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Mega Deal: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Renewed For 3 More Seasons

The Closet Reconfiguration

Attention Big Bang Theory fans! CBS has announced the mega-popular TV Show has been renewed for three more seasons – meaning fans of Sheldon Cooper and company have lots more laughs in store. According to a press release found on, the three year mega-deal extends The Big Bang Theory, television’s #1 comedy, through the… Read more »

Juan Pablo Becomes Most Hated ‘Bachelor’ Ever, Is It Fair?


Juan Pablo Galavis created a storm of controversy when he picked Nikki Ferrell, but didn’t propose or tell her “I love you” as other “Bachelors” have done in previous seasons of the reality TV show. The internet went crazy with people calling “the Bachelor” every name in the book, however, some believe that he was… Read more »

Mariska Hargitay Working Against Real Life Rapists

Mariska Hargitay SVU

Mariska Hargitay may be known as someone who fights crime on screen, but it seems that NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star is also taking to fighting crime in real life. It was reported earlier this week that Hargitay has joined up with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to announce legislation aimed at… Read more »

24 Trailer Is The Most Intense 30 Seconds On YouTube [Video]

24 trailer

The 24 trailer for the new 12-part series event is just about as intense of a half minute as you can find anywhere online. After going off the air in 2010, the series has gotten a reboot with 24: Live Another Day. In case you have been wondering what Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has been… Read more »

True Detective Finale Brings HBO GO To Its Knees, Fans Overwhelm Server

True Detective Season One Stunning Finale

True Detective, the HBO cop series that brought a pair of Hollywood heavyweights to the small screen for an eight-episode mini-series blending brooding character study, vaguely existentialist philosophy, obscure literary references and a convoluted serial killer plot — oh yeah, and plenty of sex — turned out to be a winning formula for the pay… Read more »

‘Big Bang Theory’ Snags Top Thursday Ratings; New Lego Set


The Big Bang Theory has once again taken top honors in the ratings for Thursday night according to the The Hollywood Reporter. But that’s not all, is reporting that The Big Bang Theory may also be getting their very own customized LEGO set courtesy of Lego Cuusoo. That’s right, if voters have their way,… Read more »

Katie Holmes Heading Back To The Small Screen With New ABC Drama

Katie Holmes ABC

Katie Holmes is heading back to the small screen. If you’ve prayed to the Gods of television each and every night that Holmes would land a series over a decade after she bid farewell to Dawson’s Creek, then your hopes and dreams are one step closer to coming true. According to E! Online, Katie recently… Read more »

Piers Morgan’s Replacement Could Be A Surprise Pick

Piers Morgan to be replaced

Piers Morgan’s stint as the main interviewer on CNN didn’t last long, but the news company isn’t wasting any time in trying to find a replacement for the host. Certainly the network wants to find somebody who has a big name who will attract viewers, but it also is important that the new host has… Read more »

Simpsons Couch Gag Video Has Homer Eating Snails ala France

Simpsons Couch Gag Video Has Homer Eating Snails ala France

The latest Simpson couch gag video has the whole family turning French. In a related report by The Inquisitr, in celebration of the 500th Simpsons episode we showed all of the Simpsons couch gag videos in addition to the blackboard quotes written by Bart. But I’d say one of the best Simpsons couch gags is… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Ratings Recover This Week, Wine Sales Brisk As Well

Dusck Dynasty Wines

Duck Dynasty recovered from a two-week ratings slump with Wednesday night’s airing of Season Five, Episode Eight, again winning the night on cable, far outpacing all competition. Despite some sliding ratings this season, the Duck Dynasty crew still commands Wednesday nights on cable TV, topping the ratings for every episode so far this season. The… Read more »

True Detective – Is The Series Anti-Christian?

True Detective has come under fire for allegedly being "anti" Christian

This Sunday, the maiden season of True Detective will conclude, and the story of Rust, Marty, and the serial murder case that has framed a 17-year period of their lives will come to a dramatic end. The country, and the roughly 11 million fans that tune in to each episode of True Detective are tense… Read more »

‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Titles, Clues For Season 4 Revealed

game of thrones wedding

Spring may be on the horizon, but as far as Game of Thrones fans are concerned, Winter is coming instead. Game of Thrones season four debuts April 6th and in anticipation of the premiere episode, HBO has unveiled the first four episode titles providing fodder for fans who’ve already read the George R.R. Martin novels… Read more »