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AT&T Wireless Reduces Cancellation Policy To 14 Days

ATT Wireless Store

AT&T Wireless is reducing its 30-day phone and contract plan return period to just 14 days. In the past, customers were given a full month to determine if the company’s service matched their need while providing top-notch service in the customers service area. The move is effective today (October 7, 2012), although the company is… Read more »

Samsung Reports $7.3 Billion Quarterly Profit

Samsung Records Record Profits

Samsung may be forced to pay Apple $1.1 billion over its ongoing patent dispute but that charge is just a drop in the bucket for the technology firm. Samsung on Thursday announced a fourth straight record-breaking quarter in which the company took in $7.3 billion. Samsung executives also announced that the Galaxy line of smartphones… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Skyrocket Following iPhone 5 Release

Samsung Galaxy S III

Remember when the release of an iPhone device destroyed the sales success of other smartphones? That isn’t the case anymore, in fact the iPhone 5 release appears to have skyrocketed demand for the Samsung Galaxy S III. According to analytics tracker Localytics, which tracked Galaxy S III sales for the last four months, the flagship… Read more »

Apple Maps Failing Because Of Apple Executives [Rumor]

Apple Maps Failing because of executives

Apple Maps has been an early launching failure because Apple executives are not capable of understanding and implementing the company’s internet services. That was the sentiment coming from various former Apple employees who were interviewed this week by the New York Times. In one interview, an employee says Apple Maps was originally planned for the… Read more »

Bad Piggies Out Today For iOS, Already Nabs No. 1 Download Spot

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies, the newest game from Angry Birds creator Rovio, is now available for Apple iOS users, and the game has already nabbed the top spot on Apple’s download charts. The game was released simultaneously today for iOS and Android device, and it is already the most-downloaded paid app for both iPhone and iPad users…. Read more »

Google Play Celebrates 25 Billion Downloads, Launches $.25 Apps Sale

Google Play Reaches 25 Billion Downloads

Google Play, the store that powers Google Android smartphones and tablets along with various Google computer applications has announced the downloading of more than 25 billion apps. The Google Play store currently features 675,000 apps and games both in paid and free formats. Thanks to that milestone Google has announced a massive apps sale that… Read more »

iPhone 5 Production Slowdown Blamed On In-Cell Touchscreen Panels

iPhone 5 Review

At the time of its official iPhone 5 release Apple only had 10 million smartphones on-hand. That type of supply would normally suffice for most hardware manufacturers, but Apple sold 2 million units in the first 24 hours of pre-order in the United States alone and ended up handing out more than 5 million units… Read more »

Apple Headhunters Are Actively Hiring Ex-Google Maps Employees

Google Maps vs Apple Maps

Apple headhunters are actively seeking out former Google Maps employees to help grow the company’s own iOS 6 Maps app. According to a source at TechCrunch Apple headhunters are specifically going after workers who were on contract with Google and not permanent employees. The insider also reveals that former Google workers have been overall excited… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 Sells Over 5 Million Units In First Weekend

Apple iPhone 5 Sales Weekend

More than 5 million iPhone 5 smartphones were purchased by Apple customers over the devices opening weekend, exceeding some analysts expectations and prompting Apple CEO Tim Cook to release the following statement: “Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 Passes Durability Drop Test [Video]

iPhone 5 Drop Test

Here’s a test Samsung would wholeheartedly get behind, dropping an iPhone 5 repeatedly to test how well it stands up to normal wear and tear accidents and then revealing when it finally gives in and breaks. The drop and durability test was performed this week by 9to5Mac and iFixYouri and involved dropping the new 4G… Read more »

Apple Maps Quality Questioned As Complaints Flood The Market

Apple Maps Broken

Apple’s first foray into mobile mapping software is not going as planned. Since releasing the company’s new iOS 6 software on Wednesday the tech firm has been hit with various complaints from users. One of the most notable complaints came from Ireland’s Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, after he noticed a mistakes with Airfield Park in… Read more »

Google Maps For Android Gets Updated, Offers New Features

Google Maps Update with Search

Google on Thursday rolled out its newest update for Google Maps on Android. With the update users will find themselves with some new and useful features. Announced via the Google Latlong blog Google revealed that the program now adds search capabilities while allow Android users to more easily move between Google Maps while operating various… Read more »

