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Car Crashes Aren’t Caused By Using Cellphones, New Study Says

car crashes cellphones

Your risk of being in a car crash doesn’t rise when you use a cellphone while driving. That’s the startling claim made in a new study published Thursday in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. And, yes, the Carnegie Mellon University and London School of Economics and Political Science researchers do know very well that… Read more »

New Malaria Vaccine Offers Full Protection

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough

A new malaria vaccine has proven successful in protecting 100 percent of people who were given five doses of the vaccination. The study only involved a very small trial of people but is already being deemed as a breakthrough. Malaria, a product of Plasmodium parasites, affects more than 200 million people each year and killed… Read more »

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough Announced

Malaria Breakthrough

A malaria vaccine breakthrough has been announced in the journal Science. Twenty volunteers took part in testing the PfSPZ vaccine. Malaria is a tropical disease that is spread by mosquitoes. An estimated 200 million people are infected with malaria every year. As reported by CNN, nearly one million people die from malaria each year. There… Read more »

Sanjay Gupta: ‘I Was Wrong On Pot, Sorry America’ [Video]

marijuana legalization

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has issued a marijuana mea culpa, changing position on the medical benefits and possible harmful effects of pot. Gupta announced his new medical marijuana stance in an article and will be premiering a new documentary called “Weed.” Dr. Sanjay admits the title sounds cavalier, but the stakes for medical marijuana are… Read more »

Hot Cocoa May Improve Thinking, Then Again Maybe It Doesn’t [Study]

hot cocoa thinking

Will hot cocoa help preserve thinking skills and keep your brain sharp as you age? That’s the findings from a study published Wednesday in Neurology by lead author Farzaneh Sorond and colleagues. The good news is that Dr. Sorond concluded that hot cocoa did indeed sharpen thinking in patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes,… Read more »

Normal Pregnancy Length Varies By Up To Five Weeks [Study]

Pregnancy Length Varies Often

The length of a completely normal pregnancy can actually vary by up to five weeks, according to a study of 125 women. The study is the first to calculate gestation using the exact time of conception. The study found that age, time to implantation, and the mother’s own weight when she was born can also… Read more »

Childhood Obesity Rate Declines Among Preschoolers

Decline Child Obesity

The childhood obesity rate is declining for the first time in decades. The obesity rate among young children did raise in some states. However, it declined significantly in others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted a decline in childhood obesity from 2008 to 2011. The decline was notable in 19 states. As reported… Read more »

FDA Gluten Guidelines Simplified

FDA Labeling Gluten Free

The FDA’s gluten labeling process has undergone a makeover, one that is expected to ease shopping and eating choices for the many Americans affected by gluten tolerance issues. The FDA’s gluten labeling changes aim to make life less challenging for people affected by celiac disease, who are unable to consume certain gluten-containing foods due to… Read more »

Acetaminophen Warning For Potentially Fatal Side Effect

acetaminophen warning 2013

A worrisome acetaminophen warning has been issued by the Food Drug Administration, notifying consumers of a potentially fatal but rare side effect of the incredibly common painkiller. After the acetaminophen warning was issued, many regular users of the medication were shocked to learn that not only can a serious skin condition result from its administration,… Read more »

Water Bottles May Cause Premature Aging

Water Bottle Wrinkles

If the very idea of premature wrinkles keeps you up into the wee hours of the night, then you may want to stay away from water bottles. The convenience of having water around at all times could come at a price. According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mitchell Chasin, water bottles are wreaking havoc on your… Read more »

Youth Dating Violence Common Among Teens, Says Research

youth dating violence

Youth dating violence hasn’t gone away. Around one in three teens or young people aged 14 to 20 have been a victim of dating violence — and nearly that many admit that they’re perpetrated the violence themselves. The disturbing news was reported Wednesday in a statement from the American Psychological Association about new dating violence… Read more »

Surprise! Breastfeeding ‘Pressure’ In Hospitals Ups Nursing Numbers

Breastfeeding Receipt Breastfeeding Mom Gets Free Pizza

Breastfeeding is on the rise, new Centers For Disease Control stats reveal, due to initiatives within hospitals to promote the practice. The new breastfeeding numbers are quite promising, indicating three out of four new mothers at least attempt to breastfeed their babies after birth. Breastfeeding is a win-win for families that manage at least some… Read more »

Autism, MMR Vaccine, Measles Linked By Courts

Autism, MMR Vaccine, Measles Linked By Courts

Autism and the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine are being linked by US court decisions. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, autism and marijuana are an interesting combination, with tests on mice showing “dramatic behavioral improvements in maze tests measuring anxiety and open-space acceptance.” Back in 1996, Dr. Andrew Wakefield released a paper declaring stomach… Read more »

