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Florida Cop Arrested In Burrito Road Rage Incident

Did a burrito really lead to this road rage incident?

A Florida cop is in trouble after he allegedly threatened a couple with his firearm during a road rage dispute. WFTV News reports that Lake County Sheriff’s deputy Thomas Thompson is accused of threatening to kill the couple during the incident. The 45-year-old deputy was ultimately arrested, and the resulting police report is interesting to… Read more »

Tennessee Mom Smiles In Mugshot After Ditching Toddler For Shopping Trip

Woman left toddler alone while she shopped at dollar store.

A Tennessee mom is in trouble after she reportedly abandoned her two-year-old child so she could go on a shopping trip. Johnson City Press reports that Britney Danielle Looney has been charged with felonious child neglect over the incident, but she’s all smiles in her mugshot. Meanwhile, the details of her case are disturbing. Authorities… Read more »

Spirit Airlines Reviews Why They’ve Left Passengers Stranded

Spirit Airlines leaves many passengers stranded due to weather.

Spirit Airlines left passengers stranded at several airports over the past few days. “They’re not really good at communicating. The first thing they did was nothing,” said a frustrated Spirit Airlines passenger in Atlantic City. Flight with Spirit Airlines from ATL to Tx was cancelled with no apologies after 5 hours of delay. #NeverFlySpiritAirlines —… Read more »

Ray Comfort Releases Trailer For New Movie About God And Gay Rights [Video]

Ray Comfort releasing a movie about a Christian afraid to tell gay people they're going to Hell.

Ray Comfort is disturbed by gay rights, and by the movement toward a society where someone’s sexuality isn’t a legitimate excuse to discriminate against them. This isn’t new information, of course. However, what is new is that Comfort has released a trailer for a movie centering around gay rights. It’s called Audacity, and, more specifically,… Read more »

Church Pastor ‘Publicly Humiliated Us On Facebook,’ Couple Says

Church Pastor David McGee

Church pastor David McGee “publicly humiliated” a couple that used to go to his church on Facebook, the couple tells Yahoo! News. In a lengthy but somewhat cryptic Facebook post, McGee explained to the other members what was going on and actually named four individuals, who would no longer be allowed to attend The Bridge… Read more »

First Ever Adult LGBT Homeless Shelter Opens In San Francisco

First ever adult LGBT shelter opens in San Francisco

The first ever adult LGBT homeless shelter opened in San Francisco Wednesday. Jazzie’s Place, named after a transgender African woman, opened in the city’s Mission District and holds 24 beds for people in the LGBT community. City Supervisor David Campos said he’s been working with activists since 2010 to create the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and… Read more »

Teenagers Can’t Drive, Shocking But True Says New Study

Teens can't drive

Teenagers really don’t know how to drive, says a new study. It’s not because their brains aren’t fully developed or because they have too many hormones in their bodies, but simply because they lack the experience of older drivers. This lack of experience led to the deaths of 2,650 teen drivers and the injuring of… Read more »