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Today Is Tolkien Reading Day, How Are You Celebrating?

Tolkien Reading Day March 25 Tolkien Pipe

For many fans of Tolkien’s varied works, Tolkien Reading Day marks a special time where the world celebrates as a whole on the Professor’s legacy. Set on March 25, the date has significance because of the history of perhaps Tolkien’s greatest work, The Lord of the Rings. But what is Tolkien Reading Day? Established in… Read more »

Disneyworld Hacks To Make Your Vacation Even Better


Almost everyone at some point in their lives has dreamed of visiting the ultimate house of mouse: Disneyworld. But with the ticket prices having gone up $4 per ticket to $105 per adult, some people are beginning to wonder if the park is worth it or if it is just another money grab that wants… Read more »

Hello Kitty Tea House Opens In Japan


Hello Kitty has been an iconic bit of pop culture since the ’70s, when the doll was all the rage with little girls everywhere. With the familiar white, oval face emblazoned on everything from stickers to cookware, Hello Kitty has become a name everyone and their grandmother recognizes. Now, a tea house in Japan is… Read more »