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Vegetarian Starts Eating Meat, Gives Birth To Triplets

Vegetarian gives birth to triplets with the heat of a meat diet

A lifelong vegetarian who tried for 10 years to get pregnant began eating meat and wound up having triplets. Her daily diet apparently included Sausage McMuffins. UK resident Laura Dixon, 34, was unsuccessful for a decade trying to get pregnant naturally, so she and her husband turned to in vitro fertilization. She suffered a miscarriage… Read more »

Universal Flu Vaccine Could Be Only A Few Years Away

Universal Flu Vaccines Are Right Around The Corner

Could a universal flu vaccine be created to cover all strains of the virus? British scientists believe such a thing could now be possible. Researchers say that people who were able to beat the 2009 flu pandemic without becoming sick is the key. How far off is something like this? Scientists are hopeful that a… Read more »

Stroke Risk Reduced With Vitamin B Supplements?

vitamin b

Taking vitamin B supplements may help reduce your risk of stroke according to the findings of a new survey. In the past there have been conflicting claims about the benefits, or otherwise, of taking vitamin B supplements to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Some studies actually concluded that taking vitamin B supplements… Read more »

A Dyslexia Treatment? Study Says Digital Screens Make Reading Easier

Dyslexia Treatment: Digital Screens Make Reading Easier

A dyslexia treatment is possible with digital screens, a new study says. Researchers at Harvard say their recent trials show that dyslexic high school students could comprehend better and read faster with an e-reader than they could from a paper page. An estimated five to 17 percent of all readers are dyslexic and may now… Read more »

Arthritis: Magnets And Copper Bracelets Do Not Work

Arthritis Magnets & Copper Bracelets

Arthritis affects close to 50 million Americans. The pain can range from mild to crippling. Patients and doctors have explored numerous methods to ease the pain. Unfortunately, a miracle cure simply does not exist. Many patients purchase copper bracelets or magnets to help manage arthritis pain. They often report that the bracelets and straps actually… Read more »

Asthma Drug Relva Approved In Europe, Japan, But Not The United States

Asthma patients not using inhaler correctly

An Asthma drug called Relva has been approved for Europe and Japan. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a new flu vaccine is more effective yet still more profitable. The new Asthma drug Relvar is a combination of the “inhaled corticosteroid (ICS), fluticasone furoate, and the long-acting beta2 agonist (LABA).” Combined, these Asthma drugs reduce… Read more »

Deadly Brain Eating Amoeba Confirmed In Water Supply

Deadly Brain Eating Amoeba Found In US Water System

A deadly brain eating amoeba that has killed several people, including a boy in Florida, has been confirmed to be present in a Louisiana water supply — understandably alarming locals. The brain eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri has been linked to deaths from freshwater swims as well as use of neti pots, devices primarily employed to… Read more »

New Flu Vaccines Cover More Strains, Yield More Profits

Flu Vaccine Four Strains

In 2013, new flu vaccines will offer protection against an additional strain of influenza — at a cost. The new flu vaccines for the coming flu season are available, with many lining up ahead of the peak flu months to get vaccinated. But this flu season, the new vaccine protects not only against the standard… Read more »

Obese Toddler Youngest Ever For Weight Loss Surgery

2-1/2-year-old has gastric bypass surgery

A morbidly obese two-year-old who received gastric bypass surgery is apparently the youngest ever in the world to undergo the weight-loss procedure. The toddler weighed about 72 pounds and had a body mass index of 41 when doctors at a Saudi Arabian obesity clinic decided that surgery was necessary. Previous attempts at controlling weight through… Read more »

Alzheimer’s: Brain Scan May Help Early Detection

Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer’s disease is difficult to detect at an early stage. Most patients are diagnosed when they display profound physical and mental symptoms. Research suggests new imagining techniques may assist in early detection. Autopsies of Alzheimer’s patients reveal the presence of brain plaques and strands composed of built up proteins. The plaques build up and form… Read more »

Obamacare Alternatives Include Christian Health Care, Republican Tax Breaks

Obamacare Alternatives Include Christian Health Care, Republican Tax Breaks

Obamacare alternatives are being searched for as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act looms. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Congress has its own Obamacare alternative which exempts staff workers from the same rules so their premiums don’t skyrocket. While income verification for the individual mandate for Obamacare has been delayed until 2015, much… Read more »

MRSA Staph Infection Kills 23,000 A Year

MRSA Staph infections kill

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA staph infections, have been a growing problem for doctors and hospitals for years now — and the CDC says that 23,000 Americans die each year of the drug-resistant strain of bacteria. MRSA staph infections present a frightening challenge to medicine — get the bug under control without making resistance to… Read more »

Man’s Stomach Brews Its Own Beer, Makes Him Randomly Drunk

Beer Creating Gut

A man in Texas has a stomach that ferments and produces its own beer. The 61-year-old man recently stumbled into a Texas hospital complaining of dizziness. Doctors performed a standard blood alcohol test and found that his levels had reached 0.37 percent, five time the legal driving limit in Texas. After being admitted into the… Read more »

