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Cause of Type 2 Diabetes Identified, Possible Cure On The Horizon

Type 2 Diabetes Potential Cure

Type 2 diabetes affects millions of people in the Unites States. One man has been working to combat the disease of diabetes, and he has made huge strides towards identifying the bacteria that seems to be the cause of type 2 diabetes. He is currently finalizing a treatment, which could prove useful as a vaccination… Read more »

Over 50 People Affected By Food Poisoning In Salt Lake City

Over 50 people suffered from food poisoning last weekend in SLC.

Roughly 55 people suffered from food poisoning in Salt Lake City last weekend. An epidemiologist with the Salt Lake County health department stated that symptoms of the food poisoning included severe stomach pains and nausea/vomiting. Those affected by the poisoning were staying at the Road Home homeless shelter, but food was not served there. The… Read more »

Happiness Smells, According To Surprising New Research

Happiness Smells

Happiness smells, according to surprising new research. A team of European researchers performed a study and found that people who experienced happiness may produce chemicals in their sweat that can be transmitted to others. Andreas Keller, research associate with The Rockefeller University in New York City, offered a simple explanation about the researcher’s findings to… Read more »