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iPhone 6 Rumors: Beyond The Apple iPhone 5S, 5C Release Date

iPhone 6 Rumors: Beyond The Apple iPhone 5S, 5C Release Date

iPhone 6, 5S, and 5C rumors are flying left and right as the Apple iPhone 5S release date draws near. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C is rumored to offer several new features. The current Apple iPhone 5S rumors say the release date will be around September 22 with… Read more »

Android Trojan Virus Infects Via Alien BotNets, Texting, Fake Google Play Stores

Android Trojan Virus Infects Via Alien BotNets, Texting, Fake Google Play Stores

An Android trojan virus named Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a infects Android smartphones and is already being compared to some of the worst Windows malware. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Android KitKat is the official name for Android 4.4. The Kaspersky Antivirus team explains how the Android trojan virus works: “This double infection attempt starts with a text… Read more »

iPhone Champagne Gold Color Gets Sneers From French Wine Snobs

iPhone Champagne Gold Color Gets Sneers From French Wine Snobs

The iPhone 5S champagne gold color is receiving sneers of derision from French wine snobs. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Apple iPhone 5S release date is rumored to be for this month. One of the colors has been described by Apple as iPhone champagne for its resemblance of the famous gold hue of… Read more »

iPhone Fingerprint Reader Leaks Online [Photo]

Apple iPhone Fingerprint Reader

Among all of Apple’s rumors this year, the most popular is an iPhone fingerprint reader for the upcoming iPhone 5S. Now thanks to a newly leaked photo, we get our first look at the highly touted piece of technology. Leaked by, the photo showcases the bare hardware component for the fingerprint reader. The picture… Read more »

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumors Confirmed By Apple Employee Calendar?

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumor Confirmed By Apple Employee Calendar

The iPhone 5S release date rumor may have inadvertently been confirmed by the Apple employee calendar. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Apple iPhone 5S release date is rumored to be set for September 20. Apple is already gearing up for the iPhone 5S release date by introducing an iPhone trade in program. The… Read more »

Nearly Complete iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Photos Surface

Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

Nearly complete iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C photos surfaced on Friday morning. The photos, of which there are nearly 70, were supplied by well-known tech leaker Sonny Dickson. The images not only show nearly complete iPhone models; they also chose a range of colors for the iPhone 5C. The photos feature a range of components… Read more »

Motorola Skip: Unlock Your Device With A Quick Finger Tap

Motorola Skip

The new Motorola Skip accessory is capable of unlocking your smartphone without a single finger swipe or passcode code. The average user unlocks their smartphone 39 times in a single day, and heavy users could find themselves unlocking their phone hundreds of time. To save on those precious seconds it takes to unlock a smartphone,… Read more »

Google Patents ‘Pay Per Gaze’ Advertising For Google Glass

Google Glass Pay Per Gaze

Google Glass users will soon see ads that are charged to advertisers on a “pay per gaze” contingency. Google has filed a patent for its new technology, which will work in both online and offline modes. The patent was granted to the tech giant on Tuesday. Google doesn’t specifically list Google Glass, but it does… Read more »

Best Buy Launches iPhone 5 Trade-In Promotion

iPhone 5 Best Buy Trade-In Program

A new iPhone 5 trade-in program has been launched as the US locations for retailer Best Buy. From today through August 18, customers who trade in their iPhone 4S at any Best Buy location will receive a gift card towards an iPhone 5 worth at least $200. The customers iPhone 4S must be in working… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5C Compared To iPhone 5 In Leaked Video

iPhone 5C Leaked video

The Apple iPhone 5C has been spotted in a new leaked video. Released by insider Sonny Dickson the video does a quick comparison between the already available iPhone 5 and the soon to be released “low-cost” iPhone 5C. Before the high-definition video was released, the only footage we had of the iPhone 5C were a… Read more »

BlackBerry Releases The 9720, Runs BB 7

blackberry 9720

BlackBerry has released a new smartphone running their old BB 7 operating system. This comes just after Blackberry announced that they would be considering potential buyout options. The BlackBerry 9720 comes with the once popular QWERTY layout resulting in a low-res 2.5-inch screen. The screen size itself will be a limiting factor as to how… Read more »

