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The Rage About Engagement Rings

engagement rings

An engagement ring is a lifetime investment, so you want to be sure you are making the best possible purchase. The top two questions a man has in his mind when searching for the perfect engagement ring for his lady is how much should he spend and what style of ring should he buy? It… Read more »

Shopping Mall Lanes: Born From A Little Girl’s Rage

Shopping Mall Lanes, Good Or Get Over It?

Shopping mall lanes have overtaken the Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield, following a complaint letter from 10-year-old Chloe Nash-Lowe in the United Kingdom. Like any of us who’ve ever gotten annoyed by a person (or group of people) oblivious to the fact that there’s a world that exists outside their dome of awareness, Chloe got ticked… Read more »

Lululemon Yoga Pants Cased Dismissed-Shareholders “Bummed Out”


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Lululemon Athletica Inc, best known for their ultra-expensive and barely there yoga workout pants, stepped out of the courtroom drama victorious Friday morning, beating a shareholder lawsuit that accused 11 executives and directors of purposefully using low-quality material on their high-end goods. Shareholders accused the men of failing to disclose the… Read more »

10 Absolute WORST Gifts To Give On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is only two days away! The biggest romantic holiday of the year is widely depicted as a time where people show their sincerest regards and admiration for the ones the love and adore. Romantic observances for the heartwarming day may include sending beautiful greeting cards with expressions of love, having delectable candy and… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Gifts are Perfect for any Stage of a Relationship

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Valentine’s Day gifts are a hot topic now as the holiday approaches, but what do you do if you’re not sure where you’re going in your relationship, or if you’ve been together forever and have already given each other everything? Here are some gift suggestions for each stage of your relationship. 1. First Date Who… Read more »

This Valentines Day Get A Little More Personal

Get More Personal With Your Valentines Day Gifts

Buying gifts for your sweetheart should always be a personal affair. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, ensuring that your gifts for her are thoughtful and innovative should be at the top of your list. Most women today are unimpressed with the default gifts of love usually associated with Valentine’s Day. In fact, 97%… Read more »

After Christmas Sales 2013: Deals Shopping Goes Through New Years Day

After Christmas Sales 2013: Deals Shopping Goes Through New Years Day

After Christmas sales in 2013 have already started as early as 6 AM this morning, although the after Christmas deals with continue through New Years Day. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the best year-end car deals happen to be after Christmas sales, with cars salespeople willing to offer the best deals right before New… Read more »

Boxing Day Sales Will Be HUGE! 26th December will be Deal Day

Shopping Mayhem

Expect a line at the checkout on December 26th as America goes shopping! Retailers are getting ready for a huge day on December 26th, they say that because it falls on a Monday, so there is no reason for anyone to stay at home with the family, like they did on Sunday December 26th last… Read more »

Target iPhone Deals Go Great With 10 Percent Off Weekend

target iphone deals 10 percent off weekend

Target iPhone deals and other iOS devices will be among the most purchased items this weekend when Target stores give 10 percent off storewide. Due to a security breach that led to the stealing of over 40 million customers information, Target is offering a storewide discount of 10 percent to U.S. customers on December 21… Read more »

Best Gift Card Deals Christmas 2014: Buy Safe and Get Freebies

gift card deals christmas 2014

The best gift card deals this Christmas are coming from restaurants that are featuring popular “buy one, get one” deals. And according to a recent survey by the Retail Gift Card Association, people want those gift cards for Christmas. “There is no longer a question that retail gift cards are the most coveted gift to… Read more »

Ugg Boots Are Fourth Most Popular Item On Black Friday

Ugg boots

Ugg boots, or ‘Uggs’ as they are fondly called by many, made fourth place on Google’s Black Friday top trending gifts list. Surprised? We were at how the ugly fashion faux-pas boots even made it on the list. OK, so we know they’re comfortable and warm and cozy, but if you look up the word… Read more »

Black Friday 2013 Shopping Guide: Deals Start Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday 2013 Shopping Guide

Black Friday 2013 is almost upon us and the best Black Friday deals have been announced via leaked ads. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, KMart shocked everyone by announcing they would start Black Friday 2013 on Thanksgiving Day. But then the shock wore off and turned to numbed acceptance as it was revealed Walmart,… Read more »

Black Friday 2013: Walmart Joins Kmart On Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday Shopping

For Black Friday 2013, Walmart has decided to join KMart in preempting the “holiday” by opening for Thanksgiving deals. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, consumers have already provided some backlash on Kmart’s decision to open Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving morning. The two retailers are not alone in their recent decision to break longstanding… Read more »

Veterans Day 2013: Freebies Offer Deals And Free Meals At Restaurants

Veterans Day 2013: Freebies Offer Deals And Free Meals At Restaurants

Veterans Day 2013 freebies are being offered at restaurants and retailers in order to honor every American veteran. As previously reported by The Inquisitor, Black Friday 2013 deals are making shoppers angry, not happy, because leaked ads are indicating Thanksgiving Day is be transformed into Black Thursday. In 2013, Veterans Day will fall on November… Read more »

Kmart, Sears Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Kmart Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Like it or not, we are five days into the holiday season, and Kmart has upped the ante once again, announcing their Thanksgiving shopping marathon. This means that Kmart shoppers can spend not only Black Friday fighting for deals, but they can also spend their Thanksgiving day in long lines, fighting for the “best” deals…. Read more »

2013: The Year Black Friday Invades Thanksgiving Dinner

black friday thanksgiving

Well folks, 2013 is the year. The year that Black Friday officially invades Thanksgiving. We all knew it was coming sooner or later. In what is almost certainly certain to signal a chain reaction of similar initiatives throughout the country, New Jersey’s Rockaway Townsquare Mall has bitten the bullet and become the first (so far… Read more »