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Gabby Douglas Movie Recounts Epic Struggle For Success

Lifetime orders Gabby Douglas biopic

Gabby Douglas, the famous American gymnast, has had a movie made about her story of Olympic success. Douglas, a member of the U.S. Woman’s Gymnastics team, won gold medals in individual and all-round competitions at the Summer Olympics of 2012. The Lifetime movie recounting her story premieres at 8 p.m. on Saturday and features Imani… Read more »

‘Big Bang Theory’ Ratings Top ‘Community’ By 364 Percent

Big Bang Theory ratings

CBS’s Big Bang Theory is still the biggest comedy on primetime television. Every week ratings data are gathered from Nielsen, which is a measurement of what people are watching and when they’re watching it. Although it’s an estimation since not everyone is a Nielsen household, these are the ratings that count as far as the… Read more »

Anna Kendrick Debates Her Own Hotness In Newcastle ‘Non-Super Bowl’ Ad

Anna Kendrick Debates Her Own Hotness In Newcastle 'Non-Super Bowl' Ad

Anna Kendrick doesn’t think she’s “beer commercial hot,” but that didn’t stop Newcastle from casting the actress in a hilarious “non-Super Bowl” ad. The ad for Newcastle Brown Ale is set up as a behind-the-scenes discussion with Kendrick about a commercial that was never actually filmed. Anna starts by mocking the fact that even Super… Read more »

Fox Sports Infrared Camera Will Show Super Bowl Players Freezing

Fox Sports Infrared

Fox Sports will deploy no fewer than 80 television cameras to catch every aspect of Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. And for the first time one of those cameras will track the body temperatures of players on both teams. And those temperatures are expected to be freezing. The game,… Read more »

The Weather Channel Claims DirecTV Is Lying About Customer Loyalty

DirecTV Weather Channel

The Weather Channel believes DirecTV isn’t telling the truth about the number of customers who are remaining loyal to the company following its decision to drop the network. According to DirecTV CEO Mike White, approximately 99 percent of the provider’s subscribers really don’t care about the company’s decision to dump the Weather Channel. In fact,… Read more »

Dukes of Hazzard: Will The Reunion Happen Or Not?

Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard cast members will not be reuniting this spring in Byron despite the efforts of many trying to make it happen. It’s not all bad new though, as other plans are well underway to have the reunion later this year. The reunion in March 2013, at the Middle Georgia Raceway, was very… Read more »

Duck Dynasty, Amid Falling Ratings, Ready To Start Shooting Again Monday

Dusk Dynasty Cast With Guns

Duck Dynasty, which took break in filming over the holidays, and for hunting season, starts shooting again Monday in West Monroe, Louisiana, The Monroe News-Star reports, as the “beardless brother” Al Roberston told the paper that the Roberston family at the heart of the show has moved on from the controversy over Phil Robertson’s disparaging… Read more »

Margaret Cho, Tina Fey Coming To Fox In New Show About College Life

Margaret Cho Tina Fey

Margaret Cho has been added to Tina Fey’s new Fox show, scheduled to begin production this March. The comedy, about an all women’s college allowing men in for the first time, received a full series commitment from the network. Margaret Cho has been hired to play the president of the fictional “Cabot College”. Cho is… Read more »

Weather Channel Is Incredibly Overpriced, Says DirecTV CEO Mike White

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel was recently removed from DirecTV, a decision that caught quite a few subscribers completely by surprise. According to DirecTV CEO Mike White, there’s a very good reason why the company decided to part ways with the popular weather news network. In an open letter addressed to customers, White explained that the Weather… Read more »

Ellen Pompeo Staying At Grey’s Anatomy For Two More Years

Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo, who plays Dr Meredith Grey in the ABC hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy, just signed a new two year contract to remain with the show a while longer. Patrick Dempsey, who plays the smooth Dr. Derek Shepherd, also signed up for another two years. The pair have been with the show since it began… Read more »

Is Duck Dynasty About To Get Shot Down? Ratings Nosedive In 2nd Week

Duck Dynasty

Could Duck Dynasty be done for? The A&E reality show about a family of Louisiana backwater yokels who got rich selling duck calls scored a cable TV smash for most of its first four seasons, but viewers appear to be fatigued of the Robertson clan’s antiques. The show’s airing last night, January 22, pulled in… Read more »