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How ‘Vampire Diaries’ Should End, According To Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley as Stefan.

Wildly popular CW drama TheVampire Diaries is inching ever closer to the finale with every episode. Fans of TheVampire Diaries are dying to know how the series will end. Which vampires will survive? Who will end up with who? It may not be congruent to the official story, but one of the stars of Vampire… Read more »

‘The Leftovers’: HBO Series Won’t Focus On Answers

The Leftovers don't bring answers

HBO’s newest show isn’t about getting to the bottom of things. The Leftovers is more about how people are dealing with the program’s central mystery, more than finding out why The Leftovers are The Leftovers. Considering the showrunner for this new program is Damon Lindelof, who is best known as the man behind Lost, it… Read more »

True Blood And 5 Other TV Shows That Should Have Ended Sooner

True Blood Has Gone Downhill, So Have These TV Series

True Blood season 7 will be the final run for the HBO series based on author Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, and for this guy, it couldn’t come soon enough — not because I’ll be watching, mind you, but because the show has needed to have a stake driven through its heart since season 2…. Read more »

Bear Grylls Is ‘Running Wild’ With Celebrities In New Reality Show

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has built his TV career on being able to survive in the wild against seemingly impossible odds. Now, NBC has decided to launch a six-episode celebrity-survival series “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” The gimmick is that Grylls will not be alone; in each episode he will be accompanied by a different well-known celebrity…. Read more »

Taylor Schilling Opens Up About Body Image Issues

Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman.

Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper Chapman in the smash-hit Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, recently admitted that she’s struggled with self-esteem in the past. Playing an inmate in a women’s prison has helped Schilling be comfortable in her own skin. Orange is the New Black features not only Taylor Schilling, but an… Read more »

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ups Caterina Scorsone To Series Regular

Caterina Scorsone on Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s Amelia Shepherd is here to stay. Private Practice’s Caterina Scorsone who portrayed Derek Shepherd’s little sister on the Grey’s spinoff show is no longer considered a special “crossing over” guest. Instead TVLine just announced what we were suspecting might happen with Caterina’s sudden appearance towards the last half of the season. The actress… Read more »

‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Ending: Gordon Ramsay Confirms News


Kitchen Nightmares is over. The news was confirmed Monday (June 23) by none other than Gordon Ramsay himself in a post on his website, according to Variety. The industry news source said the series would end its run in both the United States and Ramsay’s native United Kingdom, where it originally aired before hopping the… Read more »

Anna Paquin Opens Up About Her ‘True Blood’ Sex Scenes


Anna Paquin recently spoke to E! Online about her various sex scenes in the HBO show True Blood, talking about how awkward it is to fake sex with close friends on the set — sometimes while being directed by her own husband. “‘Actually, it’s not really uncomfortable because we’re all like kind of cozy and… Read more »