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Vegetarians Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters, New Study Shows

Vegetarians less healthy than meat eaters

Vegetarian? You’re going to want a side of meat with those vegetables. Vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters, according to a new study out of Austria. Vegetarians suffer from higher risk of asthma, cancer, allergies, and poor mental heath compared to their meat-eating counterparts. It is important to note that the study did not… Read more »

Autism May Occur Before Birth

Autism Occurs Before Birth

A new brain study is showing that autism very likely begins before birth. The study compares brain samples of 11 children with autism, to 11 without autism, all of whom passed away at a young age. In 10 out of the 11 children with autism, patches of abnormal development in the brain tissue were found,… Read more »

Conspiracy Theories: ‘Vaccines Cause Autism’ Believed By Many Americans

vaccines and autism

Conspiracy theories involving medicine and health are actually some of the most believed by Americans. Chief among them is the idea that autism, MMR vaccine, and other medical maladies are linked, with about 20 percent believing there is a problem. In a related report by The Inquisitr, actress Kristin Cavallari refuses to have her children… Read more »

Can New Chocolate Pills Improve Heart Health?

Chocolate Heart

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The creamy, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness is something that the vast majority of people will agree is a divine treat. We’ve all joked that chocolate is good for our health. We can only dream that this delicious concoction could somehow miraculously evolve into something that doctors would encourage us to eat. We’ve… Read more »

Sugar Is Worse Than Weed, Americans Say


According to a poll by the Wall Street Journal, Americans say that sugar is far more dangerous than marijuana. This gives a new spin to the quote “Candy is dandy,” right? When Americans were asked to give their opinion on what the four most harmful substances were, sugar came in third at 15%. Marijuana, ganja,… Read more »

Raw Milk Study Delves Into Possible Health And Lactose Intolerance Benefits

lactose intolerance

A raw milk study designed to determine if drinking unpasteurized milk will aid lactose intolerance recently concluded. The Stanford University study conducted by nutritionists was published in the Annals of Family Medicine. The study did not find health benefits achieved by drinking raw milk, but one dairy farmer involved with the research noted “several limitations”… Read more »

Cancer To Be #1 Killer In The United States

Cancer cell

U.S. doctors are concerned their abilities to handle an expected surge in cancer cases in the coming years as they face cuts to government health plans which includes reduced payments to physicians, will not be enough. As little as sixteen years, cancer will become the leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing heart… Read more »

Frequent Migraines And Headaches Related To Higher Stress Levels [Study]

migraine headaches and stress

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines frequently? Are you stressed out? The two are related, according to the latest study. The common assumption that the two conditions are related has been proven true by scientists in the latest health study related to the long-held assumption that those who are stressed suffer from frequent headaches… Read more »

Having Frequent Sex Makes You Smarter, New Study Says

frequent sex

Yes, people, you read correctly. Something you always believed or hoped, but couldn’t prove – having frequent sex makes you smarter! At least according to a new study conducted on mice, which found that having sex increases the creation of neurons within the hippocampus, an area of the brain. A previous study had already shown… Read more »

Sleep Apnea’s Connection With Type 2 Diabetes

Sleep Apnea connection to diabetes

Sleep apnea may worsen diabetes. In a new study published in Diabetes Care, it’s discovered that sleep apnea may compromise a person’s blood sugar level in people who have Type 2 diabetes. Some people who struggle with sleep apnea curb symptoms by wearing a CPAP mask while sleeping. For those wearing the mask, it assures… Read more »

Eating Yogurt May Help Ward Off Diabetes, Researchers Say

Eatting Yogurt May Help Ward Off Diabetes

A new study on diabetes suggests that eating yogurt four to five times a week could possibly lower the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Live Science has reported that researchers in the United Kingdom followed 4,000 individuals and their diets for a total of 11 years. They say that those who ate the highest… Read more »

