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‘Legend Of Korra’ Move To Digital Surprised And Upset Creators

The Legend of Korra

Nickelodeon’s decision to pull The Legend of Korra from TV and make it only available through digital channels was a pre-San Diego Comic-Con 2014 surprise. Even show creators Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko appeared taken aback, but explained the reasons behind the move during a Comic-Con panel on Friday. The topic of Korra’s shift to… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Five: Will Daryl And Glen Get Eaten?


The explosive new Walking Dead trailer premiered less than 24 hours ago at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, and already fans are buzzing over what happens next. And for fan favorites Daryl and Glenn, it doesn’t look good! [Warning: Spoilers Ahead] When we last left, Rick, Daryl, and Glen at the end of Season 4, they… Read more »

Sons of Anarchy News: Theo Huxtable Joins Grim Bastards

Malcolm Jamal-Warner

Theo Huxtable is joining a motorcycle gang? Say it ain’t so! Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. Malcolm Jamal-Warner (The Cosby Show, Major Crimes) is set to appear for at least 2 episodes in season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. He will be playing a character named Sticky, the right-hand man to T.O. Cross of the… Read more »

Arrow’s Colton Haynes As Arsenal Revealed [Photo]

colton haynes as arsenal

Finally we have a first glimpse of actor Colton Haynes as Arsenal for the upcoming season of Arrow. According to Entertainment Weekly, the CW show is going forward with the arc that showed Roy Harper dealing with enormous rage after being infected with Slade’s serum. Although the character is now serum free, he has gained… Read more »

Jessica Biel Is Returning To Television In ‘The New Girl’

Jessica Biel The New Girl

Jessica Biel is making her triumphant return to television. It’s been eight years since Biel has appeared on television, and now Mrs. Timberlake is set to join the cast of FOX’s The New Girl for an episode. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica Biel is going to play a big part in Jess’ mission to… Read more »