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Fox News Thinks You Can Buy Pot With Food Stamps In Colorado

Marijuana Food Stamps

Fox News devoted an entire segment on the January 21 edition of its morning show Fox and Friends to outrage over people in Colorado who use food stamps to buy pot. Colorado, along with Washington, is one of the two states where selling and using marijuana for non-medical purposes became legal this year. Fox News… Read more »

CBS’ Lara Logan On Leave Over Discredited Benghazi Report

Lara Logan On Leave Following Discredited Benghazi Report

CBS‘ Lara Logan is on leave after her Benghazi report on 60 Minutes in October came under fire for relying on a discredited source. Max McClellan, Logan’s producer, will also be taking a leave from CBS. The announcement was made by the news network on Tuesday. Representatives for the network say both McClellan and Logan… Read more »

Netflix Movies Kill Blockbuster, Movie Theater Industry Next?

netflix movies

Netflix movies and television streaming killed popular competitors like Blockbuster. Now the Video On Demand (VOD) service is looking to take down the movie theater industry. Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer for Netflix, gave a keynote speech on October 26, 2013 at the Film Independent Forum in Los Angeles. In his speech, Sarandos challenges… Read more »

Giraffe Picture A Virus Due To The Facebook Giraffe Riddle Game?

Giraffe Picture A Virus Due To The Facebook Giraffe Riddle Game

Could your giraffe picture contain a virus due to the Facebook giraffe riddle game? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, if you don’t mind spoilers and want to know the solution, you can find the Facebook giraffe riddle answer here. The basis of the game is that if you don’t provide the correct giraffe riddle… Read more »

Nikki Finke Leaving Deadline, Promises ‘The Real Truth About Hollywood’

Nikki Finke Deadline

Sharon Waxman, eat your heart out! Feared, powerful and nigh-mythical Hollywood journalist Nikki Finke is leaving Deadline, the breaking entertainment news site that she herself founded. Though it has been rumored for months, Finke announced Thursday night that she is absolutely leaving Deadline after months of apparent quibbling with Jay Penske, whose company has owned… Read more »

Facebook Violence Warning For Beheading Video Denounced, FB Reverses Policy

Facebook Violence Warning For Decapitation Video Denounced, FB Reverses Policy

The policy for a Facebook violence warning has been reversed in the case of a Facebook beheading video depicting a woman being decapitated. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Facebook privacy policy change puts user’s personal information at risk. In response to several violent videos being posted on Facebook, the social media giant began… Read more »

Fox Reporter Explains ‘Angry’ White House Press Briefing Walkout

Ed Henry Jay Carney

Fox’s White House reporter Ed Henry seemingly stormed out of a press briefing last week, causing some observers to wonder whether this was just an extreme chapter in his storied conflict with Press Secretary Jay Carney. Nope, Henry was just going to be late. On the Kilmeade & Friends radio show Monday morning, Henry said… Read more »

MSNBC Boss Demands Investigation Into Fox’s ‘Impossible’ Ratings

Megyn kelly

MSNBC President Phil Griffin thinks something is rotten in Denmark… or at least Studio B. He’s demanding a full investigation into the mystery behind right-leaning rival Fox News’ consistently high ratings, and has implied that there might be something fishy going on. Maybe he’s just having a hard time accepting that no one watches his… Read more »