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The Best Diet Foods To Get Ready For Summer

The Best Diet Foods To Get Ready For Summer Decrease Bloating.

The best diet foods to get ready for summer are ultimately going to be the foods that allow you to feel great while helping ensure that you are not going to be bloated. After all, there’s nothing worse than working hard for a beach body, but not be able to show it because you feel… Read more »

Does Vaping Help Smokers Quit? The Answer Is Far More Sinister Than The Product

Vaping as an alternative to Smoking is not a good idea

E–Cigarettes have gained in popularity as supposedly the ‘healthier’ alternative to puffing real cigarettes or even to quit smoking altogether. However, their recommendation as a safe alternative that might help kick the habit appears highly debatable. The e–cig industry has grown into a $1.5 Billion behemoth and has attracted million of users. Nicotine vaporizers, whose… Read more »

Phobia App To Cure Arachnophobia? Better Than Traditional Treatment

Title Pic Tarantula

Scared of spiders? There’s an app for that. It’s called Phonia Free and the app is designed to lessen spider phobia through a thing called “systematic desensitization” which aims to cure those haunted with arachnophobia by gradually helping to face their fear. Mild arachnophobia is common, if not expected, in our modern society. Celebrities are… Read more »

Marijuana Plants Offer Significant Pain Relief For A Variety Of Ailments

no knock warrants

Marijuana plants, and the buds and leaves that come from them, offer significant pain relief for a variety of ailments as diverse as Cancer and Epilepsy. South Jersey’s Compassionate Care Foundation dispensary in Egg Harbor Township offers its patients a card with six animated faces on it attached to a clipboard. The expressions range from… Read more »

Studies: Weight Loss Intensified By New Diabetes Drug

Weight Loss Medicine On The Way

Diabetics and non-diabetics alike experience pronounced weight loss by following a high-dosage regimen of a new diabetes drug called liraglitude. Don’t get overly excited, now: Though diabetic subjects of one study recently published in the International Journal of Obesity lost between 5 and 10 percent of their body mass in 56 weeks and also experienced… Read more »

First Case Of Mysterious MERS Virus In America Confirmed By The CDC

MERS coronavirus

The Center for Disease Control has announced the first confirmed case of the mysterious MERS, (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), virus that is quickly becoming a global concern in an American citizen. Health officials on Friday stated a man who had recently come back from Saudi Arabia began showing signs of infection shortly after he returned… Read more »

Whooping Cough Prevention Is Best Medicine


Whooping cough is everywhere these days. With epidemics on the rise in California, Maine and other areas, coinciding with a decrease in vaccinations, it’s important to understand the best medicine is often prevention. According to Medical Daily there are three easy steps to preventing the spread of this infectious disease: “Take vitamin C, take probiotics… Read more »

Farting Is Healthy, Says Mayo Clinic

Farting Is Healthy, Wait Here

Farting is healthy, according to scientists at the Mayo Clinic. The news comes by way of a new report on gut microbes from NPR. Contributor Meg Vogel felt inspired to inquire about the health realities of the gas we pass after hearing of a book entitled Fart-Free Food For Everybody. Enacting a similar reaction to… Read more »

Gluten-Free Diet May Not Be The Holy Grail Of Healthier Eating

Gluten-Free Diet Misconception

Everyone is raving about the Gluten–free diet these days. While it may be necessary for some, a Gluten–free diet is certainly not the holy grail of healthy eating. According to Lydia Kaume, a Nutrition and Health Education Specialist with University of Missouri Extension, a Gluten–free diet is certainly not a good option for many and… Read more »

Deadly MERS Virus Detected In Egypt: First Cases Of 2014 Surface

MERS Epidemic

The potentially deadly MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus has made a comeback in the region after a hiatus, it seems. The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) like disease was detected in a 27-year-old Egyptian civil engineer who was returning from Saudi Arabia, reports Fox News, citing a release by Egyptian news agency MENA. Saudi… Read more »

Statin Study Reveals False Hope Among Those With High Cholesterol

Statin Study Wakeup Call

A new statin study has revealed that most users are under the false impression taking the cholesterol-fighting drug enables them to pig out on fattening foods. The study, published online Thursday in JAMA Internal Medicine, examined 10 years of data from participants in the US. According to the findings — hat tip, Dallas Morning News… Read more »

Vegetarian Diets: Are They Really Dangerous?

Are vegetarian diets really more healthy than animal protein-rich diets? Scientists are split.

Diets in this day and age follow trends, fads and health news. People can utilize gluten-free, dairy-free, carb-free, organic, and even kosher diets. Some trends even started out as religious or health necessities. Vegetarian diets began as a moral choice, but many people now use them as ways to lose weight or prevent certain diseases…. Read more »

Woman Loses 160 Pounds Without Dieting

woman loses half her body weight in three years

A Texas woman reportedly lost half her body weight in three years with exercise and generally healthy eating habits rather locking herself into a strict dietary program. Teena Henson, now 54, weighed 332 lbs. in March 2011; she now weighs 166 and wears a size 12 rather than a size 28. She works out at… Read more »

Study: (Active) Gaming, Diet Effective For Weight Loss

Gaming For Weight Loss

Read this carefully and avoid all wishful thinking: Scientists just determined that active gaming, along with a regimen of dieting, can help people lose weight. The key word, of course, is “active,” referring to video-gaming in which the whole body and not just a hand controller is used to manipulate the game. The study, just… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Symptoms Causes Higher Risk Of Osteoporosis, Claims Study

Sleep Apnea Symptoms Causes Higher Risk Of Osteoporosis, Claims Study

Sleep apnea symptoms may also be linked to a higher risk of developing the bone disease osteoporosis according to a new study. In a related report by The Inquisitr, having sleep apnea also apparently increases the risk of developing pneumonia in elderly patients, in addition to type-2 diabetes. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize they… Read more »

Wheat Rust Threatens World’s Grain Crops

Wheat Rust Is Coming

Most people think of grain maybe once a day, when it’s time to go slap something between two pieces of bread. Only an elite few think about grain enough to worry about what would happen if grain no longer existed! But that’s been the posture of many agricultural scientists since 1999, when a mutant strain… Read more »

More Opioid Drugs Being Prescribed In Pregnancy – At What Risk?

Opioid Drugs On Rise In Pregnancy

A new study on the number of opioid drugs prescribed for pregnant women shows an alarming increase, and that is not a good thing, because other recent studies have linked opioid use with birth defects, some of them quite serious. According to the New York Times, last week Obstetrics & Gynecology released a cohort study… Read more »

Lab Grown Vaginas Offer Hope For Girls Born With Rare Disorder

Lab Grown Vaginas

Lab grown vaginas surgically implanted in four teenage girls between six and nine years ago are now functioning well, and allowing the girls — who are now adult young women — to lead normal sexual lives, even though they all previously suffered from a rare birth defect causing them to be born without vaginas. The… Read more »