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FDA Lawsuit Filed Over Meat Industry Drug

ractopamine lawsuit

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) alleged withholding of ractopamine information from the public has prompted the filing of a lawsuit by food safety advocates. The FDA lawsuit specifically notes the use of an additive commonly utilized within the meat industry that is banned in more than 160 countries in the legal proceedings. Ractopamine is… Read more »

Statin Drugs Recommended For Wider Use

Statin Drugs for high cholesterol

Statin drugs are used to lower cholesterol, which could prevent heart attacks and strokes. Although doctors usually prescribe them to patients at higher risk, cardiologists are recommending more widespread use. The the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association are working together to change the existing guidelines. The new guidelines will increase the… Read more »

Health Insurance Ads Ignore Obamacare Penalty, Cancelled Plans

Health Insurance Ads Ignore Obamacare Penalty, Cancelled Plans

Health insurance ads being broadcast now are ignoring the Obamacare penalty and how some people are having their health insurance plans cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the debate over whether the Obamacare penalty is actually a fine or a tax has several court cases still working their… Read more »

Gluten Allergy Not Real, But Gluten-Free Industry Profiting In The Billions

Gluten Allergy Not Real

Gluten allergy is not real, according to some doctors, but the gluten-free industry profit reaches into the billions anyways. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, being gluten intolerant has become increasingly popular and it’s being marketed as good for everyone. As of January of this year, 30 percent of American adults stated the wanted to… Read more »

Testosterone Heart Risk Shown To Be High, Treatments Increase Danger

Testosterone Heart Risk

Testosterone heart risk is shown to be high in testosterone therapy patients, increasing the danger by 29 percent, according to the latest studies. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a little bit of testosterone might be a good thing for women in the bedroom. But too much for men with signs of heart issues, might… Read more »

Texas Abortion Clinics Closed After Reinstatement Of Abortion Law

Texas Abortion Clinics Closed After Reinstatement Of Abortion Law

Texas abortion clinics are closing after the reinstatement of an abortion law. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Texas teen sued her parents because they wanted her to get an abortion. The law requires that Texas abortion clinics have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of a clinic, bans all abortions after… Read more »

No Shave November Is Back!

No shave november is back

No shave November is back! Put down the razors and grow out that facial hair (or leg hair for the ladies). The popular month long men’s health charity event, called “No Shave November”, will surely find it’s way back into the spotlight again in 2013. No shave November most likely got it’s start out of… Read more »

US Spice Imports Contaminated With Salmonella, Bugs, And Rubber Bands

FDA Report Contaminated US Spices

US spice imports can be contaminated with salmonella, bugs, and even rubber bands, according to a report released on Wednesday by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA’s report explained that about 12 percent of the spices imported to the US contain contaminants. Federal authorities found that about seven percent of us spice imports… Read more »

E-Cigarettes Don’t Lead To Smoking, Study Finds

e-cigarettes study 2013

A new study on e-cigarettes examined the possibility that electronic cigarette use will lead to smoking — and determined that there is no indication use of smokeless tobacco alternatives will be a risk factor for future deadly habits. The e-cigarette study was contrasted with a Centers For Disease Control and Prevention report in September, which… Read more »

Smokers More Likely To Kick The Habit On Mondays

Smokers Quit Mondays

It might seem like a strange statistic, but a new study discovered smokers are more likely to kick their habit on a Monday (or at least consider it). The statistic comes by way of a study on Google searches, which shows that more people search for “quit smoking help” and similar terms on Mondays. Searches… Read more »

Isaac Brown, The Boy Who Feels No Pain

Isaac Brown The Boy Who Feels No Pain

While there are many parents who might believe that Isaac Brown’s condition that keeps him from feeling pain is a blessing, his parents, Carrie and Randy Brown, know better. Isaac Brown, 5, was born with a congenital insensitivity to pain, meaning that he almost never feels pain. Because of this condition, Carrie and Randy have… Read more »

Hydrocodone Painkillers Could Get Tighter FDA Control

Hydrocodone FDA Restrictions

Hydrocodone painkillers could see tighter control from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The drug, an opioid painkiller, is found in vicodin and other commonly prescribed medications. Vicodin and other products that have less than 15 milligrams of hydrocodone are classified at Schedule III controlled substances. However, the FDA is considering reclassifying them as… Read more »

Shreddies: The Underwear That Filters Your Flatulence

Shreddies Filter Flatulence

Fear not, flatulent folks, your foul fragrances have met their match in Shreddies, the undies that filter your farts. That’s right, Shreddies, “manufactured with love in the UK,” have the ability to cleanse your gas of odor and allow its wearers to freedom from their fears of flatulence. As The Inquisitr previously reported, doctors advise… Read more »

Sleep Defrags Your Brain, Empties Trash [Study]

sleep waste study 2013

You ever feel like a good night’s sleep clears the waste from your mental space and processes through all the garbage floating around your head? You’re not half-wrong, a new study shows. Sleep indeed diffuses “waste” from our cognitive processes, “cleaning” your gray matter of ambient BS and actually refreshing your little firing neurons. (Takeaway:… Read more »

Migraines Increase The Risk Of Depression, Especially In Young People

Migraine and Depression

Suffering from migraines on a regular basis can lead to a higher rate of depression, especially in teens. A new study published in this week’s edition of the journal Depression Research and Treatment examines the effects of chronic, debilitating headaches. The study, conducted by Dr. Esme Fuller-Thomson, Sandra Rotman Endowed Chair of the University of… Read more »

PTSD Vaccine Could Help Soldiers Avoid Future Panic Attacks

PTSD Vaccine A Possible Reality

Medical researchers believe they have discovered the world’s first PTSD vaccine. The vaccination works by regulating one of the body’s own hormones. Developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the vaccine focuses on the hormone known as ghrelin. That hormone is produced during stressful situations, and therefore makes it a prime candidate for… Read more »

Epinephrine ‘EpiPen’ In Schools Will Save Kids, AAFA Urges

Epinephrine Used For Anaphylaxis

A life-saving dose of epinephrine — commonly dispensed in an “EpiPen” — could prevent allergy fatalities in schools, and a push is underway to ensure that the measure is not legally barred. However, the legal status of epinephrine in school varies so much that many facilities don’t stock EpiPens. Many experts believe continuing this practice… Read more »

Epinephrine Pen Won’t Work On Obese School Children

Epinephrine Pen Won't Work On Obese School Children

The Epinephrine pen stocked in schools may not work on obese children because of an issue with the Epi-Pen injectors. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Tennessee is the latest state to pass an Epinephrine law requiring school systems to stock the drug. Politicians are passing Epinephrine laws because many schools are more than 30… Read more »