Drug-Resistant Superbugs Are An Urgent Threat

Drug Resistant Bacteria CDC Warning

Drug-resistant superbugs are an urgent threat to the world, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The bugs are the result of an overuse of antibiotics. The report by the CDC, detailed in 114 pages, offered the first comprehensive picture of what drug resistance looks like in the United States. The Los… Read more »

Disturbing 9/11 Related Cancer Cases Among First Responders

9/11 cancer cases increase among first responders

According to health officials, an alarming number of 9/11 related cancer cases is affecting those who responded in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks. Not only that, people who lived around the area in lower Manhattan where the Twin Towers came down are also affected. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports… Read more »

Testicle Size May Separate Good Dads From Mediocre Ones [Study]


A new study on testicle size drew an interesting conclusion, finding that a man’s most sensitive bits also can provide a bit of insight as to what kind of father he’s inclined to be. While it’s hard to get to the baby-making stage without getting an idea of a guy’s testicle size, the study provides… Read more »

MERS Virus Kills 47, Docs Scramble To Find A Treatment

MERS Virus New Treatment.

The MERS virus, also known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus, has killed dozens in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and medical experts are experimenting with drug cocktails to fight the deadly illness. A new MERS virus study was published in the journal Nature Medicine, based on research carried out on rhesus monkeys, say researchers from… Read more »

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills 4-Year-Old Mississippi Boy

Brain Eating Amoeba could be lurking in Florida waters

State officials in Louisiana have confirmed that a child died after contracting a deadly brain-eating amoeba. A plastic water slide is suspected to be the place where the child caught the deadly infection. The Naegleria fowleri amoeba is waterborne; David Peralta, from St Bernhard Parish, confirmed that samples taken from the home where the child… Read more »

Abraxane Approved By FDA For Pancreatic Cancer

Abraxane Approved By FDA

Abraxane was approved by the FDA for treatment of pancreatic cancer. During trials, the medication prolonged the lives of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. On average, patients lived longer than those treated with chemotherapy alone. As reported by Reuters, patients taking Abraxane lived an average of two months longer than patients on chemotherapy alone. Patients… Read more »

Aspartame: Bacteria Poop Revealed As Secret Ingredient

Aspartame Bacteria Poop Should Make You Quit Drinking Diet

“Aspartame bacteria poop” will be a term you see a lot of in the next 24 hours, and there’s a disgusting reason for it. Apparently, all the rumors that the sweetener found in most diet sodas is comprised of E. coli excrement is true. According to a recent UPI report, which itself is taken from… Read more »

E-Cigarette Use Doubles Among Teens

Electronic Cigarettes Ban

E-Cigarette use among teens has doubled, according to multiple surveys, and, the data is worrying the CDC,which plans to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way as other tobacco products. Right now, there are almost no regulations concerning the battery-powered cigarettes, which has made the market appealing to younger buyers. In 2012, 10% of high school… Read more »

Whooping Cough Cases Decline In Washington And Oregon

Whooping Cough Cases Decline In Washington And Oregon

Whooping cough is on the decline in the Pacific Northwest, with some health officials attributing the drop to immunization efforts. According to The News Tribune, by mid-July of this year, there were 419 cases of whooping cough, or pertussis, in Washington state — down considerably from the same period in 2012 when 3,237 cases were… Read more »

Sarah Colwill Wakes Up With Chinese Accent

Sarah Colwill - Foreign Accent Sydrome Sufferer

Sarah Colwill went to sleep with a Plymouth accent and woke up with a Chinese accent. Colwill suffers from a rare condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome for which there have only been 61 reported cases between 1941 and 2012. Before her sudden change in accent, Colwill suffered a severe migraine which caused an emergency… Read more »

New Flu Vaccine Will Include Four Strains

Flu Vaccine Four Strains

A new flu vaccine will protect against four strains of the virus. For the first time, this season’s vaccine will cover two A strains and two B strains of influenza. Traditional vaccines only include three strains of the flu. The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation that all children over the age of six… Read more »

‘Insomnia Brain’ Totally Making You Stupid [Study]

memory loss

Insomnia brain doesn’t just make you feel awful after a night of tossing and turning — new research has illustrated just how much of an effect a poor night’s sleep has on daily cognitive functioning. While insomnia brain isn’t necessarily a diagnosable condition just yet, the effects are measurable and severe, researchers at the University… Read more »

Party Drug: ‘Molly’ Use On The Rise

Party Drug Molly Blamed For Cancelling Electric Zoo

Use of the party drug “molly” is on the rise. The dangerous drug led to the hospitalization of six people over the weekend. Two of the people died, prompting cancellation of the Electric Zoo festival. While the drug has been around for decades, its use has recently surged in popularity. MDMA, nicknamed molly, is a… Read more »