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New FDA-Approved Weight-Loss Device Targets Nerves In The Brain


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved a new weight-loss device that works with the nerves in the brain, “tricking” it to believe that an individual is full. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nearly two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are considered to be overweight, and 31 percent… Read more »

California Apple Processing Plant Linked To Listeria Outbreak

Listeria Outbreak

A California apple plant was linked to a Listeria outbreak which sickened 31 people between October 2014 and January 9, 2015. The United States Food and Drug Administration confirmed samples collected from Bidart Bros. apple processing plant tested positive for two strains of the deadly bacteria. As reported by the FDA, the strains “are believed… Read more »

New Law Fines People Who Tells The Truth About Natural Supplements $2.3 Million

Natural Supplements

Presently, more people are finding out the benefits of natural supplements and comparing them to conventional medicines. The Inquisitr understands this importance and has reported on natural ways (in which natural supplements are used) to manage certain conditions. This includes seven ways to naturally treat ADHD, seven ways to naturally prevent a heart attack, and… Read more »

Depression And Obesity Go Hand In Hand [Video]

Depression And Obesity Are Linked

Depression and obesity go hand in hand, according to research performed by United States health officials. The U.S. National Center for Health (NCHS) conducted a study entitled Depression and Obesity in the U.S. Adult Household Population, 2005–2010. Researchers found a link between depression and obesity. Both are associated with many health risks, which include diabetes… Read more »

Danger Of Long Lashes: Study Shows Extentions Can Harm Your Health

Surprising Health Risks Attacked To Long Lashes

Many women covet long lashes, as they are often associated with being ultra sexy and feminine. The desire for full lashes makes mascara a staple in many medicine cabinets and purses around the world. In fact, some women have stepped up their eyelash game, wearing false lashes and even getting lash extensions put on. While… Read more »

Optimism Could Prevent A Heart Attack, Says New Study

Being more optimistic can reduce your risk of a heart attack according to a new study.

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? According to a new research study recently published in the journal Health Behavior and Policy Review, the way you answer that question may have a lot to with you risks of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks. The study, led by University of Illinois… Read more »

‘E-Dura’ Spinal Implant Could Be The Cure For Paralysis

'E-Dura' Spinal Implant: To Cure The Paralyzed

The “e-Dura” spinal implant could be the long-awaited cure for paralysis. According to a new report from the Telegraph, the implant has the ability to mimic soft tissue around the spine so that the body doesn’t reject it. From there, it could help paralyzed people to walk again through a series of electrodes and drugs… Read more »

New HPV Test May Help Detect Cervical Cancer Sooner

A new HPV test could help detect cervical cancer earlier.

In 2011, over 12,000 women in the U.S. were diagnosed with cervical cancer. That same year, roughly 4,000 women died from the disease. The first line of defense against cervical cancer is testing. It’s common knowledge that women should protect themselves by getting a Pap smear once every three years. A Pap smear is a… Read more »

Ebola Virus Kills 500 Health Care Workers, Safety Questioned

Ebola Virus

More than 800 health care workers have been infected with the Ebola virus, and more than 500 of them have died from the disease, says the World Health Organization. The Ebola virus epidemic has continued to spread across Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, with more than 20,000 infected and 8,000 dead. Health care workers in… Read more »

Oklahoma School Cancels Classes After Kindergartner Dies Of Mysterious Illness

jenny y yang

An Oklahoma school cancelled classes when kindergartner Jenny Yang died of a mysterious illness after being sent home with a fever. Oologah-Talala Lower Elementary School in Oklahoma cancelled classes on Thursday due to panic from parents, according to the district superintendent. The cause of Jenny Yang’s death still remains unknown. On Monday evening, Jenny Yang,… Read more »

Obamacare Winners And Losers [Video]


ObamaCare had some winners and losers last year. A latest Gallup poll found 27 percent of Americans claim the health care law hurt them; whereas, 16 percent said they benefited. Some American families find that ObamaCare is helping to improve their lives, both financially and with respect to their health. On the other hand, others… Read more »

Pizza Hut Deliveries Banned On Health Grounds By UK Hospital

Pizza Hut deliveries banned

Staff and patients at Derriford Hospital are banned from ordering takeaways from a brand new Pizza Hut outlet opened just 100 yards from the hospital’s entrance in Plymouth, Devon, U.K. While the outlet is literally on the premises, deliveries to the hospital are banned as they would be against the healthy eating guidelines set by… Read more »

Notion of ‘Healthy Obesity’ Largely a Myth, New Study Says

Healthy Obesity?

The notion of “healthy obesity” has been gaining acceptance in some circles, as studies seem to be showing that for some people, obesity is not necessarily a negative health indicator. Just a few days ago, a study showed that for some obese people, reported the Inquisitr, even gaining more weight did not impact their health… Read more »

Heart Attack Risk Cut By 73 Percent With These 6 Steps


Your risk of suffering a heart attack can be dramatically reduced by up to 73 percent if you follow six healthy lifestyle practices. A new study into heart health published by researchers from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that young women who followed the six healthy activities dramatically reduced their chances… Read more »

Cell Phones May Cause Cancer? Here Are A Few Facts To Consider

cell phone radiation

Most of us are never really far from our cell phones – they’re usually in our pockets, palms or a convenient reachable distance. However, these nifty devices are said to emit radiation that may escalate our chance of getting cancer. Cell phones produce microwave radio-frequency radiation, which has the ability to penetrate our bodies. And… Read more »

Obesity Not As Unhealthy For Some, According To New Study

Obesity And Fast Food Not Bad Combination

Obesity is widely known as a silent killer, and it is anything but a hallmark of the healthy lifestyle. However, a new study has indicated that it may not be quite as dangerous as previously thought. Scientists encouraged 20 already obese people to eat 1,000 more calories per day in addition to their daily load…. Read more »

Is Fast Food Healthier Than It Was 10 Years Ago? New Study Says ‘No’

Fast food

Fast food traditionally has a negative connotation when we think about health. Calories, cholesterol, sodium all seem to be synonymous with fast food despite the industry’s attempts over the last decade to market their offerings as “fresher,” “lighter” and “healthier.” But has anything really changed in the fast food industry? Researchers from Tufts University who… Read more »