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Man Dies After Three-Day Gaming Binge, Addiction To Blame?


A 32-year-old Taiwanese man recently died after an extended gaming marathon, raising the question of whether or not gaming is dangerous to one’s health. Thirty-two year old Hseih died after a three-day gaming binge at an internet café in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Initially, the other gamers near him believed he was asleep. It wasn’t until an… Read more »

Club Nintendo Closing In June For New Nintendo Loyalty Program

Club Nintendo Closing

Nintendo has announced that its loyalty program “Club Nintendo” will be closing in June of 2015 to make way for a new Nintendo loyalty program. The program which launched a little more than six years ago in North America allowed owners of Nintendo hardware and software to register their merchandise online at the Club Nintendo… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of January 18, 2015

New Video Game Releases For the Week of January 20

The titles keep spilling out for Sony this week as the PlayStation continues to dominate the new video game releases for the week of January 18, 2015. The PlayStation platform holds 4 exclusives out of the 9 console releases this week, with the remained divvied up between Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS and Microsoft’s Xbox… Read more »

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Won’t Allow Access To Car In Demo

The car in 'Final Fantasy XV' will not be available in the demo.

The Final Fantasy XV trailer is a remarkable show of graphics and action, mostly revolving around a car. Most fans expected to be able to drive that car in the upcoming demo. Unfortunately, director Hajime Tabata told Polygon that the demo won’t allow players to control the vehicle. Tabata insisted that he was worried that… Read more »

‘League of Legends’ Fantasy Draft Site Set To Launch January 19

League of Legends fantasy drafts

League of Legends and other eSports games are only getting more popular the further we go into the 21st century. In fact, games like League of Legends are becoming so popular that schools have started offering scholarships to the best players in the world. The skill the best eSports players have is both a blessing… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Gameplay Will Take More Chances, Says Ubisoft

'Watch Dogs 2' gameplay: Ubisoft Montreal says it needs to be riskier

The Watch Dogs 2 gameplay will change rather drastically, according to Ubisoft. Even though the first game succeeded as a fresh new killer IP, the developer says it still had its major flaws. The Inquisitr pointed out in a review roundup that the first Watch Dogs was really a retread of other games we’ve already… Read more »

‘GTA V’ PC Pre-Orders Will Receive A Free Game And Bonus Cash

Grand Theft Auto V

After this week’s announcement that the upcoming PC launch of Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed until late March, Rockstar Games gave PC gamers a bit of good news on Friday after revealing the official pre-order bonuses for anyone who purchases an early copy of GTA V’s PC edition from the Rockstar store. The… Read more »

PlayBox: PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Built Into A 22-Inch Laptop


Introducing the PlayBox — an impressive combination of a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One. That’s right — a combination. The ongoing debate of Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 hit a high note during the holiday season of 2013, pitting gamers and critics alike head-to-head to determine which gaming console was better. The concept of… Read more »