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Paul Giamatti Signs On For ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4

Downton Abbey Season 4

Paul Giamatti has reportedly signed on for the fourth season of of Downton Abbey. The acclaimed actor will join actress Shirley MacLaine as one of the few American characters on the program. Giamatti will portray Lady Grantham’s playboy brother on the acclaimed drama. The Wrap reports Paul Giamatti’s involvement with Downton Abbey was announced by… Read more »

‘Devious Maids’ Controversy: Eva Longoria Responds To Backlash

Longoria is still confident and proud of her new show.

Devious Maids debuted Sunday night, but it has already received plenty of criticism for “stereotyping” Latina women well before its release. The controversial show’s pilot premiere hit TV’s across the nation and made history in the process. The comedy-drama became the first prime-time TV program to feature an all-Latina leading cast, but, no matter how… Read more »

Edie Falco Talks On-Screen Love-Affair With James Gandolfini

"The Sopranos" is considered one of the best written shows of all-time.

Edie Falco starred as James Gandolfini’s wife for six seasons in the popular HBO series The Sopranos. She’s now speaking out about her late friend, who passed away in Italy this week during a trip with his son due to a possible heart attack. During the show, Falco and Gandolfini played Tony and Carmela Soprano,… Read more »

‘Devious Maids’ Sparks Controversy Over Latina Stereotypes

Devious Maids Lifetime

Devious Maids sparked a considerable amount of controversy ahead of its debut this Sunday. The new Lifetime series was created by Desperate Housewives mastermind Marc Cherry and produced by Eva Longoria. Although the first episode hasn’t made its way into the hands of the general public, some critics who’ve seen the show claim it does… Read more »

Shakira’s Adorable Baby Makes ‘The Voice’ Finale [Photos]

Shakira Adorable Baby

Shakira’s baby Milan, made his debut at The Voice finale on Tuesday. The Colombian singer brought in her little boy as she said farewell after only one season as a coach. Shakira replaced Christina Aguilera who also made an appearance on Tuesday night and looks a lot lighter than she used to last season. Aguilera… Read more »

‘Futurama’: Billy West Doesn’t Think Series Is Ending

Billy West doesn't think 'Futurama' is ending

Billy West doesn’t think Futurama is ending. You’ve heard his voice probably a million times, but you most likely wouldn’t recognize him on the street. Billy West is one of those voice actors like Mel Blanc and Seth MacFarlane who has so many famous voices that sound nothing alike, you’d swear he was probably three… Read more »

Garfield Celebrates His 35th Birthday

Garfield Celebrates His 35th Birthday

Everyone’s lovable ginger cat, Garfield, is celebrating his 35th birthday today. The lasagne loving grump that made no apologies for his hate of Mondays made his first ever appearance exactly 35 years ago in 1978, with a spot in 41 newspapers. The familiar ginger tabby that has undoubtedly caused numerous cat owners around the world… Read more »

Dan Harmon Apologizes For Trashing ‘Community’

Dan Harmon Podcast

Dan Harmon is really sorry for the horrible things he said about the fourth season of Community. The creator of the struggling NBC series launched into a rant about the show’s most recent season. During his podcast on Sunday, Harmon said watching the episodes was not unlike “flipping through Instagram and watching your girlfriend just… Read more »

‘The Voice’ Winner Predicted By Adam Levine

Adam Levine The Voice Winner Prediction

The Voice winner for season 4 will be announced on Tuesday night, but coach Adam Levine has already announced his choice for winner. Speaking about the shows competitors on Monday night, Levine gave the top spot to teenage country singer Danielle Bradbery. Bradbery sang “Maybe It Was Memphis” for a second time this season, a… Read more »

Netflix Signs Deal And Nabs ‘Shrek’ And ‘The Croods’ Spin Off Shows


Looks like Netflix has another exciting deal. After rolling out their own original program and succeeding with House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Arrested Development, Netflix has taken another step in the right direction as an independent streaming service. Their latest deal is with DreamWorks, and it’s certainly their most exciting deal yet, at least… Read more »