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All-Inclusive Vacations Benefit Most Travelers


Summer vacation season is fast approaching, and an all-inclusive vacation may be the best way to go. The concept of the all-inclusive vacation goes way back to the Club Meds of the 1950s. Much has changed over the decades, however, and much to the consumers’ liking. For a time in the 1980s, the all-inclusive vacations… Read more »

Aviation Mysteries: Malaysia Airlines MH370 Is Not Alone

Aviation mysteries that have never been solved

As the days go on and the aviation mystery that has become Malaysia Airlines MH370 continues to be unsolved, we cannot help, but think of past disasters that either went unsolved or took decades to find a resolution. We still don’t know what exactly happened when the ill-fated Malaysian airliner went missing more than a… Read more »

St. Louis Offers Charming Historical Attractions Perfect For Spring Travel

St. Louis Attractions - The Arch

The great city of St. Louis is home to some of the finest and most unique attractions in the country. Founded in 1764, St. Louis’ prominent history has left behind pieces that we continue to enjoy today. Stately buildings with beautiful architecture, family restaurants that have been passed down from generation to generation, and monuments… Read more »

New York City Displaced As World’s Greatest City

London at Night

New York City is not the favorite place in the world for the rich and famous to call “home.” tThe city that doesn’t sleep has been displaced by a European metropolis: London. In previous years, the Big Apple has been chosen by those who travel the world and have the opportunity to own homes on… Read more »

Florida Population Statistics Show Growth To Blow Past New York State

Florida Population Statistics Show Growth To Blow Past New York State

Florida population statistics are showing growth to the point that the Sunshine state is about to blow past New York state in numbers. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Florida marijuana legalization efforts are trying to get people to sign a petition to put medical marijuana to a ballot vote. As a native Floridian, one… Read more »

George Washington Bridge Nightmare As Lanes Shut Before Holiday

George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge cast a dark shadow over Christmas revelry this weekend as emergency lane closings caused a traffic nightmare for thousands of drivers struggling just to make it between New York City and New Jersey. As traffic crowded their upper Manhattan neighborhood, residents of New York’s Washington Heights district told radio station 1010… Read more »

Los Angeles Airport Suffers From Contaminated Water

Los Angeles Airport Problems With Water Supply

Los Angeles International Airport is suffering from contaminated water problems in its international terminal. The terminal, which is undergoing renovations, has been plagued with brown water. Planes trying to replenish their drinking supply have been unable to do so as the water coming out in that section of the airport is filled with bacteria, copper,… Read more »

World’s Tallest Statue In India To Be Twice The Size Of The Statue Of Liberty

World's Tallest Statue In India To Be Twice The Size Of The Statue Of Liberty

The world’s tallest statue will soon begin construction India. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the world’s tallest building is in China, although it apparently has scary elevator problems. India is naming the world’s tallest statue the “Statue of Unity” in honor of Sadar Patel, the first home minister of an India independent from England…. Read more »

Bill Russell Detained For Carrying Loaded Gun Inside Airport

Bill Russell Gun Confiscated

NBA legend Bill Russell was detained and cited on Wednesday for carrying a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Federal and airport officials made the announced on Saturday. According to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) report, Russell was carrying the.38 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun in his carry-on bag when… Read more »

Life Changes, Be Ready! Expo Focuses On Self-Reliance [Interview]

Florida gun shows

The Life Changes, Be Ready! Preparedness and Gun Expo in Florida may be the largest preparedness and survival event of the year. The list of featured speakers includes bestselling authors, movie producers, and whole host of influential self-reliance experts. Event organizer Cindy Thompson, of Fortress Management, much like notable female self-reliance experts Survivor Jane and… Read more »

Mike Spencer Bown Completes His Travels After 23 Year Journey

Mike Spencer Bown Traveling The World

The year was 1990, a time of acid-wash jeans, a startup band called Nirvana, and a soon-to-be lifetime traveler by the name of Mike Spencer Bown. It was in that year that Bown decided to travel. No he wasn’t just taking a quick one or two week vacation, instead he would make his way to… Read more »

Hello Kitty Jets Take To The Air, This Is Actually Real

Hello Kitty Jet

EVA Air’s first long range Hello Kitty jets are now in the air after a maiden flight landed in Los Angeles last week. Each of the Hello Kitty planes carry their own theme and fly from Taipei to LAX. The jets includes various characters including My Melody, Little Twin Stars’ Kiki and Lala, and rival… Read more »

TSA PreCheck Program Expands To Include 60 Airports


The TSA PreCheck program will be added to 60 more airports nationwide. Passengers using the screening program will be allowed to pass through the lines without removing their shoes and belts. The TSA hopes to complete the program expansion by the end of the year. Upon completion, 100 airports will offer the faster lines. The… Read more »

Strangers Drive Woman 600 Miles To Father’s Funeral

Strangers Drive Woman Across Country

A group of strangers drove a woman and her two children 600 miles so she could attend her father’s funeral. Jelena Ma was attempting to fly from Detroit to New York City on June 29 when her flight was met with a five-hour delay. Frustrated with her situation, Ma approached a group of stranger and… Read more »

Sinkhole: Disney World Resort Reopens Despite Danger [Video]

Sinkhole: Disney World Resort Reopens Despite Danger

A Disney World sinkhole in Florida is said to have stopped and the Disney World resort called Summer Bay is reopening. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the sinkhole at Disney World was devastating, with residents fleeing for their lives during the night: “All of us were like deer in headlights. You don’t see a… Read more »

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop: Is It The 5th Form Of Transportation?

HyperLoop Transporation System

On Monday SpaceX, Tesla, and PayPal founder Elon Musk will announce his new Hyperloop system, a new form of transportation that will cut the travel time from Los Angeles to San Francisco down to just minutes. Many experts are positing that Musk’s new system will join boats, planes, trains, and automobiles as the 5th form… Read more »

Delta Passenger Abandons Luggage To Avoid $1,400 Fee

Delta passenger abandons baggage to avoid $1,400 in fees.

A frustrated Delta passenger thought it better to leave his bags with all their belonging inside than to face $1,400 in fees. Have you ever thought that airlines are just ridiculous in the amount they charge for checked bags? This guy certainly did, NBC News reported on Tuesday. The Delta Airlines passenger was en route… Read more »