Caffeine Use Disorder: Addiction And Withdrawal Symptoms Are Real

caffeine use disorder withdrawal addiction

“Caffeine Use Disorder” is gaining recognition as a real condition as researchers study addiction and withdrawal symptoms associated with caffeine. It turns out the morning need for coffee may actually be as hard to give up as tobacco use. Whether your drink of choice is coffee, diet coke, or Monster energy drinks, there is now… Read more »

Raw Milk Debate Continues, CDC Illness Statistics Questioned

unpasteurized milk

Raw milk benefits and risks are once again being debated by US Food and Drug Administration – FDA. The agency’s official stance is that unpasteurized milk is an “inherently dangerous food.” Natural milk supporter Sally Fallon Morell feels the federal government’s mantra on the subject is nothing more than “garbage.” West Virginia raw milk advocates… Read more »

Too Much TV Could Harm Kids’ IQ, Brain Structure Study Contends

too much TV could harm kids' brains according to study

Excessive television watching may have a damaging effect on the structure of kids’ brains, resulting in lower IQ. That was the general conclusion of the study conducted by Japanese researchers from Tohoku University, who also suggested that this was the first investigation of brain structural development and TV viewing. In this instance, an increase in… Read more »

Over The Counter Laxatives Cause 13 Deaths, Study Says

over the counter laxatives warning labels

Over the counter (OTC) laxatives are lifesavers for anyone who has battled constipation. But in a new study, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) warns that these over the counter laxatives can be deadly if used improperly. In order to get relief fast, many OTC laxative users are tempted to ignore the warning labels on their… Read more »

Spirituality May Provide Brain Depression Protection [Study]

spiritual people may have thicker brains according to study

People who are spiritual or religious may have a thicker outer layer of their brain, and therefore, may be less prone to depression. That was the general conclusion of a new study recently published in the JAMA Psychiatry journal. The findings were a follow-up to a previous study by the same researchers who concluded that… Read more »

‘Man Flu’: Not for Woosses! What YOU Need To Know

Man Flu

New scientific evidence actually indicates that ‘Man Flu’ isn’t just an excuse to get out of doing the dishes. New scientific research has found that men, and especially ‘tough guys’ with higher testosterone levels, have weaker immune systems. Scientists from Stanford University published their findings in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ saying… Read more »

Cholesterol Selfie: Cornell Develops App That Could Save Lives

cholesterol selfie

Everybody is taking selfies these days. President Obama, Darth Vader, and of course Miley. But a new smartphone accessory and app developed by Cornell University’s David Erickson can take a “cholesterol selfie.” Using a reader that looks much like common credit card readers used with smartphones, the smartCARD (Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics) can… Read more »

Losing A Job Could Kill You, Study Says

losing a job

Losing your job is easily one of the most stressful things a person could endure. For all the headaches of having a job, it is almost always better than losing a job. The University of Oulu in Finland has released a new study revealing that unemployment over an extended period of time will almost certainly… Read more »

Studies Suggest Multivitamins Are Useless And Possibly Dangerous

Multivitamins Useless

Several studies suggest that multivitamins are useless in improving overall health. The studies also suggest the vitamins may be dangerous as some patients assume the supplements will cure chronic ailments. A recent editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests most supplements and vitamins are simply a waste of money. The editorial is based… Read more »

Colorado Synthetic Cannabis Side Effects Sicken 221 People

synthetic cannabis colorado

Synthetic cannabis side effects have been identified as the reason for an outbreak of sicknesses in Colorado. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Colorado health officials began investigating the outbreak after hospitals started seeing an increase in emergency room visits by people who had been using the substance in late August. Real cannabis… Read more »

Testosterone Heart Risk Shown To Be High, Treatments Increase Danger

Testosterone Heart Risk

Testosterone heart risk is shown to be high in testosterone therapy patients, increasing the danger by 29 percent, according to the latest studies. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a little bit of testosterone might be a good thing for women in the bedroom. But too much for men with signs of heart issues, might… Read more »