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Blackberry 10 Finally Begins Carrier Testing

Blackberry 10 testing on carrier networks

Research In Motion has finally begun to test BlackBerry 10 devices with carrier network support. The Canadian manufacturer is expected to launch its first Blackberry 10 devices in early 2013 and in preparation of that launch they are working with more than 50 wireless carriers to ensure proper compatibility. According to Electronista: “RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry… Read more »

Apple iPhone Sales Provide ‘Profit Monster’ Revenue Opportunities

Apple iPhone profit monster sales chart

Apple is the world’s most wealthy company and it owes a disproportional amount of that wealth to the success of its iPhone line of devices. Asymco examined the profit centers generated around various Apple devices including the company’s iMac, iPad, General Merchandise and iPod options. What Asymco found was that iPhone sales produce far superior… Read more »

Future Of Intel Versus ARM In Smartphones

Future Of Intel Versus ARM In Smartphones

People are used to seeing the ubiquitous “Intel Inside” sticker on the outside of their desktop PC. But how long will that last? Stock shares of Intel (INTC) have plunged 10.88% over the past 12 months. But they are hardly in danger of going out of business. Intel’s biggest competitor, AMD, just laid off a… Read more »

HTC Q3 Results Show 79% Slump In Profits

HTC Smarpthone

Profits at handset manufacturer HTC fell by 79 percent during Q3 2012. According to the company’s financial statement it earned $2.05 billion in revenue for a profit of $133 million.Year-over-year revenue has slumped by 48 percent which caused the massive slump in profits. The Taiwanese manufacturer said in a public statement that it is expecting… Read more »

Firefox Marketplace Opens For Alpha Testers, Available On Android Platform

Firefox Marketplace

The Firefox marketplace, which will eventually supplement Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Firefox OS, is now available to test for Android Firefox Beta browser users. While not yet completed, the app marketplace does show off a handful of apps, games, and utilities that will eventually be made available when the Firefox OS debuts in 2013. At… Read more »

BBC iPlayer App Serves 199 Million Requests In September

BBC iPlayer App 199 million September Requests

The BBC iPlayer service is quickly becoming a massive success for the British based multimedia company. BBC officials have revealed that the app in September drew a total of 199 million service requests. Those requests were provided to UK-only customers through the on-demand service. The apps milestone is most impressive because it beat the company’s… Read more »

PayPal Here Now On Sale At 1,800 AT&T Wireless Locations

PayPal Here Now At ATT Stores

Mobile credit card system PayPal Here was given a big boost on Friday when eBay CEO John Donahoe announced the sale of the company’s credit card system at 1,800 AT&T Wireless stores throughout the United States. Previously, PayPal only had an international retail deal in place throughout Japan mobile carrier Softbank. PayPal Here was announced… Read more »

Google Mobile Ad Run Now $8 Billion, Up From $2.5 Billion In 2011

Google Mobile Ads

Google in 2012 ran up its mobile rate to $8 billion, a drastic increase over the company’s $2.5 billion in mobile ads revenue reported in 2011. The more than tripling of the company’s mobile revenue showcases the drastic increase in mobile device use over the last 12 months. Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial… Read more »

French Hacker Arrested After Using Fake Apps To Steal $653,700

Android Malware Scam by French Hacker

A French hacker was arrested this week after he spread a money stealing virus through various fake smartphone applications. The malware allowed the hacker to steal tiny sums of money from more than 17,000 Android phone owners. By the time his skimming scam was discovered, the 20-year-old had taken €500,000 ($653,700). According to the hacker,… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III Receiving Jelly Bean Update ‘Soon’ [Confirmed]

Google Android Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone will soon receive the Google Android ‘Jelly Bean’ update in the United States. The Android 4.1 update was confirmed on Wednesday by Samsung; however, the company noted that the update is ultimately dependent on carrier support. What that means is that certain providers will push out the upgrade faster… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Revealed

Galaxy S III Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini was officially announced by the South Korean smartphone manufacturer on Thursday morning. The mid-range device is slightly smaller than the Galaxy S III and features a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display alongside a mid-range processor and other popular smartphone offerings. The Galaxy S III Mini features a 1GHz dual-core… Read more »

Google Analytics Spots Some Devices Running Google Android 4.2 ‘Key Lime’

Apple Android 4 2 Keylime Pie

Google Analytics is a great tool for discovering when new web browsers and mobile OS are being tested ahead of release. This week’s discovery showcases some users beta testing Google Android 4.2 “Keylime Pie,” the next iteration of the company’s uber-popular mobile operating system. The Android Authority was delving through OS information when it stumbled… Read more »

Want An Apple iPhone 5 In Hong Kong? You Have To Win A Lottery

Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 buyers in Hong Kong can’t just walk into an Apple store and purchase the popular new smartphone. Instead, short supply levels have forced Hong Kong locations to implement a lottery type system. Residents in the tech-friendly city tell AllThingsD that finding an iPhone 5 has become extremely difficult because every single store is… Read more »

iPhone 5 Red Flare Camera Issue, Apple Says We’re Out Of Luck

iPhone 5 Purple Haze

Almost immediately after the iPhone 5 was released for sale, many customers began to complain about a purple flare or halo image showing up on their iPhone 5 camera photos. Shortly after those reports began to surface, Gizmodo posted a less than stellar response to the issue, which was sent to a customer by Apple… Read more »

AT&T Wireless Reduces Cancellation Policy To 14 Days

ATT Wireless Store

AT&T Wireless is reducing its 30-day phone and contract plan return period to just 14 days. In the past, customers were given a full month to determine if the company’s service matched their need while providing top-notch service in the customers service area. The move is effective today (October 7, 2012), although the company is… Read more »

Samsung Reports $7.3 Billion Quarterly Profit

Samsung Records Record Profits

Samsung may be forced to pay Apple $1.1 billion over its ongoing patent dispute but that charge is just a drop in the bucket for the technology firm. Samsung on Thursday announced a fourth straight record-breaking quarter in which the company took in $7.3 billion. Samsung executives also announced that the Galaxy line of smartphones… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Skyrocket Following iPhone 5 Release

Samsung Galaxy S III

Remember when the release of an iPhone device destroyed the sales success of other smartphones? That isn’t the case anymore, in fact the iPhone 5 release appears to have skyrocketed demand for the Samsung Galaxy S III. According to analytics tracker Localytics, which tracked Galaxy S III sales for the last four months, the flagship… Read more »

Apple Maps Failing Because Of Apple Executives [Rumor]

Apple Maps Failing because of executives

Apple Maps has been an early launching failure because Apple executives are not capable of understanding and implementing the company’s internet services. That was the sentiment coming from various former Apple employees who were interviewed this week by the New York Times. In one interview, an employee says Apple Maps was originally planned for the… Read more »