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Free Marijuana To The Poor Passes Berkeley City Council

Free Marijuana To Low Income Households

Free marijuana for medical purposes is now a reality in Berkeley, California, if you fall below a certain income threshold. The town’s city council voted unanimously for an ordinance to “provide free medical marijuana to patients with low incomes,” reports the New York Times. Should the ordinance pass its second reading in August — and… Read more »

New Alzheimer’s Test May Catch Symptoms Early

New Alzheimer's Study

New studies presented that the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this past week have shown evidence that the brain disease might be able to be detected first in the eyes and nose. Alzheimer’s is caused by amyloid beta levels in the brain that cause blockage. These amyloid levels may now be able to… Read more »

Alcohol Study Is Bad News, Even For Moderate Drinkers

Alcohol Study Will Make You Never Want To Drink Again

Alcohol study researchers released a new report this week that, if true, may have just killed our will to go on. Apparently, no amount of alcohol is good for you. Even if you consider yourself one of us “light to moderate drinker,” reducing intake can result in health benefits. Science Daily looked at the report… Read more »

Diabetes Cure Lurking Around The Corner: The Antidote, You

Diabetes Cure: Human Cells Producing Insulin?

Diabetes cure research may have just hit at a major breakthrough. According to a new study from the Columbia University Medical Center, the potential breakthrough already exists within your body. reports that the study “has found that cells in the small intestine can produce insulin and regulate blood sugar effectively when researchers turn off… Read more »

Rental Cars Full of Dangerous Germs, Studies Show

Rental Cars are lousy with germs

A recent study has found that rental cars are teeming with myriad germs, some very dangerous to humans. Jeff Rossen, from NBC’s the Today show, ran an investigation into the cleanliness of returned rental cars, and what he found is surprising. In the study, human fecal matter was found on the steering wheel of a… Read more »

Study: Brain Bleed Caused By Headbanging, But Do It Anyway (Video)


Headbanging is bad for your brain, according to one report which said it can lead to brain bleeding. What? You don’t believe us? Check out this report from The Associated Press about a German man who injured himself headbanging to some Motörhead: “Last January, doctors at Hannover Medical School saw a 50-year-old man who complained… Read more »

Another Death By Drinking Find: This Time, Energy Drinks

Death By Drinking Energy Drinks

Another death by drinking study has hit, but this time, the culprit isn’t binge drinking. No, it’s the energy drinks phenomenon. According to a new study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, various company reports from the Food and Drug Administration listed 17 new deaths since late 2012, when the first fatalities… Read more »

United Nations Not Doing Enough To Save Mothers, Studies Say

Former Refugees Resume Village Life in Darfur

The United Nations strategies to save mothers around the globe are being questioned, after analyses of the maternal health program data acquired over the past few years revealed that these campaigns aren’t as effective as expected. Although billions are spent every year on health campaigns and medical programs for mothers, especially in third world countries,… Read more »

Death By Drinking Study Shows Habit Kills 1 In 10 Working Adults

Death By Drinking, 10 Percent Of You Will Die From It

In what is being called a new death by drinking study, researchers have discovered that one in 10 working age adults will die from alcohol consumption — and if you think this only applies to alcoholics, you’re dead wrong. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that adds up to around 88,000… Read more »

FDA Warns About Risk Of Using Decorative Contact Lenses

2014 Phoenix Comicon Decorative Contacts (close)-6

Blindness caused by contact lenses are typically just subjects of urban myth. However, the Food and Drug Administration has recently warned consumers that lenses, especially non-corrective, decorative ones, may actually pose risks to your vision. The FDA is planning to conduct a nation-wide campaign warning Americans about decorative contact lenses, a fashion fad popular among… Read more »

Red Cross Won’t Reveal How It Spent $300 Mil In Hurricane Sandy Funds

Red Cross Says No To Request For Spending Info

The American Red Cross has long been known for its efforts to dispense relief in times of disaster alongside the federal government, but denial of a recent public records request has drawn criticism. Of particular interest: the organization sought exemption for disclosing how it spent Hurricane Sandy relief funds in excess of $300 million in… Read more »