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Fish Oil Supplements Prevent Alzheimer’s Onset, Says Study

A recent study suggests fish oil supplements can prevent the onset of dementia in alzheimer's patients.

Fish oil supplements have long been touted as an effective way to prevent a wide variety of conditions, ranging from clinical depression to macular degeneration to psoriasis. However, a new study suggests that they may have another, extremely beneficial effect — preventing Alzheimer’s and other conditions associated with cognitive degeneration. The study, the results of… Read more »

Alzheimer’s Rate Dropping Throughout The World

Alzheimer's Rate Trending Down

Alzheimer’s rate findings show that the disease is declining in developed countries such as the United States and Germany. The drop in the Alzheimer’s rate was highlighted at the recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen by aging expert Dr. Kenneth Langa from the University of Michigan. According to Langa, the good news for those… Read more »

Obesity Rate Skyrockets To 80 Percent Of Over-50 Crowd [Study]

Obesity Rate Hits Four In Five, Study Claims

Obesity rate findings show a disturbing trend for the over-50 crowd. According to a new study presented by Tilda (The Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging) and Trinity College Dublin, four-in-five, or around 80 percent of people ages 50 and older are overweight to the point of qualifying as obese. Just one-fifth of men and women… Read more »

Prostate Cancer A Higher Risk Among Avid Cyclists [Study]

Prostate Cancer Side Effect Of Cycling?

Prostate cancer could pose a higher risk to cyclists, according to a new study from University College London. CBS News notes that researchers found cyclists who bike more may be in harm’s way, though the increased activity tends not to affect their fertility or sexual function. While the study isn’t definitive, and does conflict with… Read more »

Stroke Rates Falling For Seniors [Study]

Stroke Rates On The Decline For Seniors

Stroke rates for senior citizens have been taking a tumble over the past 20 years, according to a new study issued by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. The findings, published in the July 16 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and first reported online by, indicate… Read more »

Alzheimer’s Study: Groundbreaking Find Could Lead To New Therapies

Alzheimer's Study Could Be A Big Deal

Alzheimer’s study researchers have pinpointed a key difference in the cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer’s patients and those not afflicted with the disease. The findings, presented in a release from the Huntington Medical Research Institutes, could lead to more effective treatments for patients and their families. Yahoo! picked up the story earlier this week, noting that… Read more »

Smoking Study: Tougher Laws May Decrease Suicide Risk

Smoking Study: Tougher Laws, Less Suicide

Smoking study researchers discovered that tougher laws against cigarette use can lead to lower suicide risk among smokers. The findings were made public in a press release from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and first reported by In prior research, it had been shown that smokers were more likely to… Read more »

New Alzheimer’s Test May Catch Symptoms Early

New Alzheimer's Study

New studies presented that the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this past week have shown evidence that the brain disease might be able to be detected first in the eyes and nose. Alzheimer’s is caused by amyloid beta levels in the brain that cause blockage. These amyloid levels may now be able to… Read more »

Alcohol Study Is Bad News, Even For Moderate Drinkers

Alcohol Study Will Make You Never Want To Drink Again

Alcohol study researchers released a new report this week that, if true, may have just killed our will to go on. Apparently, no amount of alcohol is good for you. Even if you consider yourself one of us “light to moderate drinker,” reducing intake can result in health benefits. Science Daily looked at the report… Read more »

Diabetes Cure Lurking Around The Corner: The Antidote, You

Diabetes Cure: Human Cells Producing Insulin?

Diabetes cure research may have just hit at a major breakthrough. According to a new study from the Columbia University Medical Center, the potential breakthrough already exists within your body. reports that the study “has found that cells in the small intestine can produce insulin and regulate blood sugar effectively when researchers turn off… Read more »

Study: Brain Bleed Caused By Headbanging, But Do It Anyway (Video)


Headbanging is bad for your brain, according to one report which said it can lead to brain bleeding. What? You don’t believe us? Check out this report from The Associated Press about a German man who injured himself headbanging to some Motörhead: “Last January, doctors at Hannover Medical School saw a 50-year-old man who complained… Read more »

Another Death By Drinking Find: This Time, Energy Drinks

Death By Drinking Energy Drinks

Another death by drinking study has hit, but this time, the culprit isn’t binge drinking. No, it’s the energy drinks phenomenon. According to a new study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, various company reports from the Food and Drug Administration listed 17 new deaths since late 2012, when the first fatalities… Read more »

Death By Drinking Study Shows Habit Kills 1 In 10 Working Adults

Death By Drinking, 10 Percent Of You Will Die From It

In what is being called a new death by drinking study, researchers have discovered that one in 10 working age adults will die from alcohol consumption — and if you think this only applies to alcoholics, you’re dead wrong. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that adds up to around 88,000… Read more »

The SciShow Explains How Animals Re-Grow Limbs [VIDEO]


The Youtube channel SciShow recently made a video showing viewers how some animals are able to re-grow limbs. In a related report by The Inquisitr, regeneration of limbs for humans might be possible in the next decade with the help of stem cell research. Right now, the ground-breaking research has been linked to muscle regeneration…. Read more »

Is Breakfast Key To Weight Loss? New Study Says Otherwise

Is Breakfast Key To Weight Loss? New Study Says Otherwise

The long held belief that weight loss starts with a healthy breakfast every morning is being put to the test. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is challenging that widely held belief with a new study called “The effectiveness of breakfast recommendations on weight loss: a randomized controlled trial.” The objective of the study, as… Read more »

Human-Scented Cow Cologne To Combat Malaria

cows fight malaria

Temperatures continue to rise and summer is fast approaching. Summer does not only mean sunny days at the beach. It also means mosquitos will be more rampant. Aside from their itchy bites, what causes more concern are the diseases they carry – malaria being one of them. Malaria is transmitted from a bite of a… Read more »