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‘Pokemon X And Y’ Mega Evolutions Given To Classic Starters

'Pokemon X and Y' mega evolutions will be given to classic starters

Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions are being given to classic starters. One tradition that the new pseudo-3D Pokemon X and Y will be deviating from is that with every new game, the player is given three new starters introduced for the game. This time around, the starters from Pokemon Red and Blue are making… Read more »

Xbox One Release Date Confirmed At Last

Xbox One release date confirmed

The Xbox One release date has been confirmed. We finally have an answer, and not a minute too soon. Microsoft has confirmed the actual release date for the Xbox One, and here’s hoping they don’t flip flop on this one as well. Early rumors were started when a company close to Walmart stated that the… Read more »

PS4 Virtual Reality Features May Be Coming

PS4 Virtual Reality Features May Be Coming

It appears as though Sony is taking a page out of Oculus Rift’s book and is going to be including virtual reality features in the upcoming PS4. The PS4 virtual reality system is reported to work similarly to the Rift and utilizes two HD displays which are mounted inside of a head display. This report… Read more »

Sony PS4 Voice Recognition Enabled With PlayStation Camera

Sony PS4 Voice Recognition Enabled With PlayStation Camera

With all of the information that has come out regarding the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4, one of the few things that has to be made clear is how voice recognition will work. Sony has finally announced that voice recognition will indeed be enabled on the PS4 and will work via the PlayStation Camera. It was… Read more »

Annoying Video Game Trends: Ten Reasons Gamers Don’t Come Back

Annoying video game trends

Annoying video game trends can seriously put a damper on your gameplay experience, oftentimes meaning the difference between playing the game again later and sending it to your local used game store for recycling. These particular trends are some of the biggest reasons most gamers never pick up the game again, as the memories alone… Read more »

‘Saints Row IV’ Moves 1 Million Copies During First Week Of Release

Saints Row 4

Saints Row IV has reportedly sold at whopping one million copies during its first week of release. The open-world adventure has apparently struck a chord with gamers. The fourth insane installment of the franchise finds players taking control of the President of the United States as he battles a legion of villainous aliens hellbent on… Read more »

Nintendo Wii U Price Drop Coming This September

Wii U Price Cut

The Nintendo Wii U is expected to drop its price by $50 starting at the end of next month. With the new batch of next-generation consoles looming on the horizon, the company might be a little worried about getting lost in the proverbial shuffle. In order to compete with Xbox One and Playstation 4, Nintendo… Read more »