Apple’s iPhone To Be Unveiled In September

Apple stock rallies after tweet by billionaire Carl Icahn

The news of the Apple team going back to the drawing board for the improved iPhone hasn’t been a secret. According to a report from AllThingsD, Apple plans to unveil their newest iPhone device, the iPhone 5s on September 10. As for the certainty of its unveiling date, AllThingsD is the most reliable source for… Read more »

Google Play Books iOS App Now Offers Textbook Rentals

Google Play Textbooks For Rent

The Google Play Books app for iOS is now offering textbook rentals. Several weeks ago, Google during its Nexus 7 and Chromecast presentation announced that it was planning textbook rentals and sales for the month of August. Most of the titles available in the Google Play Books store are provided with a six-month rental period…. Read more »

Google And Motorola Hard At Work On Nexus 5 Smartphone

Google Moto X

Google is leveraging its Motorola Mobility acquisition in order to create the next Google Nexus 5 smartphone, according to a new report. The rumor was posted on Google+ by Taylor Wimberly, the very same person who gave a spot on leak account of the Moto X Phone. Wimberly says Google and Motorola are already hard… Read more »

Facebook Messenger Is Better Than Texting, Here’s Why [Op-Ed]

Facebook Messenger is better than texting

COMMENTARY | Facebook Messenger is better than texting, and here’s why. Ever since the initial evolution of cell phones, texting (or text messaging) has been the norm. Initially, cell phone companies tried to limit the amount of texting you can do in one month because they already had limits on talk time. This didn’t go… Read more »

iPhone 5S To Feature Dual LED Flash, Rumor Claims

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S will feature a dual-LED flash, according to the newest rumor to circulate around the web. The new camera option is meant to help customers take better pictures in low-light conditions. While the iPhone 5 takes great photos, those pictures only turn out with the desired result when proper lighting is utilized. Low-light… Read more »

Apple iPhone Fingerprint Reader And iPhone 5C Rumors

iPhone Fingerprint Reader

The Apple iPhone fingerprint reader is the most widely talked about possible feature for the upcoming iPhone 5S. The new feature, it is believed, will replace the Apple iPhone home button while providing a new level of security for users. The iPhone fingerprint readers existence appears to have been confirmed thanks to a folder in… Read more »

Low-Cost iPhone 5C Packaging Spotted In China

Low Cost iPhone 5C

A user at the Chinese discussion forum WeiPhone has posted what they claim is the plastic retail packaging for Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone 5C. The device is also known as the iPhone Lite. The iPhone 5C, as it is rumored to be named (the C stands for Color), has been “spotted” in several rumored but… Read more »

Fake iPhone Chargers Causing Deadly Charger Electrocutions

Fake iPhone Chargers Causing Deadly Electrocutions For Users

In the past few days, there have been reports of multiple Apple iPhone charger electrocutions. In one case, a woman was killed, and in another, a man has been put into a coma. While the past few incidents have been reported in China, Mashable states that these charger electrocutions happen all the time. There are… Read more »

iPhone Electrocutions Continue, Second Person Zapped In China

iPhone Charger Electrocution

Ten days ago, a man in China was the victim of iPhone electrocution, and now he’s laying in a coma inside a Beijing hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). According to a Beijing Wan Bao report posted on July 18 the man was shocked while attempting to charge his Apple iPhone. As the iPhone electrocution occurred,… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5S: A Collection Of Rumors

Apple iPhone 5S Rumors

The Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be announced soon, and that means the rumor mill is heading into full spin mode. Every year around this time, “insiders” and “sources close to Apple” begin to hint at the potential for new and exciting smartphone advances. This time around, the “S” in iPhone 5S points to… Read more »

Apple iPhone Dropped By Russia’s Major Wireless Carriers

Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone is no longer being carried by any of Russia’s three major wireless carriers. While Russian cell phone users can still purchase the iPhone, they must do so at black/gray marketing pricing from Apple direct, at Svyaznoy outlets, and through various other third-party sellers. According to Fortune, the last holdout was VimpleCom, whose… Read more »

iPhone 5S, 6 Chips Rumor Claims Apple Will Buy Manufacturing Plant

iPhone 5S, 6 Chips Rumor Claims Apple Will Buy Manufacturing Plant

iPhone 5S rumors claims Apple iPhone Systems On Chip (SoC) designs will be manufactured internally by Apple. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S rumors say the next generation iPhones will likely be launched during the autumn and summer, respectively. Apple has already changed the iPhone with iOS 7’s new… Read more »