Parenting Timeline

Mom Seeks Shelter Via Craigslist; CPS Takes Kids


In recent weeks, there have been a number of stories in which CPS takes kids from a single parent who was struggling to balance work or a job search with caring for her kids. The latest parental horror story is no exception. Moshimalee Johnson, of North Carolina, says that CPS took her children because she… Read more »

Righteous Young Lady Busts Her Very Unrighteous, Pot-Smoking Parents

Pot-Smoking Parents Busted 2

The notion of pot-smoking parents bothers a lot of people, including a 9-year-old lass from Minnesota who expected much better from Mama and Papa! This unidentified young lady bravely waltzed into the Barnesville Police Department and informed the officers that her very naughty pot-smoking parents were growing, selling and smoking pot, reports the Star Tribune…. Read more »

‘Babies Are Jerks’: It’s Not Funny, So Stop Saying It

Babies Are Jerks, Excuse Of Bad Parents

“Babies are jerks” is a phrase we’ve been hearing quite often these days from a slew of hipster media types, who think they can get a laugh out of it even though virtually everyone else is mining the same “comic gold.” Example: recently on Digg, I came across an article that was having fun with… Read more »

Single Parents Hinder Social Mobility, Harvard Study Claims

single parents

Single parents are the biggest obstacle to achieving social mobility and moving out of poverty, according to a new Harvard University study. Moving up the “income ladder” is more difficult for children not raised by married parents, the researchers reportedly found. Children raised by both parents were also found to have increased rates of upward… Read more »

14-Pound Baby In Utah Sets 2013 Birth Weight Record [Video]

14-Pound Baby In Utah Sets 2013 Birth Weight Record

A 14-pound baby in Utah has set the 2013 birth weight record. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in 2012 a 14-pound baby was quite a trial because the mother, Kendall Stewardson, gave birth completely naturally. Can I get a resounding “ouch”? Fortunately for new mother Sara Brandon, she gave birth to her 14-pound baby… Read more »