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Samsung Galaxy S IV Image Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S IV Photo

Could the image shown above be the Samsung Galaxy S IV? The image was released on Friday by Samsung fan site SamMobile, and it appears to be an authentic snapshot of the upcoming smartphone. If the device is in fact the Samsung Galaxy S IV, it appears as if the company finally ditched the traditional… Read more »

Apple iOS 7, iPhone 6, Show Up In Web Data Logs

Apple iOS 7

If current web logs from one developers account are correct, the Apple iOS 7 platform is now being tested, potentially through an iPhone 6 based smartphone. The developer claims that in the last week his apps web logs began revealing the iOS 7 naming convention alongside a device labeled as iPhone6,1. Current Apple iPhone 5… Read more »

Google Launches iOS Apps Ad, Showcases Its Mobile Reach

Google iOS App

Following the short-term demise of Apple Maps and the emergence of Google Maps for iOS, the team at Google has released an ad spot that showcases the company’s competent team of iOS projects. In the ad, Google aims its sights at developers, noting that the company wants to find people who can “reshape Google for… Read more »

Raspberry Pi Hack Turns Siri Into Garage Door Opener

Siri Garage Door Opener

If you are the proud owner of an Apple iOS device with Siri voice-activated technology and a Raspberry Pi computer, you can now combine your two pieces of modern technology to create a garage door opener. The hack was created by “DarkTherapy” by using “SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi, along with wiringPi to access… Read more »

Samsung Files Patent Lawsuit Against Apple’s Notification Center

Samsung Vs Apple

Samsung Electronics has filed a patent lawsuit against chief competitor Apple, Inc. In the lawsuit, the company claims that Apple’s Notification center violates its patent holdings. The Apple notification center debuted nearly two years ago and is similar in scope to the Android State Bar for which Google, Inc. holds a US patent. Apple’s offering… Read more »

Hacker Steals 3 Million Verizon Customer Files, Posts Data Online

Verizon Wireless Customer database hacked

A hacker with the Twitter handle @TibitXimer has claimed to have hacked Verizon’s customer database, stealing personal information for more than three million customers. The hacker posted what appeared to be info file for 300,000 of those customers to a code-sharing website as proof of his accomplishment. According to the hacker, he gained root access… Read more »

Google Maps For iOS Attracted 10 Million Downloads In 48 Hours

Google Maps on iOS 6

Google Maps for iOS was downloaded 10 million times during the first 48 hours of release. Google was kicked off the Apple iOS platform with one year left on the company’s contract. Apple quickly replaced Google’s mobile mapping platform with a solution of its own. The Apple Maps solution was quickly panned by critics and… Read more »

iPhone 5 Launches In China To Cold Reception


Just as Apple CEO Tim Cook said it would, the iPhone 5 officially launched in mainland China and Taiwan on Friday as well as in over 30 other countries. China is a big market for Apple, and, in the past, we’ve seen pretty strong turnouts at launch events for previous products. When the iPhone 4S… Read more »

BlackBerry Messenger 7 Delivers Wi-Fi Calls

Blackberry 10 and BBM 7

Research in Motion has updated BlackBerry Messenger 7 to include free Wi-Fi calling from one BBM users to another. Known as BBM Voice, the platform does not require a mobile network connection, which could benefit customers in “mobile black holes” where a smartphone can not be connected to voice data services. The BBM 7 platform… Read more »

LG Sells 10 Million Optimus L-Series Phones

LG Smartphone Sales

LG on Sunday announced that it has exceed 10 million sales units for its LG Optimus-L series smartphones. The company credits its ability to create unique smartphones that do not conform to the standard “me too” styling found via Samsung, Apple, and HTC smartphone devices. The company’s device sales arrive from some of its more… Read more »

Virgin Mobile Ad Appears To Condone Rape, Gets Pulled After Airing

Virgin Mobile Rape

Virgin Mobile US has pulled a new video advertisement after it appeared to be condoning the act of rape. The cellular company was quick to pull the ad but not before Twitter user EverydaySexism was able to grab a screencast of the ad, which read “Necklace? or Chloroform?” Immediately following the ad’s debut, Virgin founder… Read more »