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Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs Pushes For HTML 5 Over Mobile Apps

Gary Kovacs Mozilla CEO Talks HTML 5 and Mobile Apps

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs wants programmers and device manufacturers to focus their efforts on creating HTML 5 based products rather than isolating the technology environment to specific mobile apps. Speaking at CTIA on Thursday Kovacs said users do not want to be shackled to an app ecosystem and will embrace freedom of choice. In a… Read more »

A Simplified Cellphone for Grandpa


My mother is a wonderful person but she, like many of her generation, does not particularly understand technology. It’s not that she isn’t smart, she is a educated professional and is well regarded in her profession, but technology just scares her. Every time she comes to visit me (I live abroad) she requires my help… Read more »

Verizon Revs Up Plans For 911 Text Messaging Service

SMS To 911 Call System - Verizon Wireless

Verizon on Sunday announced plans to roll out its 911 short-code messages system to Emergency Response Centers (911) by early 2012. Verizon announced that it has selected TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. to help with its 911 text messaging system which allowed custoemrs to send 911 SMS to call centers known as public-service answering points or PSAPs…. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note Reaches 2 Million Sales In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Million Sales

The Samsung Galaxy Note has sold more than two million units in Samsung’s home base of South Korea, a popular sales destination for the company’s various Google Android based cell phones. The stylus-enabled smartphone which has been given the nickname “phablet” has become the fasted selling device to reach the two million mark when compared… Read more »

4.5 Billion Spam Text Messages Sent In 2011

Spam text Messaging

Receiving spam messages in your email inbox can be annoying by itself but for millions of phone users those same messages are jumping right into their daily lives, arriving in the form of billions of text messages each year. A recent study by industry analyst Richi Jennings has found that U.S. spam text messages rose… Read more »

iPhone 5 To Feature NFC Chip, Mobile Wallet


A recently filed patent by Apple Inc. points the way towards the inclusion of an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip in the next iPhone model, known in the popular tech press as the iPhone 5. (Although, if Apple follows the precedent it set with the new iPad, model numbers may be going out the windows… Read more »

NQ Mobile Scoops Up Former Windows Phone Marketing GM

Gavin Kim NQ Mobile

Former Windows Phone marketing GM Gavin Kim has jointed the team at NQ Mobile. The firm announced on Monday that Gavin will become NQ Mobile’s Chief Product Officer, a position that was created with the former Samsung and Microsoft employee in mind. Under his new role Kim will be responsible for some aspects of the… Read more »

LG Optimus 3D Max Reaches Europe, Offers Slight Upgrades

LG Optimus 3D Max

The LG Optimus 3D Max rolled out in Europe on Monday, marking the first region to receive the 3D capable smartphone that offers several upgrades over the first-generation version of the device. The new 3D Max features a slightly faster 1.2GHz TI OMAP dual-core processor that now offers 3D movie editing capabilities. The device also… Read more »

Parents Suing Apple, They Say Kids Apps Are Too “Addictive”

Apple Games Too Addictive Says Parents

Apple is being sued by a group of parents in a class action lawsuit because they call the company’s children’s games too “addictive.” The lawsuit was recently green lit by a San Jose judge. According to the lawsuit the company’s games are: “Highly addictive, designed deliberately to be so, and tend to compel children playing… Read more »

HTC One S Chips To Be Fixed “Immediately”

HTC One S Housing Chips To Be Replaced Quickly

Early adopters of the HTC One S smartphone have been promised an “immediate fix” for chips that occured on the ceramic coated body of the company’s ultra-thin smartphone. The devices “micro-arc oxidized” rugged finish was suppose to be tough but instead it has been surprisingly easy to damage. While it’s not clear if early coatings… Read more »

HTC No Longer Shipping Beats Headphones With Smartphone Purchases

HTC with Beats Audio

HTC announced on Friday that the company will no longer ship Beats Audio earbuds or other premium headphones with its current smartphone line because customers simply are not buying the devices for the premium headsets. The announcement was made by Product executive Martin Fichter who told CNET that instead the company would ship their phones… Read more »

Instagram For Android: One Million Downloads In Less Than 24 Hours


Instagram for Android hit the virtual shelves of Google Play yesterday and has already been downloaded more than a million times. Instagram, which was named the iPhone App of the Year, made its Android debut yesterday. The company opened up pre-registration on March 24th which helped boost its numbers during its debut. According to CNET,… Read more »

Sprint Announces Pre-Orders For LG Viper 4G LTE

LG Viper 4G LTE

The eco-friendly LG Viper 4G LTE is coming to Spring and in preparation for the $99 smartphone Sprint Wireless announced pre-order details on Tuesday. According to the company customers will begin on April 12 at Customers will be able to pick up the device later this month at various locations including Best Buy and… Read more »

Google Wallet Co-Creator Jumps Over To Square

Square Reader New Hires

Rob von Behren helped create the product we now know as Google Wallet but coming days will be spent with payment competitor Square. Behren confirmed his move over to Square on Monday, three months after he left the Google Wallet project. In responding to his new job Rob said Square is doing “great things” in… Read more »

Dell Officially Exits US Smartphone Market

Dell Venue

Dell on Wednesday officially announced that it was exiting the US smartphone market. According to the company the Android based Venue and Windows Phone-based Venue Pro have “run their course.” The announcement is only targeted at the US market while the Venue line will continue to sell in other countries. Dell also announced the Dell… Read more »

Swearing On Twitter Gets Student Expelled From Indiana High School

swearing on twitter

Austin Carroll, a student at Garrett High School in Indiana, was expelled this week for posting a tweet to his personal Twitter account that involved foul language. This must be a case of cyber bullying, right? Carroll must have threatened to hurt one of his fellow classmates. No? Well then Carroll must have used some… Read more »