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Samsung Galaxy S4 Press Event [Live Streaming Video] + Liveblog

Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed

Are you ready for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be unveiled? You can watch the full press event LIVE right from this page. For weeks, we have heard rumors about a 5-inch display with 1080P output, new build materials, eye tracking capabilitie,s and various other new and exciting features. Apple and Samsung are currently wrapped… Read more »

Low-Cost iPhone Features Qualcomm Snapdragon, Rumor Claims

Low Cost iPhone

Apple’s low-cost iPhone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from TSMC’s 28nm production lines, according to a source at the China Times. If that rumor is correct, it would be a departure from Apple’s attempts to remain with its own A-series processors for Apple iOS-based devices. Apple’s A-series processors are built at a Samsung facility… Read more »

Nvidia Test Drives Tegra 4i Reference Smartphone On Video

Nvidia Phoenix Smartphone

The Nvidia Tegra 4i was shown off on Monday at the Mobile World Congress, and it didn’t fail to impress. To display the company’s new technology, Nvidia took advantage of the Tegra 4i Reference smartphone. The smartphone’s hardware is commonly referred to as Phoenix. The Phoenix is a rather impressive smartphone that features a 5-inch… Read more »

Huawei Ascend P2 Unveiled At MWC

Huawei Ascend P2

As expected, the Huawei Ascend P2 has made its official Android-based debut at MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The P2 is a Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean based device that features the Huawei Emotion UI. The smartphone offers a 4.7-inch display that outputs 720p HD alongside 315 pixel density for outdoor use. The screen also features… Read more »

Apple And NYPD Form Partnership, Hope To Stop iDevice Theft

Apple iPad and iPhone Theft in NYC

So many Apple iPhone and iPad devices are stolen in New York City that the company has partnered with the NYPD to retrieve those lost devices. The New York Police Department has assembled a dedicated team whose sole mission it is to hunt down stolen Apple devices and identify thieves. The program works by having… Read more »

Petition To End Smartphone Unlocking Law Receives 100,000 Signatures

Smartphone Unlocking Petition

On January 26, 2013, it became illegal to unlock a carrier-purchased smartphone without permission from the wireless carrier. Following that law, a White House petition on We The People was started to demand that the ruling be overturned. On Thursday, it was revealed that the petition has received more than 100,000-signatures. The petition reached its… Read more »