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$15 Million iPhone 5 Now Available For Sale

iPhone 15 Million Dollars

England-based Stuart Hughes is selling a brand new iPhone 5 for the bargain basement price of just $15 million. The phone was built with a gold case and then encrusted with diamonds to give it that “I just spent way too much on this phone” look. So what exactly does $15 million get you from… Read more »

Apple Storing Siri Data For Two Years

Apple Siri Storing Data

Apple is storing Siri data for up to two years, according to Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller. Wired recently wrote an expose on the ambiguity of Siri’s privacy policies after ACLU lawyer Nicole Ozer questioned Apple’s Siri data practices. Muller says Apple fully anonymizes the data it receives and only collects voice clips so it can… Read more »

Archos Debuts Google Android Smartphone Line

Archos Google Android Smartphone

Archos has made the leap from Android Tablets to Google Android-based smartphones. The company on Friday debuted three new entry, mid, and high-end smartphones. The new Android-based devices include the Archos 35 Carbon ($99.99), Archos 50 Platinum ($219.99), and Archos 53 Platinum ($249.99). Archos plans to launch all three smartphones in Europe sometime in May…. Read more »

Sprint Wireless Rolls Out 4G LTE In 21 New Markets

Sprint Wireless 4G LTE New Markets

Sprint Wireless on Thursday announced the roll out of 4G LTE technology in 21 new markets. According to Sprint, the company is now offering service in areas that include Los Angeles, Contra Costa County, California; Charlotte, North Carolina; Norfolk, Virginia; and Memphis, Tennessee. In celebration of the new 4G LTE locations, Sprint Wireless is offering… Read more »

Amazon Expanding Android Appstore With International Launches

Amazon Appstore

Amazon is extending its Android Appstore to nearly 200 countries in the next several months. On Wednesday, the retail giant announced that app developers can now begin submitting their applications for distributions in the new locations. Amazon is also allowing developers to register their productions for international distribution. As Amazon’s App Store expands, developers who… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5S Specs Revealed In Rumored Leak

Apple iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5S will likely arriving in mid-2013, and, in anticipation of the big reveal, another set of leaked specs have been revealed. The new leak matches a similar set of specifications that were outlined in February. According to DroidGator, the iPhone 5S will be powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz A7 processor paired with… Read more »

iPhone 5S, Low-Cost iPhone, Arriving In July

iPhone 5s and Low-Cost iPhone

The Apple iPhone 5s and low-cost iPhone will launch in June 2013, according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. White sat down with Apple vendors and suppliers during a Chinese tradeshow this week. White says the low-cost iPhone will ship with a 4-inch screen that matches its iPhone 5 counterpart. The low-cost device will… Read more »

Sprint Wireless Rolling Out New 4G LTE Markets Today [Rumor]

Sprint 4G LTE New Markets - Leaked Document Claims

A new rumor is suggesting that Sprint Wireless will roll out several new 4G LTE markets today. According to leaked documents, the company’s new network will feature speeds between 6 to 8Mbps with a peak speed rate of 25Mbps. When Sprint launched its 4G platforms in New York City and San Francisco in February, it… Read more »

Burner App Launches For Android, Provides Disposable Phone Numbers

Burner App for iOS

There are plenty of reasons someone could need a disposable number from Burner App. Perhaps they are an international man of mystery; more likely they just went on a date with someone and they aren’t sure if it will work out. In any case, the disposable phone number solution is now available for Google Android… Read more »

Mozilla Web Payment API For Firefox OS Gets Unveiled

Firefox OS Mobile Payment API

The Firefox OS is upon us, and now a web payment API has also begun to reveal itself. The team at Mozilla on Sunday announced the development of its web payment API. The Javascript API is titled navigator.mozPay() and allows for the purchase of digital products using a credit card or carrier phone billing. Mozilla… Read more »

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start At T-Mobile

TMobile iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is now available for pre-order at T-Mobile. In a move that is decidedly T-Mobile focused, the mobile network is allowing customers to pay $20 per month for two years or pay the full cost for the smartphone upfront. T-Mobile is selling the iPhone 5 unlocked for $580 (16GB), $680 (32GB), and… Read more »