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Henn-na Hotel – Hotel Run Completely By Robots Opens In Japan!

Nagasaki Robot Hotel

The Henn-na Hotel, a hotel completely run by ‘android’ like robots, has finally opened in Japan. Henn-na Hotel translates to “weird hotel” in English, and it is fully automated. Upon checking in to the Henn-na, a female humanoid robot greets you at the reception desk. Her skin, hair and features are totally life-like, and she… Read more »

Bacon Seaweed Is An Ancient European Snack, And We’re Just Hearing About This Now?

Scientists can grow bacon seaweed at astonishing rates

Apparently, Europe has been keeping secrets from America. For centuries, they’ve been snacking on bacon-flavored seaweed and haven’t bothered to tell anyone. Thankfully, a team of scientists at Oregon State University uncovered this valuable culinary secret, which could transform your salad dressing, crackers, and untold other food products very soon, NBC News reported. Bacon seaweed… Read more »

Satanic Temple Readies Satan Statue For Detroit: Christians React

Satanic Temple To Unveil Statue

The Satanic Temple is at it again. Driven by stories of religious symbolism on state and federally owned property, the Satanic Temple Detroit Chapter is about to join movements across the country to erect a statue honoring the Dark Lord soon. The church plans on unveiling a nine-foot-tall bronze Baphomet statue like the kind in… Read more »

Walmart Rival Sale Launched To Compete With Amazon Prime Day Sale

amazon prime sale

A Walmart rival sale has been launched to compete with the Amazon Prime Day sale. The Walmart vs. Amazon battle to achieve complete domination of the retail market appears to be heading into extended innings. The Walmart rival sale will begin on Wednesday, July 15, just like the Amazon Prime Day sale. The big box… Read more »

Sweetgreen: The Eatery That Might Rival Chipotle In Popularity


There’s a eatery that’s making the news called Sweetgreen, and CNN Money says it might be as popular as Chipotle one day. it’s strawberry season. — swɘetgreen (@sweetgreen) July 12, 2015 Indeed, the popular chain of restaurants called Sweetgreen certainly puts forth a delicious looking presence on social media — and makes one see… Read more »

Evangelist Bryan Fischer: Immigration Is God’s Punishment For America

Inmmigration: punishment for America's sins?

Immigration is a sore subject in America. Memes and diatribes insisting that America should have a national language (English, of course) and that learning it should be a requirement for immigration are increasingly common. Now, however, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer has taken this to new lengths — claiming that immigration, and a “confusion… Read more »

Deadly Asbestos Fibers Found In Children’s Crayons And Toys

Asbestos In Crayons

Asbestos fibers were detected in a number of children’s crayons and play crime lab kits by two government-certified laboratories. A recent report by the Environmental Working Group Action Fund acknowledged “samples of four brands of children’s crayons and two kids’ crime scene fingerprint kits contain deadly asbestos fibers,” including crayons marketed with colorful characters like… Read more »

Virgin America Wins ‘Top Domestic Airline’ Award And Rolls Out Upgrades

Virgin America rolls out upgrades.

Virgin America has just won Travel + Leisure’s“Top Domestic Airline” award for the eighth year in a row. To celebrate, Virgin has dedicated itself to pleasing travelers even more. Partnering with ViaSat, Virgin America is bringing updated WiFi networks to their new Airbus A320 aircrafts. Time laid out the specs. “The use of ViaSat-1, a… Read more »