Mice On Metformin Live Longer, New Evidence Diabetes Drug Extends Life

metformin live longer

There’s more evidence out that metformin could help you live longer — at least if you’re a mouse. A study published yesterday in Nature Communications showed that giving low doses of the widely prescribed diabetes type 2 pill to middle-aged male mice extended their lifespan by 5 percent. And, as a bonus, the extra time… Read more »

Venom Treatment Could Combat Arthritis, Diabetes, And Obesity

Sea Anemone-Derived Treatment

A new venom treatment could be used to combat diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and even obesity. The treatment is derived from the toxins in sea anemones, along with its fellow creature the cone snail. The idea of using venom to treat maladies certainly sounds strange, and going the more natural route is an about-face in… Read more »

Bloomberg Soda Ban Rejected By Appeals Court


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to ban large sugary drinks has fizzled in a state appeals court. The court confirmed a March ruling by a Manhattan judge that tossed out the regulation right before it was to take effect for being “arbitrary and capricious,” which is standard legal terminology in such matters. Bloomberg’s… Read more »

Urine Teeth Possible, China Research Team Believes

Urine Teeth: The Next Dental Advancement?

Urine teeth are entirely possible, according to a team of researchers based in China. The BBC first reported on the finding Monday after an article published in Cell Regeneration Journal revealed that human urine could be the next big development in dental health. (Before filing this one away as a future “Go Home, Science, you’re… Read more »

Condoms Are Good For Vaginas, Study Suggests

Study From China Suggests Condoms Could Be Beneficial to Woman's Vaginas

Condoms are handy little things to have when lost in a lustful moment, and a new study suggests that when used regularly, they are even helpful for a woman’s vagina. A study from China shows that condoms may help good bacteria in the vagina flourish, helping to keep the bad bacteria out. According to the… Read more »

Brain-Eating Amoeba Infects 12-Year-Old In Arkansas Water Park

Brain-Eating Amoeba Victimizes 12-Year-Old Girl

A brain-eating amoeba has targeted 12-year-old Kali Hardig. ABC News reported that the girl was in critical condition after being diagnosed with primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, which is known to be a rare form of meningitis brought on by the Naegleria fowleri amoeba. She is said to have contracted the brain-eating amoeba at Willow Springs Water… Read more »

More Kids Choking, Study Finds, One Food Largely To Blame [Video]

Baby Names Parents Hate

Choking incidents in children are on the rise despite much awareness of the danger, a new study reveals. The research on a rise in choking incidents was published in Pediatrics and involved US children aged 14 years or younger in non-fatal situations between 2001 and 2009. Researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy… Read more »

Diaper Deficit Means One In 12 Babies Not Changed Often Enough

diapers expensive pediatrics study

An alarming new diaper study suggests that a staggering number of American babies, due to poverty and gaps in extant social welfare programs, are changed less frequently than necessary because their families cannot afford enough diapers. The “diaper stress” study is also again bizarrely framed as a “mothers’ only” problem, with no mention of fathers… Read more »

Marijuana Affects Autism, But Not How You’d Think [Study]

Washington Marijuana Dispensaries Raided By Drug Agents

A new study on how marijuana affects autism will undoubtedly fuel the flames of the debate over medical cannabis, particularly given its implications on the uncharted use of pot in kids for medical conditions. The study on how marijuana affects autism is not the first to suggest cannabinoids can be helpful not only to older… Read more »

Herpes Virus Blasts Infection Into Cells At High Pressure [Study]

Herpes virus

A new study has revealed that the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV 1) actually blasts its way into the cells it infects under a high pressure measuring tens of atmospheres. The study called Herpes Virus Genome, The Pressure Is On was published this month in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. The American… Read more »

World Toilet Day Not As Funny As It Sounds

Toilet water purification is coming to California

Perhaps World Toilet Day sounds a bit crude, and like the precursor to a bunch of potty jokes — but the United Nations created the “holiday” for very unfunny reasons. World Toilet Day will now be observed on November 19, per the UN. In a press release, the UN admits that the topic of toilets… Read more »

Fat Shaming Makes People Fatter, Says New Study

Fat Shaming

Does fat shaming really work? A new study published last week in science journal PLOS One suggests that it’s actually counter-productive. According to the findings from researchers from Florida State University College of Medicine, fat shaming — sometimes suggested to pressure people into losing the pounds — actually has the opposite affect: “Among participants who… Read more »