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Facebook Study: More Use Leads To Jealousy, Depression

Facebook Study Shows Jealousy In Frequent Use

A new Facebook study doesn’t paint the social networking site in a good light, at least with its contributions to one’s emotional health. According to a report from the University of Missouri News Bureau, heavy use of the social networking service can lead to increased feelings of depression and jealousy. Margaret Duffy, a professor and… Read more »

News Anchor Leslie Roberts Suspended Amid ‘Journalistic Integrity’ Probe

Global News Anchor

Global Television news anchor Leslie Roberts was suspended indefinitely amid an ongoing investigation into his “journalistic integrity.” Roberts is accused of using the Morning Show and News Hour programs to promote clients for a PR firm — which he partially owns. In addition to hosting two programs, Leslie Roberts is Global News’ executive director. Spokesperson… Read more »

Cable TV Providers Continue To Rake In Billions Of Dollars

Cable TV Providers Rake In Billions

Cable TV providers are raking in the dough. Even though thousands of Americans are refusing to shell out $40 a month for cable TV service, companies like Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, and Verizon are still able to generate billions of dollars. Nielsen is an American global measurement and information company with headquarters in New York… Read more »

#JeSuisCharlie: Tweet Your Support For ‘Charlie Hebdo’

#JeSuisCharlie Trending On Twitter

The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (or I Am Charlie) is trending today on Twitter as millions across the world show their support for the satire weekly that was the subject of an attack that left 12 dead on Wednesday. The BBC reports that among the dead were the paper’s four well-known cartoonists, including the paper’s editor. Stephane… Read more »

Study Shows Watching Fox News Makes You More Conservative

Bret Baier and a panel of Fox News contributors

Does watching Fox News make you a Republican, or are you just more likely to watch it because you have conservative views to start with? While Republicans do tend to watch Fox News more and Democrats tend to favor MSNBC, until recently, there had been no definitive proof those shows influenced the votes of their… Read more »

Fox News Ratings Plummet As Consequence Of Dish Network Blackout

Dish Network

Fox News is taking a major hit in the ratings as a result of a contract dispute with Dish Network. Since the fourth week of December, over 14 million satellite TV viewers have gone without the Fox News Chanel, stemming from an argument between Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox Inc., and Dish Network… Read more »

France Uses Media To Sell The ‘Cure’ For Antisemitism, Raising Awareness


Over the past couple of years, antisemitism – or hostility and prejudice towards Jews – has increased substantially. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on issues in which antisemitism was the driving reason behind it. Just recently, a billboard was erected up in Nazareth, Israel calling all Muslims to kill Jews, especially those in the Israeli… Read more »

Don Lemon Named ‘Worst Journalist of 2014’

Don Lemon Named to Worst Journalist Of 2014 List

CNN’s Don Lemon was named as “Worst Journalist of 2014″ on the Columbia Journalism Review, Darts & Laurel blog. Per the blog, Lemon was the only named journalist, although publications were also mentioned. There were a series of, well, misspoken words which were not chosen wisely. During a Ferguson, Missouri protest, Lemon gave insight on… Read more »