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‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Reveal A New Threat [Video]

Dean and Castiel face the ultimate monster in 'Supernatural'

This article may contain spoilers for Supernatural, Season 10, Episode 20. When the next episode of Supernatural airs, fans will find that the road so far has taken a brief trip down an off ramp, diverting the tenth season running plot of the Mark of Cain and First Blade. Recent episodes of Supernatural have focused… Read more »

New ‘Dragon Ball’ Series Announced

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Super, a new series following up from the acclaimed Dragon Ball Z series, has been announced and is currently in development, according to multiple reports. Super, which is the first instalment in the Dragon Ball franchise in nearly 20 years, is set to take place just after Goku – the primary protagonist of… Read more »

Patrick Dempsey Fired? Report Blames His On-Set Behavior

Patrick Dempsey

Was Patrick Dempsey fired from Grey’s Anatomy? Radar Online reports that Patrick’s bad behavior behind the scenes may have led to the on-screen tragic yet unexpected death of Dr. Derek Shepherd. According to the report, an inside source opened up about how Patrick Dempsey’s alleged behavior made it difficult for Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator… Read more »

‘Girl Meets World’ Sneak Peek: Eric, Feeny And Shawn Are Back!

Girl Meets World Season 2 Preview: Eric, Shawn, and Feeny are back.

Girl Meets World Season 2 begins in just a couple short weeks, and the new trailer for the season is amazing, mostly because the gang is back together again. That’s right, fans. Not only are Cory and Topanga’s wonderfully wacky family back for more life lessons, but Shawn Hunter is set to return as well,… Read more »

‘Game Of Thrones’ Confirms Storyline Change For Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark's Storyline Change Has Been Confirmed In 'Game Of Thrones'

Game of Thrones season five was always set to start changing the direction for characters compared to the book series. With the show getting ahead of the books, it makes sense to change characters’ storylines, and one of those that was confirmed in last night’s episode was Sansa Stark’s storyline. Fans of the show got… Read more »