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E-Cigarettes Are ‘Gateway Drug’ For Teens, New Study Suggests

E-Cigarettes Are 'Gateway Drug' Study Suggests

E-cigarettes may be the ultimate gateway drug, according to the findings of a new study published in the journal Pediatrics, at least when it comes to getting a teenager hooked on regular smoking. (Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that vaporize liquid nicotine.) The study appeared Monday and found that “e-cigarettes are doing more to promote… Read more »

84 Percent Of Vegetarians Become Meat Eaters Again, Study Finds

Vegetarians Not Up For The Challenge

Know any vegetarians? If so, you won’t for long. According to a new study from the Humane Research Council (HRC), those who identify with the strict, no-meat diet usually don’t have the stomach to stay at it. In fact, the HRC study finds that a staggering 84 percent of people who at one point identify… Read more »

Heart Attack Study Says Women Should Think Twice About Aspirin As Prevention

Woman Heart Attack

Studies have stated that taking low-dose aspirin can help lower risks of colon cancer, heart disease, and, by proxy, heart attacks. Physicians often prescribe low-dose aspirin as a preventive for those at risk of heart disease or attack, but a new study says that potential side-effects of taking aspirin regularly could outweigh any benefit received… Read more »

Smoking May Kill The Y Chromosome

Research indicates that  Y chromosome counts may be affected by smoking habits in men.

The Y chromosome. Men have it. Women don’t. New results in genetic research may have revealed why men are more prone to smoking-related illnesses than women, and why they have a higher mortality rate than their female counterparts. Everyone knows that the Y chromosome is responsible for determining gender, but recent findings suggest it may… Read more »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Twice As Prevalent As Originally Thought

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Worse Than Thought

Fetal alcohol syndrome is worse than scientists originally thought, and according to a new study, the mother’s binge drinking is largely to blame. The findings come from research done on more than 1,400 first graders. The Argus Leader‘s Jon Walker explains. “The study by Sanford Research and several affiliates indicates that alcohol harms 2 percent… Read more »

Loneliness Study Shows The Condition Is A Disease, Not A Symptom

Loneliness Study Reveals Surprises About Previously Thought Symptom

A new loneliness study has revealed that the feeling of being isolated — at least emotionally — from the rest of the world, is not just a symptom of depression. It’s an actual disease. Forbes reports that the research was co-authored by John Cacioppo, a “pioneer in the field of social neuroscience,” that the site… Read more »

Marijuana Could Fight Alzheimer’s Disease, A New Study Claims

This Marijuana Alzheimer's Study Has Some Great News For Patients, Families

Marijuana and Alzheimer’s Disease have been linked in a new study, with the popular drug showing that it might be a good weapon in the fight against the deadly disease. The study was originally published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and the findings “strongly suggest that THC [the main active ingredient in marijuana] could… Read more »

New Study Links Trans Fat To Memory Loss In Younger Men

Trans fat has been linked to memory loss in men under 45 years old

Just in time to make you feel guilty about splurging on all those holiday party treats, a new study has revealed that the trans fat contained in processed foods such as cookies, chips and crackers may be doing more than expanding your waistline – it is damaging your memory too. According to USA Today, a… Read more »

Marijuana Users Have Lower IQs Than Non-Pot Smokers, Study Shows

Marijuana Users Score Lower On IQ

Marijuana users have long touted the benefits of their mind-altering drug of choice, but a new study from the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences in the University of Texas at Dallas suggests that the “altering” part has nothing to do with adding points to the IQ. In fact, subjects who used marijuana frequently reported… Read more »

Man’s Arachnophobia Is Eliminated After Brain Surgery

Man's Arachnophobia Eliminated After Surgery

A 44-year-old man suffering from arachnophobia got rid of his fear after undergoing surgery where a part of his brain was removed. The unnamed man suffered from unexplained seizures. Doctors then found out that his left amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for emotional reactions, was damaged. To get rid of his seizures, doctors… Read more »

Turn Back Clocks And Say Goodbye To Your Health, Study Claims

Turn Back Clocks, Set Back Your Health And Environment

If you turn back clocks, you are doing damage to your health and the environment, according to a new report from Reuters. The act — known as Daylight Saving Time (DST), which you should be doing if you don’t want to be early for everything — shortens the amount of daylight that human beings have… Read more »

Milk Study Calls Into Question Those ‘Does A Body Good’ Claims

Milk Study Shines Negative Light On Popular Drink

A milk study conducted by Uppsala University in Sweden has called in to question those famous “does a body good” claims that fans of the popular drink have been making for years. The study, originally published in the British Medical Journal and first reported online by the Washington Post, found that “consuming more milk could… Read more »

Glasses Will Be A Thing Of The Past Soon If FDA Approves It!

KAMRA Featured

Presently, there are millions of Americans who live with glasses. Some of them find them a worthwhile accessory fitting of their personality and style, while others consider glasses a hassle. Over the years, inventions and procedures have been introduced to relieve people of glasses, from contact lenses to the latest method of LASIK eye surgery…. Read more »