At this time it is unclear if Boost Mobile will offer its unlimited voice, text and data plan for $50 as it does with… Read more »

Cricket Wireless Unveils Contract Free iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

iPhone Cricket

Signing a two-year contract in order to pick up an Apple iPhone 4 or Apple iPhone 4S for $199.99 does not appeal to all cell phone users, after all AT&T, Verizon and Sprint simply increase the cost of data and other fees in order to recuperate their losses. That is why regional carrier Cricket Wireless… Read more »

Mitt Romney App Typo: The Next President Of Amercia?

mitt romney

Mitt Romney stepped up his social game over the weekend by releasing a photo app for his supporters. The app, called “With Mitt,” gives people the chance to frame their photos with Mitt slogans. Unfortunately, some of the slogans misspell America “Amercia.” The app reads: “With Mitt lets you customize photos with a variety of… Read more »

Nokia Lumia 610 Smartphone Arrives In UK

Nokia Lumia 610 Smartphone now in UK

The Windows powered Nokia Lumia 610 smartphone is now available to customers in the United Kingdom. The phone officially dropped on Wednesday and while power users will likely steer clear the entry-level smartphone offers a nice “starter” phone for potential but wary smartphone buyers. The Nokia Lumia 610 offers Windows Phone 7.5 compatibility with just… Read more »

Comcast Voice Subscribers Now Have Free Wi-Fi Calling

Comcast Voice 2Go

Comcast on Tuesday rolled out free a free WiFi calling platform for current voice customers. Under the new plan Comcast customers who subscriber to home phone service will be able to make calls from their iPad, smartphone and other mobile devices at no additional charge. Users looking to take advantage of the free WiFi calling… Read more »

IBM Bans Siri, Thinks Apple Might Be Spying

Siri Not Connecting To IBM

IBM employees are more than welcome to bring an iPhone to work but they are forbidden from using the phone’s voice-activated digital assistant known as Siri. Officials at the company have become wary of Siri because it sends all inquiries to Apple’s Maiden, North Carolina data center where Siri-launched searches, e-mail messages and other information… Read more »

Apple iTunes Store Censors Word “Jailbreak” For Short Period Of Time

Jailbreak Device Censorship

Apple iTunes store customers attempting to buy the Thin Lizzy album “Jailbreak” were met with the name “J*******k” in its place after Apple on Thursday attempted to censor the word before changing its mind a short time later. Other instances of the word jailbreak were also censored in what is believed to be Apple’s newest… Read more »

ALK Releases Free CoPilot GPS Software For iOS, Android

CoPilot GPS free on Android and iOS

ALK, makers of the popular CoPilot GPS platform have announced free versions of its software for Google Android and Apple iOS based devices, options that are both available today via their respective app stores. The company hopes to score a win in the GPS category in a space already dominated by excellent and 100% Android… Read more »

New Yorkers Constantly Butt-Dial 911

Michael Bloomberg and butt dialing 911 calls throughout New York City

New York City’s emergency communications system receives nearly 4 million accidental calls per year ad callers “butt-dial” 911 from their mobile phones. City officials claim that 38% of the city’s 10.4 million calls to 911 during 2010 involved accidental “short calls” that lasted 19 seconds or less. In case you are keeping score that is… Read more »

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs Pushes For HTML 5 Over Mobile Apps

Gary Kovacs Mozilla CEO Talks HTML 5 and Mobile Apps

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs wants programmers and device manufacturers to focus their efforts on creating HTML 5 based products rather than isolating the technology environment to specific mobile apps. Speaking at CTIA on Thursday Kovacs said users do not want to be shackled to an app ecosystem and will embrace freedom of choice. In a… Read more »

A Simplified Cellphone for Grandpa


My mother is a wonderful person but she, like many of her generation, does not particularly understand technology. It’s not that she isn’t smart, she is a educated professional and is well regarded in her profession, but technology just scares her. Every time she comes to visit me (I live abroad) she requires my help… Read more »

Verizon Revs Up Plans For 911 Text Messaging Service

SMS To 911 Call System - Verizon Wireless

Verizon on Sunday announced plans to roll out its 911 short-code messages system to Emergency Response Centers (911) by early 2012. Verizon announced that it has selected TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. to help with its 911 text messaging system which allowed custoemrs to send 911 SMS to call centers known as public-service answering points or PSAPs…. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note Reaches 2 Million Sales In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Million Sales

The Samsung Galaxy Note has sold more than two million units in Samsung’s home base of South Korea, a popular sales destination for the company’s various Google Android based cell phones. The stylus-enabled smartphone which has been given the nickname “phablet” has become the fasted selling device to reach the two million mark when compared… Read more »

4.5 Billion Spam Text Messages Sent In 2011

Spam text Messaging

Receiving spam messages in your email inbox can be annoying by itself but for millions of phone users those same messages are jumping right into their daily lives, arriving in the form of billions of text messages each year. A recent study by industry analyst Richi Jennings has found that U.S. spam text messages rose… Read more »