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‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ For PC Coming In Early 2014

'Grand Theft Auto 5' to hit PC in early 2014

Grand Theft Auto 5 will hit PC in early 2014, according to sources. It was previously reported by The Inquisitr that there were lines of code in the Xbox 360 hack of GTA 5 which pointed to a PC version, and now the ensuing rumors have been proven true. You won’t have to wait quite… Read more »

New ‘Pokemon’ Game Will Star Pikachu By Himself

New 'Pokemon' game stars Pikachu

A new Pokemon game starring Pikachu is in the works, though the title’s name hasn’t been finalized. You knew it had to happen eventually. When you think of Pokemon, usually the first image that comes to mind is that of the electricity-wielding pocket monster that’s been with the series since Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow…. Read more »

Xbox One Kinect Wasn’t Designed To Spy On You, Says Microsoft

Xbox One Microsoft

Are you worried that the Xbox One Kinect will keep a very close eye on your behavior? According to Microsoft, the device wasn’t designed to spy on your every move. Many folks are extremely concerned that the company will use the Kinect’s all-seeing eye to collect information. Some people believe Microsoft will sell this data… Read more »

‘Pokemon X And Y’ Bank, Transporter Coming In December

'Pokemon X and Y' Bank and Transporter apps coming in December

Pokemon X and Y‘s Bank and Transporter are coming in December. While the release of the latest generation of Pokemon looms ever closer (October 12 to be exact, only a week from now), it appears those pocket monsters you’ve been keeping ready to transfer from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 will have to wait… Read more »

Grand Theft Auto 6 Confirmed, Rockstar Working On Ideas

grand theft auto 6

It has not even been two weeks since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released but apparently Grand Theft Auto 6, and many other future GTA games are already being talked about. Rockstar Games has yet to confirm what will make Grand Theft Auto 6 different from the current title but it does have some ideas,… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Actor Defends Controversial Torture Sequence

GTA 5 Steven Ogg

One particularly uncomfortable torture sequence in Grand Theft Auto 5 left many gamers feeling like they needed a shower. However, actor Steven Ogg doesn’t see a problem with it. If you haven’t complete the single-player campaign in Rockstar’s open-world crime saga, then you might want to tread carefully. There are a few spoilers contained in… Read more »

NBA 2k14 Arrives Just In Time For NBA Season, Thrills Critics

NBA 2k14 Now Available

NBA 2k14 has arrived just ahead of the October 29, 2013 start of the NBA regular season. The popular NBA basketball game was released on Tuesday for the Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming consoles. Xbox One and PS4 versions will be released when those systems arrive in November. The game is receiving rave reviews from… Read more »

Grand Theft Auto Servers Causing Frustration For Gamers

Grand Theft Auto Servers Broken

Grand Theft Auto servers went down on Sunday, leaving millions of players with a “mostly unplayable” copy of Grand Theft Auto Online. Attempting to log into GTA Online left users with the following message: “Alert: Failed to host a GTA Online session. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later.” Users could… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Launch Details

'Grand Theft Auto Online' launch details explained

The details surrounding Grand Theft Auto Online‘s launch have been revealed. Some are bad but expected, and some are additions that Rockstar likely added as an incentive to play nice online. First off, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Grand Theft Auto Online‘s servers experienced some hiccups as players had trouble signing in. Rockstar was… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Server Issues Expected As Game Launches

'Grand Theft Auto Online' server issues expected as game launches tomorrow

Some Grand Theft Auto Online server issues will be expected when the game launches tomorrow. Why, you might ask? Because Rockstar has never done an online game of this magnitude before. It’s literally bigger than World of Warcraft ever was. Seriously, after Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, breaking all kinds of sales records for a… Read more »

Xbox Live Gold Free Games For October Include ‘Halo 3’

Xbox Live Gold free games this month are 'Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes' and 'Halo 3'

Xbox Live Gold’s free games for October include a heavy hitter or two. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes will join the ever-popular Halo 3 as free downloads for the month with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. As we close in on the inevitable release of the Xbox One, Major Nelson confirmed on his blog… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs’ Clocks In At 30 Frames Per Second On Xbox One, PS4

Watch Dogs 30 FPS

If you thought Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs would fully explore the capabilities of next-generation consoles, then it’s time to start adjusting your expectations accordingly. When the open-world adventure finally arrives on Xbox One and Playstation 4, the game will clock in at 30 frames per second. Instead of pushing the new hardware to its breaking point… Read more »

‘Dead Rising 3’: Xbox 360 Rumors Are False, Still Xbox One Exclusive

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One

If you’re excited about Dead Rising 3 getting an Xbox 360 release, then prepare yourself for a really dark and depressing day. Unfortunately, the upcoming zombie game is still an Xbox One exclusive. For a very brief moment earlier this week, fans of Capcom’s franchise were extremely excited about the sequel’s arrival on the current-gen… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’: Best Police Escape Ever

'Grand Theft Auto 5' best police escape ever

Grand Theft Auto 5‘s best police escape ever has been discovered, and it’s possible … if you can pull it off. If there is one thing the Grand Theft Auto series has always had, it was police chases. In the beginning, it defined what the series was about. As the series progressed, we found more… Read more »

Steam Box Game Controller Vs DualShock 4: Fight!

Steam Box game controller vs DualShock 4

The Steam Box game controller is set to take on the next-gen consoles with a vengeance, and what better competition to aim for than the PS4? With Microsoft’s shenanigans, the PS4 appears to be the clear winner, though the DualShock 4 itself might be in for some trouble. Valve’s Steam Box is meant to bridge… Read more »

Steam Box Game Controller Vs Xbox One Controller: Fight!

Steam Box game controller vs Xbox One

The Steam Box game controller has some competition with the next-gen consoles on the way. The Xbox One controller, for instance, has a touted 40 improvements over the already great Xbox 360 controller, made after hours of study and hundreds of thousands of dollars of such. Valve has reportedly made the Steam Box game controller… Read more »

Valve’s Steam Machine Controller Announced

steam controller steam machine valve

Valve has finished its three major announcements for the week and what started with SteamOS and then led to the Steam Machine is now ending with the Steam controller. As with the Steam Machine, Valve’s new haptic controller will be sent out to 300 beta testers before its release in 2014. Even though the controller… Read more »