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Death By Drinking Study Shows Habit Kills 1 In 10 Working Adults

Death By Drinking, 10 Percent Of You Will Die From It

In what is being called a new death by drinking study, researchers have discovered that one in 10 working age adults will die from alcohol consumption — and if you think this only applies to alcoholics, you’re dead wrong. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that adds up to around 88,000… Read more »

FDA Warns About Risk Of Using Decorative Contact Lenses

2014 Phoenix Comicon Decorative Contacts (close)-6

Blindness caused by contact lenses are typically just subjects of urban myth. However, the Food and Drug Administration has recently warned consumers that lenses, especially non-corrective, decorative ones, may actually pose risks to your vision. The FDA is planning to conduct a nation-wide campaign warning Americans about decorative contact lenses, a fashion fad popular among… Read more »

Red Cross Won’t Reveal How It Spent $300 Mil In Hurricane Sandy Funds

Red Cross Says No To Request For Spending Info

The American Red Cross has long been known for its efforts to dispense relief in times of disaster alongside the federal government, but denial of a recent public records request has drawn criticism. Of particular interest: the organization sought exemption for disclosing how it spent Hurricane Sandy relief funds in excess of $300 million in… Read more »

Miracle Cure For Knee Pain Available Soon


Knee pain, especially in the old age, is a near certain ailment, and millions are desperate for a treatment. For people who are looking for a much more stable form of treatment than popping pain killers, one is right around the corner. Medically referred to as osteoarthritis, knee pain is the most common type of… Read more »

Health Care Data Hacked: Montana Breach Affects ‘Up To’ 1.3 Million

Health Care Hacked Under Government Watch

Health care records were hacked for “up to 1.3 million,” according to a new report emanating from the Department of Public Health and Human Services in Montana. The state’s public health department noted that health care information and bank account info may have been exposed after a server was tapped by hackers in May. The… Read more »

Want To Know How Michael Schumacher Arose From His 6-Month Long Coma?

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher recently woke-up from a coma that had lasted for more than six months. The recovery is nothing short of a miracle. Michael’s medical team and the hospital certainly deserve a medal for bringing back the world’s greatest Formula 1 racer. In case you are wondering how he got better from a condition that… Read more »

New Series Of Studies in ‘Lancet’ Confirm That Midwifery Matters

Midwifery Matters

Throughout human history, midwives have played a crucial role in the lives of childbearing women. Yet, they are often marginalized, ridiculed, and even persecuted. It is happening even now in the United States, Australia, and other countries. The world’s leading general medical journal, The Lancet, has just published a major series of studies documenting what… Read more »

No-Pain Cavity Repair Arrives: Drills Down, Dentists

Cavity Treatment Has Never Been So Painless

For generations now, dentists have battled the cavity’s onslaught with a few standard tools that also find their way into most torture chambers: the drill and the syringe. Enough is enough. Two separate-but-equally notable new developments in the world of dentistry are promising a new era of pain-free cavity treatment, and they’re just in time;… Read more »

The SciShow Explains How Animals Re-Grow Limbs [VIDEO]


The Youtube channel SciShow recently made a video showing viewers how some animals are able to re-grow limbs. In a related report by The Inquisitr, regeneration of limbs for humans might be possible in the next decade with the help of stem cell research. Right now, the ground-breaking research has been linked to muscle regeneration…. Read more »

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Secret To Gorgeous Skin

Amid Pregnancy Rumors and Break-Up News, Jennifer Aniston maintains Healthy Skin

Amid pregnancy news and break up rumors, Jennifer Aniston knows how to maintain her healthy, gorgeous skin. And now, the former Friends star is sharing her skin care secret with the world. In a recent video found on E!, Aniston dishes out several skin care tips thanks to her role as brand ambassador for a… Read more »

Liposuction Goes Nano: Gold Nanoparticles Could ‘Melt’ Away Fat

Gold nanoparticles, when exposed to infrared light, can be used to melt fat

A technique currently being tested in animals could utilize gold nanoparticles for wight loss, literally melting unwanted fat away. As unusual as it sounds, gold nanoparticles are already utilized in medical treatments. In some cases, the nanoparticles have even been used to attack and kill malignant tumors. According to Gizmodo, USCD professor Adah ­Al­mutairi and… Read more »

Coconut Oil Health Benefits: Fact or Folklore?

The fatty oil from coconuts

Everyone is abuzz over the newly rediscovered health benefits of coconut oil. If you’ve been on any social media site in the past few months, you’ve likely seen a post about the positive effects coconut oil can have on skin, hair, and metabolism. The ancient practice of oil pulling has also been all the rage… Read more »

CDC Confirms Mosquitoes Carrying Chikungunya Virus In U.S.

mosquito photo CDC

Mosquitoes have been causing us human beings trouble for a very long time. They are known to be major carriers of malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis, and a handful of other diseases. The flying plagues are estimated to kill over 725,000 people a year, which actually makes the insects the most deadly creature on… Read more »