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Microsoft Outlook For Windows RT Currently Being Tested

Microsoft Windows RT

Microsoft Windows RT users may soon have access to a native version of MS Outlook. When first released, Microsoft chose to skip over a functional email client for its lower powered tablet OS release. The software giant is already believed to be testing a free version of Office that will include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and… Read more »

Samsung, Apple Rule 2012 Smartphone Market With Massive Sales

Smartphone Sales 2012

Apple and Samsung once again ruled the smartphone sales market in 2012, moving nearly half of the sectors 700 million units. Samsung nearly doubled Apple’s sales, moving 213 million units compared to the Cupertino, California company’s 135.8 million units. Apple has confirmed that its units were sold to customers and not simply shipped to retailers…. Read more »

Unlocking Your Smartphone Will Be Illegal Starting Next Week

Smartphones and Unlocking Plus The Law

Starting next week, it will be illegal to unlock your smartphone without permission from the carrier from whom you purchased the device. In October 2012, the Library of Congress determined that unlocking a smartphone without carrier permission violated the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and was therefore illegal. Following its decision, the Library of Congress issued… Read more »

Verizon Gouging Customers As Data Acquisition Costs Shrink

Verizon Wireless Data Plans

Verizon Wireless has long complained that the cost of building its 4G LTE data network and maintaining that infrastructure is tremendously high. However, recent earnings reports have shown that the costs associated with transmitting mobile data are decreasing for Verizon as the company continues to increase customer data bills. Verizon launched its Share Everything plans… Read more »

iPhone 5 Interest Down Because Of Cheaper Models?

Apple iPhone 5

I have written extensively over the last few weeks in regards to falling interest in Apple iPhone products. Apple’s current model outlook has become so abysmal that some analysts have cut both the company’s 2013 and the company’s 2014 forecast outlooks. Case in point, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners have found that consumers are choosing… Read more »

ESPN ScoreCenter Mobile App Is Full Of Vulnerabilities [Security Test]

ESPN ScoreCenter

One of the most popular mobile applications for iOS devices is the ESPN ScoreCenter app. Unfortunately, it is also an application that is full of security vulnerabilities. While users love receiving live scores, news, videos and alerts to their iPhone and iPad devices, they could also be inviting mobile intruders. The team at ZScaler recently… Read more »

Amazon Optimizes MP3 Store For iPhone, iPod Touch

Amazon MP3 Store for iPhone and iPod Touch

In its every growing attempt to overtake Apple iTunes, Amazon on Thursday rolled out an optimized version of its MP3 web store for iPhone and iPad touch devices. Amazon MP3 store buyers can still download tracks directly to their iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but those tracks will also automatically store inside their Amazon Cloud… Read more »

NRA Releases iOS Firing Range App, Includes Gun Safety And Laws

NRA Practice Range

The National Rifle Agency (NRA) on Monday released a new iOS target practice simulation app. The move comes after years in which the NRA adamantly stood against the video game industry and its ultra-violent take on weapons. Titled NRA: Practice Range, the free game offers players a virtual shooting-gallery where they can hone their gun-toting… Read more »

Nokia Q4 Sales Beat Expectations, Smartphone Numbers Show Healthy Increases

Nokia Smartphone Sales Beat Expectations

Nokia’s Devices & Sales divisions were able to “exceed expectations” in Q4 2012, according to the company’s preliminary fourth-quarter results report. According to the report, those divisions of Nokia “achieved underlying profitability” with the Mobile Phones business unit picking up steam thanks in large part to the growing success of its Nokia Lumio Smartphone line… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S IV Image Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S IV Photo

Could the image shown above be the Samsung Galaxy S IV? The image was released on Friday by Samsung fan site SamMobile, and it appears to be an authentic snapshot of the upcoming smartphone. If the device is in fact the Samsung Galaxy S IV, it appears as if the company finally ditched the traditional… Read more »

Apple iOS 7, iPhone 6, Show Up In Web Data Logs

Apple iOS 7

If current web logs from one developers account are correct, the Apple iOS 7 platform is now being tested, potentially through an iPhone 6 based smartphone. The developer claims that in the last week his apps web logs began revealing the iOS 7 naming convention alongside a device labeled as iPhone6,1. Current Apple iPhone 5… Read more »

Google Launches iOS Apps Ad, Showcases Its Mobile Reach

Google iOS App

Following the short-term demise of Apple Maps and the emergence of Google Maps for iOS, the team at Google has released an ad spot that showcases the company’s competent team of iOS projects. In the ad, Google aims its sights at developers, noting that the company wants to find people who can “reshape Google for… Read more »

Raspberry Pi Hack Turns Siri Into Garage Door Opener

Siri Garage Door Opener

If you are the proud owner of an Apple iOS device with Siri voice-activated technology and a Raspberry Pi computer, you can now combine your two pieces of modern technology to create a garage door opener. The hack was created by “DarkTherapy” by using “SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi, along with wiringPi to access… Read more »