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Pornography Isn’t As Bad For Teens As Previously Thought [Study]

teenagers pornography

The negative effect of pornography on a teenager’s sexuality has been greatly exaggerated, according to a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Parents have long had (and still have, some might argue) reasons to intervene when they catch their teens looking at pornography. There are arguments to be made against pornography on… Read more »

Binge Drinking In Your 20s Can Trigger Heart Disease

Binge Drinking In Your 20s Can Trigger Heart Disease

A study out of the University of Illinois warns binge drinking in your 20s can cause an earlier onset or increase the likelihood of developing heart disease. Binge drinking is characterized by heavy episodic instances of imbibing copious amounts of alcohol over a short amount of time, with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated. This… Read more »

Taiwan Reports First Bird Flu Case Outside China

Taiwan First Bird Flu Case H7N9

Taiwan has reported the first H7N9 bird flu case outside of mainland China. A 53-year-old businessman is in serious condition in the hospital. The man recently returned from the Chinese city of Suzhou, according to health officials. China already has 108 confirmed cases of the new bird flu strain since it appeared in March. The… Read more »

Woman Consumes 2,500 Calories A Night In Her Sleep

Woman Eats 2,500 Calories A Night

A woman says she eats 2,500 calories a night due to a rare sleep disorder. Lesley Cusack said she is forced to keep herself on a very strict diet since she simply cannot control the amount of food she consumes while she sleeps. The Warrington, Chesire resident explained that she doesn’t know what she’s eaten… Read more »

Colic May Be An Early Life Manifestation Of Migraine

Migraine and colicky babies

Around 20 percent of infants in the US suffer from colic. Colic, also called infantile colic, manifests as frequent, indiscernibly caused fits of prolonged crying and distress – lasting up to three hours, and occurring several times a week – in otherwise seemingly healthy infants. The unnerving condition often appears in the first month of… Read more »

New York City Smoking Legal Age To Be Raised To 21

New York City Smoking Legal Age To Be Raised To 21

The New York City smoking legal age may be raised to age 21 if the NYC Council has its way. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, things have not been getting easier for smokers lately. The Obama cigarettes tax under the Obama budget plan for 2014 would increase the cost 94 cents per pack. Studies… Read more »

Low-Dose Aspirin Slows Breast Cancer Cell Growth

low dose aspirin breast cancer

Low-dose aspirin could slow the growth of breast cancer cells. That’s the amazing result of a new study presented on Sunday at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting in Boston. The presenter was Gargi Maity, lead author of the new research. A team working at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in… Read more »

Cinnamon Challenge Sparks New Warning From Doctors

cinnamon challenge pediatrics

The “cinnamon challenge,” an internet (and YouTube in particular) fad that has persisted in popularity for some time now, may seem relatively harmless — but years after it became a trend, doctors are warning that engaging in the activity could cause damage to lungs. The cinnamon challenge warning was issued in the most recent issue… Read more »

Time Spent In Sports Practice Should Be Limited For Kids, Medical Experts Warn

Time Spent In Sports Practice Should Be Limited To Prevent Injury

The physical investment in time spent in sports practice should be limited for children before and during adolescence, according Dr. Neeru Jayanthi, a Loyola University Medical Center sports medicine physician. Kids are more susceptible to physical stress injuries if they train too hard and long for a single specialized sport before their bodies have fully… Read more »

Western Diet Could Be A Death Sentence [Study]

Western diet inversely related to healthy aging

Eating a typical “Western-style” diet apparently makes it unlikely you will live long and prosper, according to a new study. Researchers developed their findings from studying the mortality rates and disease incidence of about 5,000 middle-aged British government employees from 1985 to 2009 who also filled out food questionnaires. According to the research, those individuals… Read more »

US Regulators Deny Manufacture Of Generic OxyContin

FDA Denies Generic Drugs

The announcement was made Tuesday by US health regulators for the Food and Drug Administration, stating they will not approve any type of generic version from the original form of OxyContin, a widely abused prescription painkiller. The decision was made the day the patent for the original formulation of OxyContin was set to expire, otherwise… Read more »

Long Commutes Shorten Women’s Lives And Relationships, Says Study

long commutes

Long commutes actually shorten women’s lives as well as their relationships, according to new research presented last week at the Association of American Geographers annual conference in Los Angeles. Erika Sandow, a Swedish social geographer with Umeö University, said her research team had reviewed a Swedish database of almost 60,000 commuters to see if long-distance… Read more »

60 Cases Of Bird Flu In Humans Now Reported In China

H7N9 Bird Flu

Chinese officials are now reporting two new cases of people infected with a rare strain of bird flu. Those reports take the number of infected H7N9 sufferers to 60. State media on Sunday night reported that two people in Shanghai have died from the rare flu strain. To date, 13 deaths have been linked to… Read more »

Manda Meat Recall Update, Company Issues Statement

meat recall manda 2013

The Manda Meat recall announced initially on April 10 and expanded Saturday significantly has jumped from more than 20,000 pounds of meat to more than 468,000, and the company issued a statement Sunday on their website about the current recall. Several varieties of meats and other products involved in the Manda meat recall were detailed… Read more »

Men Can’t Read Emotions

Can't Read Emotion

As suspected, men struggle to determine what women are feeling, according to a study published recently in PLOS One. We’ve heard the eyes are the windows to the soul and are the doorways to emotion, but they might as well be closed if you are a woman because German researchers found men had twice as… Read more »