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‘Babies Are Jerks’: It’s Not Funny, So Stop Saying It

Babies Are Jerks, Excuse Of Bad Parents

“Babies are jerks” is a phrase we’ve been hearing quite often these days from a slew of hipster media types, who think they can get a laugh out of it even though virtually everyone else is mining the same “comic gold.” Example: recently on Digg, I came across an article that was having fun with… Read more »

Single Parents Hinder Social Mobility, Harvard Study Claims

single parents

Single parents are the biggest obstacle to achieving social mobility and moving out of poverty, according to a new Harvard University study. Moving up the “income ladder” is more difficult for children not raised by married parents, the researchers reportedly found. Children raised by both parents were also found to have increased rates of upward… Read more »

14-Pound Baby In Utah Sets 2013 Birth Weight Record [Video]

14-Pound Baby In Utah Sets 2013 Birth Weight Record

A 14-pound baby in Utah has set the 2013 birth weight record. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in 2012 a 14-pound baby was quite a trial because the mother, Kendall Stewardson, gave birth completely naturally. Can I get a resounding “ouch”? Fortunately for new mother Sara Brandon, she gave birth to her 14-pound baby… Read more »

Airport Luggage Belt Kills Five-Month-Old Baby

Airport Luggage Belt Kills Newborn

An airport luggage belt has killed a five-month-old baby in Spain after the mother allegedly rested her child on the belt and became distracted, unaware the child’s weight had activated the device, according to a report from Yahoo! 7 News. Efforts at resuscitation proved unsuccessful. The child was believed to have died when it became… Read more »

Circumcision Rates Decline In US

Circumcision Rates Decline

Circumcision rates have declined in the US according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The biggest decline was seen in states along the west coast. Nationwide, 64 percent of male newborns were circumcised in 1979. Thirty-two years later, the number has decreased to 58 percent. In Western states, only 40… Read more »

Restaurant Bans Kids After 7 PM

Restaurant Bans Kids After 7 PM, Few Upset

Restaurant bans kids after 7 pm: you read that correctly. It shouldn’t be surprising considering recent moves by other entities to cut back on the presence of screaming, ill-behaved children. In February, a mall in Australia said no to screaming children, and that same month, The Inquisitr brought you the story of AirAsia X’s kid-free… Read more »

Sarah Sharples Spends $4,600 On Pink Baby Girl Items, Has Baby Boy

Sarah Sharples Spends $4.6K On Baby Girl And Suprised With Baby Boy

New mother Sarah Sharples got one heck of a shock when she was told that her newborn baby was a boy. Babies are always surprising their parents, but this wasn’t a surprise that Sharples was expecting. After her 20-week scan, her doctors told her that she was expecting a baby girl, according to Parent Dish…. Read more »

Breastfed Children Develop ADHD Less Often, Study Claims

Breastfed Children ADHD

A new study suggests that breastfed children develop ADHD at a much lower rate than formula fed babies. Researchers from Tel Aviv University were examining the positive impacts of breastfeeding on child development and health when they discovered the link to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Dr. Aviva Mimouni-Bloch, of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of… Read more »

Superhero Camp Gives Children The Chance To Be Heroes

Superhero Camp In Kentucky Makes Heroes From Youngsters

A superhero camp in Lexington, Kentucky, has given children the opportunity to become heroes. Camp Curiosity is a six-week program with a one-week “Superhero in Training” theme, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. In a recent feature, the news site presented the camp front-and-center as well as some of its happy graduates. One attendee, five-year-old Frank… Read more »

Family Adopts Baby Orphan With Stage-4 Cancer

Stage 4 Cancer Baby Adopted

Shelly White and her husband didn’t think they would be able to adopt a child after they struggled through the recession. The family ended up trading in their large home for a small rental property while also draining their savings accounts. Yet, despite their doubts the family not only adopted, they chose a baby from… Read more »

‘Three-parent IVF’ Could First Arrive In The UK

'Three-parent IVF' Could First Arrive In The UK

According to news, the UK could be the first country allowed to research into three-parent IVF treatment. The very controversial news that this technique has been backed by fertility watchdogs would mean that DNA from two women and one man would be used. This is so that scientists can try and help overcome deadly, incurable… Read more »

ADHD Could Be Due To Sleep Deprivation, Says Doctor

ADHD Could Be Due To Sleep Deprivation, Says Doctor

According to US-based doctor Vatsal Thakkar, children diagnosed with ADHD could simply be sleep deprived. This medical opinion, alongside reports that ADHD in children is linked to obesity in adulthood, means that the disorder will continue to be an issue that doctors try to better understand to ensure treatment and management is accurate. The clinical… Read more »

Pot Brownies Childproofed As Doctors Recommendation After Kids Harmed

Pot Brownies Childproofed As Doctors Recommendation After Kids Harmed

“Pot brownies childproofed” is a phrase that may make you laugh at first, but it’s a serious issue that has already seen several children harmed. Marijuana legalization is seeing recommendations from doctors who say parents should keep pot brownies childproofed. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, elementary students getting dangerously sick is evidence that we… Read more »