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A ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Blunder You Have To See To Believe [Video]

Wheel of Fortune Blunder

You can almost feel the collective face-palm that followed this Wheel of Fortune fail. A contestant named Tara from Ohio appeared to have the puzzle solved. The Wheel of Fortune clue was characters, and the answer was pretty much there. At least for anyone remotely familiar with the characters from the Disney classic Snow White… Read more »

Is NBC Replacing Meredith Vieira With A Panel Talk Show?

Meredith Vieira

New reports claim that NBC is searching for a potential replacement to fill the talk show slot currently taken by Meredith Vieira. With numerous successful competitors beating Meredith Vieira in the ratings race, NBC is reportedly considering a completely different approach. Page Six reports that the network is thinking about developing a panel-type talk show,… Read more »