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Bill O’Reilly Bans CNN Reporter: Is Megyn Kelly Next?

The Bill O'Reilly Tapes: Newly Released Audio Recording Disputes JFK Story [Audio]

It seems as if Bill O’Reilly, a man who notoriously criticizes others for not believing in his values, can’t take criticism very well. Business Insider explains Bill O’Reilly‘s retaliating move. “The National Geographic Channel allegedly blocked a reporter from attending a premiere because the journalist has covered the ongoing scandal surrounding Fox News host Bill… Read more »

‘House Of Cards’ President Underwood More Popular Than Obama

Fictional presidents like Frank Underwood are more popular than Obama

Fictional presidents such as Frank Underwood from the Netflix original series House of Cards are apparently more popular than Barack Obama. That was the conclusion of a new online poll from Reuters-Ipsos, which revealed that the real-life incumbent U.S. president had a 54 percent unfavorable rating among Americans. Fake TV presidents fared a lot better… Read more »