Fashion Timeline

Charlotte McKinney May Be The New “It” Girl


Not much is known about model Charlotte McKinney, other than that fact that she is a drop dead gorgeous model with unattainable curves who may give Kate Upton a run for her money. The 5’7 blond, blue-eyed bombshell has all the looks of an up and coming supermodel. Her Instagram page states that she works… Read more »

Get Some Blingage With A Gold-Plated Facial!

A woman getting a gold facial

There have been some unusual beauty trends in the past, especially in the realm of skin facials. We thought we heard it all with reports of people getting bird poop and snail facials. Items in your kitchen right now are used as a means to get salon-quality smooth skin. Baking soda, lemon juice, tomato juice,… Read more »

Victoria’s Secret Loses Word ‘Pink’ To Menswear Outlet

Victoria's Secret has no pink

Victoria’s Secret has a line of women’s panties called, simply, Pink. A menswear retailer in Britain is called Thomas Pink, and they sell pink underwear to go with their high-priced men’s shirts, among other things. The two collided in the United Kingdom’s marketplace as Victoria’s Secret went to court in a dispute over the word… Read more »

Supermodel Andrej Pejic Is Still Supermodel As Andreja

Andrej Pejic Is Andreja Now

In an unprecedented transformation, supermodel Andrej Pejic underwent a full gender reassignment surgery early this year and is still considered by fashionistas to be a supermodel, only now as Andreja Pejic. It helps that androgyny has kind of been Pejic’s thing since hitting the model scene in 2011, immediately making waves on runways for the… Read more »

Kate Upton’s Bikini Body Diet Tips Focus On A Low Carb Diet

kate upton may be the next bond girl

Kate Upton’s bikini body may be out of this world but her diet tips are actually pretty down to Earth. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the paleo diet requires a rich caveman (or a cavewoman in this case) since replacing those cheap carbs with lot and lots of protein is starting to get… Read more »

Bride And Bridesmaids’ Butts The Latest Wedding Photo Craze

Bride And Bridesmaids' Butts The Latest Wedding Photo Craze

Brides and bridesmaids are baring their butts to the camera in the latest wedding photo craze that some people may believe is a little bit crazy. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the top 10 redneck wedding photos will probably make you think the butt photos are almost mild in comparison. But if you’re… Read more »

Kate Upton Felt Overweight, Not Sexy Hot, When Starting Out As A Model


When Kate Upton started her modeling career at the age of 15, she said she felt almost overweight in comparison to the stereotypical skinny almost-anorexic models that tend to fill the pages of fashion magazines. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Kate Upton is now representing Express and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics as their model…. Read more »

Victoria’s Secret Models Do This Crazy Thing For Perfect Hair

Barbara Fialho hair secrets

Amongst many other things, Victoria’s Secret models are known for their long and bouncy hair. Either on the runway or in a photoshoot, the smooth tresses of these girls are flawless and envy-worthy. Now, Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fiahlo has revealed the crazy trick that her and fellow VS supermodels do to keep their mane… Read more »