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Red Wine Ingredient Key To Living To Age 150?

red wine ingredient may be secret to a whole class of life extending drugs

A red wine ingredient could be the key to extending human life to the age of 150, according to a new paper published in Science today by a team headed by Australian researcher David Sinclair. After studying 117 drugs under development to fight the diseases of aging, they concluded that they all target a single… Read more »

Bird Flu Researchers Creating Genetically Modified Chickens To Thwart Disease


Bird flu researchers in Australia are creating genetically modified chickens in an effort to wipe out the disease. Some scientists think the CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) project could have massive implications and eradicate avian flu. H5N1 experts hope the genetically modified chickens will breed bird flu resistant offspring. If the CSIRO project is… Read more »

Celebrity Endorsements Influence What Children Eat [Study]

Unhealthy food choices children make based on celebrity endorsement

A dietary study of children published in the Journal of Pediatrics outlines how children are especially susceptible to celebrity influence when it comes to the food products they endorse. Celebrities are frequently used in television and print product advertising. Their use establishes a recognition and credibility to a brand. Celebrities are able to leverage their… Read more »

Macaroni And Cheese Petition Initiated Over Health Concerns

kraft mac and cheese petition

A Kraft Macaroni & Cheese petition seeks to ban two dyes used in on the American version of the classic kid-favorite dish. The petition want to remove yellow dye #5 and yellow dye #6 was filed on the website by two concerned moms. Lisa Leake and Vani Hari maintain that the dyes in Kraft… Read more »

Schizophrenia Symptoms Tempered With Folate And Vitamin B12 In Some Patients

Schizophrenia Symptoms and treatment options

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by an interruption of thought processes and by a deficit of appropriate emotional responses. Common complex symptoms of the disorder include auditory hallucinations, paranoid delusions, and disorganized thinking. The onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood and can significantly contribute to social and occupational dysfunction. However, the symptoms… Read more »

Salt Linked to MS, Diabetes

salt linked to autoimmune disease

Salt is the culprit in the rising numbers of cases of autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis and Type 1 diabetes. That’s the claim made by not one but three studies published today in Nature. Katherine Harmon summarized the three reports. The human body has a powerful immune response to attack and defend itself from disease…. Read more »

Down Syndrome Helped By Exercise

down's syndrome patients may be helped by exercise, says researcher

People with Down Syndrome (DS) may have better brain function if they are encouraged to exercise, according to a study by Shannon D. R. Ringenbach, an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Arizona. After her pilot study showed encouraging results, she recently received a $150,000 grant from the Eunice Shriver National Institute of… Read more »

Green Tea Extract May Help Fight Alzheimer’s

green tea extract may be new help in fight against alzheimer's disease

Green tea extract may interfere with the formation of abnormal clumps or plaques in the brain that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. A team of scientists led by Mi Hee Lim at the University of Michigan said that the green tea extract is a powerful anti-oxidant. She added, “A lot of people are very excited… Read more »

Saturated Fat May Not Be As Unhealthy As Once Thought

Saturated Fat and health

Saturated fat has been considered a culprit contributor of cardiovascular disease (CVD) for several decades, accused of clogging arteries and increasing the risk heart attacks. Dietary advice dispensers’ persist in recommending reduced consumption of the macronutrient. Myths and misconceptions have led to consumers wrongly assuming all saturated fat is bad. However, research evidence shows saturated… Read more »

Junk Food Junkies Inherit Addiction From Mom

junk food junkies can inherit the tendency to become hooked on junk food

Junk food junkies have someone else to blame for their craving for overly salty, sugary, or fatty food — Mom. A new Australian study suggests that pregnant women who eat too much junk food will pass the cravings on to their children, according to Ashik Siddique for Medical News Daily. The lead researcher for the… Read more »

OCD: New Mothers Have Increased Risk

obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

A new report claims new mothers are five times more likely to develop obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); one in 10 demonstrate symptoms. Stressors over motherhood are primarily to blame. To test this theory, researchers recruited 461 women during their delivery hospitalization at Northwestern Memorial. They were asked to comply with screening tests for anxiety, depression,… Read more »

Grandmother’s Smoking Linked To Asthma

grandmothers who smoke cigarettes may have grandchildren with asthma

If your grandmother smoked, you may be more likely to have asthma — even if your mother didn’t smoke. That’s the finding written by two Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute researchers just published in the March edition of the Review of Obstetrics & Gynecology. John S. Torday and Virender K. Rehan reported the results of… Read more »

Adult ADHD Increases Risk Of Early Death, New Study Warns

adhd early death

Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is an underestimated issue, researchers warn, and the neurological condition commonly seen as one affecting children is, in fact, also a serious concern for adults living with the disorder — many of whom live with increased risks including early death. A new population-based study focused on the effects of… Read more »

BPA Exposure Linked To Asthma

bisphenol A causes health problems

BPA, or bisphenol A, is a common chemical found in canned food packaging and polycarbonate shatter-proof plastic containers. The substance is used to line food and beverage cans in order to prevent corrosion and spoilage. However, concerns about BPA’s suitability and safety in consumer products and food containers have arisen in recent years. The chemical… Read more »