American Airlines Flight Attendants To Receive Samsung Galaxy Note Devices

Samsung Galaxy Note and American Airlines

The Samsung Galaxy Note will soon be in the hands of flight attendants at American Airlines. The company on Wednesday announced plans to give all 17,000 of its flight attendants the smartphones in an attempt to better access flight information. Using the Galaxy Note flight attendants will be able to access passenger information, track food… Read more »

LG Optimus G Arriving Stateside In November

LG Optimus G

The LG Optimus G Android superphone will make its US debut in November, two months after making its home debut. While LG has not yet managed to secure a competitive foothold in the Google Android market in the United States, the company’s “superphone” — as it is being called — should place the device’s performance… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III Goes After Apple iPhone 5 In New Print Ad

Samsung iPhone 5 Print Ad

On September 19 the Apple iPhone 5 will officially enter the mobile market. In preparation for the iPhone 5 release Samsung has already begun attacking the new smartphone in a print ad. In the ad the Samsung Galaxy S III is placed directly in the iPhone 5’s line of fire. Samsung lists features the devices… Read more »

T-Mobile Orders iPhone 5 Friendly Nano-SIM Cards, Arriving In October

TMobile iPhone 5 Sim Cards

T-Mobile recently encouraged customers to purchase and test unlocked iPhone devices on its network. Now an internal document from T-Mobile shows the delivery of iPhone 5 supported Nano-SIM cards, which are expected in Mid-October. The Nano-SIM card is currently only supported by iPhone 5 devices, which likely means the company hopes to push the unlocked… Read more »

Did Google Just Kill Alibaba’s Aliyun Mobile OS Deal With Acer?

Alibaba Aliyun OS Phone Cancelled By Acer

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is claiming that Google has used undue pressure to kill the release of the Acer CloudMobile A800, a smartphone that would have been powered by Alibaba’s own cloud based mobile OS. Alibaba executives posted a message on the company’s own news site which reads: “A spokesman for Alibaba Cloud Computing, developer… Read more »

Alibaba Will Invest $150 Million Annually To Advance Aliyun Mobile OS

Aliyun OS

Alibaba is not satisfied with just being the largest e-commerce company in China, now the firm wants to invest heavily to create an in-house mobile OS. According to a company spokesperson Alibaba will pump $150 million per year into the platform. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal an employee claims that its Aliyun OS is… Read more »

Apple App Developer Admits To Data Breach: UDIDs Were Not Stolen From FBI

Apple UDID

Hacker’s didn’t steal more than one million Apple UDIDs from the FBI as they previously claimed. According to Paul DeHart, CEO of Blue Toad, the UDIDs were stolen from his company’s Apple products database. In an interview with NBC News, the developer revealed: “That’s 100% confidence level, it’s our data.” DeHart added: “As soon as… Read more »

Sprint Wireless Rolling Out 4G LTE In 100 Cities

Sprint 4G LTE

Sprint Wireless on Monday announced plans to roll out 4G LTE service to more than 100 new cities in the next few months. Sprint began testing 4G LTE in 15 cities in July 2012, promising at that time to roll out the program nationwide in a timely fashion. Cities that will now receive the 4G… Read more »

Verizon CEO: Samsung Could Win Big With Its Own Mobile OS

Samsung Mobile OS Could Be Huge

The Samsung Galaxy S III has sold more than 20 million units, and, if Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is right, the company could be just as successful without the Google Android mobile OS. During a conference on Friday, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam called Samsung “a potential elephant in the room.” He further said the company… Read more »

iPhone 5 Battery To Last 40% Longer

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Improved

When the iPhone 5 debuts next week, it will feature a battery capable of delivery up to 40 percent longer use times despite the fact that the phone is expected to use performance enhancing components. According to Shawn Lee of DisplaySearch Blog, Apple will implement a new technology known as in-cell touch which will make… Read more »

Nokia Apologizes For Faking Lumia 920 PureView Ad [Video]

nokia fake ad

Nokia’s new PureView Lumia 920 shoots absolutely amazing video. Well, that’s the way it looks in a new ad. But it turns out that Nokia didn’t actually shot the video with Lumia 920. According to The Verge, the new Nokia ad features a man taking a video with the Lumia 920 while riding his bike…. Read more »