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‘Shark Week’ Producers Lied To Scientists Amid Ratings Dominance

shark week annoys scientists

Shark Week 2014 has come and gone, and with this year’s installment, Discovery has managed to bring in some of the the highest ratings of its 27 year history, though some contend that the network’s success comes at a price. Last week’s shark extravaganza, an annual outing for Discovery since 1987, topped the charts with… Read more »

Jenna Coleman Reportedly Quitting ‘Doctor Who’ In December

Coleman's exit from Doctor Who will reportedly be during a "sensational" storyline.

For the impossible girl, it’s impossible to stay: Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara Oswald on Doctor Who, is reportedly set to depart the iconic science fiction show in December. According to The Mirror, the 28-year-old Coleman is thought to be leaving the show in a Christmas storyline that they describe as “sensational.” Coleman’s departure… Read more »

Disney Will Pay Homage To Robin Williams With ‘Aladdin’ Airings

Disney Robin Williams

Since the passing of Robin Williams, many people and entertainment affiliates have memorialized the actor. Now, Disney is set to honor Williams for his voice role of the Genie in the film Aladdin. According to Entertainment Weekly, most children who grew up in the 90s will be able to relive one of Robin Williams’ most… Read more »

Is ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Daryl Dixon Gay?


The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon is regarded as one of the sexiest television characters of the modern era. Over the course of the show’s four seasons, he has been linked to two characters in particular; Melissa Suzanne McBride’s Carol Peletier and Emily Kinney’s Beth Greene. Dixon has yet to become romantically entangled with either of… Read more »

Paul Walker Posthumously Appears In Shark Week Special

Paul Walker reportedly considered returning to school instead of continuing as an actor.

Paul Walker will posthumously appear in this year’s Shark Week as Discovery is set to air a special featuring footage of the actor and marine biology graduate filmed before his death late last year. Appearing in Spawn Of Jaws during 2013’s Shark Week, Paul Walker aided Dr. Michael Domeier in tagging a pregnant great white… Read more »