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‘Scandal': Olivia Pope In, Mellie Grant Out — Season Finale Recap

Scandal Recap Finale

Scandal, the political thriller TV series, wrapped up Season 4 in classic Shondaland style. With lots of action, blood, secrets, and cunning, the cast of characters upped the ante to leave viewers dangling by a frayed rope over a cliff. The episode closed by giving fans what they’ve wanted. Standing on the Truman balcony under… Read more »

‘Supernatural’ Exclusive: Can Death Save Dean’s Soul? [Video]

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the 'Supernatural' season finale.

Warning: This artcle contains spoilers for the season finale of Supernatural. Essentially, season 10 of Supernatural has been about family and, more specifically, about the brotherhood between Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). There’s also that nasty Mark of Cain business, but, when you get down to it, that’s really just another… Read more »

Andrew Wardle, ‘The Man With No Penis,’ Gets TLC Special

Andrew Wardle, 'Man With No Penis,' Gets Special

Andrew Wardle was born without a penis, but hasn’t let that stop him from sleeping with “more than 100 women,” according to a promo from TLC. That’s right. The man the Inquisitr has told you about before will now go mainstream with what the network calls an “astonishing, unique, and poignant insight” into the challenges… Read more »

‘Supergirl’ Lowdown: Everything You Wanted To Know [Video]

Melissa Benoist as 'Supergirl'

Unlike her cousin, Supergirl seems to like the fanfare and publicity and, in that sense, she seems more like Iron Man than Superman. “You exposed yourself. You’re out there now, Kara. Everyone will know about you and you can’t take that back,” the big sister tells Kara Danvers. “I don’t want to,” Kara (Melissa Benoist)… Read more »