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Is Barefoot Running Really The Best? New Study Suggests Otherwise

Is Barefoot Running Ideal New Study Suggests It Isn't

Barefoot running may not be all it’s been cracked up to be. A new study says the recent move by some runners to ditch their shoes might not be as beneficial as some claims have suggested. Researchers at the University of Colorado have revealed that results from a recent study conducted in the university’s Locomotion… Read more »

Soy Sauce Overdose Puts Teenager In Coma

Soy Sauce Coma

A soy sauce overdose recently put a teenager in a coma. College student John Paul Boldrick reportedly consumed an entire quart of the sauce on a dare back in 2011. What he didn’t know beforehand was that the stuff can be hazardous to your health in very high doses. The excess amount of salt in… Read more »

Another Day, Another Ill-Fitting Bra Causes Health Woes Scare Story

ill-fitting bra health

Do ill-fitted bras cause health problems? If you mismeasure the width of your back and the size of your cup, are you setting yourself up for a whole host of health issues? To get your bra fitted right, do you truly require the services of a doctorate-level expert in hooter restraint? Yes, it’s another morning… Read more »

More Children Are Being Born To Women Over 35 Than To Teens

fertility declines after 30 for both men and women

According to a Pew Research Center study from 2010, more children have been born to women over the age of 35 than to teens in recent years. Between 1990 and 2008, the number of aforementioned births nearly doubled among older women. Societally women have been placed in an awkward position if they want to “have… Read more »

Meeting Online Means Longer Marriage, Says New Study, But…

meeting online

Meeting online could result in a longer, happier marriage if you accept the results of a new study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study conducted by psychologist John T. Cacioppo and his team surveyed over 19,000 people who got married between 2005 and 2012. According to their… Read more »

Discussing Driving Cessation With Elderly Patients

when to stop driving

A growing population of baby boomers means there are considerably more elderly drivers on the road, but when should these drivers hand over the car keys and relinquish the independence of driving? Statistics show, on average, there are about 33 million individuals over the age of 65 regularly operating a motor vehicle in the US…. Read more »

Doctors Are Choosing iPad Tablets Over Other Devices, Survey Says

Electronic Health Records On The iPad

When it comes to technology, doctors overwhelmingly choose the Apple iPad over other Android- and Windows 8-based options. A new study known as the Black Book Rankings survey suggested that more doctors have begun to take advantage of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) on mobile devices. The move towards electronic record keeping is largely due to… Read more »

Fish Oil May Protect The Brains Of Junk Food Junkies [Study]

fish oil may protect the brains of junk food junkies

Fish oil can provide some protection from the negative effects of junk food on the brain, according to a scientific literature review. University of Liverpool researchers apparently reached this conclusion after reviewing about 185 papers about Omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in Omega-3s could be a way to minimize the potentially nasty things that… Read more »

Women Drink More Alcohol In College Than Men Claims Study

Women Drink More Alcohol In College Than Men Claims Study

Women drink more alcohol in college than men, says a new study that makes you wonder where they’re getting the money to pay for this stuff. As previously reported The Inquisitr, not only do women drink more in college, women drink more after getting married as well. Researchers examined the lifestyles of married, divorced, and… Read more »

New Camel Crush Cigarette Ads Are Aimed At Kids, Says American Heart Association

joe camel

Are the new Camel Crush cigarette ads aimed at children? The American Heart Association and several other health groups have asked state attorneys to investigate the new campaign to see if it in violation of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. The American Heart Association, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Legacy, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network,… Read more »

Artificial Sweeteners May Do More Than Sweeten

no-calorie sweeteners, sugar substitutes may alter metabolism

New research, published in the journal Diabetes Care, suggests no-calorie sweeteners, sugar substitutes may alter metabolism after all. In a small study, Washington University School of Medicine researchers found that a popular artificial sweetener, sucralose (specifically Splenda®), modified how the body handled sugar. Sucralose is an is 600 times sweeter than table sugar and was… Read more »

New SARS-Like Virus Is A ‘Threat To The Entire World’

Coronavirus Threat To World

A SARS-like virus first found in humans last year poses a threat to the whole world, according to the World Health Organization’s general director, Margaret Chan. So far, the coronavirus has killed 27 people and resulted in 49 confirmed infections. The latest deaths were reported in Saudi Arabia. While several cases have happened on the… Read more »

Childhood Abuse Linked To Food Addiction In Adults

childhood abuse food addiction

Child abuse survivors have a greater risk of food addiction than women who didn’t experience sexual or physical abuse in childhood. That’s the result of a new study carried out on over 57,000 adults in the Nurses’ Health Study II by Dr. Susan Mason and colleagues from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School… Read more »