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Notion of ‘Healthy Obesity’ Largely a Myth, New Study Says

Healthy Obesity?

The notion of “healthy obesity” has been gaining acceptance in some circles, as studies seem to be showing that for some people, obesity is not necessarily a negative health indicator. Just a few days ago, a study showed that for some obese people, reported the Inquisitr, even gaining more weight did not impact their health… Read more »

Heart Attack Risk Cut By 73 Percent With These 6 Steps


Your risk of suffering a heart attack can be dramatically reduced by up to 73 percent if you follow six healthy lifestyle practices. A new study into heart health published by researchers from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that young women who followed the six healthy activities dramatically reduced their chances… Read more »

Cell Phones May Cause Cancer? Here Are A Few Facts To Consider

cell phone radiation

Most of us are never really far from our cell phones – they’re usually in our pockets, palms or a convenient reachable distance. However, these nifty devices are said to emit radiation that may escalate our chance of getting cancer. Cell phones produce microwave radio-frequency radiation, which has the ability to penetrate our bodies. And… Read more »

Obesity Not As Unhealthy For Some, According To New Study

Obesity And Fast Food Not Bad Combination

Obesity is widely known as a silent killer, and it is anything but a hallmark of the healthy lifestyle. However, a new study has indicated that it may not be quite as dangerous as previously thought. Scientists encouraged 20 already obese people to eat 1,000 more calories per day in addition to their daily load…. Read more »

Is Fast Food Healthier Than It Was 10 Years Ago? New Study Says ‘No’

Fast food

Fast food traditionally has a negative connotation when we think about health. Calories, cholesterol, sodium all seem to be synonymous with fast food despite the industry’s attempts over the last decade to market their offerings as “fresher,” “lighter” and “healthier.” But has anything really changed in the fast food industry? Researchers from Tufts University who… Read more »

74 Year-Old Gets Sex Change And Medicare Pays For It


A 74-year-old Albuquerque, New Mexico, woman just underwent sex reassignment in Chicago, and Medicare paid for it. Denee Mallon’s surgery marks a victory for transgender individuals. Initially, Medicare refused to pay for Mallon’s sex change because of its ban on covering such procedures. However, in May, Mallon challenged the ban and won, paving the way… Read more »

U.S. Cancer Death Rates Decline By 22 Percent


A groundbreaking report from the American Cancer Society confirms that cancer death rates in the United States have significantly declined by 22 percent, saving around 1.5 million Americans in the last 20 years. According to Live Science, a 22 percent decline in cancer deaths has been observed from 1991, the year with the highest cancer… Read more »

Can Star Trek Predict Future Heart Attacks?

Star Trek, heart attack, cardiac arrest, tricorder health, medicine

Austrian researchers believe Star Trek does hold the key to identifying and treating heart attack patients more efficiently, according to new findings reported by the Health Site. The researchers believe that people will be living healthier lives by the twenty-fourth century, stemming from better food choices and smarter diets and resulting in fewer heart attacks…. Read more »

Gen Wine: Echo Boomers Drink More Than Any Generation In History

Americans Dropping Beer For Wine, Poll Finds

Generation Y doesn’t need an occasion or excuse to pop a cork. They drink more than anyone in history — and, by far, their choice is wine. Generation Y is generally considered individuals born between 1980 and 2000. The generation that watched their parents and grandparents drink beer and whiskey is turning to a more… Read more »

Ebola Outbreak Hampers Fight Against Malaria


The amount of medical resources and attention the Ebola outbreak has received in West Africa in recent months has led to even more fatal cases of malaria, which could have been treated and prevented. While officials claim a 40 percent drop in cases of malaria, a global health official recently stated that this may be… Read more »

Male Birth Control Coming In 2017: The Guy Perspective?

Male Birth Control 2017 Arrival

Male birth control is now closer to becoming a reality than ever before, and if history is any guide, most guys will be thinking, “Where do I sign?” While some may find this hard to believe — check this piece from The Daily Beast that covers the benefits of Vasalgel — a study from the… Read more »

E-Books: New Harvard Study Says They Can Make You Sick


A new study conducted at Harvard University has determined that reading e-books instead of paper books can make you sick. The study on e-books was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. In the research study, 12 subjects were observed as they slept every… Read more »

Marijuana Legalization Has Had Big Impact On Use In Colorado [Study]

Marijuana Legalization Sees Big Boost In Colorado

Marijuana legalization continues to be a hot topic of debate throughout the country, but no matter which side of the issue you find yourself supporting, one thing is undeniable: In Colorado and Washington, two states with voter-supported laws, it has led to an increase in the amount of frequent users. According to the Associated Press,… Read more »

Drinking At Work Good For Productivity, New Study Claims

Drinking At Work Not A Bad Thing?

If I told you drinking at work could actually help your productivity, then you would immediately think, “What’s the catch?” Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to take the cynical approach; nevertheless, there is a new study out from the University of Illinois at Chicago which backs up the idea that some drinking at work is… Read more »