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Bill Cosby At 76: His New Comedy Sitcom And The Human Spirit

Bill Cosby Show

Bill Cosby and Tom Werner, a Cosby Show producer, are teaming up for a new prime time TV comedy which is due to air later this month. Cosby said about the family comedy that he had produced it in order to satisfy all the members of the public who approached him, asking: “Can’t you put… Read more »

Jon Stewart Slams Chicago’s Deep Pan Pizza [Watch]

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart has always been known as a staunchly proud New Yorker. There was some significant whining by Chicagoans after the WTC was announced as America’s tallest building over Chicago’s Willis Tower. CNN reported on the tallest building thing on Wednesday, the report said: One World Trade Center in New York will be the United… Read more »

‘How I Met Your Dad’ Is Officially Happening

How I Met Your Dad Spinoff happening

Are you ready for the excruciatingly long tale of How I Met Your Dad? If you’re cringing at the idea, hopefully you’ll eventually get on board because apparently CBS really wants the How I Met Your Mother spinoff to work in a really bad way. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it was announced a… Read more »

‘Almost Human’ Full Trailer Is Very Cinematic And Incredibly Cool [Video]

Almost Human FOX

Bad Robot’s full trailer for the television series Almost Human is quite good. Although the show debuts on FOX later this month, you’d almost swear it was a feature-length motion picture headed to your local neighborhood multiplex. It’s honestly that good. Of course, this is coming from someone who absolutely adores just about everything Karl… Read more »

‘Breaking Bad’ College Course Offered At SUNY Buffalo

College course on Breaking Bad

When Breaking Bad was still airing on AMC, it was the topic of many water cooler discussions. Controversial in its subject manner, Breaking Bad stood the test of time as terrific television, and was the subject of many essays from various outlets. We even took a stab at analyzing the development of one of the… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off Is Possibly A Prequel

The Walking Dead Prequel

The Walking Dead spin-off that’s reportedly taking shape over at AMC is possibly a prequel. The network previously teased that the new series would give viewers a different glimpse of the show’s zombie apocalypse. According to TV Line, the show reportedly follows the early days of the plague and the government’s attempt to keep everything… Read more »

David Morrissey Has No Plans To Leave ‘The Walking Dead’

David Morrissey not planning to leave The Walkng Dead

David Morrissey, who was recently cast as the lead in AMC’s new series Line of Sight, said he has no plans to leave The Walking Dead anytime soon. In Line of Sight, Morrissey plays Lewis Bernt, a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator who survives a mysterious crash and goes on a mission to discover… Read more »

‘Scandal’ Creator Shonda Rhimes Knows How And When The Series Will End

Shonda Rhimes: Scandal has an expiration date

Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes recently revealed that she knows how and when the series will end. Scandal focuses on Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a former White House Director of Communications turned crisis management consultant who is known as the best “fixer” in Washington, D.C. She and her team of “Gladiators” have a penchant for making… Read more »

Seth MacFarlane: Is His New ‘Bordertown’ Show Too Racist?

Seth MacFarlane gets new animated comedy series on Fox

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, and collaborator Mark Hentemann, are trying their hand once again at a new comedy for Fox. MacFarlane managed to persuade the powers-that-be at Fox to air a 13-episode show called Bordertown. The story is set in a made up desert town on the U.S.- Mexico border and focuses… Read more »

‘Downton Abbey’ Renewed For Fifth Series

Downton Abbey renewed for fifth series

Downton Abbey has been renewed for a fifth series by ITV. Carnival Films confirmed the renewal Sunday, ahead of the period drama’s fourth series finale. Creator Julian Fellowes will return as head writer, along with executive producers Liz Trubridge and Gareth Neame. “Audiences have enjoyed their regular Sunday evening visits back to Downton once again… Read more »

Scott Baio In Guest Appearance On ‘Sam & Cat’

Scott Baio On Return To Arrested Development: 'I Know Nothing'

Scott Baio made a guest appearance on Nikelodeon’s Sam & Cat show recently. The show’s star, 20-year-old Ariana Grand, said she loved working with the former Happy Days star: “It’s just so much fun to spend so much time with him because he spent his childhood, or his teen-hood I guess, working on one of… Read more »

‘Killing Kennedy’ Cast Feels Weight Of Historic Characters

Killing Kennedy cast feels the weight of historic characters

The Killing Kennedy cast felt the weight of the historic characters they were portraying while filming the new movie about one of the most traumatic and pivotal days in American history. We all know the story of what happened on November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie visited Dallas, Texas…. Read more »