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White People Less Likely To Get Life Saving Medication During Heart Attack [Study]

Heart Attack

When an individual displays symptoms of a heart attack, known by medical professionals as a myocardial infarction or MI, there are many symptoms they may display. These symptoms may vary depending on the individual’s age, gender, and co-morbidities (other medical problems) including diabetes and neuropathy. Not every heart attack victim has crushing chest pain, which… Read more »

Marijuana Munchies: Why The Drug Makes You Hungrier

Marijuana Munchies Explained

The marijuana munchies have been a known fact ever since mankind found out that you could smoke a certain plant. That’s no mystery. But what has been a mystery, for a while anyway, is why that is. Thankfully researchers at Yale University recently applied their skills to unlocking the mystery in lab mice, and here’s… Read more »

Healthcare Provider Send You An Email? Don’t Open It

Healthcare Provider Emails Are Probably Scammy

A healthcare provider is probably the last source from which you want to open an email. That’s the key finding from a new study that found such correspondences were four times more likely to be fraudulent than ones from a social media site. Forbes reports that more than 6.5 billion emails were analyzed each day… Read more »

Sunscreen At Night Could Prevent Skin Cancer [Study]

Sunscreen At Night? It Could Prevent Skin Cancer

Wearing sunscreen at night probably isn’t your first move in the fight to prevent skin cancer, but as spring and summer sneak into your daily routine, you may want to give it a try. That’s because dermatologists from Yale University have found that melanin, the very thing that protects your skin from harmful UV rays… Read more »

Caramel Coloring In Cola Drinks Found To Cause Cancer

cola causes cancer

A new study finds that cola drinks containing “caramel coloring” causes cancer. According to a laboratory test carried out by Consumer Reports on 110 separate cola drinks, a manufacturing reaction potentially produces carcinogens. Drinking one of these colas per day is enough to expose an individual to a cancer-causing chemical called 4-methylimidazole (or 4-MEI for… Read more »

Studies Prove Smoking Is Even More Deadly Than We Realized

Studies show that smoking is more deadly than we knew.

Smoking is a deadly habit. There are warnings on cigarette boxes and schools try to make sure children know the risks. The U.S. surgeon general has spoken out against smoking, claiming that roughly 480,000 American die each year as a result. It seems the death count might be off — by almost a full 100,000…. Read more »

Obamacare ‘Unaffordable’ For 105 Million, Health Study Finds

Obamacare Bad News

Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) isn’t quite as affordable as initially reported, according to a new study from the non-partisan American Health Policy Institute (AHPI). The organization arrived at its findings by first going to the ACA itself and examining how the law defines “affordable.” From the study. “Coverage is deemed to be not… Read more »

Marijuana For Depression: New Study Reveals Drug As Viable Treatment

Marijuana For Depression Could Be Next Medical Marijuana Benefit

Marijuana for depression may be the next cause that defenders of marijuana legalization latch on to after a new study has indicated the drug could be a viable form of treatment. Huffington Post reports that neuroscientists from the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions found that “endocannabinoids — chemical compounds in the brain that… Read more »

Traces Of Bubonic Plague Found On New York Subway

Bubonic plague New York subway

In an alarming discovery, researchers from Cornell University have confirmed traces of bacteria responsible for bubonic plague inside the New York Subway system. Apart from bubonic plague causing bacteria, they have also managed to find traces of Anthrax and 1,688 other types of disease-causing bacteria in several parts of the subway, reports Channel News Asia…. Read more »

Study Finds Psychopaths’ Brains Don’t Register Punishment

Psychopaths brains do not register punishment normally

The brains of violent psychopaths have fascinated scientists for years. What makes them so different from “normal” people? How can they be so cold-hearted toward their victims? Now, a new study may give researchers a little more understanding to assist in early detection and treatment of the disorder. In a study published in the journal… Read more »

Mississippi Best In Nation At Vaccinating Children, Report Claims

Mississippi Best In Nation At Vaccines For Kids

Mississippi gets a lot of flak for how it runs its state. In fact, for the longest time, there has been a saying — “Thank God for Mississippi” — that anyone from [insert state here] likes to break out any time their own state is recognized for a dubious distinction because, chances are (or so… Read more »

New Tests Predicting Heart Attacks May Save More Lives

heart attack

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, as reported in Parade magazine on January 30. Unfortunately, many don’t know their risk. In fact, although similar numbers of men and women go to emergency rooms complaining of heart attacks, a slightly higher number of women die from them, SCOPE, published by Stanford… Read more »

Could Binge-Watching TV Shows Be Dangerous Viewing?

Binge-Watching TV Leads To Depression

It’s time to put down that remote according to researchers in Austin, Texas who have been looking at how binge-watching TV could be dangerous viewing. What Your TV Binge-Watching Routine Says About You via @YahooHealth — Michele Promaulayko (@michprom) January 29, 2015 With video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and certain TV shows… Read more »

Quit Smoking And Get Paid Is Having More Success

Quit Smoking And Get Paid

Quiting smoking and receiving a financial reward is emerging as a new and successful smoking cessation strategy for health care professionals and researchers. In a study published in BMJ on January 27, a higher percentage of pregnant women successfully quit smoking when offered a financial incentive. Lead researcher Professor David Tappin, of Glasgow University in… Read more »

Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease Link To Common Drugs

Dementia Linked To Common Drugs

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease risks are likely to increase when taking over-the-counter medications and other common drugs, according to a new study. Researchers found a link between antidepressants, antihistamines, sleeping aids, bladder control medication, and dementia. On January 26, they published the findings of their recent cohort study in JAMA Internal Medicine. Included on the… Read more »